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I’m sending this out a day early, as today is my wedding anniversary and we’re headed to downtown Dallas to a nice hotel and we’ll have dinner tonight at The French Room, which my wife and I consider the best dining experience in Dallas.


Annie in England writes that she had a hard time finding my book for a while. So I’m condensing her email for space. She writes: I signed up for your newsletter and I really look forward to Saturday afternoon when I get the new one every week as we are 5 hours in front of you. (actually 6 from the Central Time Zone)

I kept reading everything on your website and in my little way started doing MBO's hoping I was getting it right. I always asked for a parking space and my husband - who is a complete non-believer in anything remotely spiritual or unless its proven to be true brigade - would be amazed when he always got one right in front of where we were going. I have never ever told him how it works as its like talking to a brick wall, if I could even try to explain it to him

Well a while ago you mentioned that another English lady advised to go to Amazon for your book. I have tried this so often but it always was the American site, but this time I tried it and Amazon marketplace had your book at a very good price and short delivery.

So I am now a proud owner of your book and I just cannot put it down! I read it all the time and am getting so much inspiration I feel like I am flying through situations that used to bother me with absolutely no problem at all! It feels like my life has been taken over and there’s someone else looking after my every need! Maybe when I tried so hard before it was not my time to have this information, but I am so grateful now for it. The book goes everywhere with me, and helps me so much I cannot thank you enough for writing it. The first thing I was inspired with was the warm heart meditation - just opened the book the first time and it just was that page as if I had been guided to it - it works so well I do it during the day just moving my fingers and it takes me to the place inside me where its me – There’s no words to describe it to anyone

Anyway sorry for going on so much, you asked for feedback and I know this is way too long, I just cannot get enough of MBO's and wanted to thank you for changing my world and I think a lot of others as well. The daily prayer I think you call it asking for Great Things Today, etc has really helped as well.

Notice everyone the “Radiant Effect” I wrote a chapter about in the book. When she was in the car with her husband, she requested the Benevolent Outcome for the parking space and they got it, even though her husband who was driving, did not request the assistance.


I was asked this week whether prayers to Jesus assist in healing. Here are my questions and responses from my Guardian Angel Theo during meditation:

Theo, can a prayer to Jesus assist in healing someone and under what circumstances would this be?

Yes Tom. Naturally it requires a belief in Jesus, as that’s a given. Then what does take place is that Jesus, being a whole soul as you call us, reviews the request and works with that person’s own soul protector or whole soul or Guardian Angel to use the term everyone understands, and he will send healing energy to that person—sometimes massive amounts if you will, depending upon that soul’s contract you see. It may be as you say, that it assists that person in transitioning at a more peaceful way. But that prayer is answered even though it might not appear that it is.

And naturally Jesus knows in advance when that prayer will be coming?

Of course. There you have it. That person’s own Guardian Angel informs the soul of Jesus so that the prayer is answered instantly, just as any prayer is answered by the million or so prayer angels. The soul of Jesus is quite capable of handling millions of prayers at any given moment. The normal view of Jesus is the third dimensional view of just a solitary man. As I have told you before, his is a very ancient and knowledgeable soul capable of great acts. So if a person wishes to pray to him for assistance for themselves, or for another person, that prayer will be answered, just not always in the way or that the living person would wish, due to again these soul contracts. Jesus works within each soul’s life path.


Gaia, can you give me a more detailed description of the intersection of the time lines?

Yes there is a pollinating effect from the electrical charges. That is a fact that is just coming out now or recently. But it also releases negativity stored in the ground from all the many humans that live on the surface now.

Yes crossing the time line is a major event in your lives. The lines normally run parallel but sometimes do cross and when they do, it is normally for a reason. They are attracted together like magnetics or magnetically. Then they will separate in several months but not before there have been a number of dramatic events take place that each timeline needs to experience.

Will there be two of everyone running around, or will we meld for a short period of time.

There will actually be two of everyone but it will not seem that way to the normal person, as everyone is leading somewhat different lives in the two time lines. That is why I said that people would seem a little strange to you at times as they will be the different self from the other timeline.

Where do I live in the other timeline?

You live where you are now, but with somewhat different agendas than you have now. They will be more coordinated after the time lines separate, before rejoining in 2008 again with several others.

It would seem that we would be falling all over each other if there will be two selves.

It would seem that way to you but that will not happen, I assure you.

Gaia, regarding time lines—are we the primary aspect or concentration of our souls or is each of the 12 aspects equal or are they just potentials after ours?

Each of the time lines is separate aspects of each soul. Each is an equal personification or piece of a soul.

So are we having 12 parallel lives?

In a way yes. Your soul wishes to experience all the potentials of this time period so there are 12 of you to make sure the experience is complete.

That’s a lot of expression. Somewhat disconcerting--not exactly but unsettling to know that there are so many aspects of one’s soul running around somewhere. Since we made up the game as The Group channels through Steve Rother, did our souls set this up in agreement with All That is?

Yes. He –it—was pleased by such a wonderful game, and of course he could see all the potentials and all the learning that would result.

Still, how different does it get with the time lines of the other 11. Are they very close to this one as far as major events go, or are the events completely different for the most part?

They are similar and quite different. It just depends. Obviously they will tend to meld much more the closer to 2012 you go. That dramatic year, although certain things that were due to happen then will happen even earlier, will still be a watershed year for humanity in general. A great crossing of the threshold, if you will.

I still need some explanation why the two personalities would not merge, as it would require two houses, double buildings and so on.

You are correct in that. The structures will remain virtually the same, with some differences. But the personalities will be different and although there is a slight merging, there will be times when there will be two Tom Moore’s walking the streets. But there also is some merging of personalities to bring them more into alignment.

If this is true, what will happen when the several time lines merge in 4 or 5 years or whenever? Won’t the huge differences between the personalities be impossible to merge?

In a way yes, but there will be merging and sharing. That will be an exciting and eventful time. After you go through this first one, you will have a better understanding of how this will work.

Gaia, will there be three days of darkness in 2012?

Yes it will occur—happen as you say. It is an important historical event that will take you to the next level – to the 4th dimension. It will very fearful to many people who will think the world is coming to an end, but only the world as you know it. There will be many observers here I can assure you. Parking space is at a premium you would say! This has not happened before so it is very historic. Congratulations will be in order to all involved.

Have our time lines crossed before or have we crossed with any time line before?

Yes, in the war years of World War 2, lines were crossed then and then split apart depending on what course the soul wished to experience. Your souls all had that decided.

Gaia—is there one or more time lines that began in World War 2 and had the Germans winning?

No there were no time lines with the Germans or Japanese winning. They both lost the war, but things quickly diverged after that.

What about the Japanese time line?

The Japanese time lines were the same. After the loss they diverged too.

Is the belief by some people that the Holocaust never happened just a denial or because of a time line that intersected?

The belief that the Holocaust never happened was just a denial. It happened in all time lines. Because of some peoples’ belief systems and prejudices, they cannot believe such a terrible event happened. But it did. Those souls gave of themselves to remind everyone how cruel you can be to each other, so that it will not happen again at least in the western world. Other cultures have undergone similar situations so that they can learn the same lesson, but at different times.

How many time lines will cross in 2012—all or just a portion?

Virtually all. It will be quite interesting when that happens. You all will see confirmations of your multi-dimensional selves. There will be no denying it. Quite the contrary.

Gaia—is the earth about the same in appearance in all 12 time lines, or do you have other experiences in those time lines?

Yes my earth is about the same. Different holes in it compared to yours, but about the same. The time lines, as you guessed, are for your soul’s benefit. After all, your souls made time in the first place so that this and other experiments could be done, with the goal of creating and being co-creators in your lives. And it is working well, I will say, as you have been told through other channels whose souls try to present the big picture to you in your veiled world. Of course the veil works perfectly, as your souls thought it would but it was even more of a success than you as souls had hoped. That’s why you have observers from all over this universe and several others that are parked off planet monitoring your progress in ways that you can only guess at now, with technology that is from far in your future, although that future may arrive even sooner than they or you could have imagined.

Gaia, you said that the technology from far in the future might arrive sooner than we or others had hoped or imagined, if I understood correctly. What would be the reason the time schedule would be speeded up?

Yes the technology will come faster because your vibrations will rise faster than is believed possible at this time by those monitoring you and even your own souls. You will assist in that Tom to a certain extent, as well as future versions of yourself and the soul you know as Reveals the Mysteries. There will be many others contributing to that rise in consciousness and understanding and I see a glorious future that will come faster. I believe All That Is (Creator) wishes for this to be put on the speed track as you might say. It has some impatience to move on to the next level so there will be some push and encouragement to raise your vibrations faster than your souls planned or hoped that that process would take. You see, things are never absolute. There is great variety or – you’re not receiving the word here, great ability to create more than has been imagined so far. Time will have to be adjusted to be able to keep up as it were. It may be shortened in loops. That gets into a very technical discussion, but your timelines can be looped again and again so that time appears shorter. I think I have answered your question for the moment Tom.


As there are so many people that have signed up for this newsletter since I started it last year, I’m going to give you an excerpt from a book I’m working on about my communications with my Guardian Angel Theo. Some of you have read these questions before, but it’s good to revisit them, I’m told by Theo.

I’ve been communicating with my Guardian Angel for the past twelve years by requesting Benevolent Outcomes in my life from small requests such as requesting a Benevolent Outcome for a parking space in front of a busy restaurant, to much larger requests like negotiations in my business. I estimate that I had made these requests between 10,000 and 15,000 times over the years, so I know they work.

But even though I know my Guardian Angel is there to assist me in all facets of my life, I was still like everyone else—I only had a vague idea of what a Guardian Angel is and does. Then a couple of years ago I found that I could communicate with my Guardian Angel during my meditations, which anyone can do. So below are questions that I have asked my Guardian Angel, whom I call Theo (that’s not his actual name as you’ll read below). These are mostly of a general nature, which I believe will give you more knowledge about the beautiful souls who volunteered to watch over us during our lives.

Theo—you said that I could not pronounce your Angelic name. Was that because it would be more musical notes, or would it be because our vocal cords could not pronounce the sounds?

Much more the latter, Tom. Your vocal cords are just not trained to do this nor could they be. You would simply be frustrated if you tried. Keep in mind that labels are not that big a deal where I am, so it matters not to me whether you call me Theo, or Tom, Dick or Harry, although having two Tom’s might become confusing in your meditations.

Have you only been in angelic form or entity and never had a life on earth or physical life anywhere?

Yes that is correct Tom. I am much more angelic in nature than some Guardian Angels as you call us. We have remained pure in spirit so to speak. I volunteered to be with you this time and had to argue so to speak that I would be best suited for your needs. There’s quite a competition in a way for us all to assist you in human form.

OK Theo, were you created by this Creator of our universe or before he created this?

A good question as Gaia says. I was created before and was drawn to this work at virtually the very beginning.

That was a long time ago even in our concepts, yes?

Yes, millions of years, but there is as you remember, only linear time for you here. There is no time for us, so everything happens at a furious rate, which is indescribable to someone in the 3rd dimension.

So who created you?

I was created by another creator that allowed us the freedom to seek our own way and be attracted to other creations, if that was what we wanted to do. There was absolutely no control.

Theo, did you choose the souls, or the fragments of souls that you work with, or did they choose you?

An interesting question, Tom. They chose me so to speak, you see. I was matched to the souls that vibrate most closely to me, so when I volunteered I was attracted to them.

How many years have you been doing this work in linear terms?

Several thousand years. It has been my pleasure to oversee you and others in this great experiment.

How many years in the future will you perform your service for someone?

That’s a good question Tom. I perform this service up to about 7,000 years in the future. That’s a very long time for earth to continue.

Where was the first life on earth you performed your service in linear time?

Many thousands of years ago in your timing Tom. Yes it was for an Indian type person that I’m sending you an image of, living in a deep forest or jungle. Life was very hard and very dangerous at that time.

Months later I would ask-- Theo—Edgar Cayce said there were humans on earth 10.5 million years ago. Did you service any clients then?

Yes I did, although only a couple.

So were they embodied physically at that time?

Yes they were.

OK, then please help me understand the seemingly contradiction when Edgar Cayce said that 100,000 years ago in or on the continent of Atlantis were humans that were barely physical.

Yes, this is a little difficult Tom. Humans had been physical millions of years, but there was still an allowance at that time for new souls to earth could experience physicality without being birthed, so that they could get their toes wet, to use your vernacular again. This was ended though not too long after that, and all souls taking part in this experiment had to be birthed through conception and through the birth canal of a woman.
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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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