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·    A 3400 ERA QUESTION

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Antonia writes:  Sun will flip its magnetic field?  What effect will this have on us?

Giant CME For my new readers, the soul of our Sun just likes to be called “Sun,” as he said any other name would give credence to one religion or another.  He has said he welcomes contact by any of you who wish to ask much more technical questions than I’m able to ask.

Sun, are our scientists correct in saying you will flip your magnetic field in the next three or four months?

Yes, your scientists are correct.  I will flip or reverse my magnetic field.  And to answer your next question it will be almost exactly three months.

So we are looking at the end of November around Thanksgiving too?

That is correct, Tom.  There will be many things occurring at that time, including the pass by Comet Ison.

What is the reason for the flipping of your magnetic field every 11 years or so as they say?

This would be too complex to answer you fully, Tom, but it does allow me to perform many different functions so that there is a balancing.  All things must balance, and flipping my magnetic field does just that—it balances.  If I did not do that I could explode, as I would quickly go completely out of balance.  Not so good for your Explorer Race.

Do you have any large CMEs planned for that same time period?

Quite so, Tom.  The flipping of magnetic fields will produce some amazing CMEs.  These energies will be utilized by the planets in the solar system and even beyond.

I’m seeing a pattern of events develop here.


Gaia, Egypt now is in a real mess, as the military is as bad or worse than Morsi’s government.  What is the highest probability for this nation?

Egypt ProtestContinued turmoil for quite some time Tom.  These are difficult soul contracts first for Morsi and now for the military leaders who think that military might will bring stability.  In fact it is creating a very unstable environment, where several more thousand people will lose their lives trying to fight for their beliefs. 

Eventually the military will grow weary as other countries work to bring an end to the bloodshed.  This will not occur for many months, so Egypt will remain a tinderbox until the military backs off.  They must learn their lesson here as many people—men, women, and children will die before peace comes to Egypt. 

All of this is part of the old energy Tom, as the old energy has to do with control and force.  Love and peaceful demonstrations must be tolerated by any government.  That is the 5th focus energy you are moving into, and the old energy cannot sustain itself in these new energies. 

But to summarize, Egypt will eventually find peace, but not before thousands give their lives.  Naturally these are soul contracts for a large variety of reasons. 

Let’s all say this Benevolent Prayer out loud:  “I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing peace to Egypt and to protect its citizens from further harm, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Obama & PutinDiane writes: What will happen with our relationship with Russia now that Putin has granted Snowden to live in Russia?  Why does he hate Obama?  It is always obvious when they are together.  I think he is prejudiced against Obama as well as gays!

Theo, what will be our relationship with Russia, and will Putin continue on?

Yes, the old energies die hard, Tom, and Putin represents the old energy.  Even your President Obama recognizes this old style of thinking.  Mr. Putin will find more and more protests against his policies and will fall out of favor with the Russian people in time.  The younger generation especially will see him for what he is—a sort of dinosaur in today’s world where everyone can communicate with everyone else.

So to answer your question, Tom, relations will continue to be strained for some time, but look for changes in the next two to three years.


Diane writes:  Quick question for you and Theo.

New York Stock ExchangeRich people are selling their stocks fast because a crash is coming.  Is this true and when will it happen and what will happen to the regular people?  Why is this happening?  Karma?

Should we worry now?  Any plans we can make?  Thanks.

Gaia, are large investors selling off stocks now?

Yes, a few are, but then again, Tom, there are always a few investors—we’re talking about large investors—who are selling off their socks for a variety of reasons.  There is no mass or panic selling.  That is just a rumor began as so many rumors are begun by someone wanting their 15 minutes of fame as we have said before.  It makes them sound good on a radio show where perhaps they really have nothing to say or talk about so they make up something that will cause fear and gets them talked about for a while before they fade away again or come up with another investment panic story.


Dollar ChartBill writes:  My question is will the US experience a form of hyperinflation as nations move away from using the dollar as the world’s reserve currency?

If that happens, I figure gold, silver, oil, and food will become very expensive and social unrest will occur.

Theo, will the dollar remain stable or lose value over the next five years?

The dollar will certainly lose value in the near term, Tom, but will eventually recover.  Even though there are other stronger currencies, there are too many countries, banks and individuals holding dollars for them to see their investments devalue too much.  There are still many countries in the world with their local currencies tied to the value of the dollar.


Pamela writes:  More fascinating questions for you!

This info on a mysterious hexagon on Saturn was sent to me; please, could you ask what it actually is?

Saturn Hexagon CloudAlso, is our moon really an artificially created satellite hollow inside, and if so, who do you talk to when you talk to Luna?

Gaia, there seems to be a hexagon cloud on Saturn.  Could you explain?

Yes, there are different dynamics at work here, Tom.  Magnetic forces are at play.  This is one of those questions where I will have to defer as your scientists are supposed to figure it out.  So the little hint about magnetic forces will have to do for now.

Our moon was moved here, as was explained to me in my FIRST CONTACT book.  I have a whole chapter on moving planets.  It is not artificial.  I communicate with the soul of the moon, Luna, just as I do with Sun.  Everything is ensouled.


Laurie writes:  Yesterday an injured duck sat in a particular area of the lawn and didn’t move for hours. It later occurred to me that the spot was where I’d taken a photo of an orb. Did the duck settle in Orbthat spot for protection because of the presence of orbs? Do orbs congregate in specific areas and then stay there, or do they and the spots move around?

Gaia, are birds and animals attracted to orbs for healing?

Tom, they are attracted to orbs for a variety of reasons.  They are much more able to see them, but they can also feel them.  The more complex orbs can also leave healing energies animals can feel.  And the orbs do this knowing in advance, having been advised by the group soul.


For my new readers, Antura is an amphibian living on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System, and is a member of my soul “cluster.”  He’s had 800 lives on earth, so is considered an “old soul” in Earth terms.  He’s part of a First Contact team coming to earth in 2017 on one of those big motherships, with a crew of 850.  I’m supposed to shoot a documentary onboard the mothership.  Check out my new book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET.

Space Elevator:

Space ElevatorAntura, do you see the concept of a space elevator coming into fruition?

Not at all, Tom.  Humans have such great ideas, but in this case other ways of obtaining the necessary height above the earth will be determined well before the elevator will ever come off the drawing boards, shall we say.  And yes it has to do with the free energy machines, which will be developed soon.  The elevator will prove impractical and far too costly.

Antura, you commented that our work would really be cut out for us as we introduce small amounts of negativity to other planets. I would assume we will begin with the Federation planets first, but how will we reach all the others?

You’re correct, it will be the Federation planets you will introduce small negativity to at first, and then as you expand and become more sophisticated, Tom, it will be easier as you next go to the other Federations in this galaxy.  But by then you will have plenty of assistance as it will seem as if there are missionaries carrying on your work, as the Federation planets will expose thousands of other planetary societies to this small negativity with games and such after they get over the fear of change.  They will spread the word, if you will, about how much greater it makes them feel to begin raising their vibrational levels again.  So the Explorer Race will act as a catalyst and will not have to do all the work yourselves.  You will have many converts we will call them for your purposes.

[That certainly answered a big question I had folks!]

Are the planets the Reptilians took over in this quadrant of the galaxy and do they still occupy them?  Reptilian

Yes and no, Tom.  They were in this part of the galaxy, but, as part of the peace agreement, abandoned them, although that was perhaps one of the more contentious parts of the agreement.  Needless to say, they were quite reluctant to give up the gains they had made there, but eventually yes they retreated to their original worlds.

Darcy writes:  I've been catching up on my newsletter reading and have a few questions.

1) Was alien interference in our soul contract?
2) When the aliens reveal themselves and it is known we are not alone, what will happen to our economy? Will there be panic, markets crashing?

Antura, was there alien interference with our soul contracts?

Yes, in a way, Tom, and that was part of the Earth Directive, as we were instructed by our religious advisors that we were creating karma or balancing, that the Explorer Race would have to take care of in future lives by our assistance to opposing factions, shall we call them.  Things would have gone much more smoothly had we not interfered.

When the Pleiadians arrive how will it affect the Global Economy?

After first being a surprise and a little panic selling, we believe things will revert back to normal.  The stock markets of the world will see that we will not interfere with anything or anyone and, in fact, the small gifts will make life easier as new industries may develop.  That is the plan and we think it is a good one, although it is constantly being tweaked, shall we say.


Nancy writes:  Just a quick follow up on the Atlantean islands entry in this week's newsletter, which seemed to indicate only southern islands remain. I had asked some time ago about islands off the coast of New England, specifically Deer Island and Acadia in Maine. Your guide answered that they also were remnants of Atlantis when Mantinicus Islandthe question was published in the newsletter, or did I misunderstand? I wonder about Matinicus Island, Maine, as well. It is said to be the most remote inhabited island on the Eastern Seaboard.

Can we maybe get a clarification? These islands have a very mysterious feeling when one visits them.  You are great and I enjoy the newsletter immensely.

Gaia, last time when I asked Theo about remnants of Atlantis I forgot to ask about the islands off the New Hampshire and Maine coasts.  Are those remnants too?

Quite so, Tom, as they were remnants even before the final sinking of the islands left from the second disaster, we shall call it, when much of the continent broke apart.  Naturally, when it happened they were almost wiped clean by the resulting tsunamis, so it took hundreds and yes even a few thousand years for them to come back.  But they do hold the old Atlantean energy signature, shall we call it, which people visiting those islands notice to be different.


Lemuria Remnant?Theo, regarding Lemuria, as they eventually destroyed themselves was there a height of their existence when they were a loving people, before they degenerated into warring with each other?

Quite so, Tom.  It did occur for them just a few thousand years before their decline.  The decline happened slowly as keep in mind these were normal people with karma that built up over many lifetimes, as there had to be balancing--just as was the case for Atlantis.

So they did not have a specific event such as the Atlanteans did prior to their wars?

No, they lead an idyllic existence for several thousand years before the slow but sure decline took place, Tom.  It was just seemingly small things that divided the people finally into countries on the continent.  You could compare it to parts of Asia or Africa, or even Europe, where countries were created according to their beliefs.  The people all had a similar appearance, so race was not an issue—it was beliefs and governments and greed that cast a shadow over the continent and eventually caused their demise.

Were there people that saw the end coming as I did in Atlantis and migrated away?

Quite so.  That’s how Asia and Japan and Southeast Asia became populated.  Small groups migrated there and integrated with those who already existed.  But this was different in a way than Atlantis; most of the population stayed, not knowing that their leaders would trigger their doomsday bombs, as you have been told in the past.

But to return to your original question, Tom, yes a few thousand years before their demise it was an idyllic, almost Utopian existence.  It just was unable to sustain itself.


Future CityCan’t recall who asked this question.

Theo, what percentage of souls now living will have lives in the 3400 era?

Quite a few, Tom, as keep in mind that you’re really talking about 100 years, so certainly over 50 to 60% of those living today will have lives during that time period.  Whereas many Atlanteans and Lemurians will have finished their lives by that time, there are many younger souls who still have several hundred lives to live, yes both in the future and in the past.


Important information!  Futuristic Dress

Helen asked this. 

Theo, can someone request a Benevolent Outcome today to remember to use MBOs in their future lives?

Certainly they can do this, Tom, and although you thought I would say no, there is some bleed over and though they may very well not word it the same in future lives, by obtaining or reaching this level now, they will build on this in future lives.  So yes, have them request this, although they must understand that it is done on faith.  I still recommend that they say the Benevolent Prayer each morning, as it will make those future lives easier and even this life easier as they touch their past lives and lessen the challenges that may loom in their future in this life, to be not as large as they would by not saying the prayer.

You can find the Benevolent Prayer on my website at


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last Saturday in my weekly Blog, which can be read in its entirety at

Child Birthday PartyDavid in St. Louis writes:  We had my daughter's birthday party this last Saturday - it was meant to be an outdoor one with a number of activities.  About an hour before the party there was some drizzling.

I asked for an MBO that the rain stop raining over my house and property until after the party was over.

And it worked!  The strangest thing though... After everyone was gone except one person, I said "thank you, thank you, thank you!" and within 1 minute we got dumped on, as if the clouds were stockpiling the rain for this moment.  I was elated at the power of MBOs in this moment, knowing that I could consciously co-create synchronicity in my life.


Robbyn writes:  Here's a double MBO for you. I had a charity event to go to last week and was running short on time. I had to make a stop beforehand to pick up my dress and the weather here, as always in South Florida was on and off raining. While on the way to my stop, I requested an MBO for the closest parking space and for the rain to hold off while I ran into and out of the mall.

Mall Parking LotDriving around the parking lot, I saw someone backing out of a spot a few lanes over and started to head towards it. Unfortunately before I got to it, someone else got that spot, as I was grumbling about it, that little voice in my head said it probably wasn't the best spot anyway, perhaps the car next to me would have put a ding in my door or something. So, as I was turning around and driving down the lane exactly opposite the door I wanted to go in, someone backs out of their parking spot and I thought "Score!" and said "Thank you for my MBO."

However, my story does not end there... I was only in the mall for a few minutes, as all I needed to do was run into the tailor, which was right inside the door, pick up my dress for the event and I would be on my way. As I was walking back to my car, there was a woman in an SUV who was asking a construction worker if all of the handicapped spots were blocked off. Apparently the mall was doing some work and they blocked off a lot of the handicapped spots for their tractors. I turned to the woman, pointed to my car and told her "I'm parked right here." I was the very first spot after the handicapped spots. She thanked me profusely, she really needed that handicapped spot.

So I think that my MBO was two-fold on that day, both for me to have the closest parking spot possible and the rain did hold off, and for this stranger who really needed my spot. Had someone else gotten that parking space, they might have been in the mall much longer than I was and she would have had to drive all over to find an open handicapped space. I ask for MBOs every day, but this day in particular was a GREAT one!!

I always love to hear how our MBOs also assist other people—the “Radiant Effect” I called it in The Gentle Way Book I.


Communications SatelliteDarcy writes:  What did Theo mean when he said the illuminati could be in touch "in an instant"?

Theo, how can the illuminati be in touch in an instant?

Yes, they have developed very sophisticated communication systems with their own satellite feeds.  When you have the money you can buy the best, including encryption devices.  The NSA leaves them alone, as they are looked upon as just businessmen.


Alan writes:  I thank you and use MBOs when I send out loving energies. Sad PersonMy question is, does the emotional baggage we carry and our consciousness affect the things that are happening on and to our earth, and how much does it affect the Cosmos? Thank you for the information you post for our benefit.

Gaia, does our emotional baggage affect both the earth and cosmos?

Certainly it can affect your group or mass consciousness, but not so much the cosmos, as don’t forget you’re in a space time continuum, so you could say you are self-contained in order to protect other societies.


Kate, William, with GeorgeNancy writes:  Some time back a reader asked Theo if Prince William and Kate would have children and Theo stated that William and Kate would have 2 children - 2 daughters. But as we now see, they just had a son, not a daughter. Can you advise why this changed?  Thanks for all you do!

Theo, did I just receive wrong about William and Kate having two daughters?

Quite so, Tom.  It is actually the opposite.

Obviously it was a poor reception day.


Philip writes:  Is Jim Diamond (Megagenius) the smartest man in the world?  How did he obtain such high intelligence?  Is he also one of the oldest souls on earth at this time?

Theo, is Jim Diamond a genius, and what is his soul contract?

Yes, this gentleman is off the charts, shall we say, in IQ.  His soul contract Jim and Lee Meriwetheris to learn in this life how to handle this knowledge.  Plus what he can contribute to society.  Let’s just say he is underutilizing his brain capacity at this time.

Regarding why he wished to experience this, he has had the same capabilities in more than one life and tended to hide it, as it was quite dangerous to demonstrate these abilities.  He was looked upon as a freak or, worse, a wizard.

From what I received I don’t think he’s an old soul.  I think his soul is exploring intelligence—its positives and negatives.


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