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Welcome everyone, and especially all the new subscribers.  We have a lot of subjects to cover this week, so let’s get started!


Julie writes:  I had a most amazing Most Benevolent Outcome yesterday. I was going to a new metaphysical group. I live in a semi rural area and this was 44.4 miles away, pretty much in the city if St. Louis. I had never been at this coffee shop before. It was a pretty long way to go.  First of all we were predicted to have rain all weekend and it was raining hard in the morning. I asked for an MBO to not have rain and get all soaked getting to and from the meeting. Right before I left though there were still dark clouds, it stopped raining and there was just a really fine sprinkle off and on. The sun even came out with the dark clouds! It was amazing.

When I got there it was a little bitty coffee shop on the corner of two major streets only a very little parking parallel on the street. I hate to parallel park. There was none available, I went down and thru an alley around the block and asked for a MBO, (though I didn’t think it was possible) for a great parking space that I could just pull into and not have to parallel park. On my second pass there was the perfect place!!!, one car back from right in front which was probably like a space and a half and I was able to just pull in and then back up a little!! I was totally amazed!
Thanks so much for all your teachings on MBO's.


Val writes:  I am now back in the UK and your book was waiting for me.  I am so thrilled to read it.  I thought you would like to know that before the flight back I requested the most benevolent outcome and guess what, my husband and I were upgraded to business class. We had a wonderful journey home.


Judy on the Mississippi Coast writes:  I think Theo would approve of my MBO's.  At times, it is simply my allowing the outcome to be wonderful.  My life is good but there are times I just have to let go of attachment and say, "that outcome is good too."  Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

If Judy is requesting Benevolent Outcomes and accepting what happens instead of thinking it didn’t work for some reason, that’s perfect.  As I explained to Judy, I see a problem if she is not requesting MBO’s all the time (that was not quite clear in the email).  If right now her life is good, without major challenges, then I think we are allowed these times to sort of “catch our breath.”  As I have mentioned many times both in the book and in this newsletter, you have to make requesting Benevolent Outcomes a habit by requesting them for the more mundane things in life, so that when the important, challenging events come along, you remember to request them then instead of “taking it on the chin.”  

Theo has told me before, that even as many times as I have requested MBO’s (I estimate between 10,000 and 15,000 times over the past 13 years or so) that I can miss a couple of times, but if I stop requesting the Benevolent Outcomes I will revert back to the time when I just reacted to events, and would make choices that were not in my best and highest interest.  


Di in the UK writes:  Last week, I had two people email me on the same day to say that they had received The Gentle Way book (upon my recommendation) and that they were astounded at how MBO’s were happening for them.

Today, someone I know within my corporate life and who I had advised to buy the book, called to say he had been meaning for some time to say “Thank You, this book has changed my life. It has also changed my wife's life.” (I think they had been suffering because of the 'Credit Crunch' or thought they had been suffering from lack!')  My friend's wife is buying several books at a time and giving them to friends saying, “Just give this a try. Try asking for an MBO and see how it works.”
I just had to write to tell you how your book is changing people's lives. How absolutely beautiful!  I couldn't be more delighted. You must feel so proud, Tom!
So 'Thank You', Tom. You're book changed my life and I haven't stopped telling people since.  God Bless and Angel Star Blessings.

Folks, I hear this all the time.  Remember, I’m just the messenger.  I put this email in the newsletter to remind you that with Christmas slowly creeping up on us, why not consider giving a gift to your friends and family that might just change their lives too?  The problem is, if everyone orders late in November or early December, Amazon or your local bookstore may not get it to you in time.  

So may I recommend that you order either this weekend or on Tuesday from or from my publisher.  I’ll give you the links in a second, but I just want to remind you that I didn’t write this book for profit.  I was told in a meditative state by the Indian Shaman that I was supposed to write it, so I did.  I have spent thousands of dollars of my own money promoting the book, so it will be a long time before I break even.  That’s not important to me.  I have a business to take care of my family’s personal needs.  I just want to pass along to as many people as I can something that works better than anything else I have found, and works PERFECTLY!  

So to order from Amazon USA, the link is: click here.
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I’m going to give these links every couple of weeks or so up to December, as I realize there are many of you out there (and I include myself) that say it’s not time to think abut Christmas yet.  


I had several emails about the financial mess we’re in right now.

Theo, my readers want to know how long this financial crisis will last?

Yes, this financial crisis will last well into 2009, especially with the events that will be coming up.  This is a time to conserve Tom, and batten down the hatches.  I would advise your readers not to take on any more debt at this time.  If you buy something, pay cash.  Be physically conservative.  That’s my best advice.

Will the new President help the recovery?

Yes of course, in a way.  But there are and will be things that that person will have no control over, so he or she shall we say will do the best that can be done under the circumstances.


Theo, there are reports on the internet that there will be an Alien contact on October 14 around Atlanta.  I thought this was not supposed to happen until sometime after 2013, so what is the real story?

Yes, these are just rumors set up by certain groups as sort of a trial balloon Tom.  As you have read, if the contact would happen near Atlanta, there would be as much harm as there would be good from being on CNN’s headquarters doorstep.  The results would severely frighten the population in the Bible Belt, as it is called.  The first contacts will be much more gentle than this would be.  

So who is putting this out?

Again certain groups that would prefer to control the population.  That’s all I can say now, but they will be prevented from doing this under the Federation directives.  The population must be at peace, as part of that directive and you are not yet.  


How many years will it be before there is a manned flight to Mars and will it be a USA mission, a mixture of countries including the USA, or another country or countries?

Another good question Tom.  Yes it will be a number of years before that flight take place—some 25 years or perhaps a little more.  The United States will take part in the mission, but there will be other countries that help finance such an ambitious journey and the crew will be a mixture of different countries’ citizens.  It will be the start of earth’s exploration of the planets, although there will be moon missions again before the big launch to Mars.  There will be dramatic improvements in equipment and vehicles prior to that launch that will enable the astronauts to travel faster and more securely to the red planet.  The soul of Mars tells me that it is excited and awaiting its visitors from earth.  They will be well cared for during their stay, as you would take care and welcome visitors to your house.

Gaia—Is there any mining or other activity by ET’s on Mars?

Good question.  There are some activities, but not a lot.  Mars was very active and alive at one time and it is in a rejuvenation stage at the present time, so it is sort of off limits for most mining activities until it is able to rejuvenate itself, and it must be available for earthlings that will be there very soon even in your years.  It must have all the ancient dwellings and ruins to excite your earth explorers to want to colonize and study the past civilization, as there will be much for them to study and learn and yes even discover new ways of doing things that will be of use back on earth.  This will cause much excitement and activity among your scientists and historians alike as they finally are able to prove that there are or have been ancient civilizations before your current one and this will affect many of your religions.

I thought that we would have some ET visitors before the Mars trips or explorations?

Yes you will, but it will be very limited in scope, as the ET’s do not wish to give you the whole ball of wax so to speak at one time.  They wish to start moving you along to realize that there are other peoples, but will try not to interfere with your religious institutions too much.  Their very presence will be upsetting enough to some people that have denied any life elsewhere except on earth.    So the ET’s have decided to make these revelations in stages, as they would explain the facts of life to a child.    They have much experience in this area, as they have contacted numerous if not countless worlds before yours and know how to delicately introduce themselves so that everyone does not think an alien invasion is coming, as the ET’s you will meet will be very delicate, and for a reason so that they do not have any appearance of warlike tendencies or warrior type bodies that would frighten you.
The ambassadors for the ET’s will come from probably the Pleiades, as you might guess, as they look very similar to you.  The grays will not be allowed to say hello at the present time when all this happens.

Gaia—What is the hexagon shaped cloud on Saturn?

Obviously it is a storm, and I’m not sure I can describe in more detail it for you right now.   Let’s see. It is over an area whose magnetic properties draw the clouds in a hexagonal state.  This is not anywhere else certainly in this solar system and perhaps the universe, although I have not thoroughly checked that.  So the properties in the storm are drawn or thrown into that shape by forces greater on the surface of the planet.  It is also a sign to you on earth that there are mathematical or geometric shapes throughout the universe.  It is one of those puzzles for you that will intrigue you enough to want to discover why.  

Is there a 2nd planet of free choice across the universe now, and if so, are you in any contact with the planet?

There is a 2nd planet of free choice and yes I am in contact with it to a certain extent.  We share notes so to speak.  That planet is still under development so things are just starting to happen there as far as the population goes.  It is a more gentle environment, and there is less negativity than you experience here.  

I wonder why the need since we are doing it already.

There is a need for a place in the 3rd dimension that souls can go that were not able to complete their work and will not be able to transition to the 4th and 5th dimensions on this world.  You will be able to view many recognizable souls there.

Gaia—the Masters that speak through Meg Blackburn say that a planet in a far off solar system will disappear—did it explode or just change dimension?  How can it effect us?

It exploded and quite violently.

Is this one that just happened or is it one whose effects we will now feel?

No, it just recently happened and the effects are felt much faster than you can understand now about quantum physics.  

OK, I realize I’m not quite ready for Quantum Physics, but what effect will it have on us?

The dust and particles and the energy will sweep past you and you will feel some gnawing discomfort, as the energy the planet put off is not of a loving high nature.  Some people will be affected more than others—you as an example will not feel very much of it, but others with a violent nature will feel it more.  

What benefit is it to have this happen at this time?

It acts as a catalyst for some people to act.  

Gaia—was I receiving you correctly yesterday when you said the planet exploded?  In the channeling you gave Pepper or was it someone else, the planet was going to another dimension?  If that happens when a planet changes dimensions, then we have something to worry about changing ourselves don’t we?

Good question Tom.  This planet did explode, although apart of it went into a different dimension so that the higher vibrational people and life there would survive.  This may seem strange to you now, but again it is something that happens when for some reason a planet explodes or is destroyed in some manner.  It is not an easy concept to explain, but that’s just the way it is.   You have another question on this, yes?

Yes, obviously this is not the first time a planet exploded in the universe or even our galaxy.  So is that a normal occurrence when this happens or was it unique for that planet.

Another good question.  It was not unique for this planet and has happened many times in the past.  When you change dimensions it will seem to many people that this is the end of life, but it of course is not.    Those people were transported into another dimension that were ready for it and the rest were destroyed with the planet.  And to answer you question—the next one.  No this planet will not explode, as you have heard and read there are people that are just at the start of the third dimension that were transported here to continue their evolvement, but in a different way and yes with a different atmosphere that was created for them.  Their course will be different than yours.  They have to first overcome the fact that they caused the destruction of their last planet, so their lives will be very difficult and negative for a while, but that’s what they were used to; but here it will be at a lower level.  

Gaia—did the Creator of this galaxy create all the galaxies in the universe?

Yes he did.  He created all that you can see and not see in this universe.

If so, why have you seemed to specifically refer to our galaxy as our universe?

Because in a way, it is your universe and mine, Tom.  We revolve around a wonderful sun Alcyone and you will find there is a tremendous connection between you and I and this soul.  Yes there are millions of other galaxies in the universe, but none so important as this galaxy, which is why it draws visitors even to this planet from all over the universe as they hear about the wondrous experiment that is finally succeeding.  We have become a center point for the universe.  This may be beyond many people’s understanding at this time, but as the years go by you will have a little more understanding of the importance of what you’re accomplishing; and why the Explorer Race will one day join together to be caretakers, if you will, of the whole universe when this Creator graduates, so to speak, and moves to a different level of existence.


Would the soul of an asteroid be a fragmented soul or a complete one?

They can be fragmented, especially if the asteroid was created by an explosion of a planetoid.  

(July 2006) Gaia, Will the asteroid that recently passed by earth ever be a threat to hitting the earth or moon?  Does it have a purpose?  Where did it originate?

Yes it will someday but far in the future, well past your time here.  By then there will be a means to move its orbit away from the earth and send it out on a journey to the cosmos.  

Is that its purpose—to pose a threat and have earth people work to send it away?

Yes.  That’s its purpose.  But it does have a life of its own as it travels around the solar system.  It touches energies and absorbs them but also radiates them too.  

Where was its origin?

It was one of the larger pieces of the planet that blew up—exploded many eons ago before the Explorer race ever started.  So it does have a memory of that event as do all the pieces of the planet and wishes it could still be a planet, but this life as a wanderer is also to help people remember even if on a higher subconscious or soul level that this did happen before.  A very noticeable reminder you would say.  


When will we travel to another solar system?

This will be easily 100 or more years in your future.  You must make great strides before you do this.

So it will be that soon?  I thought it would have to be much longer?

Yes, it will with a little help from your ET’s as you call them.  They will take a few people at a time to visit their worlds so that there will be a dissemination of knowledge about their worlds.  That will act as bridge for quite a long time until you develop your own spacecraft capable of traveling these long distances that you perceive.

What will be the next development after rocket propulsion and what time period will that be?

The next development will be using a form of magnetic transportation that will be close to what is used throughout the universe but in much more sophisticated ways.  The time period will be over 50 years in the future—much closer to over 100 years, depending upon how fast the population improves or raises their vibration.  Otherwise it might be kept from them for a while longer.    Remember, you think you are thinking or creating things yourself, but in actuality you are receiving messages from your higher self and other entities, so the messages will only come when you are ready for it.

I actually thought it would be longer—even 300 years in the future.

And it could be, but what do you need to worry about that.  The next time you’re on earth will be far into the future as you have been told.  The spaceships will be on par by then with anything in the universe.  You will have complete knowledge by then of traveling through space portals so that the travel does not take years but seconds.  The development from your time period will seem to be very slow, but it is designed that way to allow your society to grow and mature itself so as to be able to handle first the common knowledge that there are millions and billions of other entities in the universe and that your little world is not the only one with life.  You have a lot of growing to do to reach that plateau of knowledge.  

Gaia—you said to Pepper Lewis that the space missions or trips will result in fear and instability.  What will they discover that will have this effect?

They will discover other life forms.  Yes they will discover other space ships whizzing around as some of them will uncloak for them.  It will cause instability and fear as suddenly you start realizing that you are not alone.

I thought this was originally going to be one or two different kinds of space people that would reveal themselves.  Has this been decided not to do that?

Yes, for now.  There was much discussion on this issue and it was decided that the wrong people would benefit from these revelations, at least for now.  You understand that there are people on this world that would want to control all these revelations to their benefit and that’s not what we have in mind.  As these private space missions begin in less than five years, there will be opportunities for them to slowly experience these encounters and see that there are no designs to subjugate your population and take over the world.  Still, there will be those who will have fear, because of the unknown and all those stories about space invaders, and there will be instability until there is more and more information that is given to you.  The people doing these private space missions will not really be connected with government.  They just have the dream of space travel and exploration.  And they will be given that.


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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