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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  

A quick note to all my subscribers:  Please keep in mind that for some reason I’m always several years "ahead of the “curve”
Ahead of the Curveshall we call it.  I was “inspired” to begin requesting MBO’s over 14 years ago; then just three years ago I was “inspired” to adjust what was termed “Living Prayers” in Book One to the much simpler “Benevolent Prayer” sentence for Book Two.  Now I’m introducing you to an intelligent being living on another planet in our galaxy. 

I realize some people might be thinking, “Guardian Angels and Gaia might be one thing, but ET’s are a little far out for me.”  That’s fine if you wish to reject this for the time being—you can just not read these conversations, which I purposely place at the bottom of the newsletter.  But keep in mind that because I’m generally several years out in front of what will be acceptable later, you should be paying attention.  I’m preparing you so that you will not be frightened out of your mind when this does happen.  Now back to our regular programming. 

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Different PerspectiveI publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Hekla VolcanoI take Mitch Battros’ EARTH CHANGES newsletter ( ), and he reported there is quite a bit of activity underneath the Hekla volcano in Iceland, so I thought I should ask Gaia about it.

Gaia, are you going to cause the Hekla volcano to erupt in Iceland?

Yes, that is coming soon as the gentleman reported in his Earth Changes newsletter Tom.  I do plan to have this volcano erupt and it will go on for some time.  I must release energy at this point in the earth Tom, as otherwise it would cause very catastrophic earthquakes not only in that region of the earth Tom, but also in other locations that are not due for eruptions—not on my schedule shall we say.

So how long will this eruption last for the Hekla volcano Gaia?

Good question Tom.  Certainly several weeks to perhaps as long as several months, although I don’t think I will need more than several weeks to accomplish my goal of releasing the pressure and energy.  So several weeks certainly, and to answer another question you were forming in your mind Tom, yes there will be thousands if not millions of people affected by this eruption, but on a soul level it was known this was coming, and the challenges it would present.  Your scientists are being forced to learn more about these eruptions and how aircraft can avoid the ash clouds formed.

Will the weather change because of the ash cloud?

Yes, of course Tom.  It will create a cooling effect as those ash clouds cover the ocean and land.  Again, it will give scientists much to study, so that it will assist you in the future.  Many lives will be touched by this coming event Tom. 


Kaylee & Caysey AnthonyFor those not residing in the USA reading this newsletter, this was a very high profile murder case with a mother (Casey Anthony) accused of murdering her two year old child.  She was just acquitted this week, as the prosecution could not prove she killed the child.  I thought I would ask Theo about the soul contracts.

Theo, please explain the soul contracts in play in the Casey Anthony case.

Yes, as you have deduced Tom, there are a large number of soul contracts in place here.  First naturally is the child.  As you deduced—you’re getting better at this I will note—she did have a balancing to do in this life, as she had taken her mother’s life in the past.  So this balanced.  But as you noted, she has created great compassion in millions of people Tom and when compassion is created then everyone’s vibrational level does rise, just as it did when 911 occurred.  There is nothing better than compassion and love Tom to raise the vibratory level of the population.  So the little girl on a soul level was thrilled to be able to contribute to society in this way, while at the same time balancing a past life. 

Then you have all the other people involved—the mother—who will have shall we say an interesting life after this with quite a few challenges ahead of her.  The grandparents who are balancing past lives where they had taken the life of a child themselves and caused great heartache in the families of those they slayed.  Now they know how those families felt.  But there will be good to come out of this eventually for them.  You’ll see. 

And of course the attorneys on both sides, the judge, who as you read may be offered—actually he will be offered to become a TV judge, plus the contributions of the witnesses, jury, all the TV personalities and all those behind the scenes people.  Many thousands of people were affected by this trial in many different ways.  So yes, there were many more soul contracts in work here and in conjunction with this case than you can possibly imagine, as there were many lives affected in both good and not so good ways Tom.  It was a very complex experience. 


ProbabilitiesTheo, please explain more about how our souls adjust or coincide with probabilities.

Yes, a very complex equation we will call it Tom.  Yes, as I have stated before, certainly you all do have soul contracts for these lives, but what we have not gotten into before is that these soul contracts are developed or created based on several potentialities which may or may not happen, so there is a soul contract you might say for each probability.  So if one probability happens, it is but a slight adjustment from your soul point of view, as this was known prior to birth.  So every probability is covered Tom, which is very complex when seen or viewed from a 3D standpoint, but is easily done from this side. 

So would you say this time period would have more probabilities than other time periods, or the same, or less?

Good question Tom.  Yes, this time period—and we are speaking of the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries has had a very large number of potentials—really more than at any time in thousands of years.  You had every scenario from utter destruction to what you are living today, which was the very best scenario you and we could hope for.  There was great rejoicing on this side when you were able to reach this benevolent time line potential. 

So the summarize, yes you are truly living in one of the most volatile times from a potentiality standpoint, with so many different paths you could have chosen, but here you are, ready in a little over a year to cross over to the 5th dimension.  What a great path you as a people have chosen Tom.


DroughtGaia, what advantages are there for you to create a drought?

Yes, Tom, there are several advantages to me.  Yes, it causes the earth to crack and expand and I need that at times.  And it causes the grasses and other flora to either wither and die, although they are not really dead you see, but go into hibernation, and all other fauna to slow down their growth cycles.  It gives the land a rest you see in its own way.  And it allows the sun to reach parts of the soil that would otherwise be shaded.  So I do have purposes with having drought conditions although it may seem harsh to you as an observer, or if you live on land that is in one of these cycles.  But like all cycles Tom, there is a beginning and an end, and as you are referring to the drought in the south and southwestern United States, this cycle will end very soon, as I have accomplished what I needed to accomplish with this slow cycle. 

Since you knew I would bring up the South and Southwest Gaia, you had said before that you wished to make this whole southern part of the United States verdant again when you considered dramatically changing the landscape in California.  I would have thought you would have brought weather systems and storms down farther to at least partly accomplish this.

Yes, Tom, and this drought has expanded the land, and where there are expansions there is movement, although imperceptible to your scientists who do not take such a large overall view of how the expansion of land hundreds or thousands of miles away can affect a different part of the land.  Soon you will see some movements in California, I can assure you, as it is still my end goal we will call it for now to make this region more verdant.  I also do respond to prayers Tom, if I can, but humans must understand there are these cycles and learn to live with them, harsh though they might be.  I will soon be sending more monsoon rains from both the gulf and from the Pacific to wet these lands.  You will see.  It will not be too long now. 

OK.  Thanks for the explanation Gaia. 


AlcyoneAlcyone is considered the central sun of the universe, so I decided to ask more about it. 

Gaia, what makes the Alcyone sun so strong or important?  Why is the soul of Alcyone any different than say the soul of our Sun?

Good question Tom.  Alcyone’s soul is a larger fragment of a creator than my soul or Sun’s soul.  It wished to provide a larger part of itself and therefore this sun, although not the size of a creator, is a larger fragment with much love and energy and all the things that go into these souls inhabiting worlds and suns.  Alcyone is truly a magnificent soul with much love and energy—just magnificent Tom.


Michael on Facebook writes:  Tom, could you ask Theo if there is a general rule about experiencing our various lives within a select set of family lines. If one has (several sur names) in their family history, does that mean one has a better chance of having been in one of those lines previously? I started looking at some genealogy again and it makes me wonder if I am seeing myself in any of these characters of my history?

FamilyTheo, how likely are people to have lives or to reincarnate into the same family group?

A little higher than you would first guess Tom.  As these soul groups or clusters are always working together, there is a dynamic set up for some people to return to the same family group to be say a grandchild of someone that had been their child previously, so the roles are somewhat reversed.  It is a good way to see the benefits or to have to endure how some people treated others.  After the lesson is learned, then they tend to move on to the next learning experiences.

And yes, this is even more common with Jews, as I have said before that they incarnate over and over again as Jews, which they volunteered to do to anchor the fulcrum—or to be the fulcrum.  They naturally are limited to having lives in families that are Jews, no matter where they are in he world.


Mental IllnessShe asked me to change her name so Edith writes:  Thank you and Theo for the explanation of schizophrenia from Theo. I am an area manager for a company that provides support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One of the individuals in our care has undifferentiated schizophrenia as well as mild mental retardation. I have seen the "blend" of lives when he is cycling between "frequencies.”  I've also "felt" a higher-level entity, possibly his guardian and seen his a fragmented parallel self who is his more mischievous self. But, there is the one particular lower, malevolent entity I have seen who tells him to do some things that often are harming him. Long story short: I "addressed" this malevolent being when it was provoking him into a damaging behavior. which made an impact on the client and the "being" does not manifest when I am around instead periodically disturbing the man at night resulting in SIB (self-injurious behavior).
My question for Theo - when a person has developmental disabilities (mental retardation) and also have various other mental issues such as autism, schizophrenia, bipolar or impulse control disorder; when a malevolent entity attaches to them (especially when it results in SIB) what is the responsibility of those of us who can see/hear/understand that it is more than the psychosis? Specifically - how do we understand the boundaries when it comes to the individuals having a malevolent entity attached to them in regards to our responsibility, their soul contract/free will/ and lessons they are to learn?

Theo, when people work with people who have schizophrenia and other mental health issues, and see lower level entities, which have attached to them, what can they do or what should they do?  Nothing and ALLOW, as it is termed, or what?

Yes, a difficult question but not so difficult an answer you see.  The people who work with these individuals, if they see possessions of those they work with then they can request MBO’s for their own GA’s to work with the GA of the people to rid them, while at the same time they can say BP’s for any and all beings to come to the assistance of these people. 

This is a learning experience you see for those sensitive enough to notice these things, and they are supposed to be creative enough to find ways to rid these people of these lower level entities.  But certainly the most powerful way to do that is through saying benevolent prayers and requesting MBO’s.  She will be more successful than she can imagine at this time. 


Lady of FatimaBobby on Facebook writes:  I would like to ask your GA Theo the following questions since I need illumination on the following:

1) What did the 3 Our Lady of Fatima visionaries, including the late Sister Lucia, in the last century really see when each one of them were escorted by their guardian angels/Archangel to have glimpses of Heaven and Hell? Do these spiritual dimensions really exist?

2) Will armed conflict happen in the highly disputed Spratlys Islands which is claimed by China, the Philippines and other countries?

Theo, what did the visionaries of Fatima in the last century actually see?

Yes, they were given visions Tom of how they thought heaven and hell would look like.  This was for the comfort of the people who believe in this concept of heaven and hell.  The population or those who believe this way at times need some sort of spiritual proof that there is a heaven, and of course hell is their belief, so that concept is given to them too.  Humans need rituals of one type or another, as if you view this from our perspective, it is something to give them at least partial truths—that there is life after death.  Humans must be assured at times that they really will carry on after their lives end here on earth.  Some teachings must be given within their own belief system Tom. 

Spratly IslandsWhat is the potential for armed conflict over the Spratly Islands between the Philippines and China?

Actually very low Tom—in the 10 to 20 percentile we will say.  Naturally those in the region can say a Benevolent Prayer that all sides will remain in talks and come to agreement with no conflict and that the results will be even better than they can hope for or expect.  This will contribute greatly to the peace process, although they may not believe it at first.  They are much more powerful than they realize.  Again, this is co-creating with spirit Tom. 

Here is more information on the Spratly Islands:


Suzy writes:  I love this MBO story!

After having a rental car for 3 weeks, while my BUG was in the shop, I got a call from the rental agency that there was $500 worth of damage to the car. I had signed the agreement that said I was responsible for the car, even though I dropped it off at my dealership, not at the rental agency and hadn’t inspected the car.

I asked for an MBO and left it to the Universe. I had $500 in cash, but that was for clown convention!!

A week later I received an email from the rental agency saying they were closing the case against me!!


PayingJackie writes:  Sunday I had a discussion with one of my best friends who has struggled to find a way to support herself, so she didn't rely on her husband. I told her about MBO's multiple times, but it took many discussions to help her release her issues, which may be interfering.

One issue was the idea of not deserving it. Another was the idea that she had to work to get money.  After our discussions to shift her energy toward money, she received the answer to her MBO request just a day later!  Out of the blue, a person they loaned money to a while back contacted them and paid back the loan.  The woman even said she just had a nudge to pay them back. My friend is now a firm believer in MBOs! 


Chrissy in Australia writes:  I am just in the middle of reading your latest newsletter – brilliant as usual and I am working my way through your conversation with Antura. I absolutely look forward to the result of your conversations and it broadens my mind each time. The conversations are captivating and an education.
GalaxiesI am slightly confused by ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Universe’ and have been meaning to ask you the difference for a while. Is the Universe all encompassing and it contains everything else within it? If so, then I am sure I have seen in your newsletters where you refer to other universes. If that is the case, then the mind just boggles as to how large everything is. It just shows how narrow minded us humans have become. So do we live in a galaxy? Is the Milky Way a Galaxy?
I also just watched the video of the flying objects over London – how brilliant and I was so excited to see it and felt privileged to be viewing it. How very exciting it all is!! I am not sure how to word the next thing I want to ask, so bear with me – what I am trying to ask is this, will it get to the stage where the everyday person will be able to go into these ships to look around or even to be part of the crew or to view them inside? If that is possible, I assume it will be many years down the track. I will have to do it in another life time I think. It would be great to be part of an adventure to explore other places or even use the ships to get from one part of the world to the other without all the discomfort that some of us get when flying. Sorry for the ramblings, but it is so exciting to see and witness.

Another question – those that did see it in London, and there looked to be only a handful, and those that view it or are led to view it, does that mean that they were meant to see it?  I am looking forward to your answers. All in all a fascinating and brilliant newsletter, thanks Tom.

I think I can answer most of your questions.

UniverseI was confused about galaxies and universes, as "elsewhere" galaxies are known as universes but it was either Theo or Antura who said to just use the words we are familiar with, so galaxies are galaxies and universes are universes.  They tell me that there are BILLIONS of other creators with billions and billions of creations from universes as small as the head of a pin, to even more complex universes than ours.  But naturally the problem in making that statement is that we have not explored this universe to be able to make a comparison as Theo and Antura can.  So we have to take their word for it. 

I have been told over and over again that they are going to take this very slowly--spoon feeding us information--for several reasons including:
1.  They don't want to frighten us--and many will be anyway;
2.  They don't want us to feel insignificant.  We have accomplished what no other society in any other of those billions of creations have done--we conquered the use of negative energy and that will be our contribution to the Federation of Planets.  We will introduce tiny amounts of negativity--.5% to 2% maximum by introducing games (which work on negative energy in some way??) to these other societies to assist them in starting to grow spiritually again;
3.  The Creator of this universe firmly believes that by being veiled and reinventing everything ourselves we will find better ways of doing things, although Antura and all the other beings scratch their heads at this, as they have invented all these things over millions of years.  So they are quite interested in how we're going to accomplish this.  Therefore, they're not going to "turn over the keys to the car."  We have to reinvent how to make and drive the thing ourselves. 

Therefore, we will not have star ships until about 3,200 or 3,250 or so.  When I come back as a space pilot in the 3,400 era, it will be to pilot (along with others) one of only 17 earth star ships, each with a crew of 400 to 420 people--compared to the "motherships" they have with crews of 700 to 1,000. 

So put in for a life around then!

And yes, their instruments are so good they can easily tell that there will be people who will record their presence, perhaps with a little "inspiration" thrown in such as the lady that was inspired to suddenly take a photo in a busy London street.  To see the UFO's over London, go to:  


Space ControlFor those of you who’ve been reading this newsletter for a while, you know that Theo has said my next earth life will be as a space pilot in the 3,400 era on one of 17 earth starships.  After that life I’ll have another life in an earlier time period—the 2,600 era where I will work to prepare everyone for the future trips to the stars.

Theo, can you please explain to me what I could possibly contribute to the preparation for the stars in the 2600 life that we will not already know from asking questions of our star buddies shall I call them.  It would seem that they would say, you will need to develop this instrument, although we can’t show you how to do it.

Yes, I understand it seems perplexing Tom, but there will be many, many things you discover in that 3,400 era life that your star buddies shall we say will not be allowed to tell you until you discover them yourself, or are led by inspiration to develop.  Certainly the hints your star friends will give you will be greatly helpful, but at the same time, you are to reinvent all of these instruments and such yourself, as the Creator wishes you to in order to find better ways of doing things than has been developed before. 

Therefore, I can’t just tell you, well here are some specific things you will contribute in that 2,600 era life, as first you have to live the 3,400 era life to know on a soul level from the experience what will be absolutely necessary for your excursions into the unknown in the 3,400 era.  You will be invaluable to assisting in this preparation Tom, I assure you. 

Will I be receiving as I’m doing now, or will I have to do it only through inspiration?

Good question.  You will have both tools shall we say available Tom.  You will be able to receive me much more clearly than you do now even, and inspiration will come easier for you, especially already having had a life where you did all the things you will recommend that will need to be developed for your future safety on the star ship. 


OK Theo, speaking of my star buddies, I need to speak to Antura.

Antura here Tom.  Good life and good morning.

Good day to you Antura, or evening—whatever time it is on your planet at this time.

Yes it is early evening we will call it for your purposes Tom.  And yes you are receiving me correctly. 

Arizona UFO SandstormAntura, I have been asked if there are any large UFO sightings coming up for Arizona in the near future, and I will add another largely populated area?

Yes, as you have noticed Tom, these sightings have really become more numerous, and certainly one of the reasons is that it is summer, but we know that too you see, so we, meaning the Federation in general, takes advantage of this summertime with everyone out and about to put on displays if you will knowing that we are being photographed and recorded on video devices.

And yes to answer your question, there will be many, many more, including more in Arizona, although perhaps not at the level of the large flyby in the Phoenix area, but certainly quite noticeable to the population.  Just keep looking to the skies folks would be my suggestion for anyone, and yes, requesting MBO’s to see a UFO as you call the ships will assist you in making that connection.  Of course, those that wish proof will have to carry a video recording device or camera with them at all times after making the MBO request. 

What was the purpose of the spacecraft flying in and out of the sandstorm in Arizona? ( )

UFO in SandstormFirst is the obvious Tom.   The pilot knew there was a helicopter with a video recording device flying in front of the sandstorm, so it was a perfect time to be seen flying around and in and out of the sandstorm.  Another reason for choosing that time is that it is quite known by pilots that you do not fly in and out of a sandstorm if you wish your craft to remain in flight, as the sand will quickly clog up the engine, resulting in a crash landing.  These craft have no problem with this, so it was a demonstration that this was not some aircraft with a bright light flying in and out of the sandstorm. 

It has to be concluded that the craft was something else.  And it is a little difficult for the government to claim it was a weather balloon, or some light abnormality when the craft appeared at different heights and did fly in and out of the cloud.  Again, this was a demonstration to be recorded.  The spacecraft did not have the assignment of studying the sandstorm per say.  Its mission was to be photographed, and yes there was more than one.  And yes this was a Federation spacecraft—a scout craft—fairly small in comparison to say the one which will travel to see you in from the mothership. 

Speaking of these spacecraft in general Antura, why is there no “G” force inside the craft when you make abrupt turns? 

Tom, this all has to do with magnetics and force fields and such.  These will be things you scientists will earn as they began to study magnetics much more in the future.  They have only found or discovered the tip of the iceberg to use your terminology Tom.  I am not allowed to give you any more information than this. 

Space PortalsIs the figure for 60 portals correct for earth Antura?

Yes, that is almost the exact number of space portals Tom.  And yes, some are programmed shall we call them to go even outside this universe, others just inside the solar system and others to far parts of the galaxy.  Again, these will be great discoveries for earth scientists, but pretty far in the future. 

Antura, will you, or anyone else on the ship be contacting governmental or scientists on earth during your visit?

Certainly there will be a lot of contact with these people by those trained on the ship to do such meetings.  I, as I have mentioned before Tom, do contacts more on a grass roots level—still very important for our studies and for your benefit, as we do not want to seem elitist in only dealing with governmental or the scientific community. 

We need to have the general population understand why we’re here and that we wish you no harm and to not be frightened of us.  That is all part of my job and the other three contactors as you call us.  Our job is just as important, if not more so, than the people working on a governmental or scientific level.  You’ll see what I mean, and we can have more discussions—and will—before 2017. 

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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINES—JANUARY 29, 2011, February 5, 2011.


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