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Please be patient if you’ve asked a question recently.  I have so many questions right now I may have to send out a supplement if I can’t catch up.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Kanagawa Prefecture JapanAs I write this, so far nothing has happened in Japan.  I should have expected this, as Gaia keeps reminding me she doesn’t like to give me the exact dates as my newsletter reaches a lot more people than I realize.  I still believe it will happen much sooner than later—as compared to 2010 when I was told the end of August or first of September and it didn’t happen until March 11, 2011.  And I’ve had a couple of people whom I’ve heard from confirm it too.

But I’ve also received a couple of emails that were like, “How can you dare….”  So I do wish to remind you all that as far as I know I’m the ONLY person that puts out a newsletter that covers any subject you wish me to cover week after week, month after month, fifty-two weeks a year.  And I have repeatedly said that I AM NOT PERFECT!  You’re going to see hits and misses, as I’ve been told there are many factors that influence reception, which I have explained many times.

I am not going to accept anymore questions about quakes on the West Coast until I see this first “precursor,” as I call it, occurs.  I don’t want to upset or worry anyone until things do occur.  The questions below on Japan and the topic of “Fracking in Los Angeles” were leftovers.

Edison asked this question:

Gaia, will the Kanagawa Prefecture be affected in Japan?

Most certainly, Tom.  This will be a major event and that Prefecture will definitely be affected by the series of earthquakes.

How will the large manufacturers in Japan be affected by the quakes?

Their ability to produce will be greatly affected, Tom, depending upon where they are located.  Yes, their plants are built to withstand a strong quake, but in this case it will be a number of earthquakes which will weaken many structures, and the employees will have to take care of what is left of their homes and many will be too scared to return to work for weeks and, yes, months.  They will not bounce back so quickly this time.


As you know, I had confirmation on a dream about a jet crash.  The dream featured a Southwest Airlines plane that Southwest Airlines Jetcompletely broke apart upon impact.  That occurred to the Asiana Airlines plane that crashed at the San Francisco Airport.

Now we have the Southwest Airlines plane which had what is termed a “hard landing” with the nose gear collapsing upon landing at the La Guardia Airport in New York, injuring nine people.  So now I wonder if, in that quantum dream state, I combined the two together?  Might have to ask about that in the future.


Here are my first questions regarding the fall weather forecast as asked by Barbara in California.

Extreme Weather ChartGaia, what sort of weather will we have this fall from coast to coast?

Certainly as you can imagine, Tom, the weather will vary greatly according to where one lives.   In the northern tier states and Canada, they will continue to have extreme weather, from dry to quite rainy with greatly fluctuating temperatures.

California will continue to see dry conditions certainly in the early fall, moderating as they close in on their winter season.  Their fire season, as has already been noted in the news, has been early this year, but it will extend into the fall as I burn away the old brush and trees which have been growing there for years.  This is a natural cycle, Tom, everyone must understand.  You don’t yet have the benefit of detailed weather history for hundreds and, yes, thousands of years.  Your weather forecasters are getting better at predicting these cycles, but only just before they begin, whereas in Hurricane Effectsthe future they will be able to predict the weather first a year, and then even several years, in advance.

The middle of the US, Tom, will see dry and then wet conditions too, while the Southwest and South Central and Southeast will receive rains that will alleviate some of the drought conditions.  This, as you can imagine, will be the result of tropical storms and even hurricanes, so it will be a sort of feast or famine as there will be dry periods and warm temperatures and then heavy rains and flooding.

The East Coast, as I have said before, will have a hurricane which will skirt the coast line bringing flooding to this area again.  After that, there will be more seasonable weather with warm days and cool nights and typical weather systems for the fall.


Jim asked this question:

GMO ProtestGaia, how has all the GMO and other tainted foods affected those in the USA?

That’s something that is as plain as the nose on your face, Tom, to use that old saying which I know you are fond of.  Eating these foods has caused obesity on a major scale in the USA, along with all the many diseases and ailments which the drugs in these foods cause.  But please understand these are soul contracts to experience obesity and diseases for a wide variety of reasons, Tom.  Still, the population must demand better foods and must control the Big Pharmas, as you call them, and reduce your dependence on drugs in general—switching to vitamins.  Exercise alone will not correct obesity.  There must be a diet of quality foods and drinks without all the additives that poisons your system.

I assume this is going to take some time?

Yes, certainly another five to seven years depending upon how active your readers, along with many others, become in demanding changes to your foods and what they contain.

Here’s a Benevolent Prayer we can all say out loud together:  “I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing wholesome foods to the American public without harmful additives, thank you!”


I was really amazed to hear that fracking is going on in the Los Angeles area.

Fracking OperationMary writes:  I viewed the documentary "Gasland II" on HBO and it said that there is fracking for natural gas going on in Las Angeles over the fault line. Will this contribute to the cause of the major California earthquake?

Gaia, will fracking in the L.A. area contribute to movement?

Most definitely so, Tom.  You have seen it cause small movements even in Texas and Oklahoma near where they are fracking.  It will be the same in L.A., except the tremors will be much greater and pronounced.  Fracking should never have been allowed there, but of course I asked the souls involved to have them commence the fracking.

We have even had small earthquakes south of Ft. Worth, Texas and in Oklahoma close to where there are fracking operations, and we’re not even supposed to have fault lines.


Ron writes:  Please ask Theo: Is tinnitus treatable? I have had it since 1958 whenTinnitus Ear I took up ham radio and used earphones. I learned the hard way about ringing in the ears/head.

I've prayed for it to go away or at least have the ringing go down lower so I can have a decent life. I never received any help. It's still there and very loud.  Can you help me with this problem? Tinnitus interferes with all things mental including reading books.

Theo, is tinnitus treatable by anything such as acupuncture, EFT or some other method?

Yes, you are quite right, Tom, in thinking it can be treated with acupuncture.  And yes, even EFT can help too, but not as well as acupuncture.  Doctors have not been able to treat this with normal drugs.

Acupuncture is now covered by a number of insurance policies, including Medicare.


Japanese AlphabetEdison on Facebook also asked about the origin of the Japanese and Korean languages.

Gaia, did the Japanese language originate in Lemuria, and did the Korean language originate in China or where?

Yes, we have spoken about this once before quite some time ago, Tom.  The Japanese language is an offshoot of one of the three major Lemuria languages.  We have not covered the fact that Lemuria had more than one language, but it did.  But it changed over hundreds of thousands of years to what it is in the present day, and will continue to evolve as all languages on earth do.

The Korean language evolved from one of the Chinese dialects, but it too took on its own personality, we will call it, over many centuries.


For my new subscribers, Antura is an ET and a member of my soul “cluster,” who’s having a life as an amphibian on a water planet in the Sirius B star system.  He’s had 800 lives on earth and is part of a “first contact” team that visits planets to introduce themselves, normally thousands of years before a society even reaches the point where we are.  He’s coming to earth in one of those big motherships with a crew of 850 in 2017.  My book, “FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET” goes into detail about Antura, his planet, family, their spacecraft, and much more!

First Contact Front CoverAlice writes:  When I was a child I once saw a strange, black claw-like hand come over the side of my bed. Also I have an odd, small scar on my lower back in the tailbone area. My boyfriend has the same type of odd scar and neither one of us knows how we got them. Could the hand have been an alien's? Are the scars a sign of abduction? If so what was done that would cause such a scar? Thank you and bless you.

Antura, Alice wants to know about a scar she and her boyfriend have on their tailbone.  Plus when she was a child she recalls a black claw hand coming over the side of her bed.  So was all of this part of abductions?

Quite so, Tom.  Her boyfriend was added in early on because his DNA profile matched what they were looking for.  The small scars were part of experiments they performed on both of them.  The black claw was what it seemed to her at an early age.  Again, she and her boyfriend should seek out a hypnotist to assist them in remembering the details of their many abductions.

How many reptilian souls, or should I say soul fragments, were allowed to have lives as part of the Earth Experiment?

Quite a number, Tom.

Over 1,000?

More on the order of 5,000 souls, Tom, with their soul fragments.  So not an Reptilianenormous number but significant.

Antura, how big are the space buses onboard the mothership, what is their capacity, and are they round too or different?

Yes, Tom, they are quite large.  Yes, the number 500 feet across would be fairly accurate.  Regarding their capacity, they can handle several hundred beings depending upon their size.  If they are all 15-foot tall humanoids obviously the number would be much fewer, but normally the size of the passengers is much, much less. And, yes, these ships are round in appearance too.  But they do appear pretty massive if they were to go into earth’s atmosphere.  They have not been needed as the scout craft are fully capable of performing all the tasks required of this mission.

Are they onboard more for some catastrophic event or are they used on a regular basis?

They do have a variety of uses, Tom.  If we wish to take a large delegation down to a planet for meetings, we will use a space bus to take us there instead of sending several scout craft, which could give the appearance of an invasion.

MarsAntura, when was Mars abandoned and how did it lose its atmosphere?

Both as you can imagine were coupled together, Tom.  Mars or Maldek or whatever you wish to call it did have a population, but because of their fighting had to eventually abandon the planet when their atmosphere was depleted during their wars.  This happened quite far in your past—certainly well over one million years ago in earth time.

Did some come to earth?

Yes, a number of them did, but they did not fare much better on earth, as they brought their hatred for one another with them.

Maria writes:  Thank you so much for your new book I love it.  I have a question for Antura.  I know you have a lot to ask him, but I really would appreciate it if you can ask him if I have ever been abducted and how many times? Also I feel my husband is of a higher entity.  Thanking you so much for all you do for us.

Another abduction question.  Was Maria abducted and why does she feel her husband is a higher entity?

Yes, her husband has had quite a few more lives than she has had, and therefore would be considered more seasoned as Theo calls it—a slightly higher vibrational level.  She was abducted as the others were, Tom, and again should have a hypnotist take her back to bring this to the surface.

Luis writes:  Hi, Tom, this is Luis from Dallas. I recently read in your newsletter about a lady who wanted to see if she was abducted. I would like to ask the same about myself. I recently had a dream in which grey aliens were doing something to my sexual organs, the pain was mild but I remember telling them it was excruciating... If so, what were these beings doing to me? Is this a soul contract of mine?  Many, many thanks, Tom!

Luis in Dallas is having dreams where aliens did something to his sexual organs.  Comments?

Yes, this is another instance where his dreams are showing him what happened in the past, Tom.  His DNA profile fit what they were looking for.  Sperm was extracted for use.


This MBO story and the next two appeared last week in my Saturday Blog.  You can read the blog in its entirety by going to

Johnny writes:  I’ve been meaning to write this post for about a week now, but hadn’t got round to it... I think a lot of people may be put off by this whole concept of talking to their GA/guides/guardians. It is strange at first but the more you do it the more natural it becomes. I think it’s of utmost importance that you be yourself when doing this. Although your requests should be clear and precise, you should use language that is comfortable to you, and not get bogged down with being so formal. Some of these guys have been with us all our lives; so if we can’t speak plainly with them, who can we?

MBOI’ve now gotten into the habit of speaking to them in the morning; I start by wishing them “good morning” and telling them about my dream interpretations. I then thank them and tell them how much I love them, and appreciate all they've done and continue to do for me. I then move on to my MBOs and BPs... I know this may seem like a lot, but it really can benefit you, for the sake of about 20 minutes, this could drastically change your life for the better. It fills you with such a happy feeling, once you get used to this, that nothing could remotely spoil your day.

I’ve also started combining MBOs and BPs with the law of attraction.... As you ask for your most benevolent outcome on a certain thing, picture in your mind’s eye the result of what you're asking for, also attach the emotion you will feel when this comes true. This takes some practice, but is potentially very powerful.

This is my latest BP; it hopefully sends waves like a pebble dropped in a pond. “I ask any and all beings to help and assist any and all beings, who are helping and assisting any and all beings, in positive, productive and benevolent ways, thank you.”

Thanks for reading, and if this helps just one person it will make me extremely happy.  Much love.


Kate writes:  I made an MBO last week for an increase in sales and my general finances.  I also asked that things happen to be better than I hoped for or expected.

MoneyFirst, I was paid $20 more for a job than I expected.  Secondly, yesterday, my landlord lowered my rent by $50 just for this month because of an ongoing problem we are having in the condo, something that his business partner refused take care of.

Today, I did an MBO that these amounts be at least tripled for events in the coming week.

Also, I had done an MBO with intentions on the New Moon that my housemate would feel more comfortable with me, and how we communicate is twice as good this week, as in the last month so far. I had also done one for improvement in relations with the aforementioned landlord, and he was amazing. He turned around 180 degrees in his attitude when speaking with me. It could be that we paid to get a new carpet installed, not him, but, he still was good and that is what counts!


Helen in the UK writes:  I have been saying MBOs for a few years now, but I had to tell you about this one as it was Crow Babiesso instant.

I have a mortal fear of birds and this afternoon a cat got hold of a baby crow in our garden and savaged it quite badly. I shooed the cat away, but then the injured bird was in between the back door and me and I was terrified. I blurted out "I request an MBO for the bird to recover and fly away!!" To my astonishment it instantly came back to life and flew away. I was left open mouthed and laughing with relief.


Malala YousafzaiMichelle writes:  Who is Malala Yousafzai? Today was proclaimed Malala Day, it is her 16th birthday. She is wise beyond her years. My Benevolent Prayer is for her entire family to continue to receive protection. The second Benevolent prayer is for women to accept their rightful place around this world to stop the madness that greed begets.  Thanks, Tom!

Theo, is Malala Yousafzai an old or young soul and what is her soul contract?

The last question first, Tom.  She will become a great leader – not only for her people, but in the world to bring literacy to everyone.  She was a great orator in several past lives and demonstrated this ability while speaking at the U.N.  She is, as you can imagine, a “seasoned soul”, with many lives behind her.  She is a catalyst for change and will remain in the public eye for the rest of her life.


TWA WreckageLarry on Facebook asked about the TWA 800 crash after takeoff at JFK on July 17, 1996.

Theo, was TWA 800 hit by a missile, or did the fuel tank just explode due to some failure?

No, there was actually a missile fired, Tom, which brought down the big plane.  It was fired by one of the terrorist groups.  The full details will not be known for some time.

Here are the two alternative theories on Wikipedia:


Anthony SowellNews reports out of Cleveland last week reported that a man was arrested in the deaths of three women.  I thought I should check to see if this is the serial killer I was told authorities have yet to find in the same neighborhood where the three women were held captive for years.

Theo, was the latest man arrested in Cleveland for the murders of three women the other serial killer you mentioned before, or is there one or more others?

Yes, Tom, there is one more.  This latest is a copycat killer.  But there is still one more rat in the woodpile, shall we say, and he will not be discovered for some time, but will be eventually.


Theo, I notice in reading the story about the Mamas and Papas how intense and immediate the relationships were.  Had all of them had lives together previously and were they all together before?

Mamas & PapasNo, Tom, this was the first time all were together in the same life, but yes they all have had lives together before.

Were all of these lives in the past?

Quite so, but a good question.

Why did John Philips have major drugs on his soul contract?

Yes, he did have that template, Tom.  The others were fortunate enough to never get hooked on any of the harder drugs.   He has vowed this will be the last time that happens when he next incarnates.

Was Michelle an actor in a past life?

Yes, an accomplished one.  This was a continuation of her learning.

Will they rejoin together in the future?

Quite so, but not all four together at one time.  This was special for a special time.


Nikki writes:  My friend, Brenda, has a question about  the Dulce Air Dulce AF BaseForce base. We noticed an older thread in your newsletter and wondered if there is any updates. From what I have been reading, it doesn’t seem like it will be “fun” when we figure out the truth about it. Anything new?  We expect great things!

Theo, is there anything new on the Dulce Air Force Base in New Mexico since I last asked about the facility?

No, they are still there and conducting secret experiments with all types of aircraft, Tom.  More will come out about this facility in the future, but for now they are off the radar.


AVAAZPhilip on Facebook asked this question:

Theo will the AVAAZ campaign of “Days to End Education Emergency” be successful?

Partially, Tom.  Even an organization with almost 25 million people has their limits, as not everyone in the organization takes part, but there are times when they are more successful than others.  In this case they will be partially successful.


Mantej in the UK writes:  It is about  Bruce Lee's son, Brandon Lee, who died even younger than his father at 28 years old in 1993 whilst filming his last film "The Crow."

Brandon LeeWhilst filming the movie, "The Crow," he died of accidental gun shot wound while filming a scene with the shot fired by his fellow actor, Michael Massee.

So the questions:
(1) What was Brandon Lee's soul contract?
(2) What is Michael Massee's soul contract who fired the shot that accidentally killed him?
(3) Is Brandon incarnated now? Or what will he be doing in his next life?

Theo, what was Brandon Lee’s and Michael Massee’s soul contracts, and is Brandon Lee incarnated again?

Their contracts were to balance a past life where Brandon took Michael’s life.  That’s the simple answer, Tom.  And no, Brandon is not incarnated again at the present time, but will be shortly in the not-too-distant future.  He will again be an actor to continue his honing of that skill.


John DeeAntonia writes:  I am reading about Queen Elizabeth I. One of her advisors was John Dee. He seemed to be a very accomplished man, mathematician, astrologer, astronomer, occultist, and navigator, studying alchemy, divination and Hermetic philosophy among other skills.  He claimed to have had new language given to him by the angels.  Was  he really able to speak to the angels?

Theo, what can you tell me about John Dee, advisor to Queen Elizabeth, who claimed he learned a language from angels?

Yes, he was spoken to by angelic spirits, Tom, and that was the best he could describe it.  He tapped into a language he had spoken in a previous life.


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