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Welcome to this edition of THE GENTLE WAY newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers from all over the world!  If you enjoy this newsletter, be sure to widely circulate it, and if this is your first time to read it, you can sign up to receive it each week by going to .  I also have a BLOG you can sign up for on the home page for those of you who love to read stories sent to me from around the world.

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Our Webcast was well attended last Saturday.  I regret that there were a number of questions which we were not able to get to in the one hour and 45 minutes we were on the air.  I plan to work on this for next time to try and answer the questions more succinctly to answer as many as possible.  I’ll announce soon when the next one will be held. 

For my many new subscribers this week, Gaia is the Soul of the Earth and Theo is my own Guardian Angel whom I receive “thought packets” from in meditation.  This is something anyone can do with a little practice, and Theo has told me to encourage everyone to try.  It will become much easier to do after 2012 I’m told.  Please send in your Most Benevolent (MBO) stories.  I did not receive very many this week.  Now for this week’s topics. 


TokyoHere’s what I received on August 24.

Gaia, is Tokyo still going to have the quakes?  When? 

Yes, quite so Tom.  It will be very soon you see.  Within the next two days as I told you before.

But not today?

No. Not today but very soon after that. 

I thought you might use the full moon to assist in the movement since it’s today.

I am using that extra pull shall we call it Tom but there are other factors at play here, including having hundreds of thousands of people at the right place and at the right time.  This is a very complicated maneuver shall we call it Tom where their guardian angels must have them at the right spot to experience or not experience the earthquakes.  You would be truly amazed if you were to see all the GA’s working together to have this happen at just the right moment in time. 

So again you’re saying within the next two days?

Yes, quite so Tom. 

(August 27)

Gaia, let’s begin with Tokyo.  Why haven’t you shaken the earth there yet?

Yes, Tom I assure you this will happen and quite shortly you see.  Again, the dates I give you are a framework of time in which an event will happen or occur, yes.  Yes I do know the exact minute and even second it will occur, but that’s not for you to know for some obvious reasons Tom and some perhaps not so obvious.  On a third dimensional level, if I were to give you this exact information, those that are not supposed to move, but are supposed to experience the event would simply move and then they would not be able to complete their soul contract in the manner which they signed up to do—using 3d terminology here you understand. 

So I cannot give you this information exactly.  It must be in a range of days or perhaps a week you see.  For those who follow you, if it is within the time period you say, then it will be accepted by those who will hear the message and will be compelled by their own guardian angel to leave during that period of time. 

In the case of Tokyo Japan, again it will happen quite shortly today Tom.  You will see.  Almost all the machinations of people are in place so that I and my assistants, shall we say, will be able to start the movement of the fault line. 

So are we talking about in the next 6 hours or longer?

A little longer perhaps, but not much more than that Tom.  You’ll see. 

Then I mentioned this to Theo.  Here’s his response.

Theo, I felt I must have either received wrong, or there was some reason I was not given the information correctly. 

Yes, Tom, we all understand, but Gaia is adamant in saying that this Tokyo event or earthquake will take place and I can assure you from working with my own charges or clients if you will having a life in Japan, we, meaning your GA’s as you call us, have been busily working to have our charges in the right place at the right time. 

I guess this can get really complicated when one of your clients thinks they will be out of the area at that time, so you have to create events, which will keep them there.

That’s absolutely correct Tom.  We have to cause other events to take place so that they cannot leave.  It could be car trouble, or it could be a friend or relative who suddenly becomes ill and needs their assistance.    On the other hand, if they are not supposed to be there when this happens, something will suddenly call them out of town—business, a relative or some unusual event, which they will look back on and “thank their lucky stars” as the saying goes.  They should be considering certainly why that strange event took place, but many do not.  We understand this. 

So if nothing does happens, to use baseball terminology, I’ll go back to the dugout and ask the manager what went wrong. 

PS If you wish to see Tokyo in real time, here is a webcam view link with sound:


Puerto RicoGaia, next question is the tropical storm Earl.  Is this the storm that will develop into the hurricane, which will strike Puerto Rico and the Carolinas, or is there another storm behind this on or perhaps is not yet formed which will become the hurricane you mentioned before? 

Yes, Tom Earl as it has been named will be the hurricane, which strikes both Puerto Rico and the coast of the United States –yes the Carolinas.  Watch the development of this storm Tom, as it will travel in a due westerly direction before beginning to turn upwards towards the East Coast. 


Alice writes:  Hi Tom, just read your newsletter and am a bit puzzled why you and Gaia did not go into more detail about power outages, not only sporadic ones in Arizona, but the possibility of the entire grid going down in California when the earthquakes begin?  You replied to a question last week about the internet going down, but what about electricity and telephone lines?   This is a crucial detail that your readers should know about so if they live in California and can't leave they can at least start to prepare for the worst-case scenario.  What are Gaia's or Theo's thoughts on this?  Thank you!

Power OutageGaia, when the earthquakes occur in California, will the power go out all over California, and how long will it take to be restored.  And that goes for gas and water too?

Yes, I regret Tom that the power will be out for a long time—and some parts of California will not see power again for many years.  The earthquakes will be devastating to the infrastructure of California and will destroy many electrical power plants in the process, along with gas and water pumping stations.  These quakes are far beyond most of the population’s imagination Tom, which is where you come in to assist in explaining how great and powerful these earthquakes will be—and as I have said before there will be not only the many large quakes, but hundreds and even thousands of smaller ones which will be aftershocks. 

Will there be any areas that will keep their power such as Sacramento which you said will not be destroyed?

Yes Sacramento will not be destroyed Tom, but they will have their electricity off for some time.  There will be disruptions for them too, along with feeling the aftershocks.  That will not be a good place to live with the many problems such as refugees. 


Film ProductionShauniel writes:  I was wondering what the destruction of California will do to the movie and TV industry--if it might not help lift it to a higher level?  There is so much focus on violent special effects and the fearful angry side of humanity.
The arts do not just reflect the culture... they shape it... and the arts are being used to create chaos and fear and to reinforce it within the collective psyche.  Might the quakes in CA give the entertainment industry a chance to rebuild from a humbler, wiser more compassionate vibration... so that the arts can be used once again for healing and inspiration... instead of so much violence and fear?
There are kinder gentler movies that inspire being made... but they are in the minority.  Might the destruction of "Hollywood" as we know it, lead to the dawning of a new era in entertainment... one that seeks to uplift and heal rather than show ever new and more violent ways to kill and torture and mutilate people?  Many happy MBO's.

Theo, will the earthquakes cause the movie industry (what’s left of it) to film gentler movies?

No, not in the way your reader wants or is hoping for.  Obviously there will be an endless array of films based on the disaster and how people were saved or were able to get out alive.  Other films will be made with escapist themes so that people can go and forget about what will happen.  There will be the usual number of love stories. 

I previously reported that I was told the movie industry will move to Dallas-Ft. Worth, Austin, and perhaps a couple of other places such as Atlanta. 


California SignGaia, how many people on the west coast will heed my warnings?

Not a huge number as you guessed Tom, but perhaps more than you thought possible.  Certainly over one million will heed your warnings—not a bad number you see.

That’s a million Gaia—I thought it would be closer to a maximum of 100,0000. 

No.  Your message will be heard by a large number of people Tom. 


Robert asked me to ask Theo about this.

Theo, someone channeled predicting the economic collapse of the United States.  Your comments.

Yes, Tom.  The economy will not collapse, but will be greatly affected by the upcoming crisis on the west coast.  Your facilities and ability to overcome these great catastrophes for your population will be greatly strained you see.  It will not collapse but almost will be on life support.  But then your friends and even former enemies will step in to assist you greatly in your recovery. 

This will create a great bonding between your people and others as love will go out to those who have assisted you.  There will much good that comes out of this even though your days will appear dark for a period of time. 


Victoria BCCarl writes:  I live on Vancouver Island off the Coast of British Columbia, Canada. I know we are on a very large fault line here, the Juan de' Fuca plate.

In light of the predictions about earthquakes on the west coast of North America. Just how stable is this location in the coming months and years to come. I live in the city of Victoria, well away from the coast line and well above sea level. This island is a giant rock and quite stable, but I realize in this region, earthquakes are a reality we live with. I have no particular fears about this, but I do not want to be foolish where my life and safety is concerned.

Gaia, when the upper west coast quakes next July, I have not asked previously about Vancouver Island and Victoria City?

Yes, although Victoria does sit on a rock Tom.   The city will see one or more major tsunamis created by the great quaking near the mainland.  Even they will feel the quakes albeit in lesser form.  I would recommend that the inhabitants leave during the period of time in July, which I will give to you later, but not now. 

We must concentrate on the lower west coast at this time.   Millions of lives will be lost there and you have a job to let as many people know about this as possible. 


Nicaragua MapLaura writes:  I would like to ask Gaia if Nicaragua is a safe place to live? We have close friends moving there--any advice for them? Thank you.

Gaia, is Nicaragua a safe place to live?

Nicaragua is a fairly safe place to live Tom.  Yes there will be some movement there, but not so severe for the people who inhabit the country. 


Isti writes:  Hi Tom, could you please ask GAIA about earthquakes and other upcoming natures' movements in Indonesia and what parts? I live in Jakarta and am planning to sell my house and
Jakartamove and have asked MBO for a perfect place to live. Thank you Tom and GAIA.

Gaia, one of my readers lives in Jakarta, Indonesia and wonders perhaps where there would be a safer place to live?

Tom, Indonesia as you have seen has several major fault lines throughout this area.  Certainly there are portions of this island complex which will not have as many problems as the rest.  He should look for an area that is higher above sea level and more mountainous to buffer him from not only the earthquakes, but also from the rising ocean level coming within this 5 year period of time.  He should request a MBO Tom to be guided to the best place for him to live.


MarseilleClara writes:  Am living in Marseille, France, do you think this city going under water in the next future? Thank you.

Gaia, will Marseille, France eventually go under water and I’ll add sooner than later?

Yes, Tom, this port city will eventually be inundated with water as the oceans rise and the Mediterranean Sea along with them. 

How fast will you achieve the two-foot rise in the oceans Gaia?

Actually quite fast, Tom.  The two foot rise will take only one to two years at most.  And I will not stop there, but the initial rise will be quite dramatic as great portions of the Arctic and Antarctic melt.


GlastonburyMichael on Facebook writes:  I was fascinated with Glastonbury, England.  It has that mix of mythologies of being the site of the first church of England, Kings Arthur’s Grave and anything to do with fairies.  Why is this such a charged/ energetic location?"

Gaia, why is Glastonbury, England so highly charged energetically?

Yes, an enigma Tom.  One of those mysteries we have discussed before.  In this case it sits atop an interesting geologic formation heavy in crystal content, which amplifies the energy from within Tom.  It does have other attributes, but this one will be sufficient for now.


MemphisColleen writes:  I am in Cordova, TN   which is N/S of Germantown, TN ... and Cordova is incorporated into Memphis, TN  but Memphis goes to the River!!  I'm on the ridge of the 2nd highest elevation in the county--- but is it high enough?   Mom's property is in Hernando, Miss, 40 miles away.

Gaia, can you tell me if Cordova, not too far from Memphis, TN (and the lady who asks lives on a ridge) is a good place to be away from the New Madrid fault Line?

Yes Tom, it is sufficiently away from the main fault line, although they will sustain some damage there too-just not to the extent of say Memphis proper, which will almost be destroyed, not only by the earth shaking but by the floods which will come too.


Michelle writes:  Hi Tom. Just wondering what Gaia has to say about all the fires we are having in BC right now - and with the smoke that is not only covering most of BC but moving east even to Ontario and Quebec. Thanks.

Gaia, why the fires in British Columbia this summer?  Normal or for a reason?

There are always reasons behind what occurs Tom on the planet.  In this case I need to replenish the forests and start the cycle all over again, as I have done thousands of times before in that area.  It is no different than the forest fires to the south.  I am simply taking them to a dormant state and then will start the cycle all over again.  Because there are so many humans on the planet, it is inevitable that a portion of the population will be affected.


Violet writes:  Let me at the outset thank you profusely for the Gentle Way and the MBO’s. MBO’s and working with Angels have now become part of my life and my life is much more peaceful, joyous and brimming with miracles and great surprises!

I am an avid reader of your newsletter and share it with my friends and family. I am however curious to know how good the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator device is. I recently read about the device and saw it on youtube at  Please can you find out from Theo about the veracity of their claims and whether use of this will be able to effect changes in expelling negative vibes from a region and if so, whether we can start a movement to have them installed in different places to bring a major shift from negative to positive vibrations in a significant manner. Please do ask Theo about this.

Indeed I have asked for MBO for this query. 

Theo, what is your opinion of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator?

It does do some good Tom.  Just not as well as some other instruments. 

Can you explain the benefits of violet light?

Certainly Tom.  This light is quite beneficial to you and anyone who brings it forth, which can be done without devices you understand.  It can center your charkas, along with other physical benefits of inducing this light.  It is something people should read more about and experiment with themselves.


Winter StormKarin writes:  Could you ask if we are going to get a bad winter this year?  I live in eastern Oregon in Burns.  It was 34 F this morning.

Gaia, are you planning a cold winter for most of North American and Europe?

No Tom.  This will be a moderate one as you’ll see.  More in the average category shall we say. 

Naturally some people felt that a very hot summer would cause it to be or have the opposite—a very cold winter.

Not this year Tom.  I will keep in mild so that it will be a little easier to take care of the refugees from the west coast you see.


CloudsKathy writes:  I work on the outside Picket Tower at a prison and being elevated, I notice the clouds.  From the time I was a child, clouds have always fascinated me. There are six people out at the pickets at a time. On day this week, I could distinctly see many images in the clouds - saints, animals, angels, etc, all day long. It wasn't until it neared the time of our departure that I called a colleague who was in the picket to mention the cloud formation and point out a particular cloud. This person was talking on a walkie talkie with others who were in the pickets (there are six pickets) and someone was exclaiming how beautiful the clouds were and that he was seeing images in the clouds.
A could of years ago my dog of 12 years was killed by a car. The next day I was lying in the bed crying and looked out the window and there she was in a cloud.
Animal Cloud
Please ask Theo if seeing certain images is a product of my imagination or if the images are real.

Theo, please comment on the shapes of clouds.

I’ll be happy to Tom.  They are shaped in forms at times anyone can discern as looking like an animal or human or whatever.  This is done by those souls or divas who assist Gaia with her work.  They also do this to remind people that there is intelligence behind these formations, so that you will be constantly aware of something beyond your physical selves.  They take great joy in making these formations, especially if humans are around to see them.


Isabelle writes:  Will RAP, Restore America Plan with Tim Turner now serving as interim president, be fully implemented and manifested in America soon, a de jure government replacing the de facto government; a de jure government, the form of government envisioned by the Founding Fathers in the eighteenth century for America?

Theo, will Restore America Plan with Tim Turner be fully implemented in America?

No, Tom, this plan will not be implemented as such.  Certainly Mr. Turner has received accolades and interest from his followers, but this is just another plan along the lines of Nesara, which will not be implemented.


Vicki writes:  As always, I appreciate you, your dedication and the wonderful information Spirit gives you.  I would like to know what Spirit thinks about two different healing "modalities." I would love to know their assessment of each one to help me decide which one to focus on--White Time Healing and QuantumK.
I would also like to know Gaia's assessment of the New Earth Teachings, given by the same person as the White Time Healing. 
Lastly, is there a "modality" that is most effective for people to share in this particular space/time?

Theo, what is your assessment of the New Earth  Teachings and the White Time healing?  Are there any healing modality better than others?

Yes of course there is Tom, but one of your jobs as humans is to explore the modalities and make choices as to which ones are better than another.  Regarding the two that you mentioned, I go back to what I have said in the past.  Does this Earth Teaching feel good?  Do you feel a warm spot in your gut, or do you have heartburn?  You must ask yourself these questions and not ask me to decide for you.  What is your gut instinct?  You must be honest with yourself when you ask questions as you find these teachings and healing modalities along the trail. 


SwitzerlandSilvia writes:  Hi Tom! wanted to share an MBO from here and linked to Europe - My mom lives in Switzerland and told me her hot water heater is not working anymore... it suddenly stopped. So I mentioned to her to call in on AA Michael as well as saying and MBO :) I asked any and all beings to help my mom in Switzerland to get her hot water heather working and may the result be better than what she expects or hoped for...  a day or 2 later Mom said she had hot water again. :) Thank you Universe :) <3 <3 <3 Isn't it great :) Thank you Tom for all you do XXX <3.


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