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Pay It ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Gaia, has the upper Midwest and East Coast of the United States seen the worst part of the summer, and will now return Heatwaveto more normal temperatures, or will the heat wave continue?

Yes, this heat wave as you call it will continue for parts of the summer Tom—off and on you might say.  I need this heat and your souls did sign off on it as an experience, along with the storms. 


HealthcareRobert asked me about this on Facebook, but the question was buried in a lot of other postings.

Theo, why was the Healthcare Law upheld?  Will it remain?

Certainly parts of it will remain Tom.  It is a step in the right direction to provide healthcare for everyone, not just those who can afford insurance.  Call it socialism if you wish, but it is your duty as a society to lead the way in taking care of your sick and injured people.  Certainly there are many kinks shall we call them to work out in this system, but again, it is a beginning and will be one of the legacies of President Obama’s term of office.  You must be proactive to keep people in better health so that they are not a drain on the healthcare system.  You’ve only been looking at the problem from one direction.  You need to address why these people get sick in the first place.  Then correct it so that they don’t become statistics in your healthcare system.

That makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  If we want to keep our healthcare costs down, we need to find ways to keep people healthy in the first place!


AuraPhilip writes: I am curious as to how life will be different in the 5th focus.  Will the justice system change for the better?  Will people get sick less often?  Will there be an end to poverty as Star Trek hypothesizes?  What percentage of the population will be able to see auras after we move into the 5th focus?

Gaia, in the fifth focus, what percentage of the population will see auras?

Certainly Tom a small percentage at first—less than one percent of the population.  This will grow as you adjust to the fifth focus and children are born into the fifth focus instead of having bridged over from the 3rd focus.  It will not seem odd to these children born in the 5th focus to see auras, so they will talk about it among themselves.  So as you see it will be a gradual process to see auras.

Will the Justice system improve in the 5th focus?

Yes, but again gradually Tom.  Rome was not built in a day would be an appropriate statement.  There also will be fewer crimes in the 5th focus—certainly you will begin seeing dramatic drops in crime within five years.  And there will be movements to free those incarcerated unjustly.  That will become a big movement after you bridge over.

PovertyWhen will poverty end in the 5th focus?

Not for sometime Tom.  You still must deal with over population, which you really have not addressed yet as a world society.  Until you do, there will remain sections of cities, towns, and countries with abject poverty, where men, women and children going to sleep each night hungry.    Still, there will be more concern for those in need certainly after you bridge over.  Ways will be found to feed and clothe these people.

Will people fall ill less often in the 5th focus?

Yes, but a qualified yes Tom.  There will be great improvements coming soon to rid you of many diseases, yet you still must learn to lead healthy lives in general.  The population as a whole in the United States lives very unhealthy lives Tom.  Education is increasing in this area and even those TV programs featuring obese people attempting to bring their bodies and systems back to normal encourage those with similar problems to at least take the first stems to a healthier lifestyle.  But again this will take years.  You can’t just wave a magic wand and say “poof” and everything will be better.  But it will be so much easier in the fifth focus to affect changes.  Things will move much faster as you’re able to create at a faster or higher level.


Underwater ImagesPam writes:  I just love your newsletter and look forward to all the information every week from Gaia etc.

Here's a question for Gaia; what are these mysterious patterns seemingly under the water of some lakes (see ref.)?  Are they natural, patterns generated by the computer on Google earth, or some other civilization's architecture?

I have also just noticed they are in Canada under the waters of Lake Louise, Alberta; lake Agnes, and Ross Lake, and probably in lots of other places.

What are they?!  Thank you again for your help and wonderful information.

Gaia, are the reflections coming from the lakes in Bolivia and Peru just anomalies, sunken cities, giant circuit boards or what?

Ah, a mystery Tom for someone to solve.  I will only give hints here.  There are things to be uncovered in those lakes, which will prove of great interest to everyone on earth who hears about them.  Certainly it would be in everyone’s interest for those who wish to take the time to go beneath the surface of these lakes and explore them.  Several are quite remote and it will be difficult just traveling to the lakes, but certainly worth the time and expense of going there.  That’s all I’ll say for now. 

"Everyone on earth."  Now that's intriguing!


DemonstrationPamela writes:  Blessings to you Tom. I am so grateful for you being able to communicate with the other side. I always feel their presence and at times have heard them but I'm not able to communicate like you do.
I have a question for Theo if you would please. I just finished reading the book, The Secret Terrorists by Bill Hughes. In this book he starts back in time with our presidents that have been killed, the sinking of the Titanic, both world wars and even up to the World Trade Center. It's an alarming read but makes sense about the Jesuits behind all of this.
Please ask Theo his comments about the facts of the book and the outcome of getting out from under their control.

Theo, any truth behind the claims that Jesuits are behind terrorist acts?

Certainly there are always the radical “hard liners” in any such group, no matter what their political or religious beliefs are Tom, but most of the claims are hogwash.  But again, virtually no group has completely clean hands shall we say, but don’t damn a whole group for the twisted actions of a few. 


InfertilityAnna-Marie writes:  A question for Gaia. My daughter and many of her friends are struggling with infertility. Is this Gaia's way of lessening the population, or is this due to past lives, or a combination of both?

Theo, is infertility on the rise in women, and if so what reason?

Yes, it is on the rise just a little Tom.  You could say it is Gaia’s way of keeping the population down until you’re capable of doing it yourself.  Naturally reasons will be found for why this is occurring, but again as Gaia said, you must learn to control your population and that includes creating incentives to have no children or just one and find ways to penalize those who choose to have big families.


Spray On BatterySandy on Facebook writes:  Would you please ask Antura if this spray on battery will catch on, and will we find better supplies of lithium with out harming Gaia?

Theo, will the rise of spray on batteries increase?

Certainly this is something that needs to be studied further to find more uses for this type of battery system.  It does have a great upside, for those who pursue studies, as it will lead to even better ideas. 


Blood TypesAndja writes:  Did all humans on earth start out with one blood type, O?  Did we ever have different types not seen today?  What was the type found in the Atlanteans, the Lemurians, and ancient American Indians? I realize each individual is unique, but why do some people normally have thicker blood, regardless of diet or lifestyle? When we change into the 5th focus will our blood change in any way, if so, how?  Thanks for your dedication, Tom. 

Theo, what were the blood types of the Atlantians, Lemurians and ancient Indians? 

Yes, as was told to you before all humans began with the same blood type, but it was decided by your ET forefathers that more variety was needed; so different blood types were introduced.  As you are not familiar with all the blood types it would be difficult to give you those specific blood types for these ancient peoples at this time. Certainly they were different, yet combined as people migrated or were forced to relocate. 


Isotonic TonesTengo writes on Facebook:  Can listening to isotonic tones, bi aural tones, etc, cause fits or strokes?

Theo, does listening to isotonic tones and bi aural tones contribute to fits and strokes?

Certainly it all depends upon the tones Tom.  Some tones can put you into a state of ecstasy, while others can affect your physical body adversely.  One must use caution and certainly search out the good tones.  Some tones can put you into an altered state and help initially with your meditation.  You will find, just as you did with the music composed for you Tom, that you found you did not need it when you progressed.  It became interference while early on it helped you to concentrate and get past the noisy mind and outside noises. 


ChakrasSharon sent me an email asking if we have a new temporary chakra to assist us in ascension. 

Theo, do we have a temporary chakra to assist us in ascension?

Not really Tom.  You do have additional chakras you have not yet discovered, but there are no new chakras in your body, which are temporary. 


Traci writes:  I wanted to see if you would ask your wonderful guides about biodentical hormone replacement therapy? This is supposedly a more natural way to replace lost hormones during peri and post menopause. But, is it really safe?  Also, I've read about a hormone called HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which many celebrities apparently take, both male and female. It is purported to slow down the aging process and actually reverse some aging.  One of the celebrities that uses it is Suzanne Somers, who wrote a book about staying young and vital and recommends it. But, there are many doctors that disagree and say it could be dangerous. So, is it harmful?  

Theo, will you comment on biodirectional hormone replacement therapy?

It works in some cases Tom and not in most.  Much more needs to be studied about this.


This story and the next one (plus the rules) were in my last week’s blog, which you can access on my website on the Menu, or you can go to

Horse TrailerKatherine writes:  I was taking my morning walk, thinking about a long list of frustrations and issues I had going round and round in my head and was feeling pretty stuck, when I remembered to say a Most Benevolent Outcome prayer. I looked up towards the sky and said something like, I request a MBO for resolving all these issues and may the results be even better than I can imagine or expect. When I looked down again, I saw a huge horse trailer with a sign that said, The Gentle Way. I kid you not! A horse trailer parked on a city street in a very upscale neighborhood. What are the odds of that, and then to say, The Gentle Way? The side of the truck said, Horsemanship Seminars. I had to laugh! My angels sure do have a sense of humor!

Our GA’s do have a sense of humor, and are always trying to let us know they’re around.  It might be a song that either pops into your mind you had not thought of in a long time that’s a love song, or one on the radio, a series of numbers, and so on.  When you begin requesting MBO’s then you see their work for yourself each day. 


Rain StormGerry in Georgia writes:  No urgent questions, just wanted to again express appreciation for the beautiful work you do.  I sometimes go back and re-read previous articles and newsletters and some make me wonder about totally insignificant questions.  I recall the time Georgia was having a very dry spell and the weatherman had been promising scattered showers for the metro area, but we weren't getting any in my area.   I did the MBO for a soft, gentle rain and 10 minutes later, I looked out the window and it was raining.  OMG I thought, my car windows are down so I immediately went outside to take care of it.  By the time I got outside, the rain had stopped and there were only a couple small damp spots on the driveway. 

I thought well, that was a soft, gentle rain and somewhere my GA is laughing his head off.  I then did an MBO for a gentle, SOAKING rain, and sure enough about 4 hours later it started raining and rained most of the night.  It makes me wonder, though, if guardian angels have a sense of humor or if that is only a human attribute.  It did remind me to be a little more specific in my MBOs.

Again, I can guarantee they do have a sense of humor.  My GA Theo has made many humorous statements to me in my meditations.


Request MBO'sI’ve mentioned many times in my talks about the rules for requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes, but I don’t think I have before in my blogs or newsletters.  Here are some rules to keep in mind:

1.  You must request assistance.    Our Guardian Angels (GA’s) are not permitted to assist us (unless your life is threatened) unless we ask.
2.    It must be benevolent not only for your but for everyone connected with the request.  If you request a MBO either accidentally or on purpose that would hurt someone else in any way, it will not happen. 
3.    It must be a request for you specifically.  Benevolent Prayers are what you say for others.
4.    It must be said out loud or in writing.  This is a physical world and thinking them mentally just does not work very well.
5.    There is no limit on the number of times you can request Benevolent Outcomes.  I’ve requested MBO’s over 15,000 times.
6.    Trust in the process.  Start with the mundane requests to build up your trust that this truly works.


Good day or evening Antura and to all your family.

Abe SapienSpeaking of your family, I would think that because you have had previous earth lives together your relationship with your mate will last perhaps longer than the average couple in your world, or are there so many on your world that there are other females you have had earth lives with that your time together will be about average?

Good thoughtful question Tom.  Yes, I think we will remain together longer than normal, as we have so much in common and having lives on earth together solidified the deal to use one of your sayings. Certainly there are many others on our planet who have had earth lives but very few I’ve had lives with together. 

What percentage of your population has had earth lives Antura?

Certainly over 25% Tom. 

Would it be over 50%?

Yes, but not a lot over.  Again, this is a free choice and there are a number of beings on our planet that are happy with their lives and couldn’t imagine why we would go through such difficult lives on earth.  It is up to our souls whether they wish to or not. 

But certainly they can see the difference in your auras and know that you have gained greatly from these lives. 

Yes, but again, it is up to the soul. 

When I visit your ship I’m concerned about offending those on board as you say I will be in sensory overload regarding the many different varieties of beings, if they are able to read my mind at will as you are capable of doing.

Have no worry on that point Tom.  These are quite knowledgeable beings who are all part of first contact teams and will welcome you with open arms shall we say, even if they have no appendages.  And they will not read your thoughts, as that is considered a violation of your right to have opinions.  I can assure you they will not be offended.  They will be only too happy to have you on board.

Flying SaucerAntura, the Moon told me I would be visiting her one day.  I assumed it would be with you, so my question is, will we travel through a portal or simply at a fast rate?

We can do it either way Tom.  Perhaps we will go the slower conventional way and then on the way back demonstrate a portal hop for you. 

That would be a good idea, perhaps we both landed on that at the same time, as I had not thought that before I asked.

Yes, I passed the idea along to you while you were typing the question. 

Antura, did you or I get it wrong about the Baltic Sea UFO craft, as there are reports that this could be a scam?

Yes, I regret that we both made errors on this one Tom.  There are, as you can imagine, certain limitations when I scan your memory banks, so I’ll take the majority of blame for the mistake.  I should have consulted the records available to us regarding the spacecraft lost over many thousands of years. 

So I am receiving this correctly today?

Absolutely Tom.  Don’t be too concerned, as it’s only a few months until you switchover and you’ll find things are so much easier then. 


OrchestraTheo, Was the music simple or did they also have complex orchestrations?

Both. Again they had developed to a point where they had orchestras, as it is but a step from small groups to those groups joining together to make a variety of musical arrangements.

How tall were the tallest buildings?

No more than 10 to 12 stories in height, Tom. There were not so many people per square mile as there are today, so there was not the need to build up vertically.

Did they have elevators?

Quite so.

Did the Atlantians have dogs and cats?

Yes they had pets—dogs and cats as you have now. They have always been with you since the start of time.

Did they have more exotic pets too?

Not so much for the common people. Keep in mind that the “things” as they called them sort of went under the category of pets—they did not look upon them as humans, but would grow attached to them. This especially came true after the things were ensouled. Then there was movement to correct these genetic failures if you will.

Did the Atlantians correct the genetic failures of the “things” by DNA manipulations?

Yes, most certainly. They were advanced enough by that time to correct these problems in that manner. They are or were still ahead of you in this department, but you are quickly catching up.

Did they have motion pictures?

Yes, in a slightly different form Tom, but the presentation looked about the same.

Film SetIn Atlantis was I ever in the movie or entertainment industry in any form?

Most definitely. That’s another reason why you were chosen and volunteered for this life, as you had the prior experience.

What did I do?

Yes, you would be more of what would be termed today a producer and director. It was close to what they do now, but slightly different. You also were an actor in one life, so you see you had a well-rounded understanding of the business.

Did the dress on Atlantis mostly stay with tunics or robes, as we might call them, or did the dress evolve into more modern types of clothing as we have today?

Good question Tom. Yes, the people of Atlantis did evolve from primitive loincloths and such through the stages of robes and tunics to more modern wear—at least their concept of modernity. The priests and such did continue to wear these fine robes and such in all their public appearances, but the population itself wore clothing more appropriate for work. Loose fitting shirts and slacks for men and yes, dresses for women. Many of the styles that have been present in your more modern times first appeared during the days of Atlantis, and the designers of today—some of them at least—spent one or more lives in Atlantis.

Magnetic CarWhat about ground and air vehicles? Did they have the equivalent of our cars and trucks in their more modern era?

Yes certainly—and with different power trains than you have now, as they used crystals to power everything back then. And of course they were more involved in magnetics, yes, than today. It was a combination. So yes there were ground vehicles both for the public transport and private transport, although certainly not as many as you have today.

How early did the airships come into use in Atlantis?

Very early. Certainly 50,000 years ago but more like 60,000. After all, you developed flying within the last two thousand years, so it’s not too large a stretch to understand that these people did the same.

What about the size of the aircraft?

Similar in size to the ones today. Different shapes of course, but the capacities were about the same along with a variety of sizes.

Were the power supplies internal or external for the airships and such in Atlantis?

Yes, they were external, receiving their power from central sources as if they were locked in on a signal. Very hard to explain in your today terms, but these rays of energy were sent out and the ships tapped into these energies.

You mentioned that the Atlantian aircraft were not the same shape as those today. Were they blimp shaped, half-moon, saucer, globe, or what sort of shape?

Good question Tom. They were more saucer shaped, but able to carry a fairly large number of people inside the craft.

Flying SaucerWere the Atlantians visited by extra-terrestrials?

Certainly—many times. That was the major reason the Atlantians adopted the saucer shape for their aircraft. They were copying what they had seen in the skies.

Did the Atlantians ever achieve space travel themselves?

No, not in the way you mean—more like sub-orbital, as they had to rely on those external power sources, which had their limits.

So was the contact with the extra-terrestrials major, or did the extra-terrestrials look on these people knowing that they would destroy themselves so they kept a distance?

Good question, Tom. They did keep a certain distance, as these people were in a process of breaking up their continent with these destructive rays, when used against each other; the extra terrestrials wanted to have nothing to do with the situation after they saw it was hopeless.


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