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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


First Contact Front CoverIf you haven’t watched my PowerPoint presentation on Youtube about my new book “FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET,” you should.  If you have been reluctant to read the book, keep an open mind.  That’s the whole purpose of this newsletter.  Here is the link: .

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


I Have A DreamDr. Martin Luther King had a dream 50 years ago this past Wednesday.

Today my dream is to have groups of people gather to discuss topics:  Christians (Catholics and Protestants), Jews, Muslims (Sunnis and Shiites), Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, all giving their opinions on subjects, but all listening and respecting each other’s views.


Sonya asked me about a war with Syria. 

Gaia, what is the highest probability of the West going to war with Syria?

Now it is 100%, Tom, but will be limited in scope—just as the news organizations are being fed this information from “unnamed” sources.

Did the government of Syria use gas on their own people or was it the Syrian Father & Sonrebels?

No, it was not the rebels, Tom.  Assad was so confident that he could use it and the UN would do nothing that he ordered it just as they arrived.  He wanted to send a message to his people that he was as powerful as the UN.

What is the highest probability of Assad being forced out of office in the next six months?

Very low, Tom.  Let’s be generous and say 20 to 30%.  But the reality is the highest probability will be in the next six months after that.  As you can imagine it will be a drawn-out affair. 

Let's say a Benevolent Prayer for the people of Syria:  "I ask any and all beings to help bring peace to the citizens of Syria even faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!


HurricaneLee writes:  Tom, please ask Gaia for an update to the rest of the hurricane season. We are reaching the peak season right now and things are nice and quiet. Have said MBOs for a quiet season and for most storms to stay out in the Atlantic Ocean.

Gaia, please update me on the hurricane season.  So far there have just been tropical storms reaching the USA.  Will that change or will you just stick with the tropical storms?

Yes, the hurricane season is far from over, Tom.  In fact you could say it is almost in the beginning stages.  So no, I have not changed my mind.  There will still be the hurricane that zips along the East Coast and, yes, one in the Gulf of Mexico.

No additional ones?

As I spoke before, those are the two for the mainland.


Rim Fire Gaia, could you comment on the many forest fires in the western U.S., many started by lightning, which tells me you want this.

Yes, that is absolutely correct, Tom.  I do want those forest fires to burn as part of my cycle of regrowth; if that does not happen occasionally, the forest would die and it would be extremely difficult to bring it back you see.

And, as I have told you before, those that choose to live in or near my forested areas must build houses that will not burn, or they will find every few years that fire will destroy their homes.  They must learn to live in these structures if they choose to live near my forests, which I know they love.  But again they must be made aware of my cycles.  This is not happenstance, Tom.  I have done this many thousands of times before, and will occur manly more times in the future.

So no other reason?

Not necessarily, Tom, but obviously if my earth movements can effect these cities they need to be much more prepared.


Brenda on Facebook asked me about food shortages.

Calgary FloodingGaia, will the USA and Canada experience food shortages this fall due to the extreme weather we are experiencing?

No, Tom.  Other suppliers in other countries will supply what the breadbasket of the nation cannot supply.  The prices will certainly be higher for specific commodities, but no mass shortages.

Speaking of that, there keeps coming up stories about major problems in September here on this continent.

There will be none I can assure you, other than the planned hurricanes I have told you about in the past, Tom.  They are receiving images of destruction, which will be ahead and not during that time period.


Kathy asked me for a winter forecast.

Winter BlizzardGaia, I’m being asked about the forecast for winter.

Yes, it will be another especially harsh winter for the northern latitudes, Tom, with the southern latitudes receiving more rain and snow than normal, which will help alleviate the drought conditions somewhat in those areas which have seen many months of drought.  So I would say this will be a rainier and snowier winter for North America, including both Canada and the USA.

What about temperatures Gaia—about normal for winter?

No, much lower than normal for much of the country.  Naturally this will have its own cycles where it will be on average a little higher and then suddenly the bottom drops out and there are blizzard conditions.

What about the desert southwest?

Cooler than normal and above average rainfall.  This will extend on into Texas giving much needed relief as I stated above.  You will have more Pacific storms moving across the country.

And what about the Pacific Northwest extending into Idaho and Montana?

Again, colder than normal with more precipitation, Tom.


First Contact Full CoverFor my new readers, Antura is my soul brother on another planet (same soul group).  He’s a member of a Sirian “first contact” team coming here to earth in 2017 for the purpose of making public contacts—both government, scientists, and “grass roots” contactees—which is where I come in, as I’m supposed to film the first documentary on board his mothership.  That should be interesting!  Check out the video of a PowerPoint talk I gave recently in the DFW Metroplex.  Here is the link:  Please keep an open mind.

Antura, does our space-time continuum extend past this solar system?

Yes, Tom, this space-time continuum bubble we will call it does extend to cover the whole solar system.  Once you pass out of this solar system you do cross the energy barrier and are subject to reverting back to normal time we will call it.

UFOI have neglected to ask you the color of the mothership Antura.  Is it black as I have seen photographs, or what color?

Yes, Tom.  It is dark in color, but a metallic dark color.  You will see it is a dark blue in color—not black as it has appeared to you.

Dennis writes:  My question for Antura is: Did we really go to the planet Serpo in the early 60's? I just read a book about this and wanted to know if it really happened.  Reference is a new book by Len Kasten called "The Secret Journey to Planet Serpo."

Antura, is there any truth to the story about 12 military personnel traveling to a planet named Serpo and living there for 10 years?

Absolutely no truth in fact, Tom.  But that was quite fanciful in that person’s mind.  Again, another way for someone to make a buck, you see.  And you’re correct in thinking that they would have reverted to universal time and would have actually been gone 100 earth-years instead of the reported 10 earth-years.

Please update me on Russia.  Will they release anything around November?  I haven’t seen one story about them releasing another document.

Yes, things are a little quiet there right now, but you’ll see things pick up there too.

ElevatorHaven’t asked before, but does the mothership have elevators between floors or is there some other way such as beam transport?

No, we do have a lift system, Tom, in order to accommodate all the different beings who are on board.

So how many sets of elevators on average?

Ten would be a good average number spread out equally through the ship.

And are there multiple elevators with each set?

Quite so, Tom.  Four or five on average.  Some parts of the ship are more active than others so there can be an extra one to handle the increased traffic.

What about the size of the elevators?

A good question, Tom.  The elevators can be adjusted in size prior to departure to accommodate larger individuals.
On our trip to earth this will not be necessary, as I mentioned before, the largest individual would be around 7 feet tall.

UniverseAntura, is a wormhole the same as a portal?

Yes, Tom, in one aspect, but your scientists—at least the ones in that report you read, are only scratching the surface—and they understand this—with their current theories.  Their idea of a wormhole just providing a way to time travel is quite shortsighted.  A portal is a portal.  It is a way to travel to another planet or universe and while in the portal you can adjust to another time should you so desire.  Again this is so far in your future that I cannot go any further in my explanation.  So let’s just conclude that there similarities between the two.

Lee writes:  Tom, is there any validity to this story of Nixon and Jackie Gleason visiting an Alien morgue?

Antura, checking your files, did President Richard Nixon and Jackie Gleason visit an alien morgue at the Homestead Air Force Base?

Quite so, Tom.  There had been a crash—yes it was Zetas and their bodies were recovered, and as was reported they were pretty mangled up—a gruesome scene as you can imagine.

But I can’t imagine Gleason being given clearance, or even Nixon President Nixon & Gleasonbeing told about it.

But being the president and having that interest he kept at it until they opened the door for him, Tom.

So the story is true, Antura?  I’m not interjecting here?

No you are not, Tom.  This particular story has merit.

Colleen asks about this story:

Antura, what were the strange lights over Naples, Florida?

ETs making themselves known, Tom.

Lubbock TX UFOJanet writes:  Hi Tom, can you help to solve the mystery of the Lubbock, Texas, lights of August 25, 1951?

Antura, on August 25, 1951 there was what appeared to be a mothership in photographs.  Can you confirm?

Yes, at that time, Tom, it was not unusual for a mothership to be uncloaked and it was also looked upon favorably to let people know ETs or aliens were about.  So no surprises there.  It was a real occurrence.


Cruise ShipThis MBO story and the next one originally appeared in last week’s blog, which you can read in its entirety at

Stephanie writes:  There was a cruise I wanted to go on that cost $892 and couldn’t afford it so I said “I request a most benevolent outcome to have more than enough money to afford that cruise”. A couple weeks later someone crashed into my car while I was stopped at an intersection. I wasn’t hurt and my car had only cosmetic damage, which I really didn’t care about. Her insurance company paid me a few days later. The check was for $892. Extraordinary how awesome this stuff is.


Jill writes:  Tom here is my MBO:

I was going to a doctor’s office in another city and was afraid of being late Doctor's Exam Roomso I said an MBO for, “An MBO on arriving five minutes early to the doctor’s office, this or something better.”

The doctor had moved and I thought I remembered where.  I arrive at the building, go in, and cannot see his name listed anywhere; I was in the wrong building and street!  I found his business card in my purse and asked a receptionist where the address was.  I then saw a small coffee shop with no one in line so I took a chance and bought an iced latte (98-deg. day!).

I was trying to exit the parking lot and went the wrong way.  The location was near a busy hospital and many doctors’ offices.  I finally got straightened out and then, turn into another wrong parking lot. The building was set away from a tree-lined street with the name on the building.  When I finally sat down in the correct waiting room, with my latte, I looked up and it was 1:55 PM; my appointment was at 2PM!

Worked great!  I think I will add a few lines about going to the correct office and arriving safely.


If you were to go back to my first newsletters you will notice a number of questions about earthquakes dating all the way back to shortly after my first communications with my soul “cluster” brother Indian Shaman, Earthquake DamageReveals the Mysteries.  So I thought I should ask if this was more balancing on my part for having helped sink the continent of MU 5,000 or so years ago.

So Theo, my soul contract.  You said I had balanced the life in MU.  Was that true, or am I still trying to balance it?

In a way, Tom, you still are trying to balance it as it hung heavy on your soul for quite a long time.  But you are balanced.  It is just ingrained in your persona to try and assist people.

I did notice that from the very first time I communicated with Reveals the Mysteries it wasn’t too long until we took up the subject of California.

Yes, but again this time on your soul contract it will be to assist a number of people.


Special Needs ChildrenI'll call her Ann writes:  I am interested in learning how individuals with IDD (also known as mentally challenged) make such free will choices, either to be spiritual in a positive way or in a negative way? Is there a level of higher soul connection that allows them to make these free will choices when they may not have the capacity in this plane of existence to understand fully the choice? Is this a Soul Contract? Are people with very low IQs or mental illness protected from unwanted "evil" or can they be victims?

Theo, are people who are mentally challenged or who have low IQs protected from possession, or are they subject to possession or attachments from a lower spirit realm?

No, they are subject to possession just as you are.  That’s part of their soul contract, Tom, and they understand it going in.


Freestone writes:  I have a question for you and the Guides and Gaia.

“FORT MEADE, Maryland — Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier sentenced to 35 years in military prison for the biggest Bradley Manningbreach of classified documents in the nation's history, said on Thursday he is female and wants to live as a woman named Chelsea.

Manning received the sentence on Wednesday for giving more than 700,000 secret files, videos, and diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks.  His lawyers had argued the former Army intelligence analyst suffered a sexual identity crisis when he leaked the files while serving in Iraq in 2009 and 2010.”

I wonder what kind of soul contract he has! I feel that there are many men who really are women, due to DNA and living a series of past lives endlessly as a woman.  Why is he wanting to become a woman? Why did he really feel that he should disclose all of the secret information?

War is hell and it would be nice if ”we“ take our fences down, but all of the "wolves" will have to become dogs and not want to invade the sheep pen!

Theo, can you comment on Bradley Manning’s seemingly complex soul contract?

Yes, his is complicated as he is one of those souls that pioneers, along with balancing past lives when he put people in prison due to a variety of reasons.  Plus his soul decided to have its one transgender life at this time.  The timing is perfect, as he is asking for the drugs to start the conversion process.

He brings great publicity to the plight of individuals stuck in bodies they are not comfortable in.

Will he spend only 7 years in prison?

Quite so.  He will be a model prisoner and they will want to rid themselves of him as he will bring attention to the prison system.


Eben AlexanderBob writes:  Thank you for your good work. Have you asked your sources about the book “Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander?  It has been a best seller for at least a year, by a neurosurgeon who was totally brain dead and had a profound near death experience. Is there a cosmic reason for the book and its popularity? What are the author's karmic connections? It would be interesting to find out.

Theo, what is Eben Alexander’s soul contract regarding the book “Proof of Heaven”?

Just as you see it being played out, Tom.  A doctor who did experience an NDE, as it is called, and wrote about the experience from a professional’s point of view.  It will encourage other doctors who do not believe in the spirit world to question their own beliefs, plus the general public.  It is a significant life for him.


SharkDiana writes:  I hope this finds you well.  I have introduced your work - MBOs and channeling with Gaia and your GA, Theo,  to my sons and husband.  You surely heard in the news about Jana Lutteropp of Germany who was attacked by a shark off of Maui.  Jana lost her arm and then passed away last Wednesday.  My sons had spent a short period of time with her helping the family she was a au pair for move just days before she left for Hawaii.  As you can imagine, they are deeply distressed.  My youngest son has asked what aspect of this is her soul contract and why did this happen?  Can you ask Gaia why this beautiful young lady, who was so loving, experienced that and why other people had been through something like this and survived?

Theo, what balancing was Jana Lutteropp doing when she was attacked by a shark in Maui?

Yes, she was balancing her past as you guessed, Tom.  In another life she had fed more than one person to the sharks, so there had to be balancing.  That was a favorite way to get rid of someone back years ago and it still occasionally occurs today.  But there is no trace so the person just disappears leaving their families forever wondering what happened to their loved one and hoping for a return.


Sixto RodriguezMantej in the UK writes:  Question for the newsletter.  It is about a great American singer "Sixto Rodriguez," who had a short career in the 1970s and then he disappeared off the scene; unknown to him, he and his music became mega famous in South Africa, and, as he disappeared from the scene, South African fans  thought that he had committed suicide or died.

Sixto Rodriguez (now 71 years old) has finally come to worldwide attention, after a documentary about him called "Searching for Sugarman," was released, which won the BAFTA award and the Oscar for Best Documentary.  The documentary was about two South African fans who went looking to see if the rumors of him having died were true.

The Questions:
(1) What is the soul contract of  "Sixto Rodriguez" ?
(2) What is the soul contracts of the two fans who went looking for him?

Theo, why was recognition delayed for Sixto Rodriguez and what connection did the two fans who found him have?

Certainly he has been an artist in past lives, Tom.  He wished to explore the delayed response this time around and all the feelings that evoked.

On the other hand, those two good Samaritans, we will call them, had been assisted in their past lives by Mr. Rodriguez, so this was balancing for them.  As I have repeatedly said, all things must balance and this is a good example of that.


3 Phase RMFCan’t find this person’s email, so perhaps it was on Facebook.  They pointed out that in past newsletters I had said free energy machines would run on magnetics, and then in the August 24 newsletter I said cold fusion.  So I asked again.

Theo, I need to reask, will the free energy machines be powered by cold fusion or magnetics?

Both Tom, as both offer the ability to provide energy.  You asked just about cold fusion so that was the answer I gave you, but magnetics is also just around the corner.


GG writes:  In January 2012, I started a topic about MBOs and The Gentle Way on a discussion forum. I called the topic’s thread, “Angels, Guides: Getting Started”. The thread has now had approximately 27,000 views.  The thread is on a forum called Indigo Society, which can be a bit rough and tumble at times, but as you said to me, “Yes, keep the topic going there, as the presence of Angels and MBOs will raise the vibrations there.”

Indigo SocietyWell, I really do believe that is happening. There are some wonderful people who contribute regularly to the forum. Many are not interested in angels, they prefer to talk about other aspects of spirituality and of life, but everybody respects each other's beliefs and I learn so much from the other members there.

There are some former members who complain about the forum, and some of them cause a lot of trouble! But those who are positive contributors find a great deal to learn and enjoy when they come to this forum.

You don’t have to call yourself an “Indigo” to join Indigo Society.  Many of the members do not consider themselves Indigo at all. You could join and only ever go to the thread I started about MBOs. There are only a few who contribute regularly to the thread, but they come from Canada, England, Australia, and the U.S. It truly is a multicultural thread!

I would like to extend an invitation to all who read this, to click on the link and to register as members, and join the conversation about how MBOs and BPs are changing our lives.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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CONVERSATIONS WITH ANTURA, THE ET—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009; AUGUST 22, 2009; NOVEMBER 7, 2009; DECEMBER 5, 2009; DECEMBER 12, 2009; DECEMBER 19, 2009; FEBRUARY 6, 2010; FEBRUARY 10, 2010, APRIL 24, 2010; OCTOBER 31, 2010, JUNE 4, 2011, JUNE 18, 2011, JUNE 25, 2011, JULY 2, 2011, FEBRUARY 2, 2013, FEBRUARY 9, 2013, FEBRUARY, 16, 2013,  FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013, APRIL 13, 2013, APRIL 27, 2013, MAY 11, 2013, MAY 18, 2013, MAY 25, 2013, JUNE 1, 2013, JUNE 8, 2013, JUNE 15, 2013, JUNE 22, 2013, JUNE 29, 2013, JULY 6, 2013, JULY 13, 2013, JULY 20, 2013, JULY 27, 2013, AUGUST 3, 2013, AUGUST 10, 2013, AUGUST 17, 2013, AUGUST 24, 2013, AUGUST 31, 2013, 
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GAIA, SOUL OF THE EARTH— AUGUST 23, 2008SEPTEMBER 15, 2012, NOVEMBER 17, 2012, MARCH 30, 2013, MAY 25, 2013, JUNE 8, 2013, 

TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, MAY 11, 2013, JUNE 15, 2013, JUNE 22, 2013,

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013, MAY 11, 2013, JUNE 22, 2013, JULY 27, 2013, AUGUST 17, 2013, AUGUST 31, 2013, 


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