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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to the many people who subscribed to this F.R.E.E newsletter in the past week from all over the world!  Please forward this to your friends.  And if you have received a forwarded version, just go to and you can sign up for this newsletter and/or my weekly BLOG for those of you new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) in your lives. 

I have an exciting announcement—I now have a Translator button at the top of all my website pages, which will allow those of you who’s first language is not English to read it in one of 57 languages!!  One note of caution for those of you who wish to just see a page in another language—in order to return to English, there is a button that says “Original Version” that shows up in the Menu bar at the top right.  My webmaster had to point this out to me, as I kept looking in the box with the 57 languages for a way to return to English.  My first book will be coming out in Germany and Greece this fall, so this is a good time to add the Translator button.  Now your friends in other countries can read the newsletter online when it's posted shortly after you receive it in your email box.

And for my new subscribers, Theo is my Guardian Angel and Gaia is the Soul of the Earth, both of whom I communicate with during what I call my “active meditations,” which anyone can do with a little practice.  Now for some interesting Topics this week.


If you are following me on Facebook or Twitter, you saw the below predictions this past week on the 27th. 

(6/27/10) Gaia, what about the Indonesian quake before the end of the month?

Yes, Tom, it will happen, and again, quite soon.  I am using the timing of the full lunar eclipse to help things along, but you will see it if not today it will be tomorrow as I bring pressure to the tectonic plates there.

HurricaneGaia, hurricane Alex will strike Mexico and not Texas, am I correct?

Yes, Tom.  It will be a low level one as they predict now, going in close to Tampico.  Yes that’s correct Tom.

(6/30/10) Gaia, what happened to the Indonesian quake?  It hasn’t happened—not a large quake, as certainly there are always smaller quakes in that area.

Yes Tom I understand it does not seem as if it occurred, as it was not really a significant earthquake, but there was one a couple of days ago which was significant enough for my purposes, although I understand your reluctance to count that one.  I will try and limit what I tell you to be above your 7.0 level shall we say.

So there will not be a significant one today in Indonesia or nearby?

No only smaller ones Tom. 

OK.  Regarding the hurricane headed for Mexico.  You had said it would land near Tampico, yet it seems as if it will land between Tampico and Brownsville.  As I know that geography a little better, couldn’t you give me that information to be more accurate?

Perhaps Tom, but Brownsville is not so much on your radar shall we say, and I was able to give you Tampico fairly clearly, where perhaps saying it would land in the middle would not have been as easy.  Sometimes you have to trust me that I am giving you what is easiest for you to understand at that moment in time.  It can be your reception that day, as there are many factors, which enter into how well you receive—some completely out of your control. 

We have discussed astrological events can affect your reception, but we prefer for you to continue to practice as much as possible and not worry about these things.  We have set a definite course for you I’m sure you’ve seen in order for you to receive this information under any conditions.  So do not worry when it seems you are slightly off, as I know you wish to be perfect, but perfection is very elusive, especially for the work you have taken on for this life.  So again do not worry about total perfection, you will be close enough for people to understand and accept. 

OK, Thanks for the explanation.

Alex made landfall much closer to Tampico than the hurricane forecasters predicted.  It made land in a very little populated area 110 miles (177 km) south of Brownsville and 70 or 80 miles from Tampico.  They had predicted it would make land close to Brownsville. 


Vicki writes:  I am a fan and subscriber to your newsletter.  My husband and friend and I met you at 2 local events in the DFW area recently.  I read about the lack of sunspots below and wonder if Gaia or the Sun had comments about this event.  Thanks.

SunGaia, I’m asked why there is a lack of sunspots at the present time.  Will you answer that for me or do I need to ask the Sun?

Sun here Tom.  I was waiting in the wings shall we say, as naturally we know your questions in advance. 

Yes, you could call this the calm before the storm as you read in the article.  I will have major activity coming up this fall and winter, and as you know there will be a major Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) as your scientists call them to assist in the movements not only for the Japanese earthquake, but also for the major earthquakes coming at the end of December. 

I’m just building up this magnetic energy we will call it for your purposes and release it as needed, not only by your planet Tom, but for all the other planets in the solar system and beyond, as has been discussed before.  I do this at the bequest of the planets you see, and Gaia as you call her has some dates on her calendar, we shall say, where she has requested this activity. 

Thanks for the explanation Sun and good life.

Note:  I always feel like I'm communicating with a scientist when I communicate with the Soul of the Sun. 


Ann writes.  What sort of occurrences will there be for northern Wisconsin in climate, storms, flooding in regard to Mississippi river going to Great Lakes?  Is this a safe place to live?  I am so happy that I came across your book and MBO's, which I use regularly.

Wisconsin MapGaia, how will Wisconsin be affected by the change in the Mississippi River?

They will certainly have their tremors and shaking Tom.  And any portion of the land bordering the Mississippi will be greatly changed as the river will flow at a higher level, as we have discussed some time ago.

Do you plan to raise the water level 23 feet or so, as we discussed I think quite some time ago?

Yes, it will be in that range Tom.  It will be a massive river—the greatest one on earth at it flows to the Gulf of Mexico.

My readers and I are confused as to how Lake Superior will connect with the Mississippi River, as the New Madrid Fault lines angle to the northeast and not to the north into Minnesota?

Mississippi RiverYes, it would seem that way Tom, but keep in mind, as I have told you before, your geologists have not discovered many things about what is under the surface, such as the fact that the San Andreas Fault line is in sections and not continuous. 

In this case The fault lines I will use will connect to the New Madrid fault line and will angle on up into Minnesota cutting a path from around Duluth to connect to the river.

So will it connect above Minneapolis/St. Paul?

Yes, it will.  It is difficult to imagine now, but we can revisit this as you study the maps and such.  This is something you should not be too concerned with at this juncture.  There is time for this after people see the changes in the west coast. 


This question is in response to a query by a radio show.

Gaia, please give me information for Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the next 5 years.

Yes, this city and the surrounding region will have its share of storms during the 4 seasons Tom, but will remain a safe haven for those from the west coast who will become refugees late this year and next.  This city will be inundated, but will handle the influx of people.  In the next few years I will begin to moderate the temperatures there and they will begin to have weather that is much more mild and their winters will be less harsh, but before that happens they will have a couple of harsh winters in their forecast shall we say.  This coming winter will be harsh, but not as harsh as this past winter.  But they should stock up now with all their heating supplies. 

Will there be a drop in the lake level nearby when Lake Superior begins to drain into the Gulf of Mexico?

Yes, but not too much Tom—only a foot or so. 


Michigan MapPatricia writes:  Hello Tom, enjoy your newsletters very much. Yesterday 6/23/2010 the earthquake that occurred in Ottawa was felt here in southeastern Michigan. Can Gaia tell us if there will be any quakes in Michigan?  We did have several small ones in the 80's. We are surrounded by the Great Lakes and I have read that there are fault lines in the Lakes.  Thanks again for your informative newsletters.

Gaia, I’m asked if you are planning any earthquakes for the region of Michigan?

No, not at this time Tom.  It will remain quiet until I change the course of the Mississippi River, and certainly they will feel those significant tremors, although they will be quite some distance away.  That will be a major movement as you know, which will be felt as far away as Boston and other parts of the East Coast and all the way to the Rocky Mountains to the west.


Rio Grande Valley MapRoda on Facebook writes:  Just curious. Down here in the Rio Grande Valley - from Laredo to South Padre Island - it seems we're in another world - half in the US and half in Mexico. With the Rio Grande running through us, is there information Gaia can give to us for the over a million people living down here? I'm in McAllen, Texas and we're bustling down here.

Thank you so very much. My life has been changed using the MBO's. Use them in all areas of my life. Makes me always feel I have friends with me now wherever I am. Some really neat ones too. Amazes me every time.

Gaia can you give me a reading or any information of the area around McAllen, Texas?

Yes Tom.  A place where the south meets the north, or in this case the Latino influence amalgamates with the North American tribes shall we call them.  There will be much more blending of cultures over the years as Mexico grows more affluent and eventually no one will be identified as this or that. 

They have decided on a soul level to take this on as one of there overall tasks you see.  And they will thrive as this area grows and they receive more rain to grow things they have not been able to grow yet.  They will become a major breadbasket shall we say for the North American continent. 


Diane writes:  We currently live on the Oregon coast and my husband is considering applying for a job on the island of Guam.  Would you please ask Gaia if this island will be a safe place to live after she makes her changes to the planet?  Thank you so much.  I appreciate all that you share in your newsletter.

Guam MapGaia, is Guam a safe place to live?

Yes, Tom.  It will not be too affected by the earth movements in Japan, nor the tsunamis created on the North American west coast.  Naturally I do recommend not living on or close to the water for anyone who will live there more than 5 years as I begin to raise the ocean levels. 


Pat writes:  I recently finished reading "The Mayan Code" by Barbara Hand Clow.  In it she has a theory, that a few others share as well, that Earth's axis was approximately vertical until about 9500 BC, then a great cosmic cataclysm happened that jarred Earth into a tilted axis.  One of the things I found fascinating about this was that this supposedly brought about seasons for the first time.  She now feels for certain reasons that Earth will soon move back into a near vertical axis.  I will also note here that in Steve Rother's channeled article in the June 2010 Sedona Journal of Emergence, he says that due to the earthquakes in Chili, etc., Earth now has a new wobble which has caused her to change her axis slightly.  My questions for Gaia are:  will Earth go back to a vertical axis perhaps nearly eliminating seasons, and if so, what will it be like to not have seasons?  I live in Montana and was happy to hear that Gaia plans for gradually milder climates in parts of Canada--of course, I'd much prefer a milder climate here than a permanently cold one.

Gaia, will the earth’s axis turn vertical in the future?

Certainly not in your lifetime or anyone else on earth during their lifetime.  So please assure your readers that even with these wobbles as they are called, I will not reverse poles or change the axis.  There will be only changes in the topography as I move my mantle and crust you see.    For many people the future will be quite a bit of shaking and movement.


Departing SoulsStan writes:  With everything going on in the world now with the flooding in brazil + china + the things that Gaia is planning to change in America, why are so many souls deciding to leave the planet at this time.  these contracts must have been made before these souls reincarnated though they don’t know each other in this life.  please could you tell us how this would work. how are we all interconnected so closely in this world that we all decide to die together? Hope you understand what I am trying to ask as to me it seems so mind stretching.

Gaia, I’ve been asked why it seems so many soul contracts are to leave in disasters?

Yes, as I may have mentioned before Tom, on a soul level it was seen, before these people were born, the changes I was preparing to make.  Therefore, the souls that needed that disaster experience lined up shall we say to be born during these times.  This was all planned out using your 3rd dimensional descriptions millions of years ago, as you must keep in mind that you are having all of your lives at one time, since time is an illusion for you. 

Therefore the souls needing a life to experience a disaster simply chose this time period for not only that reason but for many, many other reasons to live at this time.  Again using the analogy of the "Big Picture," they just are taking advantage of changes I informed them I would make during these years. 


Dr. EmotoNorma writes:  I wish for you to ask Gaia a question for me please! I have found a way of healing my body during meditating with my Angels in a special way in my bathtub... by meditating in water which is a great conductor I was able to heal my lower back spine! I was in a great deal of pain before with my back.Now since healing it I now am no longer in pain... I wanted to pass this along to you and others because it is a wonderful way of healing ourselves since we are  made with so much water in our bodies... by connecting with my Angels and asking for help in healing my body internally and externally I am able to heal it... you probably have heard of this person who is changing our way of looking at water...
I wanted you to ask Gaia about this person and what his views are on this subject.

Gaia, please comment on the work of Dr. Emoto and water.

Yes, he is showing in his own scientific way Tom the relationship between prayers and what you can accomplish with spirit.  His work in a way parallels yours, although he is certainly much more well known at present.  His work has awakened many people to realize how powerful you are and what you can do to clean up the environment simply through prayer.  So I do encourage everyone to read about his work and certainly practice it on your own.  He is making a significant contribution and is to be commended.


Maggie on Facebook writes:  Was Atlantis in a 5th dimensional focus or more of a 4th-3rd? I ask because whatever their “focus” it didn’t seem to protect them from war, greed and slavery, so I can’t help but doubt predictions that our rise to 4th-5th will somehow transform our greed to love, fairness and stewardship. Tyberron once said to rejoice in the Earth mega-crystals being activated once more because “no longer will they be used for wrong purposes” like war. How can we be so sure? What does Theo have to say about humans in the 5th dimension and why some say it will be different this time around?

Was Atlantis in a 3d focus or higher?

No, Tom it was in a 3d focus.  Just almost the same as you are now, but of course they failed to move on, as wars and animosity to those who where different or believed in a different God shall we say for your purposes destroyed them.

How will we be different in a higher focus and will we see the difference and what about the lower level vibrational people coming too?

Yes, let’s take the lower level people first Tom.  Yes a number of them will come along, although there will be as you know major events to come which will trim down the population somewhat.  But when they do go with the rest of the crowd, they will find things are lighter, softer, and they will not have such hard lives, which drove them in these directions.  Those that cannot stand the higher focus will find ways to move on. 

Now regarding the higher focus.  Again, you might not feel anything at first—at least not the majority of the population, with the exception of those who are sensitive and are looking for differences.  But it will not be too long before you notice differences.  People will be more amiable to accepting others who are different.  That’s just one of the changes.  There will be fewer conflicts, as people will be able to negotiate peace more easily.  These are all things which will seemingly happen overnight.   


Heather writes:  I have a question also about the 5th dimension we are moving into. I am reading the Convoluted Universe by Dolores Cannon and one way it is explained is that souls who have not reached the higher vibrational levels needed will still be in the 3rd dimension as those of us who have raised our vibration will move into the 5th. She was told it would kind of look like 2 earths when the higher and the lower dimensions separate.

This goes against what I am reading from Theo because he is saying everyone will be lifted up to the 5th, which brings me to my next question. Is it true some souls are dark and if the 5th dimension is supposed to be a more positive place why would dark souls or souls who have not reached the higher vibrations be allowed to move up. Seems like if they move too then the 5th dimension won't be any different than where we are now as far as all the evil that goes on?  Thank you!!

Gaia, am I to understand that there will still be a 3rd dimensional earth, but we just won’t be occupying it?

Yes, exactly Tom.  Your focus will shift to the fifth dimension.  At least the lower degrees of it.  There you will spend the next few hundred to well over 1,000 years in this focus as you slowly move up a degree or even portions of a degree at a time. 

So what will happen to the 3rd dimensional focus regarding all the buildings and such.  Will they just disappear along with us, or will the structures remain and deteriorate?

Good question Tom.  They will remain for the inhabitants of the lower degree of the 3rd dimension which we have discussed before.  Those people who came from the planet that exploded.  They will have their discoveries as they find old ruins and wonder who the people are or were that suddenly disappeared in the night shall we say.  But this will be many years in their future.  They must learn the basics before they can move up.

And they are not part of the Explorer Race Experiment as I understand?

Correct.  Your’re the only real experiment going on now in the Universe Tom, and it is successful although you can’t see the results or that “Big Picture" yet.  But you will. 


WhaleJafra writes:  Watching this is the first time I've become aware of what may well be some of the earth's prime movers of the spiritual changes we're all going through.

WOW. What a group of guardians we have watching over us... not only our spiritual guides and guardian angels, but those guides who chose to live their lives in this earthly world, experiencing this all with us, and using their immense power to nudge us forward into new dimensions and new experiences.  I hope you love this as much as I do! I want to know more about how dolphins and whales are contributing to us RIGHT NOW in our lives.

Would you please ask Gaia and/or Theo about our dolphins and whales. How much of the changes we're experiencing has been orchestrated through these beloved creatures who've chosen to share our fate? What is their FULL role in our spiritual transformation?  Thank you for your heartfelt work, Tom.

Gaia, What roles do whales and dolphins play in the changes we’re experiencing and our spiritual development?

A major role you see Tom.  They hold great knowledge in the cores of their beings you see.  They hold the history of the planet, as they are not veiled or blocked from knowing.  They are how you are when you’re not having a life on earth as part of the Earth Experiment you see.  All of you have these abilities on your home planets, but they are shuttered away from you so that you can solve the unsolvable—at least in the past—problems from all over the universe.  And as you progress you will solve even more problems as you head for the stars. 

That is the brilliance of this Creator’s universe—to have you contact these other civilizations and bring them this small amount of negativity to work with as you have worked with massive amounts.  Again the dolphins and whales act as anchors for you and in their own way assist in this happening.  They have been invaluable as the Creator realized there had to be souls on earth to be these anchors as you could not be.  Beyond this it gets perhaps too complicated in a quantum way for most of your readers and you to understand at this point, but we can speak of this again in the future as you and they gain more knowledge.


Pat writes:  Two nights ago while it was steadily raining outside, I woke up to the sound of dripping water very close to my head.  Our rustic cabin has a few leaky spots, but this was a new one.  I got up, placed two towels in strategic places, moved some of my favorite books--including your first book, Tom--just in case, moved my pillow over, and got back in bed.  As I was laying there listening to the constant drips about two seconds apart, it occurred to me that I could say an MBO for it, so I did.  The very instant after I expressed my thanks, the dripping stopped!  I've had many good results with MBO's, but that was the fastest response ever. (It's still raining here, but that leak has not reactivated.) 

After that, I figured it was a good time to do another one.  (Smile!)  I requested that all of our (my) needs be met easily from now on, etc., and today something wonderful happened as a result.  The potential's been there for several months—my husband sells several "how-to" DVD's, and he had an inquiry about bulk sales months ago.  But nothing came of it until now.  After this I'm going to be using MBO's much more of the time.  Thank you, Angels! And many thanks to you, Tom, for spreading the word about them!


She asked me to change her name so Jane writes:  Theo - can you shed some light on the role of the souls who have come into this world with profound developmental disabilities and mental retardation? I am working with these individuals and feel that this is my life's path, but want to understand why to both and if I am correct in my path.

Theo, what is the common reason if any, why people are born with severe mental retardation and or developmental disabilities?

Certainly these are soul contracts, which is quite obvious to most of your readers Tom.  The reasons can range from Karmic where they beat someone senseless and left them in a vegetable state, to having a life of love to contribute to the growth of the families and other people their lives will touch to bring compassion and love to these people as a learning experience. 

Another Karmic reason could be their mistreatment and abuse of others with disabilities, so their souls decide that they need to learn lessons by having lives as the people they once scorned in a previous life.  As you can see, there are any number of reasons.  In the overall plan the correction of these mental problems are worked on by your scientists and the DNA group responsible for these disabilities will someday be located and you will learn how to correct this in the future.  Again, it’s all part of your learning process through the ages. 


Hospital SignKevin writes:  Hello, Tom. I am writing in hopes of you shedding more light on this subject.  I am currently working at a locale hospital as a security person. In the past week or so, I have been focusing a lot of time and energy in studying and working with MBO’s and Living Prayers.  My question to you or Theo (GA) is since I am working a lot around the sick and injured (for some this could be looked upon as a hot bed in the practice of Living Prayers) would this be wrong in using the hospital as a practice ground? 

On one level, I feel like I could be interfering with someone's karma if they don't ask for healing; however, on another level, I feel if I am able to help people, then who am I to question.  There are times when people in the hospital come up to me and discuss their illness or injury, or discuss a problem that a love one is undergoing. There are times I have a desire to say a Living Prayer for these people, but I am dealing with this inner conflict. There is also a part of me in which I don't want to seem like a mad man running through out the hospital practicing my Living Prayer skills on any or everyone, but I feel if the opportunity presents itself then I maybe should say a prayer. Can you shed some light on this matter, or offer some suggestions? Thank you,(uneasy)

For Kevin and anyone else in a similar situation, I think you're one of the lights to shine brightly where you work.  Keep in mind that when you say a Benevolent Prayer for someone else, it is answered in a most benevolent way FOR THAT PERSON.  Perhaps it is not to recover, but not to suffer before they transition.  You can say this prayer by yourself--not calling attention to yourself, as this is your Lightworker work.  One suggestion would be, "I ask any and all beings to bring aid and assistance to this person (or name) that will be the most benevolent outcome for him/her, thank you!"  These Benevolent Prayers are answered INSTANTLY by a whole cadre of "whole souls" we call "angels."  You can write this down to say until you have said it so many times you can say it from memory.
Then if someone wishes to talk to you about either their illness or their loved one's illness, you can suggest they say a MBO for their illness such as "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for recovering from this disease (injury), thank you!"
Or if they feel despondent, you can ask them if you could say a Benevolent Prayer for them or their loved one.  Some people will welcome it, and be comforted, and some people will not.  If they don't, drop it and say the BP later by yourself.  This may be the case most of the time.  That's your work--to create good energy in the hospital.  You are dealing with every religion and atheist imaginable in that place, so don't proselytize.  Just know that you're doing GOOD WORK! 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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