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Good day and welcome to this edition of THE GENTLE WAY newsletter.  We had a LOT of questions and stories from our many readers, but you’ll find most of them short, but REALLY INTERESTING!  So if you thought last week’s newsletter was interesting (and website statistics say you did) you’ll learn more about 911, dolphins being killed by the thousands in Japan, “The Family” that’s been in the news lately, and much more!  Welcome to all my new subscribers.  You can take part by sending in Most Benevolent Outcome (MBO) stories and questions for my Guardian Angel Theo to answer.  Forward this newsletter to your friends if you wish.  Here we go!


Rajul writes:  First of all thank you for providing the book Gentle Way, I have passed this on to so many of my relatives and friends and they also use the MBO's regularly and are amazed at the miracles taking place.
Today I would like to inform you about the miracle that took place at my husband's business.  He runs a print shop and his work is based on network.  One of his computers, which does all the graphics, would not start and just kept on blinking lights.  He had a computer technician come in and look at it who informed him that the power source had fried and needs a new one.  Guess what--before all that took place I had said a Living Prayer for the computer to be just fine and work just fine.  Also called in Archangel Michael to do the needful and repair it.  After a couple of hours, the computer started working on its own.  There, isn't that a wonderful miracle?
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to the MBO's and their wonderful gifts.  Thank you Tom.


Theo, will the MBO stories in the forms filled out by my readers have any impact on the Oprah producers this year, next year, or never?

Tom, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.  That’s all I want to say right now, but do keep up your reminders, as what you imagined and surmised is correct.  They will start looking closely at the forms soon and grouping them by books listed on the forms.  Those from your readers will stand apart from all the others –yes ALL the others.  You will see, but don’t stop now.  Keep up the reminders.

OK.  I’ll do that—and would have as you know whether you had said next year or never.  I wasn’t aware I would pick up any stories for the newsletter, but have as you know.

Yes Tom.

So everyone let’s get serious here.  Summer is slowly coming to a close and you need to tell your best MBO story to the producers of Oprah.  You’ll help “lighten” the world!  Here is the link again:  1.Click on the link;  2. If that doesn’t work, copy and paste this URL link in your browser and enter.  You’ll be on the form and just scroll down until you find everything.  Send me an email with Oprah in the subject box and I’ll send you a free chapter from my new book that should be out in the fall.


Pamela in California writes:  I have some MBO's for you.  I used the parking one and asked for that "or something better than I could wildly imagine".  The first time, a couple was pulling out of a space and the meter still had 1 hr. time on it., the 2nd time as I was figuring if I had enough money for the meter, I noticed it was out of order. 

Another one was last Sat. a male friend invited me over to his place for a home-cooked meal.  Again I asked for "something better than I could imagine" following my MBO request.  Well, we were sitting on his beautiful balcony, looking right on/at the water and boats in Marina del Rey when suddenly this beautiful fireworks show begins right in front of us.  Fireworks are one of my most favorite things.  My friend exclaimed that he had never seen them from that direction and had no idea where they were coming from.  We both jokingly decided it was because it was "Pam Day" - we made it a holiday.


Diane writes:  Tom would you say that our MBO's are energy?  Can Theo explain the "energy" here on earth?  I was always told that everything is, MBO's are energy when we request them, right?

Theo, Diane asks you to explain the “energy” of requesting MBO’s.

Yes, certainly there is an energy created by you junior creators in training Tom when you request a MBO.  That energy goes to each of your guardian angels and they transpose this energy into physical results you can see and experience in the third dimension.  You are co-creating an event when you request MBO’s Tom.  It isn’t just all your friendly GA’s as you call us.  We co-create a benevolent outcome.  These requests have energy as I mentioned.  So a good question from your reader.


Theo, if a person is physically impaired to the point they cannot speak or write, how can they request MBO’s?

A good question Tom.   Obviously we take into consideration their physical abilities, and will respond to their mental requests, but you are quite correct that for the average person, they must request MBO’s physically themselves.  Thinking to request a MBO has little effect compared to saying it or writing (for someone who is incapacitated) where they cannot speak.  But for paraplegics that cannot speak or write, their Guardian Angel will respond to their mental requests.


Sandy writes:  Hello Tom, thank you so much for your information on benevolent outcomes.  I think I've been using it for many years only never using the specific words of "request" and "benevolent", haha.  Anyway I would like to ask the question, when beginning the request to whom do you address?  I seem to get in the way of myself, using Angels, Universe, God, All That Is, Higher Self, Energy, etc, and it seems from what I can tell from your articles that there is no addressing one entity, that our request just starts out as "I request a most benevolent outcome for......"  Is this correct, does All That Is KNOW who we're speaking to?   Then when I say thanks it seems I want to thank the Universe....... Will you please comment on this?  Thanks so much for your uplifting advice, I've shared this with family, it is so positive and loving to use.

I've been told that addressing angels, Creator, God, Arch Angels etc just gets in the way and can even limit.  When you request a MBO, keep in mind that your Guardian Angel is monitoring you every minute of the day, as it has great capabilities far beyond even my understanding, and I've been asking questions for 4 years now. 
So when you say, "I request..." that immediately tells your GA that you're requesting a MBO--even though it knows your thoughts in advance, you have to say it out loud, and with emotion if possible. 

You don't have to, but I always thank my GA at the end of the request.  That's just showing your love and respect for what this beautiful being volunteered for millions of years ago earth time--to be of service to us as we have these hard, challenging lives completely veiled from knowing who we really are.  And when the MBO is granted, I thank my GA three times--again my way of acknowledging and RECOGNIZING the assistance I received. 
I just wrote an article for several magazines titled "CHANGING THE FUTURE" ( ) which grew from a message from Theo in the July 11 newsletter.  I'll just quote part of what Theo said again:

When I have said before that requesting MBO’’s is by far the best thing you can do for yourself in this life, it’s because no other similar requests have as much power with your own Guardian Angel.  Requesting MBO’s can assist you in avoiding great danger, and can alleviate or lessen the severity of lessons your soul has chosen for knowledge and understanding.  Requesting MBO’s does all of these things.  It is the best thing you can do for yourself in this or any other life, which is why hundreds of years from now people will still be requesting MBO’s, as more and more people learn about their importance.


Patricia in British Columbia writes:  Since I last contacted you I have had many wonderful MBO results. I do the affirmations and prayers you gave us on a regular basis.  The latest results:  I declared bankruptcy 13 years ago and since then have been turned down for credit on a regular basis. Reason: no credit history.

I went to my bank last week to make a deposit, I asked for a MBO that I would not have too long to stand in the line up as I have osteo in my knees and can not walk or stand for more than a few minutes. As always now I don’t have to ask for a parking space at the door as this automatically happens.

The bank manager (relatively new one) met me and asked if I would prefer to sit at one of the cubicles and some one would come to me, I thanked him and He proceeded to serve me himself, during the course of the transaction he asked me if I had a credit card and I said No and told him of the bankruptcy and history of trying for credit.

He then asked me if I would like a Visa I immediately thought “here we go again” and said it would be nice (not too enthusiastically) his next words were “IT IS DONE, you will have your card in 10 days delivered to your door.  Well--- it happened.  I received a notice saying I was accepted and then the card arrived. To me this is a miracle as I’m 73 years old and living on a government pension. 

I cannot thank you enough for the info on MBO”S, and I will send one to OPRAH.  I have had so many, on a daily basis.
Here is one more quickie:  we have been having a heat wave with temperatures 100 & over. I cannot take prolonged heat like this and was getting ill. I asked for an MBO to have the temp in my house lowered to a comfortable temperature.
And lo and behold that night it was cooler in the house so I could sleep and the next day the whole day was 70 degrees indoors and has been ever since. I spend most of my days giving Thanks. AMAZING!!       

I will make one correction on Patricia's statement about not needing to request MBO's for a parking space.  Theo has specifically told me that if I stopped requesting MBO's for small things like parking spaces, it will not be too long before I would be just like everyone else searching for a parking spot.


Sandy in Seoul, Korea writes:  I don't know if you've heard about this documentary - done by the guy who starred in "flipper" - and is really campaigning about saving dolphins - I heard about "The Cove" in Taiji, Japan where they catch dolphins - I think they used to then sell the dolphins to sea parks etc. - but there were some stories on NPR about this place and the fact that they slaughter 23,000 dolphins a year - supposedly for food but we wonder what's really going on? 

This film crew snuck into the area and filmed what was happening - I haven't got the stomach to watch but my daughter did and sent the link to the film info below. Apparently it's only open in LA and NY. Unfortunate, as it seems like something that needs attention. but it is opening all over Europe.

Anyway I was wondering what was going on with this.  I once heard an interview on NPR with the guy who's carrying on a pirate crusade against whalers in the Antarctic waters (mostly Japanese) and he mentioned this event in Taiji, Japan - said he had heard that it was some kind of conspiracy operation promoted by someone high up in the Japanese power elite. Not sure what this is and have never understood why the Japanese are so insistent about killing whales and dolphins.  Wondered if you could ask Theo or Gaia about this.  Anyway I guess the good news is that it’s coming out in the open.

Theo, Sandy asks about The Cove in Taiji, Japan where they kill dolphins.  She said she heard it could be with an assistance of a government official.

Yes, we are quite aware of this terrible thing that takes place each year Tom.  But as you have stated publicly, secrets will be revealed and the slaughter of these poor intelligent beings is a travesty that will not go on much longer.  Light will be shown upon these nefarious deeds.  And yes there is collusion on a governmental level in Japan.  But again this will all be brought to light thanks to the documentary and the sudden light on their deeds.  It will be a practice that will not last much longer.

If you are interested in reading more about this, check out .  The title of the documentary is THE COVE.  You can see a trailer on this website.  And this is just in.  Here is an update on THE COVE in an industry newsletter I received this week:

If anyone wishes to “go the extra mile” and write their congressman and others they recommend, let me know that you wrote and I’ll send you the free chapter of my next book. 


Jim writes:  I was reading an article this morning in the NY Times about South Carolina Governor Mark Sandford and his affiliation with the Christian political organization, The Family ( ).  It immediately made me think of The Illuminati which Theo has frequently mentioned.  Could you ask Theo what the realationship is between "The Family" and "The Illuminati"?  I have a feeling that one is a subset of the other.

The article, which I can no longer find on the NY Times website (an interesting circumstance in and of itself!) described The Family as a secretive organization, chameleon-like in nature which operates under many names and is divided into small cells of members which keep their affiliation quite quiet and under the radar.  Interesting, It seems that most of the Republicans that have been involved in sexual scandals in the past few years have been members of this  “Christian" organization.

I give all this background info for your benefit, Tom.  I really just want to see if Theo has anything to say regarding the organization. Perhaps The Illuminati has been uncovered in some small way.

Theo, is there any connection between the Christian organization “The Family” and the Illuminati?

Yes, some Tom, but really only to influence them in their decision-making.  There are no Illuninatti that are on the board.  But they do influence them.  That is the key. 

I read the Wikipedia page on The Family and it’s quite “illuminating.”  The head of the organization, Doug Coe (most well-known as the founder of The National Prayer Breakfasts that all the past and present Presidents have attended) compares their form of Christianity to the totalitarianism of the “Hitler concept.”  I highly recommend reading the page.

And if you want to see some fun being poked at The Family, go to the Doonesbury webpage and start with Monday’s comic strip (August 3) and the following ones.  Very funny.


Theo, Paul asks how does astrological positions of the planets affect our daily lives?

This would be a whole one-hour discussion that you do not have time for this morning, but certainly the planets play their part in creating benevolent actions and challenges.  They do have great effect over your daily lives, but by requesting MBO’s their negative effect is quite lessened as you have noticed Tom yourself.  We can discuss this more fully one day.


Annette writes:  I have a question/comment on the piece on "soul fragments". If I understand what I read correctly - this is the part of the "soul" of the person who just passed through the veil from this life that lingers about the familiar places and loved ones it just left. This is what "we" (we meaning those of us in Appalachia) would call "haints" or the "spirits" of the person.

The best way I can describe my understanding of this is by using the example of an actress - say Meryl Streep to represent the "soul". Meryl Streep (Soul) plays a character named Sophie Zawistowski (part of soul incarnation) in the movie "Sophie's Choice". While the movie is in production she is still Meryl Streep, but also spends time "being" Sophie Zawistowski. When this particular part of the movie is over, she returns to being Meryl Streep but goes on promotional tours, etc to dicuss the movie and her experience in playing the role, so she is still "in touch with" the character, the other actors, post-production, etc.

While this is happening, she may even already be working on another movie role, or may be taking a break from acting to rest and wait for the next role. (not incarnate yet, but rest and examine what experience she had, etc). Then her next "role" is Karen Silkwood in the movie "Silkwood" and the pattern repeats. However, even when she is finished completely with the movie, a part of her via the character (Spirit) lives on in the film. Sometimes she works on more than one project at once - in other words not leaving one role before taking another - but doing more than one acting project at once, ie; soul fragmenting into various experiences in a non-linear form .
The character created by the actress, in this case let's say Karen Silkwood, "lives on" via the movie and DVD for as long as we need it, just as the spirit part of the soul (spirit being used to refer to the soul fragment that was the person as we knew them  -  such as my Dad) stays close to us after parting for a period of time while the soul moves on or continues in other things and lives on in our memories.
Does this about get it without being too confusing? Sometimes it is difficult to express in "human" language, or even grasp with the "human" brain -  Ethereal experiences/messages. LOL.

Well, I’m in the film business and never thought of it that way, but after reading it a second and third time I think Annette’s explanation is as good as any other analogy that I’ve read.  What do you think? 


Rick writes:  Someone said that if your GA isn't protecting you the way you feel it's suppose to, you can fire them. I'm not sure, but I think it may have been Sylvia Browne on a talk show. I was just wondering if you had ever heard of such a thing?

Theo, someone claims you can fire your GA if you’re not happy with them.  Is this a 3d idea or is it possible?

There you have it Tom.  Your guardian angel is with you always and understands how someone can be so unhappy with events in their lives, being completely veiled that they would want to replace their guardian angel with another.  We just take on another form if you will as we know when they cross over we both will have a good laugh about it. 

We GA’s as you call us must try and keep you as close to the path the soul contract calls for as possible, and many times in the physical world you will become disheartened and wish to blame someone, so we are a handy spiritual link shall we say that you can take your frustrations out on.  That comes with the territory I believe you say. 

We do not have your same emotions and send massive amounts of love your way.  When I say your Guardian Angel loves you dearly in these messages, I can assure you those are not just words, but our true feelings.  We will be with you always throughout all your lives here on earth Tom.


Karen writes:  I have been alerted to a Kurt Sonnenfeld, FEMA videographer dispatched to WTC Sept 11, 2001.  He has published a book re: what he saw there at that time and is in seclusion in Argentina where he was forced to go due to his disfavor with powerful people, as he reports.  Is he possibly the whistle-blower we have been looking for? 

If you are interested in his story without buying the book, I can send a link/interview to you a neighbor sent to me.  It's interesting at least.

Theo, is Kurt Sonnenfeld the 911 whistle blower?

No, but he is one of those people that does try and uncover and publish the truth, Tom.

Here is a link to read more about Mr. Sonnenfeld:


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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