The Gentle Way Book

The Gentle Way Book

Tom T. Moore

·    10/14/08
·    GUARDIAN ANGEL 101, PT. 8

Hello everyone and welcome to this edition of THE GENTLE WAY newsletter, and a special welcome to all of you that signed up this week, or at the Kryon Conference in Sedona.  For our many new people, I oftentimes use the abbreviations MBO for Most Benevolent Outcome and GA for Guardian Angel.  I also, as you’ll see below, communicate with my own GA Theo to ask him questions that I either think of, or are sent to me by readers of this newsletter.  There are a number of topics this week, as a lot of people sent in questions during the time I was in Sedona.

And any of you that are on Facebook, my daughter Shannon set me up on it while I was gone, so I would love for you to be friends.  I’ve found this a particularly friendly place and I’m posting notes not only about MBO’s, but about upcoming workshops and my international film and TV distribution business.  I just added two work shops in Massachusetts—August 29 in Braintree south of Boston and September 5 in Andover north of Boston.  You can read more information under the Appearances section on my website .  Now for some really interesting topics this week.


Teddy writes:  Thanks for all your work.

I live in MD and work in DC.  All of us here have been greatly affected by the Metro rail crash as the rest of the country must realize and have seen by now on TV.  

I've been saying this for the last few mornings.  Maybe you can ask your readers to all say it once to help out?

”I ask that any and all beings come to the aid and comfort of anyone who has suffered any harm or loss of life and the families of those hurt or killed in the Metro crash.  Thank you!”

As I responded back to Teddy, that’s exactly the type of Benevolent Prayer Theo suggests we say when there is something that happens in the world that we cannot physically assist.  It’s handled INSTANTLY by one of a little over one million souls that we call “angels.”  Please join together and say it now.  

And Teddy had another suggestion:  I'm not sure if the following suggestion might be too "technical" for some people or not but I find it very useful.  Feel free to use it yourself or share it with your readers.

One of the things I do that helps me to remember to say my MBO's for the day is put a plain text file  (.txt or a MSWord file) on my PC in the folder at:

C:Documents and SettingsYour User nameStart MenuProgramsStartup

Any file you put in this folder will automatically open when you start your computer.  My list of MBO's opens up in a notepad file and I read them out loud before closing the file!


Pam writes on Facebook:  Hi Tom, I just wanted to share a Great MBO I had today and thank you for telling me all about MBO's. I'm having some dental work done soon and the cost was a lot, I did a MBO to help me with the money and for it to be a lot lower than the quote, then the dentist office called and gave me a $1000.00 discount for paying up front in full. Now how great is that!! Thank you so much.


AnneMarie writes on Facebook:  Tom, have to tell you about my friend’s MBO.  She is re-doing her bathroom and wanted Real Marble tiles.  Well they normally go anywhere form $10 -15.00 for a 12x12 square.

So on Sunday, after doing an MBO in church, she drove to Lowe's.  As she was walking to the tile aisle, on the end of the aisle were boxes of tiles with a sign, “Marble” ... Read More-- tile $1.42 each tile.  She was speechless--must be a mistake--then the salesman showed up and told her they were overstocked in those tiles...not selling and his boss said mark ‘em down.  At that price she told him she could do both bathrooms and had measurements requiring 20 boxes. He told her that if she bought them right then he would Discount the price down to $1.00 per square..... NOW THAT IS A MBO ....most benevolent outcomes for the best possible deal..... YEAH!

That was a good MBO!  I’m sure her Guardian Angel was “pleased as punch.”


Marie writes:  I have read about the Galactic Federation Events happened on 10-14-08. Are these beings from other planets are preparing us for the upcoming events? Ask Theo about this.

Theo, Marie asks what are the events regarding the “Galactic Federation” that happened 10-14-08.  

Tom this refers to that period of time when Gaia and your souls decided not to have the major earth changes.  Things were put on hold when it became apparent that a new progressive energy would be elected that was not foreseen.  We have discussed this several times, but of course those that are monitoring you from other worlds were quite astonished in the jump in benevolent energy you as a population in the United States had.  These instruments are quite sensitive, and they picked up on this mood change.


Annette writes:  I grew up near Point Pleasant WV and remember the tragedy of the Silver Bridge collapse quite well. Of course I heard about the Mothman and naturally as a teen, I thought it was another Boogie Man story to scare kids.

Later, I learned more about Mothman and the sightings and wondered what role this being, if any, in the tragedy. The message I got in my meditations was that the creature known as Mothman is actually a race or group of Interdimentional Beings who's job it is to "be there" where tragic events resulting in a massive number deaths are about to happen to aid the souls away immediately so they do not suffer the trauma of fear, etc. Sightings of the Mothman have been reported in the area of the Southern Ukraine where Chernobyl was located prior to the meltdown, as well as near the Twin Towers a few days prior to 9/11. Can Theo shed some light on this for me please?

Theo, Annette wants to know more about the Mothmen and whether they tend to appear at mass calamities?  Are they ET’s?

Yes they are Tom, and they do appear to concentrate on mass calamities as you call them in their studies of earth humans.  They are not allowed to interfere with soul contracts, but study what is happening just prior to the calamity with sensitive instruments similar to what I described before.


Shannon writes:  You were talking about the death angel and all in the last newsletter, and I was wondering is there a way we can prepare ourselves better for the moment of death?

Theo, Shannon wants to know if there is a way to better prepare for death?

Ah, an age old question Tom.  No and yes.  You can request benevolent outcomes that the death process be easy and peaceful.  A human’s built-in survival instinct is to fight the going, which is why there are souls that you call death angels that appear to comfort and assist the person to understand it’s time to go.    Certainly it helps if the friends and family tell the person that they are releasing them and wishing them a good journey.  But requesting MBO’s for healing, calming energy to be sent to yourself can help and assist the process of transition. 


(Wikipedia)  The area of Rockwall was originally occupied by Caddo Indians. Creek Indians moved to the area in early 1800s. The origin of Rockwall also is related to the selection of its name. In 1851, as the first Anglo-American settlers moved to the area, they started to dig wells. During the digging, they found large underground rock walls that seemed to be manmade though scientist believe they are natural formations. The town was established April 17, 1854 and named after these rock walls.  

My ancestors founded this small town northeast of Dallas, so I was interested when:

Cherly writes:  I met you at Satori in Fort Worth in March 2008. My husband and I very much enjoyed your talk and bought your book. We read and talked about it all weekend, especially the parking space MBO's. That Monday evening, my husband died of a sudden heart attack. For the next month or so I never had to hunt for a parking space! I had my own personal parking space angel.

I have bought several of your books to give away, and a lot of my friends use the MBO's. Just wanted to say thank you.

I do have a question for you to ask Theo. I am extremely curious about the ancient rockwall of Rockwall County. A man who lives there claims to have excavated parts of it, and that it is an ancient seawall from long, long ago. Would appreciate whatever you can find out.

Theo, Cheryl wants to know if the ancient rock wall found near Rockwall, Texas was an ancient seawall or what?

Yes, Tom.   This was an ancient seawall from many centuries ago, as the seas retreated from your area.  There were ancient people that inhabited the area at that time – tribal in nature.  The wall was to keep that area from eroding.  

Please send lots of healing white light to Cheryl, thank you!


Theo, when will personal flying units come into being, if at all?

Oh they will be developed Tom, as you perfect your magnetic type energy sources.  Certainly this will be a few hundred years, but it will happen—say in less than 400 to 500 years.  Before then more modest attempts will be made, but it will not be successful until the propulsion systems have a breakthrough, so that the magnetic systems that can be made very small are developed.  But a good question.  The systems will result in antigravity devices, which will be made smaller and smaller over time.


Julie writes:  I work with my angels on a daily basis, I also believe in the law of attraction and that we create our experiences and our lives. I guess I get a little confused sometimes, about certain things if its me manifesting or the angels helping. Sometimes it may feel like its a little of both or that the angels are helping to help us realize that we can manifest the things we want. Do you think Theo can provide some clarity on this?

Theo, Julie asks about manifesting as compared to MBO’s, as to how do they work together?  

They do work together Tom as you can request to manifest something, but the request for a Benevolent Outcome as we have discussed many times before assists, because it keeps you on your soul contract and if what you are trying to manifest is not in your soul contract, it will not happen as that would put you on a different path that would not be the most benevolent for you and what you are trying to accomplish in your life.  So manifest, as this is part of the learning process, but at the same time request a MBO.


Lyn in Rochester, NY writes:  Could you ask Theo about requesting MBOs in relation to our food, water and environment.  Do we need to, if we're saying the Living Prayer (I am a piece of creation...)?  And should we do it everyday, or somewho just add it to the Living Prayer.

Theo, Lyn wants to know if we should request MBO’s for our food, water, and environment?

Certainly you can request MBO’s that the water and food you consume Tom is for the highest and best use by your body.  For the environment you would say a Benevolent Prayer that the environment will improve and all people will come to love this planet event more, cherish it, and honor it by keeping it pristine.  Certainly there are many Benevolent Prayers that can be said, but a nice general one sends out the light and love.  


Lyn also wrote:  I want to add, as well, that requesting MBOs helped so much with moving last week.  Things went really well, even having the intermittent rain showers cease when we were loading and unloading.  Too many to mention!!

I also don't think I told you that I invited anyone from our Guardian Angel class to come to share their experiences.  Many wanted to, but it was such a busy weekend with graduations, etc.  However, two ladies came...the two who were the most skeptical!  They went on and on about how many lovely things happened that week.  The one who was most critical of the idea, spoke of a lunch she had with a friend who is very negative and unhappy and she always dreaded meeting her.  She requested an MBO for it to be pleasant and joyful for both of them, and she said it was the best time they'd ever had...and her friend bought her lunch!


I asked this next series of questions because I just received the finished one hour special PARANORMAL MATRIX that my TV distribution company will be selling worldwide.  The first segment deals with cattle mutilations still going on in Colorado and other locations here in the United States.  Here’s what my Guardian Angel Theo says about the subject.

Why are there still cattle mutilations and who’s behind it—there is speculation from government to ET’s?

Yes Tom.  These cattle mutilations are being done in the name of science—perverted as it may seem.  

So we are talking about earth humans?

Quite so Tom.  The ET’s are not responsible for these.  There have been instruments developed that can accomplish this.  As I have told you before, The ET’s as you call them have been warned off, unless a particular study is with the soul’s permission.    These mutilations are being done by a section of the government that is looking at fallout from chem. trails and such in your skies.  That is the best I can describe it for you with your scientific background, or lack thereof, Tom.  

How are they able to get in and out without being noticed?

These ranches Tom are in remote locations so it can be easy with certain types of helicopters to come in and out unnoticed.  It is quite secretive work as you can imagine.

Why don’t they just buy the animals at auction?

Then what would they do with the carcasses?  They only need the entrails—not the rest of the animal.  



How many souls are there that were attracted to this creation to have lives on earth?

Several millions Tom.  More than can be accommodated, but if they have the prerequisite accomplishments, they are given that opportunity eventually.  

Are there any souls that have just one or two lives for the experience and then are off to someplace else either in this universe or another?

No, not really Tom.  They have to stick around once they have a life,, as there is Karma created even if the life is just as an infant that dies shortly after birth.  It all must be balanced, so the souls understand that they must have every experience that a human can have in order to attain that level of knowledge and to raise their vibrations to the next level.

OK, next question.  What percentage of the souls having lives on earth were created by the Creator of this universe?

Much smaller than you might think Tom.  Under 2% shall we say.  This was an opportunity for souls with many varied interests to have a chance to quickly raise their vibrations, so many souls were drawn to this creation.  The Creator was pleased, as he knew there would be great variety in the lives that would be led or lived on earth.

So what percentage of the souls that perform the service of Guardian Angels were created by this Creator?

Again, minute.  Less than one percent.  We came from all over from many, many different Creators.

Does that hold the same for the souls that handle prayers too?

Yes, but they are a little higher in percentage—more on the order of 5% or so.  

So that is 5% I wish to confirm?

Yes, you are very close to the actual number Tom.  

I read that master Kirael (through Kahu Fred Sterling) says that we have a higher self, then soul group and then oversoul.  Is that how it is?

In a simplified way yes.  

So what is a higher self?  

It is simply your connection to the group of souls and onto your oversoul, which is the main part of the soul.

Why do we have chakras and what do these energy centers I guess I‘ll call them perform for our bodies?

Good question Tom.  They are energy centers and allow these important organs in your body to perform the tasks that they are designed to do.  This energy must travel up and down your spine and feed these centers so that they in turn help these organs function.  As you are not a scientist, it is a little difficult to describe, but you must have these energy centers or the organs would quickly atrophy and you would die.  It is that simple.  

Theo, let’s return to higher self, soul groups and oversoul and you said in a simplified way.  So what is the more complete answer, and we can start with just one part today.

Yes Tom, I’m not sure how much of this you will get.  Souls are complex beings as you might understand, and they are very powerful in their own right.    But there are also other souls that you have not discovered yet.  There are the souls of the plants and flowers, the fairies and leprechauns, even the rocks and trees all have some type of group soul.  Yes even the fish in the sea and most importantly the souls of the whales and dolphins, which on a spiritual level or vibrational level if you will are more advanced than you.  All of this comes into play and must be considered when you are talking about your higher self and soul groups.    So more on this at a later time.


Theo, what are Cherubim?

These sweet energies we will call them are the Creator’s children so to speak.  They bring joy to everyone.  They have no purpose other than to bring laughter, and love and playfulness everywhere they go.  They keep us happy and we greatly enjoy their company.

What exactly are “Divas?”

An interesting question Tom.   These are fragments of a soul whose interests lie in certain areas, such as plants.  These fragments or pieces of a soul work with the plants, which are cognizant of their presence to advise them and assist them in their lives on earth too.  They do so with great love, just as we Guardian Angels as you call us, love and take care of you.  


Where do our souls reside—any particular part of the universe?

Yes they are grouped at a higher dimension but more towards the center of the galaxy where there is great light.  This is very difficult to explain but where they are it is like an energy soup where all these souls mingle and shop talk if you will.

What dimension are they in?

What would be considered the 12th dimension.

Theo, do you also reside in the 12th dimension?

Yes I do Tom.  But it is quite easy for me to work in the third dimension with you and the other fragments of souls I service.

So is the 12th dimension the highest you wish to be at or are capable of achieving at this time?

Yes, I a m capable of higher dimensions Tom, but it would be like you trying to exist in say the 7th or 8th dimension.  It would not be comfortable for you –at least not as your soul fragment.  It is the same for us.  As we raise our vibrations, we will be able to exist at higher dimensions too.

So do you reside closer to the center of the galaxy or do you stick close by here?

Good question.  Yes I tend to stay close by with the other guardian angels as you call us and we are constantly sharing information so that our millions and millions of soul fragments in all these time periods are equally taken care of.  As I have said—very rewarding and amazing even to us, Tom.  


August 29—Braintree, Massachusettes—11:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Open Doors Bookstore.  A one-day workshop, where I will cover first other tools you can use to assist you in daily life, then I will cover requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth.  In the afternoon we’ll cover Time Lines, Atlantis, and ET’s.  Then I will conduct first a visualization to prepare you for an “active meditation,” then the guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.    If you wish to increase your vibrational level, then plan on attending!  $80 in advance until August 24 and then $95.

September 5—Andover, Massachusettes—10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Circle of Wisdom Bookstore.  Same as the workshop above.  $80 in advance until August 30 and then $95.  

You’ll be able to sign up for both of these workshops on the website by early this coming week.  

For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is


So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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