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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter!  PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS NEWSLETTER. And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s), you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested:


VolcanoKarin writes:  When Vanja moved to Italy roughly 6 years ago, Gail said that she saw Vanja and Stefano fleeing north. She did not know why but said that something would happen to force her to flee from Rome and north.  Naples is south of Rome.

Before Sue died she kept telling me over and over and over again that a volcano would erupt in Italy which would cause  problems.  Bluefeather has also seen it if I remember right.  Is this it? it sure got my attention when I saw it last night.


Gaia, will drilling into the volcano near Naples, Italy cause an earthquake or worse?

Yes Tom, it could pose a hazard shall we say.  The magma that is contained there is under much pressure.  I understand that they –the scientists—wish to see how much pressure, but it is like drilling for oil, there will need to have a cap in place or there could be a pressurized blowout shall we call it.  I will do my best to assist them in their efforts to contain it, but there will be some problems that develop because of their efforts to know and understand how much pressure there is there.  But this is part of your learning process. 

So will there be a large magma flow after the drill reaches the magma?

Yes, it will spew quite a few tons of magma shall we say Tom.  The scientists will have to run for their lives, unless I can move some of the magma away from the drill hole.  I’m working on that now. 


Map of Disputed AreaBilly in Japan writes:  If you've been following the news, Japan has been plunged into a crisis situation with China trying to take control of Japanese territory (the Senkaku Islands). They have also started drilling for natural gas in a border area where they'll be able to suck up reserves lying under the Japanese side. Perhaps this is why Gaia has delayed any major shaking (the national government is headquartered in Tokyo and is very busy trying to address the crisis which has stirred up a lot of turmoil among the Japanese public as well ).

I've been continuing to use your most benevolent outcomes theme with great results. Thanks to them, I can pass through intersections that normally clog up for 1.5 km at rush hour, smoothly escape or avoid traffic blocking situations and get where I need to be safely.

I use your prayer method to ask for "great days" and solutions to problems for those dear to me and they seem to work wonderfully too.  Like others, I've found that the most benevolent outcome request sometimes takes a turn that seems strange at the time, but if you "go with the flow", the reason often becomes obvious.

Tokyo StreetA few months ago, I made my usual request for a most benevolent outcome for "safe drive in little or no traffic to karate practice" (the elementary school where I teach karate). This usually works and I get a nice relaxing drive in very little or no traffic and arrive at the school right on time. On this one occasion, I found myself in very fast-flowing traffic. I remember thinking to myself that I'd be arriving at the school more than 10 minutes early at the speed I was driving at. About 2km from the school, I suddenly hit a spot where traffic was backed up due to a 4-car accident. Needless to say, it took me just about the amount of time I'd gained in the fast traffic to clear the accident scene. I arrived at the school exactly at my usual time.

Another interesting example is in the use of time compression. I was on my way on a delivery to a printing company. I got stuck in traffic and found myself running quite late. Against all odds, I made a request for a most benevolent outcome to arrive at the printing company on time. Traffic started to flow and time seemed to slow. It was amazing! Driving the distance at that hour would normally be physically impossible and yet I arrived on time. The only thing that could explain the phenomenon is that somehow time was "delayed" or otherwise "put on hold".

Thanks again to you, Theo and the others you work with.

Theo, will the Japan-China problem with their borders be solved amicably?

Yes, eventually it will Tom, although there will be a rattling of sabers and threats and such.  The UN will step in to help mediate the problem. 


Commonwealth GamesLeanne writes:  The 2010 Commonwealth games are being held in Delhi, India and begin in only a few days from now. Their is much concern over possible terrorist attacks and some athletes have already boycotted due to this risk. Can you please ask Theo about this possibility and will those who attend, whether as a spectator or an athlete, be okay?

Theo, will there be any problems with terrorists during the Commonwealth Games in Delhi India?

No Tom.  Their security will be very tight, and their security forces will make sure the games take place in a peaceful environment.


Bermuda HurricaneI forgot to update everyone on Igor, which hit Bermuda September 19 with sustained winds of 75 mph and gusts up to 93 mph.  This is what Gaia had said back on the July 17 newsletter:

Gaia, are you planning any hurricanes for Bermuda this season?

Yes, one Tom although it will not be so large.  It will be a hurricane that does not strike North America, but veers off into the Atlantic and passes by Bermuda.  And to answer when, it will be later in August—late August.

So for some reason I was three weeks off.  The last hurricane to hit the island was in 2003.  I did receive the direction and size of this one correctly, as it was a minimal hurricane. 


Florida HurricaneGaia, the tropical storm, which struck Miami, Florida—that’s not the one you meant for the east coast of Florida where you said it would be a hurricane was it?

No Tom, although it may seem late in the season for large storms to brew up, there will still be another couple that form, one of these which will enter the coast of mid-Florida below Jacksonville, as I stated before. 

So this storm will only bring massive flooding to the east coast.

That’s correct Tom, but with some damaging winds at times too.


PillsKelley, who’s an RN writes:  Hi Tom, Thanks again for everything.  Penny, and anyone below certain income levels, can get medications at no charge from the drug companies.  Forms for specific meds can be downloaded from   They still require a prescription, but the meds will be free if qualified. 

Jim writes:  Unfortunately, situation like hers are being created by the financial climate we are in.  The Salvation Army handles situations as this in most areas.  Also she might try service clubs as Rotary, Kiwanis, Etc.  They could be contacted through the Chamber of Commerce in her town. Local hospitals might also be contacted for medications.


Alaska EarthquakeAlice writes: Could you ask Gaia if the Sun's recent CME released last week and the earthquakes in Peru and Alaska are related?  What role if any did the Sept. harvest moon play?  Is this all part of the pressure buildup on the pacific coast plate that will cause the west coast megaquake in December? 

Again, thank you for your insight and the gift of the Gentle Way MBO's, I really enjoyed your recent newsletter and hearing about the successful contact your reader finally made with her guardian angel after numerous attempts, I can relate to her frustration and hope that I can make a similar contact with my guardian angel.

Gaia, did the CME assist you in moving the plates in Peru, Alaska, Indonesia and Japan,  and also did the harvest moon play a part?

Good question Tom.   Yes, the CME assisted me, along with the harvest full moon.  These are all energies, which I use to assist me in moving the plates.   You could call it quantum physics for your scientists who might read this.  And there are planetary influences beyond the moon which also set up energies to push and pull these land masses.  Naturally I know when their positions will aid and assist in the effort, and then I order up a CME from my partner the sun.  Everything works together to achieve the results I wish. 

One of my readers pointed out that September had over 220 earthquakes, compared to the normal 160. 


President ObamaEleanore writes:  I have been hearing from folks that this president will be a one-term president.  Is there any information available on that theory?

Theo, what percentage possibility that President Obama will be just a one term president?

Yes, Tom.  It is very low actually.  Keep in mind that you will be having some calamitous events in your future, which the President will handle and will be perceived to handle well.  Therefore, as I and my colleagues can see much farther in the future than can you, we see a man that is quite capable of handling the worst crisis, although those that believe the United States should have recovered by now don’t think so.  You are paying the piper now, you see for all your excesses in the past.  Now you want to dump a president that is slowly working through a financial crisis.  There is only so much he can do, as there is a balancing of power with your legislature. 

So to answer the question, the percentage we see would be less than 10%.


Judi writes:  This may sound strange, but I have a real connection to nature, i.e., plants, trees,
Kudzu Plantinsects, animals, wind, etc.  Recently, on my hike in the mountains of Asheville, NC, I found the invasive plant, Kudzu.  This was introduced in the South many years ago and is rapidly taking over all plant life and it is very difficult to eradicate.  In order for me to help the other plant life, I may join a group that eradicates these plants.  I am not happy about this because I love all life.  Is there a MBO for me to say that would help these and other invasive plants?

Thank you, again, for being who you are and doing the work you are doing over many lifetimes.  We ALL benefit.  And, yes, I introduce others to your processes.

Gaia, is there a way to contain the Kudzu plant without eradicating it?  And what purpose does
Kudzu Plant it serve?

Yes, this is a very aggressive plant Tom, which I might add was introduced by humans.  In a small way this is like cleaning up after an oil spill or leak.  You must contain it or it will wipe out many indigenous plants in that region. 

Certainly there are ways that you could discover to make the plant infertile, but you are not quite at this stage of knowledge yet.  So the best you can do is to slow down it’s spread.  Again the creator likes variety, and this plant is loved just as much as any other plant on earth.  There will come a day when you will find a way to contain it, and then learn it has some interesting properties that can be of benefit.  I will not take the joy of discovery away from your scientists. 


DepressionBabu writes:  Please let me know if there is anything that we can do to prevent such suicidal soul contracts because the suicide is on the increase and I read that it is the highest in Japan. As suggested by you sometime back, everyday in my morning and evening meditation I request all and every Angels to help PASS OVER ALL THESE FRAGMENTED SOULS not only in our planet Mother Earth but also all other planets. If you suggest anything else to save these it will be helpful for many.

Here’s what I reported back in the March 8, 2008 newsletter:

Theo—explain suicides for me—why do they happen? Is it part of their contract, etc.?

Yes, suicides are a difficult subject Tom. As you can imagine, there are innumerable different reasons why they happen. It can be a very new soul to earth that is just overwhelmed with life here—they took on too much in such an early life. So they opt out, so to speak. They take their own life because of the stress of their earth lives. This as you can imagine, causes them to incur karma that must be balanced in future lives, as they must suffer what their loved ones in that life suffered when they took their own life. And they must be the ones also to comfort loved ones in a future life that have had the same loss when another loved one passes. All aspects of a suicide must be balanced.

Then there are the times when a soul volunteers to take their own life through drug overdoses and such in order to give that experience to the families and loved ones and friends of that soul as a teaching experience. So you see, there are many, many reasons why a suicide can occur. It is an experience that the soul must have during one or more lifetimes in order to understand and learn and gain knowledge for the future. I’ve already explained to you before that a soul will have lives where it acts as the bad guy in your terms – someone who rapes, kills, steals, cheats and so on. Again, every soul that starts to have earth lives must eventually experience every conceivable life there is with all human passions.

When the question was posed, I knew I had received information before on this but couldn’t remember when, so I did what I suggest you do anytime you have a question, and that’s to go to the website— —and click on Articles and News.  Then on the right side is a SEARCH box.  Enter the word or phrase and see what newsletters are listed. 


ArguingRaine writes:  I am hoping that this is the means for reporting an answered MBO. I am new to your site and MBO’s but I am now a raving fan and true believer. My first MBO was granted within a few days of making the request and it was huge. Here is my story.

In June my youngest daughter moved with a partner to Santa Clarita, CA. All was going well and she quickly landed a very good job. The whole family missed her but we were happy that she was happy. In late August a friend introduced me to The Gentle Way. I read through the newsletter and subscribed. I spent a whole weekend reading through the MBO’s, archives and stories. On 9/11 I received the newsletter and immediately started reading through it. I noticed that a question had been asked if Santa Clarita would be destroyed when/if the earthquakes hit. Of course I was frightened for my daughter’s safety. I was pacing on my deck and stopped to make a MBO for my daughter's safety. I asked for a way for her not to be there during the quakes as I could not see her affording another move so soon…plus she had a great job.

Tom…A miracle happened! On 9/16…a mere 5 days later my daughter called to say that the relationship had completely fallen apart & she was fearful that it could turn violent and she was staying with a friend. She told me that she had talked to her old boss and they would love for her to come back. She then told me that she was leaving that coming Monday and would be staying at her sisters in Colorado until she found a place to live. I was so shocked! I asked her why she didn’t tell me all this was going on and she said she didn’t want me to worry and that everything had just fallen into place for her to leave. She said…”Mom…it all has happened so quickly.

It’s like God just laid everything out for me and was guiding my every step.” I could not tell her what I knew yet. I wanted her out of there before telling her so I held my emotions in check until I hung up. Then I crumbled with tears, relief & more gratitude than I have ever felt in my life. My daughter is back home, working and putting her life back together and I am so grateful to have discovered The Gentle Way & MBO’s!


Michael writes on Facebook: I was wondering since there is not really "Time", just our illusion of it, does that mean when a lesson is learned and accepted in the present, does the healing that takes place extend back to the past. This may be a question of, "Can we change the past."

Theo, does healing extend into the past?

It can Tom, although most of the time it is from a certain point onward.  But healing the past as well as the present and future will become more the norm as you learn more. 

Hmm, I wonder exactly what that entails?  I do know that Theo says you can heal the past and future by saying the Daily Benevolent Prayer, which you can print out on the website by clicking on SIGNS.  I say that one each day and Theo assures me that it is making a great difference in my other lives. 


AtlantisIn the September issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence (where I have a monthly column), I thought there was a very good channeling by James Tyberonn on part of the history of Atlantis.  He touched on the crashing of the “2nd moon” as the five-mile diameter satellite was called, so I decided to ask a couple of questions I had not asked before in the Atlantis Series, listed at the bottom of this newsletter.

Theo, question on Atlantis.  Had the satellite or 2nd moon as it was called, crashed before I was born into the Benevolent Outcome life, and immigrated to Egypt?

Yes, Tom.  The satellite had crashed long before that life.  This was nearing the end you see, and you were advised to leave with as many members of your flock as possible and start a new life.

Did I have a life during the time period when the moon crashed?

Yes of course you did Tom.  You would not have wanted to miss that time period. 

So was I living a life as a Law of One person or a Son of Belial?

The latter Tom.  You had a balancing life at that time and were one of the “bad guys” shall we call you.  You were an influence then, although you did not cause the satellite to crash, you helped move those along who directly caused it. 

In the migration life did we live on Poseidon, or Aryan or another island?

Yes, Tom, you lived on Aryan and therefore in some ways were outcasts.  You did not follow the party line shall we say. 


CalendarRaine writes on Facebook:  Tom...Have you ever asked Theo or Gaia if they are predicting using the same calendar we use. Could it be possible that they use a different method or calendar to arrive at an event date?

Nice theory Raine, but I've found over time that they will not give complete information to even full trance channels if it might mean someone would not fulfill their soul contracts.  So I think that is one reason, possibly the major one. 

The other reason is that receiving these "thought packets" is not easy.  When I first started my accuracy was down at 15% to 30%.  It slowly rose over time and at times they would encourage me by telling me that I received the message accurately.  But I know that there are times I just don't.  It could be planetary influences, my mind interfering with the reception with my own beliefs, or being tired from working 7 days a week or whatever. 

My best guess is that I'm in the 80% to 90% range from what I've been told.  They say that not even the best trance channels on the planet are completely accurate, and that most of them are given general information, where they are “allowed” to give me more details, but ONLY if I ask.  They don’t volunteer the information. 

It's supposed to be a lot easier after the 2012 shift.


OprahJudy had sent me a copy of the email she sent to the Oprah Show requesting that I be a guest on a future program (see last week’s newsletter’s first topic).  I thanked her and this was her follow up.

You are very welcome Tom.  I know it isn't the flashy “get their attention” type letter, but I know it was from my heart.   Funny thing it took me 3 hours in the middle of the night to write.   I was going to bed at 2 AM and then I heard, "Now it is time to write the letter Oprah.”   I recognized the voice and started writing.  

First I thought (not a mistake) it was 2000 words maximum I wrote and wrote, then I clicked submit........   LOL  I found out it was 2000 character maximum, so for the next 2 1/2 hours I cut and submitted until it took it.  Then I knew it was what I was supposed to say.   It seemed pretty dull considering all the beautiful MBO's I have experienced and I didn't really go there with that.  Then I went to bed at 5 AM and needed to take my parents to several appointments, and got up at 8:30. 

Well the angels took care of me.   It takes close to 40-45 minutes to get from my house to my mom's.  I started driving and started with my MBO's and even requested that time stand still so I could be on time. Well all of a sudden a song that had just come on the radio went silent, my radio
Elderly Parentdash lights went off and then suddenly the radio came back on, same station but the DJ  was talking and introducing a new song.  What happened???? The lights clock still not showing and I turned on and off the button for the radio and it wouldn't go off.    I could turn the volume up and down, but not off.   Then I got very close to my mom’s house and all came back on.  I was there in 20 minutes.  MBO right?   

I get my parents and their walkers and canes into the car and my mom says, "Judy we are going to be late."   I told her about what had happened with my trip over.  Now we had another 40-minute drive, but when we got there it took a total of 20 minutes again.   We arrived and my Mom sitting in the back seat said, "I don't know how that could have happened.   I was watching and you did not speed -- we made it here with 10 minutes to spare."  

My mom is 84 years old and for months now she will either say to me or just email me and just say, "Judy have an MBO day in all that you do and for the highest good."   I always smile when I see my mom writing this to me because in all our years together, the MBO's are what we ended up having in common and brought healing to our relationship.   This Tom is only one of my many, many stories of MBO's.


Dianne writes:  What a joy it was to read your newsletter; the stories and questions shared by your readers were most uplifting and empowering. I felt deep love for Ginny and as I was reading here words I felt the most divine and loving energy. It was a combination of hers, mine, and my sweet precious friends (that is how I address myself to my sweet precious friends). I am very happy for Ginny that she has established such a wonderful relationship with herself and her angel. I too am having a great time, specially now that I am working for a non-profit organization; I am helping coordinate the logistics. Every night I thank my sweet precious friends for the day I had and each morning as I drive to work,  I tell them we have wonderful work to do today and then, I ask for most benevolent outcomes. They are so present and attentive. Everything flows effortlessly.
Learning to ask for what I want has been a wonderful gift from spirit and to have my angels to assist me in the process and to constantly reassure me has been divine. I honor my path and my soul and I wouldn't want it any other way. Your support, as well as Theo's, has contributed greatly to my path. I know in my heart that you are my teacher and even though we haven't met physically, we have met energetically. Your kindness, selflessness, and willingness to answer my questions has touched my soul, and has contributed to my shift in consciousness. 
I am feeling deep love for myself, life, and humanity. These are most auspicious times to be alive and what an honor it is to see and feel how great things are indeed happening. Your work serves as inspiration to all of us.

And all my readers serve humanity in their own way.  Mine is to be a messenger. 


UFOSeveral ex-Air Force officers and one enlisted man related stories of UFO’s visiting their missile sites at the National Press Club this past Monday.  Here is the link to CNN’s story and video:




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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

ATLANTIS—MAY 17, 2008—JULY 12, 2008, OCTOBER 2, 2010
CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009; AUGUST 22, 2009; NOVEMBER 7, 2009; DECEMBER 5, 2009; DECEMBER 12, 2009; DECEMBER 19, 2009; FEBRUARY 6, 2010; FEBRUARY 10, 2010, APRIL 24, 2010
GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008, JULY 3, 2010.

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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