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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. July 4 Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY HOLIDAY to all my subscribers in the United States!

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Tropical Storm DebbieGaia, will you increase the size of Debbie to a hurricane in the Atlantic, and will it stay out in the Atlantic and not threaten the east coast or Bermuda?

Yes Tom, It will gain strength, to perhaps hurricane status but will not threaten either the East Coast or Bermuda, although it will come somewhat close to Bermuda.  It will continue across the Atlantic to Europe with much rain and wind as they will see.

So have the souls in Europe signed off on this event or will it not be necessary—where do you sort of draw the line?

No, all dramatic weather events I work with your souls Tom and in this case there were people in Florida that needed the experience of flooding as will the people in Europe.  This event will satisfy some soul contracts of not only those who were affected by the flooding, but also those that came to their aid.  You must not forget they have soul contracts Tom to do the actions of saving lives or taking care of displaced people.  Many people are affected by an even such as this.


Colorado FireYes, speaking of people who become involved in an event, we have not touched on the soul contracts of the people who have lost their houses and other structures to the raging mountain fires in Colorado, and what soul contract did those people have who did lose their houses?

Yes, as we have discussed before Tom, you must experience all the earth has to offer by the time you finish all your lives on earth.  Part of what’s included in your soul contracts is Fire, Wind and Water.  Those are the three headings shall w call them with subheadings being the actual type of event you must experience.    It can be as simple as your mud hut being destroyed by rain or fire, or a beautiful home situated in the mountains of Colorado where you lose not only the house, but all your possessions, which also is a teaching event too. 

So what may seem simple on the surface has many facets—many sides to the same experience.  Not only do they lose their homes and passions but they must rely on the generosity of others to give them shelter, food, and assistance.  And it allows others to feel compassion, which helps them raise their vibrational levels.  This too is important, as most of the time you as humans are wrapped up in your closed worlds of your work and friends and family.   

Certainly we could go on in even more detail Tom, but I think this gives your readers a general understanding of what these events cover, or cause to happen.  And as I mentioned before, there is great learning here.  Either you construct a house that will not be affected by fire and rain and wind, or you will find one day it is gone.  And here is a lesson for those who live in earthquake prone areas.  Yes they are beautiful, but you must understand these buildings may one day crumble to the ground or are swept away by a tsunami.


Drug TraffickingCarol writes:  Illegal drugs cause so much negative energy in the world today, from addicts whose lives are usually ruined to crime committed in the U.S. and Mexico and around the world.  What will happen to drugs, the cartels and their influence as we transition into the 5th dimension?   

Thank you as always, I spread the word of your newsletters and MBO's wherever I go, it is my pleasure to do so.

Theo, what will happen to the distribution of illegal drugs in the 5th focus?

Yes Tom.  Laws will be loosened or done away with entirely so that anyone can use drugs if they so desire.   This will have the reverse effect they will find.  Some people will continue to abuse drugs, just as there are people who abuse alcohol, but the lack of the thrill of doing something illegal will cause many people to make the decision to not use them at all. 


HurricaneGaia, I think it’s time for a hurricane update.  Where will the Category 4 or 5 hurricane make landfall, and where else will hurricane make landfall this year.  I will add in what is the tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico.

Yes Tom.  Let’s discuss the tropical system first.  Your computer models have it mostly headed for Florida and that should be its course.  It will not gain hurricane strength, but will deliver copious amounts of rain to the Florida coast. 

Regarding the Cat 4 or 5 storm, yes it will be in the Gulf of Mexico Tom and not on the East Coast, where they will have one fairly good-sized hurricane.  I am not quite ready to tell you which location but you can ask me again in the future.

I will have another in the Gulf of lesser strength, then another for Florida.  That will suffice for now. 


Spanish Cave PaintingsThis was a posting I did on paintings found in a cave in Spain on Facebook. 
Spanish Cave Paintings oldest in the world.

Theo, how old are the paintings in the Spanish cave?

Yes, they do date back as far as the scientists presume or have calculated—over 40,000 years.  And your comment that there were simple folk populating this region is correct.  When the Atlantians came it was as if they were dealing with African tribesmen, but of a different color and race.  They left them alone for the most part Tom.  They were simply exploring the area.

I also posted soon after that about cave paintings in Australia that were being dated to 28,000 years ago.


Diane writes:  I noticed that more baby girls are being born than boys......they always said that when you had more boys Childbirthborn that we would go to war......that is the old saying (smile) but now with all these girls what are we preparing for?

Theo is it true more girls are being born these days than boys and if so why?

Yes, there needs to be the balancing Tom between the masculine and feminine on earth and so more females are born right now than males, in preparation to the switch to the 5th focus.  Then it will level off in the near future.


Celestial HeavensEric asked me what were Gaia’s taste in music. 

Gaia, would you say there is any type of earth music you like, or is celestial music just too far in advance of what has been created on earth so far?

Yes Tom, my personal favorite as you can imagine would be the music available to me from celestial sources, and yes there are many sources I can draw upon, so earth music, as beautiful as it can be at times if the composer is being assisted by guides, the sounds I hear are so much more rich and beyond your capabilities.  I also do not judge the wide variety of music attempted by humans, as these are learning experiences of composing for those who do this for their livelihoods.  I realize the styles change over the centuries and will still change and evolve in the future after you pass into the fifth focus. 


AllergiesSandra writes:  In the past two years or so I have experienced extreme allergic reactions to things that formerly presented no irritations.  It seems the same is true of friends, co-workers & even people I come into contact with during daily life...with comments such as "Excuse my watery eyes.  I have allergies." "I can't eat that.  It causes an allergic reaction." Is this an indication of the re-calibration of our physical systems to the 5th focus?  A reaction perhaps in our adjustments or lack thereof?   Can Gaia respond to this, please?   Thanks!

Gaia, is the shift in energies causing allergies where there were none before?

No Tom.  These allergies were brought on by changing conditions where these people live.  Certainly they are able to change their focus if they wish to in order to avoid these conditions.  They can request MBO’s to not be affected by the allergies.


Elizabeth writes:  Hi Tom, would you please ask your guides as to the source of this blast felt for more than a 50 mile Michigan & Indianaradius in Michigan/Indiana on 6/6/12?

Gaia, what about the “blast” heard for a 50-mile radius in Michigan and Indiana?

Yes, we do approach the same subject as before Tom of movements below the surface, where the sounds are echoed as if in an echo chamber—in this case caverns.


Las TrincherasJohn writes:  I have another Bosnian related question for you, Theo and Gaia.  As I remember, they have pronounced the Bosnian enigma as "man made".
Ask them to come back over to Sonora Mexico to a place called Las Trincheras.  It is a huge terraced graphite mountain between Hermosillo and the Arizona border (near Santa Ana Mexico).    When Dr Sam did his worldwide overview of pyramids, I don't remember this being one of his targets.  Specifically, I think the outside terraces are long-ago Indian constructed but is that all?  At any rate, Dr Sam may want to add it to his pyramids.

Gaia, does Los Trincheras Mexico have pyramids?

Yes a couple Tom, which have not been discovered yet, but for the most part the ruins in this area should give the archeologists something to study for years to come, and the pyramids will be found almost by accident.


Philippe writes: I appreciate very much reading your wonderful messages and the work you do with Theo for helping  Mentrual Crampspeople.  Also I have a question for you and Theo:
Can menstrual Cramps in women be cured or really diminished with a good vegetarian or macrobiotique diet?

It is said that the cause is too much animal products including eggs, all kinds of too salty food which make imbalance in the energetic yin yang  balance of the body (especially meat that is contacting the lower organs of the body).

Theo, can menstrual cramps be cured or diminished by a vegetarian or microbiotic diet?

Yes Tom.   It can be diminished, but not entirely cured as you have termed it.  Much study will be done in this area in the future.


Saying GraceSarah writes:  I love your comment in one of your newsletters about blessing food and how it changes even non-organic food at a molecular level, rendering it whole and healthy.  This has always been an issue for me when going out to eat or even eating at someone else's home, so it was wonderful to find your information on this matter.  Could you please expand on this topic and ask if it is possible to bless food in advance--i.e. food provided at daycare or school for my child or food I may have at a party later, etc.  Essentially, do you need to have the food in front of you to bless it?  Also can you give some examples of blessings for food?  With the rising cost of all food, I'm sure there are a lot of people who would appreciate more info on this.

Is it also possible to bless conventional western medication? 

Is quartz infused water beneficial to humans, plants and animals?  If so, in what ways?

Theo, is it possible to bless food in advance or at a distance for say a child?

Yes, certainly it is possible as you can imagine there are no barriers to MBO’s and BP, so there are no barriers for blessing food.  The “trick” here is to remember to do so.  Certainly someone can print up signs to remind them. 

Is quartz infused water beneficial for humans?

Yes, to a certain extent Tom, but also blessing the water does wonders for its composition.

If I’m out somewhere, I’ll hold my hand over my heart and then over the food to silently bless it.


Frank Morris & Anglin BrothersRebecca writes:  Hello, Tom! Was reading yesterday that it was the 30th anniversary of Frank Morris and the Anglin brother's great escape from Alcatraz. Am so curious - did they make it? Thought your weekly readers might be interested, too, as it is an unresolved mystery.  Thanks, Tom, for all that you do!  PS - MBOs working fabulously! :)

Theo, did the Anglin brothers escape Alcatraz with Frank Morris and live, or did they drown in their swim?

Yes, the trio made it to shore Tom and disappeared.  They had relatives who hid them until the coast was clear shall we say.

I had a little vision float by when I was reading this again of someone on shore shining a flashlight every so often pointed towards Alcatraz, and the escapees swimming towards the light and then hiding in a car as it drove off.


Dr. Mercola had an article about the problems cropping up with people who use cell phones all the time.Using Cell Phones

Theo, is carrying a cell phone as harmful to one’s body as some reports say?

Quite so Tom.  Certainly the recommendations to put them on airport mode or shield them from one’s body is good advice. 


This MBO story and the one below appeared last week in my weekly blog.  If you wish to read the blog and possibly subscribe, the link is, or you can find it on my website on the Menu. 

Costa Rican HighwayWendy in Costa Rica writes:  The other day I had to meet some people checking into a rental house that I own on the other side of the Central Valley, Costa Rica. They were supposed to arrive at 2 pm, but arrived late and had many questions. I always head across the valley by 3 pm at the very latest, so I don't get stuck in horrible traffic with blinding rain that always causes many wrecks. The typical drive time is 35 minutes, but I have had it take 4 hours before, so I try hard to stay out of rush hour traffic and the rainy season deluges.

I was not able to leave the house until after 3:30. I was worried as driving in Costa Rica is a bit insane anyway. No driver's ed here and really bad drivers. My last trip home, I did have someone slam into me. I asked for a MBO and began the drive, breathing deeply and expecting long delays and possibly heavy rain. Strangely enough, I had no delays. The traffic was heavy, but it seemed to open right up for me. I arrived home 40 minutes later and within minutes the rain came pounding down. I was so happy I stopped to ask for a MBO! I certainly received one.


MotorcycleDan writes from Calgary:  Just having my morning read of your newsletter and thought I'd share my most recent MBO. A while back I took motorcycle lessons and was prepared to buy a bike and start riding. A few weeks ago I found what I considered a good used bike at a good price and was going to pursue it when I returned home from a business trip. Of course, I bathed the whole issue in an MBO. Shortly thereafter I got a message from my son informing me his father in law was planning on selling his bike, which was virtually identical to the one I was looking at, for about a thousand dollars less. And, because I was considered 'family', he also knocked another $500 off the price. Just yesterday I met him halfway from where we both live to pick up the bike. Enroute, the weather was windy, grey and raining: not ideal bike riding weather. After we completed the exchange, I began the 400km/240 mile ride home. No surprise, the weather cleared and I had nothing but blue skies and sunshine for my inaugural ride home, with absolutely zero incidents or even close calls. Another wonderful MBO outcome.


Theo, in dreams, when we are assisting someone on the other side of the universe as you have said we do, do we meet Dreamingthem in a quantum state too?

Quite so Tom.  They may be meditating and not actually dreaming, but however it happens the call goes out and if you have the expertise to assist, then your dream angels will guide you to give them an answer(s) to their problem.  You do this almost every night, as you are in great demand—meaning earth souls. 


Ouija BoardAntonia writes:  How does the Ouija work? Does it truly contact the world of spirits? Or does move in accordance with the expectations, fears, and desires - conscious or unconscious - of those who choose to place their fingers on the planchette?

Theo, does a Ouija board actually work to contact spirit, or does a person’s expectations, fears and desires enter into it.

Yes on both counts Tom.  It is a very slow way to channel.  We have discussed this before and I explained that you can contact spirit using this method, but it is actually too slow to be more than a parlor game.  And certainly a person’s desires and such can influence the pointer.  Again, I recommend that people request a MBO to receive the information perfectly as you request each time.


Antura, for my new readers, is a member of my soul “cluster” having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System—where I’m supposed to be from originally.

Abe SapienAntura, how many years is a typical relationship in your planet, or does that vary widely as ours does?

Yes, it does vary Tom, but I would say our relationships – meaning mating in this case as I understand your question—could be on average 500 years.   That would be an average and certainly there are those on our planet who live together for a much longer time.

Have I asked what your mate does?

No you haven’t Tom.  She does have her work too, but completely different than mine.  It would be a little difficult to explain at this time, but it has to do with the government.

Has she had lives on earth before too?

That’s an excellent question Tom.  Yes she has, so certainly that drew us together, as we have had lives on earth together before, so there was instant recognition.  Even if we had not had lives together, the fact that we had earth lives tends to join our people together as our auras and outlooks and so on are similar. 

Antura, when you portal hop to earth, how do you know what time period you will arrive at?

Yes, we do have instruments that zero in not only on the time, but also which parallel life we wish to visit.  These are simply frequencies I shall call them for your purposes, so we naturally have known them for millions of years.  It sounds complicated and it would be to say an earth human, but is not to the technicians on board the space craft who may have dialed the same time period in hundreds of times. 

Antura, if there really are not folds in space, how would you describe it?

Oh here we get into an area where I cannot give you too much information Tom, as your scientists must discover this in the future. 

Not even a simple explanation as you would for a child?

No.  The most I can say is the appearance of waves in the ocean.

UFO How many ships are currently monitoring earth from space, as I saw someone claim there are thousands.

No Tom.  There are not thousands.  Certainly a lot less than 100, but at times as many as say 50 or 60, depending upon who is coming and going as they finish their studies and move on.   The Federation carefully monitors these ships, especially the ones from outside the galaxy and even outside this universe to make sure they keep in the bounds of the Earth Directive, which lays out what they can and cannot do at this time. 

Naturally this will change and evolve as you bridge over to the 5th focus, but there is a pretty tight rein we’ll call it over activities around earth at the present time.

Antura, is there sexual diversity on your planet, and I’ll add in is there a norm on the Federation planets?

Yes, there is some sexual diversity in my society Tom and we honor those decisions.  Regarding the other Federation planets they are quite diverse, as there are peoples who are male and female at the same time and can conceive and have children.  There are heterosexual people and beings and there are those who lay eggs and then the insect types who have all sorts of different reproductive systems.  You can imagine that the study of sexuality in the Federation could take years.  It is a very complex subject due to the very nature of the diversity of the beings that live on and in these two hundred member planets.  So almost anything you can imagine and not imagine would fall into categories.

Antura, I’m asked how you can null the gravitational force that as an example our astronauts face when accelerating  to a higher speed, and I’ll add in those abrupt turns your spacecraft seem to be able to do?

Yes, this ability to null the gravitational “g” force I believe you call it was developed many centuries ago, and you will eventually learn how to do this yourselves.  I can’t give you too much information as this is another thing for your scientists to figure out how to do, but suffice to say there are inner compartments or layers of hull that act as balancers to these sudden accelerations.  I assure you this is very complex.  It will take many hundreds of years for your scientists to duplicate. 

MoonAntura, are there one or more portals from earth to the moon, or is the distance too short to use a portal?

No Tom.  It is not too short.  There are even waves or folds in space, which can be used to make the trip instantaneously.  But certainly we have the speed in these craft to make the trip in normal space in a very short period of time.  You do have portals to all the planets in your solar system, which you will be able to use one day. 

Antura, the Moon told me I would be visiting her one day.  I assumed it would be with you, so my question is, will we travel through a portal or simply at a fast rate?

We can do it either way Tom.  Perhaps we will go the slower conventional way and then on the way back demonstrate a portal hop for you. 

That would be a good idea; perhaps we both landed on that at the same time, as I had not thought that before I asked.

Yes, I passed the idea along to you while you were typing the question. 

Antura, it has been reported that the spacecraft in the Baltic Sea is cutting off the electricity of the cameras and other equipment when divers are on top of the craft.

Yes, there are still certain elements of the ship that radiate out an energy, which does short circuit we shall call it electrical devices.  Just remember all the reports of cars stalling and headlights going out when people have encountered these spacecrafts on roads.  The electrical charge we will call it has greatly diminished over time for the one in the ocean, but there is sufficient energy still there to affect electrical devices in close radius to it. 


AtlantisWhat were the predominant religions on the continent of Atlantis.

They had a priest system that was very corrupt. They too lead the people and governed their lives so that the two major groups of people came to war with each other. It was greed on both sides that did them in.

So did both major religions believe in one God or multiple?

No, more multiple Tom. This would be a little difficult for you to receive.

Are there any religions in the world now that would resemble any of the religions then?

Yes, the Shinto religion in Japan, but not the same either.

Theo—did they have doctors in Atlantis or were there special types of healing centers?

They did have doctors but also healing centers connected with the doctors. Medical science you see is quite old. Only Shamanism is older.

So were these healing centers using light -- different colors as I’ve been told or read?

Yes exactly. The patient would go through a series of lights depending upon what was wrong with the patient. These treatments would last for several hours, but the healing was very fast—much, much better than today with all the drugs and operations. It was less intrusive then shall we say.

CrystalsWhat source did the healing lights in Atlantis emanate from?

Crystals, Tom. They were projected through crystals and these intensified the light source into color spectrums you see. Each spectrum has it’s own healing quality, which you will rediscover some day in the future.

Will scientists discover this or will records be found about how to do this?

Actually both, as records will be found about Atlantis. But by then much work will have been done in this area.

So the records will not be discovered very soon?

Not so soon Tom. At least 20 to 25 years in the future.

Did they have dentists back then?

Yes of course. But there was less need for dentists than there is today, because of their diets.

Yes speaking of diets, what did the average Atlantian eat?

Lots of grains and vegetables. Very little meat.

Did they eat three times a day on average?

Yes, their systems were not any different than yours. And yes they ate a lot of fruits too.

Open MarketDid they have more open markets, or did they have grocery stores and supermarkets?

They had all three as you do Tom. Again, we’re speaking of a sophisticated society that had progressed almost as far and in some cases farther than you have today. But you will in short order catch up with their more scientific achievements, while avoiding their missteps, you see?

Did the Atlantians have what we call department stores with clothes, shoes, and so on?

Exactly so. These stores were fairly large—perhaps not as large as today since you have many more people in more densely populated areas. But there were stores with multiple merchandise for sale, just as you have today.

Did they have the concept of a mall with multiple stores under one roof, or were stores mostly open on a street?

No they were mostly open to foot traffic on a street. Again, because the population was much less than today, they had more room for these stores to be facing the street. Again there were the larger multi-merchandise stores, but for the most part individual stores and shops serviced the population.

StorefrontDid the stores have facades more like the European stores on boulevards, or more like Asia, or more modern with manufactured panels as we have today?

They were more your brick and mortar type facades and buildings Tom. They did have nice window displays as you have today. Everyone must display their goods for the public to see.

Speaking of buildings, how were the Atlantian houses and buildings constructed—normal wood, frame, or metal frame and then wood, brick or stone exteriors?

Yes, exactly. This form of construction is very old you see. Of course in the very early days of inhabitation, they went through their own periods of huts and so on, but once they progressed to a higher level, they lived similar to the way people live today—just a little different, similar to the differences in say the way the Japanese or Europeans live differently from those of you in the United States.

Did the Atlantians wear a lot of jewelry?

Yes, quite a lot—silver, gold, precious stones—the whole gamut. That is something that has not changed over the Atlantian Jewelrycenturies.

Did they have our concept of restaurants that they went to?

Most assuredly Tom. They enjoyed the company of friends and would have lavish dinners along with times when it would just be a family affair.

Were there one or more newspapers, which serviced the population with the news of the day?

Oh quite so, and you can imagine that the two factions we’ve discussed before had their own publications greatly slanted to their own viewpoints.

StudentsHow many years did a student go to school?

A little different than today. Not as many years actually. More on the order of 8 to 10 years. There were not so many breaks as you have today for vacations and such. They did have their holidays tied into their religions and some public holidays.

Were the schools public or private religious based?

More on a public level. They were taught their religions at home and in gatherings. The religious buildings were not so massive as today.

Please see the previous three newsletters for Parts 1, 2, and 3. Part 5 will be next week. I hope you’re enjoying the information, and there’s more on the way.


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