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ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.

I think you’ll find some really interesting information you haven’t seen before about the Atlantians’ migration to Mexico, Atlantisthe Lemurians, more on the Pleiadians coming in 2015, and lots more on the 5th focus.  Hope you find it as interesting as I did to read, as I can’t remember what I’ve typed until I read it.  And next week I will give you the latitudes and longitudes of where the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria were located. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Queenie writes:  I would like to know how much longer will the IRS be around. [Internal Revenue Service for our  IRSsubscribers in other countries.]

Theo, how long will the USA have the IRS tax administration?

Ah, doesn’t everyone wish that this institution would disappear in the 5th focus?  But I regret to tell you that there must be a way to tax a country’s citizens for the benefit of you all.  The difficult part is that these taxes be collected on an equal basis according to those with little income all the way up to those with enormous incomes.  And the other difficult part is the dispersal of these collected funds in a correct manner without “earmarks” as they are called or “pork barrel spending”--which is what it should be called, but was changed so that it would not sound as bad as it really is. 

There must be efforts to clear out corruption at every level of government, and this will eventually happen in the 5th focus Tom, but not overnight you see.  But it will be much more difficult for people to keep secrets in the fifth focus so there will be a house cleaning the farther you go.  It will come about as people elect representatives who will truly represent the people and not special interests as is now the norm.


Bank ControlsPhilip writes:  What changes will there be to the financial, health/pharmaceutical, and education systems?  Can we expect world peace?

Theo, what changes will there be in the financial sector, pharmaceutical, and educational sectors in the world?   And naturally everyone wants to know when will we achieve world peace? 

Yes, Tom, there will be major changes in all these sectors of enterprise in the fifth focus, I can assure you.  Let’s begin with that financial sector.  They have been controlling your purse strings from behind the scenes for many, many years.  You will first see that they are forced to become much more conservative with yours and everyone’s money.  No more high flying investments in shady deals.  They will be held much more accountable for their actions and they will be regulated much more closely than before. 

And yes this will pertain to those banks and financial institutions in developing countries too.  The banking sector will demand that if they wish to do business on a worldwide basis they will comply with worldwide banking laws or they will not be able to do business.  Naturally this will take a few years, but you will see this coming about rather quickly in the fifth focus.  The families that have controlled the banks will lose their control, although not without a fight.  But these controls will come to light in the fifth focus and their time of power behind the scenes is fast coming to an end.

Next is the pharmaceutical sector Tom, or as you like to call them Big Pharma.  They are responsible for so many deaths in Washington for Saleeven just the United States as they continue to manipulate your governing bodies at both a national and state level.  They are running scared, as they see the power of the internet to share alternative treatments so that people are not forced to take dangerous drugs with all sorts of side effects.  Developing a healthy lifestyle will do wonders for people not even needing to take drugs of any kind.  

Big Pharma will try and prevent this by continuing to support unhealthy lifestyles, which result in diseases.  But movements to better and healthier lifestyles will move fairly quickly in the 5th focus and great strides in this will slowly reduce their ability to control your lives.  There will be exposé’s of Big Pharm knowing the dangers of certain drugs but still pushing it on the population by paying off the doctors. 

World PeaceAnd finally the educational system, but this time world wide as we have touched on this subject before.  Certainly the internet with its instantaneous ability to answer questions about a particular subject will greatly influence millions of lives.  Even in very poor countries as they add millions of computers the children will almost self educate themselves learning about the world without formal classrooms.  Many classrooms will teach while the children in their classroom look up the answers on their Iphones and similar devices.  And yes eventually there will be devices developed to download this information in its entirety on a particular subject to a person’s brain.  The classroom will become global in nature Tom. 

Regarding world peace, yes that will take some time.  We have discussed this subject in the past.  Certainly there will be no more global wars, but conflicts will continue here and there for quite some time, but slowly reducing in number over the next several years.  There will be much more diplomacy.  So to give an estimate it would be a few hundred years until there is no more conflicts with people killing and being killed.  Again as I have stated before, dictators will be out of a job soon, but there will be internal conflicts on who should govern a country after the dictators are deposed. 

Theo, will there be anything people will notice on December 21 or 22 or will it just be normal days to the normal person?December 21

As I have said before Tom.  Only those with a higher vibrational level will notice any difference at all.  For most it will seem as a “non-event,” business as usual.  Yet it will not be.  As we have covered before colors will be brighter, but not so obvious to the normal person at first.  There will be less pressure on your bodies.  You might feel a little lighter.

Renee writes:  Just how does the body transform from carbon based to crystalline based and what are the physical effects going into the 5th focus?  Are we experiencing these effects right now on a gradual basis?  Or does this happen after the ascension process?  And what does this look like from the scientific/doctor relationship? In other words, how will a doctor see this as a physical change in a patient?  I also understand that our 2 strand DNA will become at least 4 strands to go into the 5D.  And that doctors are seeing these extra strands as "junk" DNA.  Is this correct?

Theo, are we experiencing the change from carbon based to crystalline-based bodies right now, and if so when will scientists notice the difference or can they now?

Crystaline StructureYes, you are gradually shifting your bodies over to the crystalline base, which changes your whole body makeup.  We have tried to make this as painless as possible.  It must speed up in the next few months so that when the shift comes your bodies will be ready.  Scientists are already noticing some changes in the makeup of the average person. 

Are our energy levels low due to these changes, or for what reason?

Certainly changes in body structure contribute to your energy levels Tom, but we can’t forget other outside influences such as CME’s and planetary alignments, which greatly contribute to your feelings of tiredness or even exhaustion.  An enormous amount of energy is being sent your way each day from many sources to enable you to handle the jump.

Theo will the two strands of DNA turn into four or add to in some way?

Yes, you are very close to adding the extra strands of DNA.


Shravaka writes:  Your series on Atlantis has been informative and resonates on many levels.  Thank you.  There are some questions relating to areas not covered in your material you might be able to help answer.

According to Mayan teachers, Atlantis played a very significant role in the evolution of their culture/society...  They can point out various glyphs representing the Atlantian presence and even ancient sacred temples occupied mostly by those who migrated there before the fall and remained there after.  Their influence is one of the major reasons why the Mayan culture was able to evolve as far is did.  (noting your observation on Atlantis skin tone and the indigenous tribes in this area seems to collaborate these observations)   Could you please validate?

Mayan RuinsIn fact, according to these Mayan teachers, their infamous Calendar was in Truth sourced from Atlantis!   Yet very little recognition is given to this understanding in either esoteric or scientific circles...  Could you provide insights and thoughts on this topic from your side?

Also, according to Mayan Shaman circles, the end of their calendar represents a time when the emergence of a 5th element will take place...  Beyond the four elementals we know of today (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water), the fifth elemental will be: "Ether.”  Simply put, this represents "energetics" and a shift from our 3rd dimensional focus on the conceptual, to the evolution into the 5th focus which involves the "perceptual".  This seems to resonate and augment with the information you have been sharing.  However it would be nice to see if Theo might be able to share what role this played in Atlantis (if at all?), and also if this Mayan understanding is in Truth what will be (or is currently) taking place?

Theo, how many Atlantians emigrated to Mexico and Central America before it finally sank?

Certainly quite a number Tom.

Was it over 100,000?

Yes, substantially?

Over 500,000?

Mayan CalendarMuch closer to the number Tom.  Certainly more on the order of 600,000 to 700,000 but over quite a period of time—two or three hundred years, so they were absorbed fairly easily into a large amount of territory.

Was the Mayan calendar originated in Atlantis?

Quite so.  The Atlantians taught them about the stars and planets and the cycles, as keep in mind the Atlantians had been around for 60,000 years.  Again I point out how much you have accomplished as earth societies in just 6,000 years of recorded history.  They had 10 times as much time to build upon.  Plus they did have a lot of contact with your ET friends until it was decided they were on a path to complete destruction. 

Will we shift to “perceptual” in the 5th focus?

Yes, in a way Tom.  Your perception will shift too along with your bodies.  You will perceive a great deal more than you have been able to in the 3rd focus.  It will lead to greater understanding as the 3rd focus memories dim over time. 


Sharon writes:  I have enjoyed reading the sections on Atlantis in your newsletters and have studied some about the time there.  I have some questions about this.

Was there a call called the Clarion Call that went out to the universes to ask who wanted to come and be the seeding for Atlantis?

Was there a dome or umbrella of pure high-frequency energy placed over the continent as a protective bubble to set it apart from the rest of the world?

Theo, was there a “Clarion Call” across the universe to seed Atlantis?

AtlantisNo Tom, not in the way the question was asked.  Keep in mind that the spiritual leaders were informed that the Creator desired to commence the “earth experiment,” so great work went into developing the perfect human to handle extremes of temperature among many, many attributes.  So the Clarion Call if you will was to develop the earth human.  And during this time the planetary societies also learned why—the reasons for the experiment. 

Atlantis was just part of the equation.  The continent of MU was seeded along with other parts of the world.  This was a Grand Design. 

Was there a protective “bubble of energy over the Continent of Atlantis?

No Tom.  What might be perceived that way was the bubble of energy formed by the giant crystals that everyone was able to tap into with various devices to run everything.  It was not a protective bubble of energy per say.

What percentage of the present population of earth has had Atlantian lives?

Yes, a rather large percentage Tom, and certainly over 50%--more on the order of say 64%.  But you should also ask what percentage of the population had lives on the continent of MU, and the answer would be almost the same, slightly lower at 62%.  Both continents destroyed themselves, so there are plenty of souls around that had previous lives on either or both of them to ensure it does not happen again.  And that does include you my friend. 

LemuriaTheo, in the past you said Lemuria was inhabited several million years ago, but then you used the figure of 50,000 years of inhabitation.  Why the great disparity?

Tom, there were a number of early experiments done on that continent, but were later abandoned.  Then a second wave, if you will, of inhabitants were installed approximately 50,000 years ago, about 13,000 years after Atlantis was seeded.  The land of MU lasted about 3,000 years after Atlantis sank into the sea.

Was the population at its peak about the same, higher, or lower than Atlantis?

Yes, a little lower Tom but not too much.  Both had about 60 million people at their peak. 


Why don’t we hear more about OZ? Was that a continent that no longer exists or is that a continent that exists in some form still today?

Good question Tom? Yes, the continent still exists. It is Africa as you might guess. After all, they are an ancient people, but the remnants of a much more progressed people has yet to be found. We can look more fully at their society in the future if you wish.

Ireland Did the Atlantians settle Ireland?

Yes they did actually Tom. They were the first to move to this island as Atlantis was beginning to destroy itself, so you do have their influence in Ireland and Scotland as these people settled there and did mix with a few peoples that had preceded them.

Why wouldn’t their skin color be red then?

It had to do with the climate and other gene factors Tom. And the fact that they did mix with the small population at that time.

I read that Ireland is actually a derivative of Arylan and that of Aryans—the people in northern Europe. Your comments, please.

Yes that is entirely true. The earliest settlers were those of Aryan blood. But they were small in number. When the Atlantians arrived, they were so much more advanced including their weapons that they subjugated these people fairly easily if they gave them any trouble. But the Atlantians, to give them their due, did try to assimilate as best they could and over time blended completely with the Aryans, whose genes were dominant.

Was there any connection between the Atlantians and the Middle Earth?

There was some connection Tom between the two—sort of like ambassadors, but that is all. The people that inhabit the planet underneath really wish to be left alone for the most part, with the exception of the Lemurian colony at Mt. Shasta that is assisting with your people’s growth, and will make an appearance after the shift to a higher dimension.

What was the main dispute between the Sons of Belial and the Children of the Law of One?

Greed Tom. Each wanted to rule the other and all the land. I have described before how it became a civil war, as they each wanted the power and ultimate power corrupts, to use another of your sayings.

Edgar Cayce, in his channeling of information about Atlantis, talked several times about the “night side of life.” Was that Crystalsreferring to atomic power or to some other energy?

Ah Tom, that had reference to the energy that was being generated by the use of the crystals. It was not atomic power, but just as destructive in the end, as it broke up cellular structures and basically disintegrated the molecules and such (I know you’re not a scientific person so I’m keeping this simple for you) in both living organisms and even the ground they walked on. That’s why even today there is this great inborn fear of all those souls that had lives during those time periods that you could destroy yourselves the same way and have stayed away from really understanding the power of crystals.

When did the migration from Atlantis begin and how long did it last and how many people migrated?

A fine question Tom. It began over the last few hundred years of Atlantis’ existence, as many people could not take the constant warring and the breaking up of the continent that was well under way. So many people migrated—certainly several million souls left the continent to those “hard liners” if you will that fought to the very end and went down with the ship, so to speak. So the time period of the migration was spread out over a number of generations. This was not an overnight occurrence.

AtlantisThere must have been chaos during that time period.

Absolutely. Chaos reigned supreme as the Sons of Belial and The Law of One warred.

How many were left?

Again, several million, although these numbers dwindled considerably toward the last as it became quite clear it was hopeless.

How far from the continent of Atlantis could the airships and such travel with this external power source?

Quite a few thousand miles, but certainly not around the world. It was like a tether that would hold them as they reached the farthest these ships could lock on to the power source.

AtlantisI assume many of these airships and such were lost as they tried to escape at the very end?

Oh quite a few crashed as they lost their power source. Those people had waited too long and paid the price so to speak. But of course their contracts were over.

Since I had a number of lives on Atlantis, was I aligned with both groups during those lives?

Yes, of course. You had to experience the Yin and Yang—the duality of those times, so you were a good guy shall we say, and a very bad guy during those thousands of years. I’m naturally using your terminology, as you had contracts to play those parts.

Were there the normal crimes that we have today—thievery, robberies, burglaries, and yes murder?

Yes all of those things. Atlantis was a violent place to live at times. It was not this peaceful calm picture that has been painted in drawings and paintings. There was much crime against other faiths. That’s another reason people were attracted to the Gentle Way. None of your flock really had the problems that the other people living at that time had. You could equate it to the Sunnis and Shiites of today in Iraq. At times they lived together quite peacefully and at other times quite the opposite.


PyramidDaphnee in Vienna writes:  Can you ask Gaia to shed some light on this discovery?  Thank you so much.

Theo, did French and American divers really discover a giant translucent pyramid beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean or was this a false claim?

Yes Tom they did find something that will be of interest to everyone.  I will not spoil their discovery but it is significant. 


Renee writes:  In last week's newsletter, Antura said that approximately 50% of his planet's population had previous lives on Earth.  And because they are not veiled like us--how is it that those Earth lives and the negativity that comes with those lives does not affect their present lives on Sirius?

ReincarnationAntura, do any of your earth lives affect you in a negative way?

Not in the least Tom.  These were learning experiences and we quite understand the balancing that must be done over several hundred lives.  We understand the earth experiment and understand how one must experience everything that experience offers.  So I would have to say we look back on these lives in a gentle way, with no regrets that we wished we would have done something differently.  We understand what our soul contracts were in even the most despicable lives we lived on earth. 

When you make first contacts with other planets Antura, are they all in the Planetfifth focus, third focus, a mixture, or do you study them in different focuses?

Very good question Tom.  Certainly we have the ability to switch focuses at will and do so when we are contacting a planet for the first time.  That way we can study them completely.  So to answer the question we do make complete studies of a planet where we discover life on it through all its focuses—yes even higher.

Antura, in how many universal years will it be before an earth star ship visits your planet?

Certainly you can imagine it will be quite some time Tom.   It will be in your years as I have said before around the 3250 era, but for us it will only be a few hundred.  You will still be alive here when we have our first callers from earth, and yes they will be from the upper time lines as they are called. But quickly thereafter the others will follow.  To you it would seem confusing, but we understand the earth experiment and the difference in time lines so we will know from which time line the individual spaceships arrive. 

Close EncounterAntura, can you provide me with a little more detail of what the Pleiadians plan to do in 2015, assuming that is still a “go.”

It is still a “go” as you say Tom.  Yes, as I previously said there will be a small group of Pleiadians who will set up a public contact with cameras rolling I believe you would say.  This will take place in Europe.

So will they also go to other countries after this revealment?

Yes, according to who invites them they will travel the world meeting with other governments over a few weeks.  This will even include the United States.

How much will they be able to reveal about their involvement and the Federation’s involvement in our creation and history?

Certainly quite a bit Tom, which will shock many of those who have refused to believe there could be life on other planets, much less that we had a hand in your creation.  It will be a hard pill to swallow shall we say for many people whose whole lives have been to believe all of the creation happened just a few thousand years ago. 

So you say this will be over several weeks and not just a one-stop?

Quite so.  More and more information will be released as people – reporters for news organizations ask more and more questions. 


This Most Benevolent Outcome (MBO) story and the next one were in last week’s Blog.  I really had a hard time choosing as they were all good!  You can find the blogs on the Menu on my website or by going to  Sign up to receive them each week!

Mother Son RelationshipAngela writes:  Hello Tom, I still read the newsletter every Saturday morning in bed. I print it off Friday night and put it on my head board. Great way to start the weekend.

You assisted me when my son was having custody issues with his daughter. It HAS turned out well for all, though at times he does not seem is has. Granddaughter is doing fine and her visits with her dad are longer than we expected. (My story even made your second book, I think page 13)  

My son has not always been good at communicating and I always pray for better communication between us. I said a very loud MBO for better communication between us the other day.  I had to text him a question and requested he call me when he had some time. He called me 10 minutes later and we talked for an hour!!!! Even my husband was delighted and surprised. He stopped over that night with his daughter and stayed for half an hour. I even received an unexpected smiley text later that night.  MBO's DO work! I have so many more to share.  Thank you for all the work you do.


Psychic Reading BoothDeLeah from Oregon writes:  Lately I have been saying many MBO’s about increasing all of my abilities so that I may help more people in a variety of ways and this week I am seeing lots of results. I have predicted 3 different events in my friends’ lives accurately and I have also developed a very unique empath premonition ability. The most recent event to come from this has been when I woke up last Tuesday my whole right arm throbbed and radiated pain. It hurt so much I could barely use it. After 3 days the pain passed and my arm was fine. Exactly one week from that time my boyfriend was in a car accident where he rolled his car three times and miraculously came out with only his right arm being broken! Working with the Angels is such a blessing and I encourage each and everyone to do this throughout all of their days. Thank you so much Tom!

That’s a great idea!  Say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for increasing my psychic abilities, thank you!”


NASA Lake ImagePam writes:  I was just about to ask National Geographic and the BBC whether they would be interested in sending expeditions to see the lakes, when a friend of mine sent me the following information:

[There was a fairly long explanation with photos, but no link, that the images could very well have been created when the photos were enhanced for contrast.]

Ah, have we solved the mystery alas, or is this not true regarding the patterns?

What does Gaia have to say about it now?  All blessings and keep up the good news!

Gaia, now some people have pointed out that the images of the lakes are just difference in contrast.  Did I interject in my question to you?

Yes, that certainly is one answer Tom, but there are those lakes where below the surface are some very interesting structures we’ll call them for your purposes.  So certainly there is the difference in contract of the photos they enhanced, but seek and ye shall find more mysteries beneath the surface.  You just have to separate the ones with contrast from those that do not enter the equation. 


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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