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·    TIME LINES 9, 10, 11

Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


McKinney, TX CourthouseI’ll be doing a four-hour workshop on August 26 at the Performing Arts Center (old Courthouse on the Square) in McKinney, Texas.  I should have the signup information posted under the APPEARANCES section of my website.  For more information you can also call Janet Landers at 214-218-7360 or email at  

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


8/6/12   Gaia, is Ernesto going to strike the Mexican coast as a Category 1 hurricane?  Hurricane Ernesto

Yes, Tom.  The Meteorologists are fairly correct in their predictions that this hurricane Ernesto will make landfall first on the Yucatan Peninsula and then on the Mexican Coast below Tampico, and as a Category 1 although a fairly weak Category 1.  It will bring needed rain to the interior of Mexico as it makes it way across to the opposite side. 


Drought Map for August-OctoberFlo writes:  My question has to do with the current drought in the center of North America. Supposedly much or most of the corn crop is drying up and probably will be lost. I also read that over 80% of the corn planted in the USA is from Monsanto's GMO seed. So I do see one benefit of the drought that perhaps no one else has thought about: the killing off of the GMO corn crop.

I see this as more of a benefit to mankind as a whole. I do know that the farmers who planted those GMO seeds will lose money - but, hey, they did plant the GMO crop, knowing that many people are objecting to GMO food.

So please ask Gaia if she has anything to say about my speculation.

Gaia, is the drought a blessing in disguise, as we will not be eating GMO corn?

Yes, that is a positive way to look at it, as there is not only that benefit Tom, but many others.  Some are hard to swallow shall we say, as the drought affects the farmers and consumers with higher prices, but as I have explained before the soil needs a rest and most of the crops in the affected areas will simply be plowed back into the soil.  Droughts are balancing for me Tom.  There will be no wide spread world crop failure although certainly parts of the world will experience drought. 

But parts of the world will also be awash in rain that might not have received rain in some time.  Again balancing Tom.  You must raise your eyes and view it in a long term basis as I do—shift your perception from what is right in front of you to even just five or ten years from now.  I not only look that far ahead by even several hundred or easily a thousand years in my planning for your third focus answer.  There are cycles and this is just one cycle, but humans fear the future, looking at the glass as half-empty instead of half-full.


Portugal SpainMaria in the Netherlands writes:  I discovered your site and I love it! So interesting.  I have a question concerning earthquakes--I am from Lisbon Portugal.  On the first of November of 1755 there was an earthquake and tsunami, that completely destroyed Lisbon; the City was on fire and thousands of Lisboners died.

When I lived there I felt earthquakes very often and there was one in 1968 or 1969, that one was very high on the scale.  Please can you ask  Gaia,  if it will happen again?  I don’t live in Portugal anymore, but I love my City so much, and I have family and friends there. Lately I feel a urge to read and look up for everything concerning the earthquake of 1755, and I don’t know why.

Gaia, will there be any major earthquakes for Portugal and Spain in the next year?

Yes, there will be some movement Tom, but not of the major variety your reader is concerned about.  It will be a more localized event and nowhere will it approach major event status.  Just a good shaking, and yes this is for Portugal and not Spain, although they will have a couple of movements too.


Bluefin TunaPat in Houston writes:  There has been much news and emails lately about fears rising in the US that the popular bluefin tuna caught off the west coast contains radiation.  Scientists say last year's nuclear disaster in Japan is to blame, but some claim these radioactive findings may only be the tip of the iceberg,  according to RT's Madina Kochenova.  RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios.

Is there any truth to this?  Thank you for all the good work you do and the blessings you bring to so many.

Gaia, does the bluefin tuna off the Pacific West Coast contain harmful levels of radiation?

No Tom.  It does not.  Yes there are some trace levels, but the levels are not high enough to do damage to your bodies you see.  But it does demonstrate the potential for harmful effects should there be a major catastrophe with one of the nuclear power plants situation not only on the Japanese coast but also the North American west coast.


Diane writes:  I receive the newsletter and also use MBOs. I read the comment by Gaia on Hilary Clinton being the Vice Joe Biden & George ClooneyPresident.  What happens to the current VP Joe Biden?  Thank you.

Theo, if Hilary Clinton is chosen by Obama as his running mate, what will be Joe Biden’s job?

Tom, like a good soldier My Bidden will “biden” his time and will be appointed to several jobs in the administration, which might not necessarily include the Secretary of State.  He is a team player and will be used in that capacity.


Jewish FamilySandy writes:  Your weekly newsletter has spurred me to ask a couple of questions. I remember reading from more than one source that the Jewish people had come to earth to work out some special karma. They have certainly played an important role in our planet's history - for a relatively small population they have made many contributions to all fields (arts, sciences, religion etc) as well as suffered greatly. They have also managed to keep themselves and their culture whole and separate from outside influences. Can you or your guides comment on where they came from and anything about a particular karmic destiny they are fulfilling here?

That raises another question - I have heard that individuals that come from cultures or races that have evolved separately over a long period and then marry outside their ethnic or cultural group - the descendents often lose some of their genetic predispositions (psychic abilities among them).  Is this true?  On a purely physical level I always heard that mixing made the offspring stronger - hybrid vigor widened the gene pool etc.

Another question: In this weeks newsletter you talked about the Atlanteans having integrated in the Maya culture and that it may have influenced their genetic make up.  At the same time there are many legends of white teachers that came to the Americas and taught people from different tribes various spiritual and scientific teachings. There is a book called "He Walked the Americas" where a writer researched and recounted these legends. Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha are among them.  The stories have quite a few similarities.    Can your guides shed any insight about who these teachers were?

Thanks Tom for all your good work and for keeping us all inspired!

Theo, it is my understanding that the Jewish people act as a fulcrum balancing all the religions of the world, but what else can you tell me about their group of souls, their karma, and why does it seem the Cabal is made up of Jews?

Interracial FamilyYes, a complicated people Tom, but who have a very important job acting as the fulcrum.  They volunteered as a group of souls drawn here from another universe to do this duty.  And as part of the balance they must also have what are called the “bad guys.”  Now that you are about to enter the 5th focus that need for a controlling balance will not be needed and so their powers will wane and yet the fulcrum will remain balanced. 

Theo, do people who marry interracially have children who have lesser psychic abilities?

Not in the least Tom.  It all depends up on the soul interest and soul contract. 

Theo, who were the white skinned people who roamed the jungles teaching scientific and spiritual things?

Yes, there was a combination here Tom, as some of the people reported to do this were your friendly ET’s and some by Atlantians who were lighter skinned but not completely white.  Keep in mind that for a dark complexioned Indian in the jungle someone showing up with much lighter skin would be termed “white.”  Still though there were those ET’s who did this too as part of their training. 


Autistic ClassNancy writes:  I saw a 60 minutes show on autism last Sunday.   They showed a comparison between normal brain development and what the brain looks like (in general) for those with autism.   They said that the brain development in an autistic person was chaotic.   But it looked more developed to me!   What can Theo tell us about brain development in autistic people?   Are they more developed, and their unusual behavior a result of having to deal in the 3rd focus when they are more advanced?   How will their lives change in the 5th focus?   When will those of us who teach learn how to teach them, or are they here to teach us?    
Thanks Tom, I love MBOs!

Theo, is the brain development of an autistic person chaotic, more, or less developed than a normal person’s?

Yes, a complicated question Tom and again we get into an area where you have little knowledge.  But for your readers let’s say that the makeup of an autistic person’s brain is wired differently, so that some parts of the brain that would not normally be used in the 3rd focus are turned on, making it quite difficult to function in this 3rd focus. 

Will we learn to communicate with them better?

Quite so.  There are ways to communicate with an autistic person Tom you have yet to discover.  I cannot tell you, as that must be left up to the scientists who are even right now studying how to do this.

TIME LINES 9, 10, 11

I’m continuing to ask questions about differences between Time Lines.  Although these questions are personal, I think you will see how our lives are quite different depending upon what Time Line we’re on.  I did receive one email this past week from a subscriber who felt she could not forward the newsletter to a friend because of my “ego” questions in the last newsletter ( when I communicated with one of my Guides who was an Indian Shaman in the 1600’s.  Those were personal questions too, but it pointed out our ability to communicate over centuries, and that he was on another Time Line when he communicated with me before.  Plus it also gave you and idea of the type of assistance a Guide can give you.  I left the part in about being frustrated about not having more people requesting MBO’s, as that does show I’m human.  I’m impatient like everyone else, because I KNOW MBO’s work better than anything else (and most of you who read this newsletter KNOW too) and I wish millions of people could be making their lives better by requesting MBO’s in their lives too. 

TCUTheo, I would like to return to the 9th, 10, and 11th focus to understand the differences a little more.

Fine Tom.

In those focuses, did I attend TCU?

Quite so Tom, but your interests were more towards English and writing and not concentrated on the financial end of things. 

So my degree was different?

Absolutely Tom. 

Did I serve two years in the Army?

No Tom.  Requirements were different on the higher time lines, as the Vietnam conflict was much more easily solved with little loss of life. 

So when did I write my first book and what was the subject? Science Fiction

Yes, you had been working on one during college Tom, so it was not too long afterwards that you sold your first book.  It was science fiction—yes that is correct.  You even in this time line Tom have that interest.  It was just easier to express it in the higher time lines.  That got you started and you first became known for your science fiction before beginning to explore more metaphysical topics.  Naturally we assisted you with writer guides. 

Was I able to avoid Vietnam on the lower timelines? [I spent a year in South Korea as part of the “peace-keeping” force on this Time Line 6.]

Yes, actually you were Tom. 

First, a long time ago I think you told me I’m not married to Dena in the upper Tim Lines?

That is correct Tom. 

So whom did I marry?

Someone you have not met in the sixth Time Line Tom. 

Where do I live presently?

Yes, as you guessed Tom--in the mountains of Colorado.  It allows you to ski in the winter and hike and bike in the summer, when not writing.

What about travel?  Have I done that the same, less or more than on this Time Line?

A little more Tom, as you have traveled as a speaker to a number of countries in that Time Line. 

Do I have children?

Quite so, two as on this Time Line.  Not the same as on this time line.

Tom SkiingSo it seems to me Theo that there is sort of a mixing of the upper and lower Time Lines in the middle time lines.

Correct Tom.  These Time Lines draw from above and below—both the good and bad or more challenging I would prefer to say Tom. 

Theo, in Time Lines 7 & 8 do I live in Dallas or Colorado?

No, you live here Tom.  These four timelines are fairly connected.  It is a major step in frequency you see to Time Line 9.  So on these 4 Time Lines and actually the lower Time Lines 3 & 4 you all live in the Metroplex. [I had been previously told that I died on Time Lines 1 & 2 of congestive heart failure.]

Theo, in the 5 & 6th Timelines (and I assume 7 & 8) wasn’t I pushed as part of my soul contract to go for a business degree at TCU, as compared to the English degree on the upper Time Lines?

Quite so Tom.  I was guiding you in that direction per your soul’s instructions.  It wanted variety—not just to be a writer.  It knew you had the capability to handle a business life, with help from not only me Tom, but also your guides as well.


Here is a link to a paper published by the Faram Foundation (I don’t know who they are) that goes into great detail about Yonaguni Ruinsthe underwater ruins off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan.  They can date these ruins to at least 6,000 years ago, and possibly another 4,000 years.  This would fall into the time period when I was told the continent of Lemuria sank into the ocean—about 9,500 years ago.


Theo, how close were the coasts of Oz and North America to Atlantis?

Yes quite close as you can imagine Tom.  For OZ it was less than the forty miles you were thinking at it closest. More on the order of 30 miles.   And that brings up one of the reasons for the problems the two had.  The people of OZ did not appreciate interference from Atlantis, which tried to subjugate them but in the end were unsuccessful. 

On the other hand North America was barely populated and it was quite easy for the Atlantians to have a settlement in Arkansas to mine the crystals.  They also, thanks to the crystal power, were able to travel long distances across both continents.  The space between Atlantis and North America was a little wide until it almost joined near the tip of Florida.

BahamasWhat say you about some map makers or those that study maps offering the opinion that the former continents could have fit together with nothing in the middle?

But Atlantis and Lemuria existed Tom and both took up space.  The mapmakers we’ll call them basically tried to put together a puzzle without two of the pieces.

You seemed to allude to the Bahamas being part of Atlantis.

Yes, because a good portion of them were Tom.  They remained afloat, and there are traces of the civilization buried beneath the sands of the islands.  Remember that the tsunamis created by the sinking wiped out much of what existed there before.

Speaking of the tsunamis, how many of the Atlantians perished when the continent broke apart Theo?

A huge number Tom.  Certainly over the 20 million you were thinking.  More on the order of 30 to 35 million.  It was disaster of major proportions.

Theo, what sports did they have on Atlantis?

Certainly many as you can imagine Tom with 10 times more recorded Time.  They had all sorts of skilled ball games, along with such things as swimming, a form of skiing, and games similar to chess.

FootballDid they have card games and gambling?

Quite so on both accounts Tom.  These were very active people.  Another form of recreation to them were war games, much as it is today Tom.  Still it was different. 

Did they play a form of soccer?

Quite so.  Different rules, but the concept was the same. 


Yes, but again different sets of rules. 


Again with a different set of rules and the balls were a little different in size.


This should be the last part on Atlantis, unless you or I think of more questions to ask. This is called, “filling in the gaps.” The questions below are additional questions that would fit into different sections of the questions I’ve asked about the lost continent. See the past eight newsletter issues for all the other questions I asked about the lost continent.

This question was to clear up some confusing answers that I had received. Theo, you have said that we went by air and by tunnel, and possibly by ground to Egypt. Explain exactly how we got there.

TunnelYes Tom. You did have to use a variety of transportation. Let’s see if you can receive this. First you did use the tunnel, as that was a very fast and easy way to reach into Portugal and then Spain. Here is where it will be a little difficult for you. The flock split up and some went overland and some went by air and some went by ground. It depended upon your flock’s interest. You allowed them completely free will. You did not dictate to them how they had to travel. Some wanted to explore that area a little more. You had made the recommendation as to what you felt was the best place to begin again, but you always allowed for a difference of opinion.

So as I mentioned before, they came to Egypt over a period of time, which made it somewhat easier to start building houses or rather apartment type buildings and of course they –your flock I mean--certainly had the capability to do a lot of work themselves. There was great sadness at having to move away from their beloved Atlantis, but everyone knew it was just a matter of time. There were frequent earthquakes and of course the governments were quite unstable too. So they moved by almost any and all means possible, as there were too many for just one mode of transportation, as the capacity of these systems was not large enough to handle such a large group. Yes it was sort of like your saying “by air, land and sea,” Tom.

What island was my flock and I on before we left?

Yes, Poseida for one, but you had followers on all the islands, just as there are people in many locations that are starting to live the Gentle Way.

Artificial MoonWas the second moon of Atlantis of Arcturian construction, and if so why?

Yes they assisted the Atlantians, as the benefits were deemed to be benevolent at that time. The Arcturians had no idea how the Atlantians and especially the Aryans would mess things up by using the satellite in wars. They were mortified.

Was it 5 miles in diameter, more, or less?

Almost exactly 5 miles in diameter Tom and reflected light quite well, which was why it was easy to see in the night sky. And it was in a low orbit too, so that made it look larger than it actually was.

So the Atlantians used a triangulated power grid system called posers?

Yes that was the name and these grid systems were triangulated to hold and harness the power of the crystals Tom.

Did the Atlantians have a telephone system similar to what we have today, or was it some other way of communicating with each other?

Yes, their telephone system as we’ll call it for your purposes Tom was similar, but as you guessed, was powered by the posers or crystal power. Theirs was more of the over the air type system as compared to having a lot of wires strung from location to location as you do today. Their system was much more efficient than yours, although you’ve been making advances in this area and will continue until reaching that same level and surpassing it one day.

Were the priests on Poseida able to extend their lives for 6,000 to 12,000 years as I read?

Yes, there were a very few who did. The crystal had great rejuvenating power if used correctly, and those priests remained alive for several millennia . This was not open for use by the general public, which created some Karma for the priests, as they did not share this ability or information with the general public.

Was there a “golden race of giants” that also lived there?

Yes, for a time they did live there. They were a gentle people.

AtlantisIs there a reason why Atlantis is popping up with other channels at this time?

Oh yes, you and the other channels are supposed to help people remember Atlantis for a variety of reasons--the most important to remember that it was a place of great accomplishments before greed set in and brought down the house of cars you might say. These revelations about things they were able to do that you haven’t will encourage those that invent to set their sights on creating what is described.

You said previously that the “things” were left over from previous experiments by ET’s. Tyberonn channeled that the Aryans created them. Please explain.

Yes. That was incorrect and yet correct. There were many experimental beings left over that lived on the continent of Atlantis for thousands of years. That’s where the Aryans got the idea to create under controlled conditions similar beings to do their work. And thus did they create large numbers of these poor beings to do their dirty work—the menial tasks of that day and time—and including the dangerous ones. It was slavery of the most heinous kind, and yes souls were trapped in these bodies as Tyberonn channeled with no feelings and no way to grow. They took on much Karma for those actions. And you can see where these ideas first originated that were later used again in Germany.

How long did this continue—hundreds or thousands of years?

Yes. Thousands of years. They were quite entrenched in their usage of the “things.”

That’s all I have on Atlantis for the time being, unless in your reading of the nine parts you see other questions we need to ask.


 UFO OlympicsAntura, was there a Federation ship above the Olympic stadium?

No Tom.  It was not.  At least not the one that was observed. 

There are people predicting a major landing during the Olympic Games by the Pleiadians.  Your comments?

Yes, the person or persons who wrote about it were mistaken shall we kindly say.  As you correctly pointed out, this event is planned already, with the approval of the Federation Council for 2015.  Nothing has changed on that date Tom.  Yes, as I have told you before we will continue to have ships in positions to remind you of our presence, but it was decided some time ago that 2015 would coincide with the raising of your vibrational levels to a point needed for this disclosure.  And yes it will be much easier after you bridge over to the 5th focus.

Anything more that you can tell me about your mate’s work?

Not a lot Tom.  It has to do with things that are not even on your drawing boards yet, so it is difficult for me to describe something far beyond your understanding at this time. 


This MBO story and the next one appeared in last week’s Blog, which you can find on my website under the BLOG tab, and Airplane Coach Classyou can sign up to receive it each week.

Annie writes:  I have a great traveling MBO.  I was traveling back home last weekend, was given a boarding pass for a back of the plane, middle seat.  Well, I didn't have a lot of time, so just was grateful for the seat and said an MBO for the most comfortable ride for myself and others.  As we were waiting to board, I was called to the podium and told I'd been given an exit row seat - hadn't asked, not any special flyer status or anything else.  Needless to say, I was extremely thankful for the MBO.


Payment for WorkWendy writes on Facebook:  I'm facing a rather large pay cut until Jan 2013. Everyday I have repeated, "I expect great things today, I expect great things tomorrow and I expect great things the rest of this week." Today I was provided with an opportunity to make back the money I'll be losing by the same company that is cutting my pay.

You can print out the EXPECT GREAT THINGS MBO request on my website in the SIGNS tab. 


Queenie writes:  Hi Tom, do you know anything about when the "Three Days of Darkness" going to happen? 3 Days of Darkness

I’ve been asked this question before, but it keeps cropping up. 

Gaia, I am still being asked if we will experience three days of darkness?

I will give that an emphatic answer of NO, Tom.  Again, as you have been told a number of times, December 21 and 22nd will just appear like any other day to most people.  Only those of a higher vibrational level will be able to feel the effects initially.  So there will be no suspension of light or anything like that.


Eye ExamRachel writes:  Thank you for the work you do. I have read that integration into the 5th focus can cause some negative symptoms for humans such as extreme fatigue. Can it also cause problems with human eyesight? And if so, can we expect better vision once we are in the fifth focus?  Thank you.

Theo, some people report eye problems and wonder if this is caused by the changing over to the higher focus, and if so will it correct itself in the 5th focus?

Yes and no Tom.  Yes, it can very well be connected to the change, but may not be corrected in the 5th focus.  This is taken up on an individual basis.  


Sandy asked if there is a mirror universe to ours?  Mirror Universe

Gaia, is there an opposite universe to ours?

Yes, in a way there is Tom, as there always has to be the yin and yang effect, but it is becoming more unbalanced shall we say with positive being the dominant energy.  So I would not say this is the equal to this universe, and it is much more energetic – meaning just energy, than form.  This should not be of major concern to you at this time, as you will soon bridge over to the 5th focus and leave this energy in its tracks. 


Montauk MonsterJanice writes:  I just read an article about the Montauk Monster that said it still has not been identified.  Speculation has it a shell-less turtle, a mutant animal from nearby Plum Island,  or possibly a space alien.  The picture does not look like anything I've ever seen.  I'm not sure if this was covered in a prior newsletter, but I'm just wondering if Gaia or Theo could possibly tell us what this being truly is?

Thank you Tom, for all you do to make our world a better place.

Theo, can you give me more information on the Montauk monster?

Yes, the animal in question was mostly a dog.  It was malformed at birth Tom.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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