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Good day everyone and welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all our new subscribers.  I never know what will be in these newsletters from week to week, as it greatly depends upon the stories you send in about your successes in requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s I call them) in your life, and the questions sent in to me to ask my Guardian Angel Theo in meditation.  

It seems the theme of this week’s newsletter will be partly Soul Contracts as Theo calls them.  Besides the topics in this newsletter, my wife Dena’s mother completed her soul contract this past week and transitioned.  She was in her 80’s and the family had been told she only had days or weeks to live three years ago, so it was not unexpected, but the exact time is always unexpected.  

One of the benefits of requesting MBO’s in your life is that it raises your awareness.  I noticed several synchronicities in her passing that Theo confirmed.  It was obvious that she wanted to transition without her husband being present, as he was in the hospital recovering after having his foot amputated to save his life.  Dena’s sister had just left the nursing home, so she was not there.  The time of passing was also at a time when everyone in the family would be available.  I mention all these things so that you can pay attention when this happens in your family too.

Now for this week’s topics. 


For those of you new subscribers and really for everyone, I have been asking that you take a couple of minutes to go to the Oprah website that I have a link to below and fill out the form about what book you’re reading the summer, list The Gentle Way, and tell a quick MBO story that’s happened in your life, even if it’s something mundane such as parking spots, ease in driving to work, etc.  Only about 25 people have emailed to let me know they filled out the form, and I sent all of them a free chapter in my new book that will hopefully be out in the fall.  If you want to help raise everyone’s vibrational rate, then this is one way to do it.  Here is the link with instructions:
1.  Click on the link;  2. If that doesn’t work, copy and paste this URL link in your browser and enter.  You’ll be on the form and just scroll down until you find everything.  Here is an example sent to me this past week.  

Erika writes:  Hi Tom, I put a short story on Oprah I sent you on MBO's and the book like you asked. I also want to say thank you to all the people who send in and share their MBO stories as I find them helpful in learning to work with MBO's.

While I was out for a walk tonight thru a green belt out the back of where we live I realized I hadn't seen any rabbits for a long time and I missed them as I love seeing them on my walks. There were always lots of rabbits where I go walking and I wondered if they were killed off or something. So I said an MBO to see one before I got home so I would know they are ok and still around and then just before I got home I spotted one and I felt so happy to see it. Normally they love coming in our backyard each day but we've had a large dog staying with us for a few months. If felt good to have my MBO happen as I realized I received this as a gift from heaven and they are really listening so I said thank you, thank you.
Here is something from "The Quiet Mind" -Sayings of White Eagle that I feel might be great for the newsletter list to read as I appreciated it very much. It sums up Most Benevolent Outcomes and how they work very well.

"Think of life as a vast whole.  It is impossible for you to comprehend infinity, but this simple fact you can understand: a prayer, a thought, an aspiration to those in the heavenly world is never lost. Instantly you make that contact by prayer or meditation angels gather to help you to fulfill your aspiration and to answer a true prayer. It may not always be answered in the way you want but it will be answered in a very much better way if only you will be content to leave the outworking of your prayer to God and His Angels."

That’s a wise Shaman.  


Theo, The Group through Steve Rother ( ) says there is a big event that will occur soon with many revelations.  Will this occur before the end of 2009.  

Yes Tom, it will occur before the end of this year for you all.  It will be quite revelatory with much information withheld from the public for far too long.

They mentioned 911, so what did they mean by that?

Yes there will be revelations that the government knew in advance that there would be an attack via the airplanes Tom.  This is very important, as it could have been prevented, but the government wanted to shake up the American public and thought by letting a couple of airplanes crash then that would serve their purposes.  They had no idea of the extent of the damage that would actually occur and the great loss of life, but they did know there would be an attack.  This will cause great debate and anger as you can imagine Tom with the general public.  

It is the beginning of other revelations that will be brought forth by other individuals that have kept secrets for far too long.  Remember that which you read in the Kryon message—with the advent of the crystal children there will be no more secrets.

OK.  Theo, how will the information about the big event be revealed-- by a person, group, government agency, discovered documents or how?

Yes, it will be a person Tom that “let’s the cat out of the bag” so to speak.  One person can make a huge difference.

Yes, but you told me this plenty of times before about the oil lady that never materialized.

Yes, but this one will.  The oil lady as you call her was intimidated and chose not to act.  You have free will.  We encouraged her all that we are allowed to do and she chose to remain quiet.  This will have to be “balanced” again in the future Tom, but even here there is still some hope when all of this other information is made public.  

So is this person in the government or in the private sector?

The private sector Tom, but a person with great knowledge of the events.  It has been on their conscience for quite some time now.  

There has been speculation of a conspiracy to cause the collapse of the twin towers.  Your comments.

Yes, it would seem that way, but there is much more to it than that Tom.  Again, what will be revealed will seem impossible to believe, but the source will be impeccable.  The light will be shined on some very dark secrets you see Tom.  Secrets will become harder and harder to keep, you’ll see.  

Will heads roll as the saying goes?

Yes, and people’s reputations will be ruined after all the news is revealed.  


Theo what about the event tomorrow and the next day (July 21-22) when The Group says there will be downloading for the first time information on new inventions, and does that also tie in with the major eclipse on I think Tuesday?

Yes and Yes Tom.  This information on how to make major advances in science regarding such things as teleportation has been withheld until now.  It will start to be available for those to tap into this information and be inspired if you will to use it.

The Group said we have to be at a particular vibrational level, or it won’t happen, although it will be continually downloaded until we are at that level, so the question is, are we at that level?

Yes, almost Tom.  If not in the next day or two certainly the next week or two you see.  

So where is the information available?

Yes, in a way it is available everywhere Tom, as it becomes available in the Akash.  This is a little difficult for me to impart to you, but anyone can tap into that information should they, on a soul level, wish to.  

Why would something like teleportation be withheld from us Theo?

Because the science involved has other uses too, that could have been very dangerous to humans as a whole.  Now there are many more safeguards. 


Denise writes:  First of all, I’d like to thank you for your book and MBOs, I and my daughter have been using them successfully for months now.  I’m looking forward to your next book.  I have a question about an answer regarding the musicians from last week’s newsletter.  When discussing John Lennon, Theo said “Naturally the person he had slain in a past life was the same who shot him in this life you see.”  Will the person who did the shooting this time have to balance or atone for it since was helping Mr. Lennon balance that life?

Theo, when a person kills another person in this life that killed them in another previous life, is it my understanding that there is no balancing that needs to be done in the future?

Yes and no Tom.  The scales do balance, but then there is balancing that must be done by the person’s soul allowed to take revenge.  They must balance a killing in general you see.  If they did not do it, it would go unbalanced as another person would have to balance the scales for the person who killed.  

Then that person would have great balancing to do, so it is much better that the balancing be done by the person against whom the crime was committed.  But again, that person will still need some balancing according to the way they committed murder themselves.  Just not in the same manner.  Let’s leave it there for the time being.  

Obviously there will be more information given in the future. 


MS writes:  After the death of my favorite uncle on 7/4/2006, my middle sister, my uncle, and 2 cousins were tragically killed in a car accident where it looked like my sister went to sleep behind the wheel, veered off the road and tried to recover control which made her flip the car and roll 3 times. My cousin's son was the only survivor. He was sitting between his mother and aunt who were very obese women.  I had five funerals in one week.
I have often wondered why my sister had to die that way. Would I be able to get an answer from Theo?

I think the answer Theo gave can be informative to many people.

MS asked why his sister chose to die in a car accident killing herself and 4 other people.  What was her karma or soul contract?

Yes her soul contract was to die in this manner and the soul contracts of the others was to do the same.  They had violently killed in a past life and each chose this life to begin balancing their actions.  Each had a different story, but all needed that experience for balancing.  All were quite pleased that they were able to balance their past lives in this manner.  

Each has still other balancing lives where they will have to experience the violent death of a relative or loved one to know the grief that they had caused others.  And her relatives in this life had soul contracts to experience grief for their own soul balancing.  Nothing like this is a happenstance occurrence. All is carefully planned before birth, and their own guardian angels made sure they were all in that car at that time and arranged for her to fall asleep at the right moment.  

So give this person this explanation Tom to know that the souls that inhabited those bodies are happy and are onto other lives for their next soul contracts.  

Thank you Theo.


This next one will be of interest to anyone in a similar situation.  

Greg writes:  I have e-mailed you before and you have been very helpful.  I was let go at my job six years ago, I was given my pension upfront in one lump sum. I wanted to invest this money while I was getting my Real estate sales person license. Well that didn't work out for me and I have spent that money trying to survive. I am still trying to find good work to support my household. I ask for MBO'S everyday and  Benevolent Prayers daily also, nothing seems to work.
My question is since I lost my job six years ago my wife has become very ill and can't work and my daughter became a heroine addict. Is the reason I can't find good work to support my household because I am taking care of my sick wife and have been trying to keep my daughter clean of drugs. This has consumed my life for six years. Could you possibly ask Theo if this is part of my soul contract to take care of my sick wife and my drug addicted daughter, and not be gainfully employed.
I am having a very hard time focusing on getting a job because of all the other problems.  Was it my destiny to lose my job, because my wife was going to become very ill and my daughter become addicted to heroine.

Theo, Greg needs a little understanding of his soul contract where he is unemployed and takes care of his ill wife and drug addicted daughter.
Yes, our thoughts and love go out to Greg Tom.  Yes, he does have this Karma of taking care of them, as he was taken care of under similar circumstances in other lives.  He can ask for MBO’s each day and he can say the Benevolent Prayer each day, which will lessen, over time, his burden.  He can request angelic assistance for both his wife and daughter, and he can continue to request MBO’s for his own job situation, which you can give him some suggestions.  I will say that his life will slowly improve over the coming weeks and months with his requests and perseverance Tom.  His own guardian angel loves him dearly and is ready to assist him more.  We do wish him a good life.  
You can say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding new ways of earning a living, and may it be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"
Also, print out the Benevolent Prayer on my website ( )  That's the one Theo wants you to say each day.  
You can also say, "I ask that any and all beings assist my wife and daughter in finding treatments that will improve their lives in a most benevolent way, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"
You can make up others each day to fit that day's situations.


Patti writes:  (Based on information at ) Long story short ....every man, woman & child will be forced  to be inoculated with the flu vaccine, which  we, who are alert, know, will kill many people, especially the elders, and small children, because of all the morbid matter put into vaccine's. The "World Health Organization" has made this official.... please ask "Theo" how this can be stopped !!!!!!!

Theo, Patti asks if it’s true about a worldwide flu inoculation and if so what can we do about it?

Certainly there is some truth to the inoculation, but it will never be worldwide.  It is thought that the inoculation will prevent the spread of the swine flu, but it will have too many side effects.  This is true.  So simply request or ask or say benevolent prayers for better medicines to be developed and better treatments to be found than have been discovered at the present time.  And they will find better and better solutions given time.  

So if you wish to do something my friends, you can say this Benevolent Prayer out loud right now:

“I ask that any and all beings assist researchers in finding better medicines and better treatments for all types of flu and may the new treatments be found more quickly than we can hope or expect, thank you!”   


Theo, what is a more 5th dimensional description of “soul clusters?”

I know I have said it is a 3rd dimensional concept Tom, but the fifth dimensional concept is just an expanded view of the soul clusters or groups.  You as fragments of a whole soul take on a brilliance when not ensouled in an earth life.  You are not bound by any restrictions other than your vibrational level.  It is a more expansive view, but a little difficult to describe as you’re still bound by 3rd dimension concepts.  You will receive even better descriptions about clusters in the near future, as you all raise your vibrational levels as a whole.  Yes, that increase in tempo is not that far off now.  


For our new readers of this newsletter, I was informed one day by Theo that I had a member of my soul “cluster” or group living a life as an amphibian on a planet in the Sirius B star system who will be coming to earth around 2017 to visit me.  That was quite a surprise!  You can go back to the newsletter on December 13, 2008 ( ) and read all the previous entries.  It’s really eye opening, and I wish you would come up with some questions yourself and email me.

May 22, 2009

Good day to you Antura and good life, my friendly brother on another planet.

Yes, I like that Tom.  What’s up for today?

Yes, I wanted to know what the beings on that desert planet you contacted look like.  Were they humanoid?

No, they were not Tom.  They would be a little difficult to describe, but certainly they have an appearance of a sloth – although much larger, and yes they do burrow in the sand, but they are intelligent, and will accomplish much in the coming years.

Am I receiving this correctly Antura?  They do not have cities or villages?

Quite so Tom.  I know you would think that we would only contact much more advanced civilizations, but again, we contact beings on planets thousands of years before they make that jump Tom.  That’s why we only needed a short time to study them, as they are still a very basic form of life, but intelligent, and our instruments are able to read that intelligence and determine that they will progress to eventually have a thriving society.  

Did you have to disguise yourselves in order to communicate with them and not frighten them?

Yes, actually we did.  That’s something we have not gotten into yet Tom.  We are able to take on a form, if needed, so that the beings we are contacting are not frightened out of their wits to use your vernacular.  

How long are you able to keep these forms, which must be holographic, or are they?

Yes there you have it Tom.  We project an advanced, holographic image to them that looks and feels like the real thing.  Again, we do this to keep from frightening beings that have not even considered the possibility of beings that look different from what they are familiar with on their world.  

Is it your understanding that the Federation, and more particularly the beings from Sirius Star system, were the protectors of earth and this experiment?

Yes.  That is correct Tom.  We are your friendly protectors, as we have been for many millions of years.  We all wanted this earth experiment to succeed you see, and now it finally has, although it may not appear that way to you as of yet.  But we are the equivalent of your long lost relatives Tom, as you and the rest of earth will learn over the coming years.  

So what did we need protection from?

Oh, there would be a long list.  Certainly there were even conflicts between us and other worlds that are now part of this Federation, plus the most danger to you were from outside influences shall we call them that had not contributed parts of your DNA that make up the earth human today.  These beings had to be kept at a distance, in order for this experiment to survive and thrive, per Creator’s wishes.  Remember that we work at Creator’s behest Tom.  Creator wanted this experiment to take place and felt that it would be successful.  Creator was questioned by other creators who weren’t sure, or even completely doubted that it would ever be a success.  

I believe you must go now, Tom.  See you next time.  

June 3, 2009

On the desert planet did you appear as a giant sloth or did you appear as some other non-threatening creature?

Good question as Theo says Tom.  No in that case we appeared rather similar to the sloth beings shall we call them—but certainly a non-aggressive sort of sloth.  Yet we had the appearance of age and knowledge—what they perceived as a wise older sloth to them.  

Did your planet have anything to do with activating the crystal in Arkansas that someone channeled about?

No that was not our planet Tom.  As I mentioned before there are over 20 planets, so in this case it was someone else from the Federation.  

Do you work with a planet called Nibiru?

Yes, to a certain extent Tom.   No they are not members of the Federation.

Why wouldn’t they be?

That is a good question Tom.  Yes they do claim Federation membership, but that is not quite accurate.  It is complicated, but they are not full members.  We do work with them as their planet has an unusual orbit and yes it does look like a comet if seen in the sky.  

They claim to be our forefathers 262,000 years ago.

Yes they do have a connection with you, but not what they claim that they were your forefathers per say.  

Where are they located?

Quite far from you at the present time Tom.  They have been asked not to interfere with you at this time.

So am I receiving this information correctly Antura, or have I allowed my normal skepticism to interfere?

No Tom, you are receiving this information correctly.  The Niburu planet is not a member of the Federation at this time.  

July 22, 2009

I wish to speak to my old brother from another planet Antura Theo.

Antura here Tom.  Nice to be called upon again.

Yes, Antura, good life.  Sorry it took so long but no questions have been popping into my heard recently.

I know Tom.  You have had many other urgent affairs to take care of.

So how does everyone eat on the motherships—sort of cafeteria style, or pushing buttons, or voice recognition, or how with so many species of beings?

Yes an excellent question Tom.  

Each is served through what we will term for now voice or sound or tone recognition, or it might have to be physical contact with a special ordering board is the best way to describe it.  Yes we do tend to have centers to eat and share stories and comradeship and develop friendships with all manner of beings you see.  But  again there are personal issues here, and some species of beings prefer to eat by themselves, but then they will come and be cordial during other parts of the day.  So there is a wide variety of eating styles and modes as you can imagine and even beyond your imagination Tom.  Some do not even partake of food.  They receive their sustenance through light and various rays that they must absorb.  And some of the eating methods might not be too appetizing to all those on board.

How are toilet facilities set up on the motherships for those that require them and the scout craft?

These are easily set up according to that being’s requirements you see Tom.  There are pop in modules to handle any request that are stored on board, or if not, are brought on board before the ship leaves on its mission.  Needless to say there is a huge variety of this type of facility, depending upon the size of the being, and many, many other factors.  

I hope there will be facilities for earth humans when you come to visit us.

Of course, everything will be arranged well in advance.  

Does the mothership reconfigure its interior each time to accommodate different types of crew and guests, or is it done by the crew members.  

Both Tom.  The mothership has great abilities to adjust on command, but some work is always needed for adjustments.

How long has this mothership been near earth on its latest mission?

Quite some time Tom.  More than 10 earth years.  That is not so long in universal time we shall call it.  

So when will this mission for this particular mothership be over?

Certainly until another comes to take its place which will not be for some time.

How many mother ships are in this solar system observing and taking readings of earth at the present time?

Quite a few Tom.  Certainly over 30 that I know about.  

How many ships are from other universes?

Again quite a few.  Fifteen or 20 Tom.  

Is that of the 30 number?

Yes it is.  

So to summarize, the motherships have capacities or abilities to do things itself.  But Crew members do have to perform certain tasks to prepare for a voyage?

Yes, there you have it.  The motherships have many more capabilities than anything you can imagine at the present time, but the ships work in conjunction with the desires and wishes of its crew so that each crewman feels at home during the years they are away from their families and friends.   And I will say the crews are made up so that no species ever feels as if they are alone. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this FREE newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week! 

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Tom T. Moore


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