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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter!  PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS NEWSLETTER. And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s), you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.

I mentioned this last week, but for my international readers, my first book is out in Germany now.  One of my subscribers just ordered four from her bookstore in Switzerland and they arrived the next day.  The title in German is:  Wer richtig wünscht, hat mehr vom Leben: Wie wir das Universum zu unserem Verbündeten machen.  You can find it on  My Greek publisher just informed me that the book is on the printing press, so it should be out later this fall.

I’ve given this a lot of thought this week, but I’ve decided to not take questions on California and the West Coast at the present time.  I do have some questions in this newsletter which were sent before my decision, but I wish to wait until I see the “Big Picture” as Gaia calls it to respond to new ones.  I don’t feel right about passing along this information until this becomes clear.  I feel that I’m receiving really good information about all the other subjects, including the hurricane season for North America, so please send in your questions on other subjects.

A quick note:  I’ll be on The Metaphysical World of Dick Sutphen this coming Wednesday, September 15.  See APPEARANCES  below for details.   

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested:


NZ mapOne of our subscribers—Sandra—who lives in Christchurch, NZ sent me this time-lapse visualization of the earthquake and over 180 aftershocks in Christchurch and Canterbury, NZ.  This shows the timing, strength, and depth of the quakes.  I’ve never seen anything like this before, and highly recommend viewing this.  I may even put this on the website under EARTHQUAKE INFO.  It certainly demonstrates how many aftershocks accompany a large earthquake.  Here is the link:  


This week most of you in North America saw the destruction that Tropical Storm Hermine wracked on the Texas Gulf Coast and then on up to the north through the Texas Hill Country and the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex where it spawned six tornadoes, one of which went
Dallas Tornadothrough central Dallas and across the runways of Love Field, home base of Southwest Airlines.  The official rain total just for the DFW area was 6.5 inches (16.50 centimeters and the fourth largest one day total in DFW history), with many places reporting 8 to 10 inches (20.30 to 25.40 centimeters) of rain.  The news helicopters had a hard time deciding which tornado to cover as they were happening so fast.  Here’s what I asked Gaia.

Gaia, has the hurricane you predicted for the Texas Coast already arrived or will it in the future?

Yes, a good question to start the day Tom.  Yes, this storm, although not quite of hurricane strength, did pack quite a wallop--shall we use that word--not only all along the Texas coast with wind and copious amounts of rain, but as you saw all the way up through your cities of San Antonio, Austin and through the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex.  Yes, this was the storm I said was coming and it did.  As you noticed it did give people the flood disaster as part of their soul contracts you see. But again this was the storm I said would arrive.

So when will the storm you say will strike mid-Florida arrive?

Florida MapNot too long Tom, gut certainly in the next week or so.  I will not give you the exact day, but you will see this storm gathering strength.

Will it strike the East Coast or the West Coast of Florida?

Yes, it will strike the East Coast Tom.  

I’m getting an image of Jacksonville, but I probably need to look at a map.

Yes, Tom that would be fairly accurate.  

I checked the map and Jacksonville is to the north in Florida, so perhaps it will be a little to the south of Jacksonville.  


It seems the pressure brought by the Academy Award winning film “THE COVE” may be affecting the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan.  Here is the link to the story: .


Johannesburg RainBusi from South Africa writes:  Can we expect floods in South Africa this coming summer, especially the Johannesburg/Pretoria area?  

Gaia will there be flooding in South Africa this summer—specifically Johannesburg and Pretoria?

No Tom, it will be a fairly normal year with yes some flooding, but by their standards normal you see.  There will not be the same extreme weather conditions which say have affected Pakistan.  The people do not have major floods on their soul contracts this year at least.  


She asked me to change her name so Gloria writes:  Please ask Gaia about possible future
Santo Domingoearth changes (and severity) in the areas of:

1.  Santo Domingo, (The Dominican Republic)

2.Beirut, Lebanon 

Gaia, any earth changes ahead for Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) or Lebanon?

No, these two places will only see the oceans rise within that five-year period I mentioned.

Speaking of the quick rise in the ocean levels, you said it would be due to great melting of both the arctic and Antarctica.  Why the sudden melt?

FloodingThis will be due to several factors Tom.  There will be more solar activity yes, but also the movement of the earth’s crust will begin to break up the arctic.  This will certainly cause a fluctuation in your weather patterns, which will be felt worldwide.  

There are changes we have not discussed yet, and we will get into these but not at the present time.  Again, as I have said several times and you have noted, I wish you to concentrate on the business at hand of informing the people on the west coast.  We will take each event in order Tom.  There is no reason for people to be too concerned yet, but after the west coast events—and I’m speaking of the earthquakes up into Alaska, then we will cover more thoroughly the changes whereby these two polar areas will begin to melt.

But you have said it will not be a polar shift?

That is correct Tom.  There are more ways than one to achieve the same results.  I do plan to have both these areas to melt considerably to bring warmer temperatures to the areas, which are too cold for human habitation.  That will change you see.  

Now who knows what Gaia meant in that cryptic answer about the movement of the earth’s crust?


Pakistani Sea ShellsAndrea writes in Facebook:  Hi Tom, you have any feeling/knowing why this would be happening? (Millions of seashells appearing each day on Pakistani beaches.)  

Gaia, why are thousands of seashells appearing on Pakistani beaches?

Yes an interesting phenomenon Tom.  The ocean tides have had some changes in that region and have stirred up the ocean floor where these shells have laid, as they were once homes to sea life.  The currents off shore have changed enough to whip up the ocean floor and deposit these shells on the beaches.  This will continue for a time Tom.  It does not cause damage other than to litter the beaches with the trash of the sea we will call it.  


Greek CartoonGary writes:  I have received information from a trustworthy friend working in the finance system who said, amongst other things that the financial disaster in Greece earlier this year had been manufactured by the US Federal Reserve System. According to the information the Fed wanted to make the Euro weaker in order to make the US Dollar stronger (the US Dollar was and is still overrated by at least 30%-50% which is a major concern of the Fed). The way they did it was to ask Goldman & Sachs what would be the most vulnerable spot in the Greek financial system. Goldman & Sachs had a major project for the Greek government before and they delivered this inside information.

What do you say?  If you include this in the newsletter, please mention that I don't put out this information to blame anyone and I ask the readers also not to blame anyone or to get afraid but to use this information to change the outcome to be more benevolent.

Theo, did our Federal Reserve cause the financial collapse in Greece?

No Tom.  This was done solely by the Greeks themselves.  Your Federal Reserve had little to do with this, other than in a banking relationship, which all foreign banks have with the Greek banks.  This is another of those conspiracy theories, which pop up constantly to cause people to distrust their banking system and distrust each other.  


Kyron HormonAnn in Pennsylvania writes:  Where's Kyron?  The little boy in Oregon who's been missing for three month's now. Stepmother, he still alive?

Theo, what happened to Kyron Horman in Oregon?  Is he alive or dead?

Yes, I regret to inform you and your readers Tom that this young man is no longer in physical form.  He was murdered you see.  Of course this was his soul contract, as he knew he would touch many people’s lives across the land.  

Will his body be found?

Yes, quite possibly, as there will be a crack in the case shall we use that terminology.  

Theo might have been saying “break,” but I received “crack,” unless he meant “cracked wide open.”


Dr. Stephen HawkingGail writes:  A question for Theo:  Does Theo have some thoughts on Stephen Hawking's announcement that the Universe did not need a creator, but because of the law of gravity, the universe created itself?  How are we lowly humans to understand creation? Wasn't a creator required to create the laws of the universe? I'm guessing things are a lot more complex than the great physicist and the rest of us can begin to understand.
A question for Gaia: Since some of us humans (especially those with the power and money to create really big problems) have caused a lot of horrific environmental damage all over the earth - and since the earth would be a lot healthier without us - what does Gaia think of humans?

Theo, why would Stephen Hawking announce that the Universe did not need a Creator?

Yes, we found it amusing, but it does make for an interesting point of discussion.  He certainly succeeded in stirring up the pot you can say, yes?

Yes, but the reason?

He is exploring a number of concepts Tom.  As there is no hard scientific proof yet that the universe was made by a Creator, as a scientist he must consider the possibility that the Universe created itself.  Of course we know that is not the case.  There is a wonderful Creator who did create this universe and certainly on the surface it seems like one of may.  Yet this earth experiment is truly unique in all creation and that includes al the billions of other universes out there.  

You could compare the Creator to one of your most brilliant scientists who discover something vitally important and an idea which will change the world you live in.  In this case he is changing he Universes of tomorrow.  

Gaia, someone asks what is your opinion of humans Gaia, given our destructive force?

Yes, I know why this person asks this, but again they cannot see the Big Picture as I do, as I am able to view all your lives throughout your history until the day you depart earth, having completed the Earth experiment as it is called for your purposes.  You are slowly, ever so slowly, making progress and as I can see your future, you will one day live in complete harmony with me and your planet.  

So as you are in many ways my children, I must allow you to get dirty during those times you are playing, knowing that one day you will grow into beautiful adults with great stewardship of this planet.  Those days are coming and you can even see glimpses of it now, but in the coming years it will be even more apparent to you.


Mars CartoonDiane writes: I was reading in this book the other day about some predictions and other things.  But this one had me laughing and I felt that I had to ask you and Theo about this one......maybe its true, who knows!!!  But it was said that during the Third Reich they landed on the moon in 1942 and by 1944 the Nazis had their first moon base.

This person named Terziski's research said that a crew of Germans and Japanese had blasted off for Mars and crashed on the red planet in January 1946 but they did construct a base on Mars.  O.K. Tom, fact or fiction?

Theo, did the Germans and Japanese reach Mars during WWII?

No, absolutely not Tom.  Again this is one of these fantastic stories, which someone conjures.  A nice science fiction story we will call it.

What about all these stories we constantly hear about the cabal or sinister secret government actually having outposts on the moon and possibly mars?

Yes there is some truth to that Tom, but they did not get there on their own.  They were aided by ET’s, as you can imagine, and that assistance has been curtailed now.  Yes, you were wondering if that same technology will be made public, and I will say no.  You are to do these explorations on your own for the most part.  Yes, when the Pleiadians come in 2015 Tom they will give some basic assistance, but it will be spoon-feeding you this technology.  It will be quite limited, as that is the Federation Directive now.  

Everyone now understands what you are to accomplish and that they are not to present this technology on a silver platter to you.  You have to do this the hard way shall we say, as you will make discoveries which these other peoples never thought of. 


RedwoodsJaffra writes:  How much of the remaining ancient giant redwoods will be lost over the next 12 months to West Coast earthquakes, and WHY must THAT loss occur?

Will the Palomar Observatory near San Diego be permanently destroyed?  If so, what will take its place and how soon?  Apparently the Griffith Park Observatory in the L.A. area will also go.

Gaia, what percentage of the Redwoods in California will be lost in the next 12 months?

A fairly high percentage Tom—certainly over 50% or even higher.  The movement of the soil will topple many of them.  It will not be a safe place for any humans in the area.  But there will be enough remaining so that they
Palomar Observatorywill repopulate as they can after the earth stops moving.  

What will happen to the Palomar Observatory in San Diego and the Griffin Park Observatory in Los Angeles?  And will there be replacements built if they go down?

Yes Tom.  I regret that these fine observatories will not withstand the earthquakes.  It will be quite a long time before they are replaced, as taking care of the people who become refugees, including the workers at these observatories, will come first. 


Karen writes:  I'm thankful some friends told me about your newsletter, MBOs, etc.  I've looked over your newsletters and was on your Saturday call.  I'm still not very clear about the impact of the anticipated earthquakes on the Fresno, Shave Lake, Huntington Lake areas. 
Hunington LakeThere are some Dams in our area as well.  Is there any way you could be a bit more specific as to the duration of electrical outages in our area as well as the damage we are likely to sustain?  I am making preparations and would like to be as prepared as I can in the even I stay and not go elsewhere during the referenced time period.

Gaia, how long will the electricity be out in Fresno, Shaver Lake and Hunington Lake areas, and what abut the dams in this region?

Yes Tom, they will lose a dam or two-the oldest.  The electricity will be out certainly at least a month or more Tom, as the grid will be heavily damaged.  Yes it could take even longer to restore electricity to these locations.  


Diane writes in Facebook:  Hi, Tom, I have many relatives living in Sacramento and was wondering if I should get prepared for them to come out to Montana to live with us?  Also is Clarkston, MT a safe place to be when Yellowstone erupts, we want to get a house there.  Thank you, Diane.

Gaia is Clarkston Montana a safe place to live, as it is not too far from the Yellowstone National Park?

Yes, it will be safe enough Tom.  There will be some shaking when the volcano in Yellowstone begins to erupt, but the plume of ash will be carried more in a easterly to south easterly direction when this happens, and it will be a while before this occurs.

Sacramento, as I have previously reported, will be without electricity for some time, so that will not be a pleasant place to live.


Santa ClaritaClare writes:  Can you ask if Santa Clarita will be destroyed? It's due east of Santa Barbara, inland.

Gaia, will Santa Clarita be destroyed in late December?

Yes, it will also be in that heavy quake zone Tom and it will hardly have a structure standing.  It is too close to one of the epicenters of a major earthquake and the aftershocks, which will follow for months on end.


PhotonCeleste writes:  I have a question for Theo. Last year I heard Mellen-Thomas Benedict give several talks at the Congress on Illumination in Tucson. He apparently died and for 30 min. or so was on the other side. Later upon his return to the physical world he was able to return to the celestial realms. He has invented this device referred to as photon therapy machine, which will reverse aging and bring our bodies back to balance. My question to Theo is can such a device assist the physical body and perhaps our subtle bodies improve or assist with health in some way. At the time I felt Mellen-Thomas to be genuine and sincerely interested in helping humanity. Thank you so much for all you do.

Theo, please comment on the Mellon Thomas photon therapy machine.

Tom, it is just not a device which will do what it claims to do. That’s all I’ll say at this point.


Michael writes in Facebook:  Tom, I cross referenced a few of your mentions on pets in your
Rainbow Bridgenewsletters so I have a not very weighty ponder. Where did the mythology of the Rainbow Bridge come from? Was it whispered into someone's ear fairly recent or has it always been shared through the ages. Having a very senior dog I do take comfort in this story of our companions passing as requesting MBOs also provide comfort and some sense of control.

Theo, where did the mythology of the Rainbow Bridge come from?

Yes, Tom.  It was fairly recent.  It was invented by a person to explain to their children about life and death.  It is a very lovely way to explain these events, which are normal in earth lives.  It has been passed one to another now and as you saw, is even on a website for anyone to read this story.  

If you wish to read the Rainbow Bridge, here is a link:


I’ve featured Jane’s poems in past newsletters.  Here is another for your enjoyment.


 I am the spirit of your Soul
and it is time to learn.

You think these lessons
are for only you.
They are for you
because of me.
I am here to teach you.

But there are other souls
that came with me.

They are the souls
that you will meet
who’ll change
your life forever,
the ones that teach you
lessons that you need.

There is a path
that you will take.
Your Soul
will gently guide you.
It knows the thing
that you came back to do.

And all the ones
that come into your life
are for a reason.
Even though at times
it might seem strange.

All the souls
that came with you
back to planet earth,
came with you because
we had a reason.

And now it's up to you
to follow on the path,
so follow on the path,
and trust the reason.



Richard Sutphen and I always have interesting discussions on his show, which is the most listened to on Contact Talk Radio.  He's extremely knowledgeable with over 30 years experience in doing past-life regressions (300,000 people).  I first began communicating with "spirit" at one of his seminars in Sedona, Arizona in 2005.


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