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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Magnetic BubblesAlice in California writes:  I read your newsletter today and the explanation the Sun gave you as to the purpose of CME's that occurred June 7th.  Can you ask the Sun how the CME's impact these bubbles that NASA has discovered affect our solar system?  Do the bubbles act as a sort of 'bubble wrap' to cushion our solar system's exposure to radiation from interstellar space?  What are these bubbles function?  Thank you for all you do.  As always, the answers to questions from your guides provoke more questions.

Sun, how do your CME’s effect the magnetic bubbles found by NASA at the edge of the solar system?

Good question Tom.  They are effected to some degree by the CME’s I send out.  They absorb this energy and it assists them in continuing this barrier if you will around the solar system, so that you are not bombarded with these cosmic rays. 

BubblesDo all solar systems have a similar barrier?

Not all, but the vast majority do, and this will be very important to understand about how a solar system is constructed you see.  There has to be this barrier, or life on planets would be very difficult to say the least.  But in order to retain this barrier, or keep it in place, it must be fed, and that is one of the benefits yes of me sending out these Coronal Mass Ejections as you call them.  It rejuvenates this barrier and it would not continue to exist without energy in some form being fed to it to keep up the energetic barrier. 

Is this barrier consistent throughout or are there bulges and thin spots?

Another good question Tom.  Yes, this barrier does vary in height, width, and depth Tom, as it is not a stationary object.  It lives in a way that would be difficult for you to understand in 3D. 

OK, I think I’ve gone as far as I can go in my questions Sun, so I thank you for taking a moment to speak to me.

No problem Tom.  Anytime for you and your readers.


HurricaneEleanor in Florida writes:  I've done and am doing MBO's to ask Gaia to use all of the energy she has built, and is expressing, toward a more constructive and less destructive manner for the good of us human beings please.  I understand we all have roles to which we've agreed but I also thought they are not set in concrete and therefore can be altered.  Would you please ask her about this as well?  Thank you.

Gaia, can people request MBO’s for les destructive and more constructive use of your energy?

This may be a little difficult to describe to you Tom, but the answer is yes and no.

There are times during which you can request a change in energy from what seems malevolent to more benevolent, but there are times when I must release this energy in its purest form, as it may seem malevolent to you, but for me this energy is sucking on negative energy from my body and releasing it into the atmosphere.  And keep in mind that your souls have approved this release of energy as say a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake for the experiences them must have to finish their work here.  So that is the reason for my fence sitting answer. 

You can request a change in the energy, but whether I can answer your request extends up to your higher selves.


Speaking of energy, watch this newly found video of the Tsunami wiping out a whole town in Japan.  An amazing video.


Butterfly CircusMy daughter Shannon sent this 20 minute mini movie to me.  This is extremely well done and very inspirational.  I highly recommend watching it, as when I posted it on Facebook everyone loved it.


Castle Crags, CALyn on Facebook writes:  I was wondering if you could get some info on Castle Crags in Castella, California. A lot of people think that Mt. Shasta is a mystical, beautiful place and are drawn to it, but for me it is more Castle Crags. Can Theo illuminate for me the history behind this area? I once heard that the Lemurians lived in the Castle Crag area besides Mt. Shasta and wonder if there's any truth to that. If so, that might explain my draw to the crags as I believe I was Lemurian at one time. Thanks for anything you can find out.

Gaia, did Lemurians live at Castle Craig, California and what is its history?

Nice question from your reader Tom.  Yes, the children of MU have lived in that region before, and even currently reside there but in a higher focus.  They do put out a vibration if you will that extends to the 3rd focus Tom.  Its history extends many thousands of years back to the time when the Lemurians were active in setting up outposts or colonies.  This was one of the places they were drawn to.


Vietnam MapMinh writes:  I'm a follower of your newsletters for over two years. I even have archived all your articles for offline reading and I'd read them again and again. Now every Saturday becomes my most favorite day because I'd expect and eager to read "The Gentle Way" new issue. Thank you, Tom.

Recently, China created another so-called 'Tomkin Gulf' by damaging two Vietnamese exploration vessels off Vietnam’s central coast, within what other countries regard as Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone. China even used fake fishing boats to harass and attack Vietnam's boat, then they will have reason to invade Vietnam, or at least occupy the Vietnam's sea with oil potential.
I wonder if you could ask about the future of Vietnam. Whether the possibility of war between Vietnam and China because of the conflict  escalation so far? And any long-term solution for that problem?

Theo, what is the future for Vietnam, and what about their conflict with China?

China is like the big kid or bully on the block Tom.  They flex their muscles—their influence over the area to remind these people who they are.  That said, there will be no attacking or taking over of Vietnam in the future.  There will be extensive negotiations Tom and they will be allowed to conduct drilling operations, but Vietnam will be paid for this you see. 


Marie writes:  I want to ask Theo-what is the future holds for Mexico.  I’ve been hearing
Mexicothe news that a large group of people called the Zetas have committed so much crime, to the point where they just setup buses on fire with people in it. And also the Mexican government is corrupted—drugs, blackmail, murders, rapes--so what can Theo tell us?

Theo, what is the future for Mexico?

Yes, this could be a lengthy answer Tom, so we’ll keep it fairly concise.  Mexico will slowly achieve what its neighbor to the north has achieved as more and more money is spent in the economy from money earned in El Norte, as they call the USA.  But this is a slow process for a country with extreme poverty on one hand and extreme wealth on the other, with much corruption in government, and violence from the drug gangs. 

That said, it will take a number of more years to achieve equality with the USA—certainly over 25 years, but they are moving in the right direction as best they can.  It does not help that the taste for drugs in the north, while keeping them illegal means that the violence will continue for some time until the laws on marijuana are relaxed first so that there is little profit in transporting this product.  The USA is moving in that direction and will legalize this one day—but not so soon. 

Still there is hope for the future of Mexico, as the people are good hearted and willing to work hard at jobs their neighbors to the north turn their noses up at.  So they will achieve great things in the future and will spread their gentle nature and work ethics to their neighbors. 


Emily BearTari writes:  Thanks for your newsletters and MBO's.  There is a very talented musician named, named Emily Bear.  She is also a composer and had her first CD at age five. Some people say she may be the new Mozart.  In one interview she said that she has so much music in her heart it just falls out.  I am wondering if she was a famous musician in past life and if so, who?  Also, with all the songs she is composing, is she actually channeling this from a higher dimension or plane? 

Here are a couple of links to songs  she wrote which I really enjoy.
And here is a link to the interview I was talking about.

Theo, was Emily Bear a well known musician in a past life and are her music guides previously famous in their past lives.

Yes, Tom.  It is quite obvious to most people that these capabilities did come over from a past life, as she began to use them at such an early age.  Her comment that she has so much music in her is quite apropos, as her soul contract calls for her to achieve fame not only as a musician in this life Tom, but as a writer of wonderful music. 

She was famous before, but I’ll not give her identity.  This is something for her to ask and ponder about instead of reading it here.  And yes her guides were famous musicians themselves and are happy to assist Emily as her music guides in this life.  She will become quite well known in the future, so your readers should keep and eye on her and her music.  She is a fairly old soul I will add.


Aelita AndreJei writes:  There is a lot of news right now about a famous 4-year old painter named Aelita Andre, who began painting at 9 months old quite deliberately and amazingly.  What is the root of her proclivity and her seeming talent - is she possibly a reincarnation of any famous painters we may know or is it simply that her parents did not hinder her creativity - or other?  She is a very curious figure.  This is her:

Theo, can you give any information on the three year old artist Aelita Andre?

Yes, Tom—a true child prodigy with great artist insight carried over from her past lives.  As in the case of the young pianist you previously asked me about, I will not give you her past lives regarding names, but she was up there and quite well known and recognized in more than one past life.  So she is simply beginning where she left off in her last life.  She will be in the public eye for many years to come, as she has a unique vision of art and its expression.


Light BeingsI think you’ll find this information enlightening, as I’ve never read it before.

Theo, is there a vibrational level higher than Golden Light Beings but not as high as say the Creator?

Yes Tom.  Golden Light Beings as you and others call us are but one step in an evolutionary process you might say. 

So do Arch Angels vibrate at a higher level than you do?

No Tom, although perhaps you expected me to say yes.  But there are other beings that do vibrate at higher levels than we. 

What about beings such as Kryon or Metatron, or The Group?

Close Tom, but again the beings that vibrate at higher levels would be say the Creator’s Assistants we will call them.  These are beings which obviously from my terminology assist the Creator of this Universe in whatever capacity the Creator asks their assistance. 

So will they join our souls one day to run this universe?

Some may and others may accompany the Creator to the next level. 


EuthanasiaSalomie in Africa writes:  What about euthanasia?  Will the world population move towards allowing that at one stage rather than plain suicide which is always messy and leave the loved ones in shock and horror?

Theo, will euthanasia be more widely accepted in the future and why not now.

Yes, it will be more widely accepted Tom, although with the great increase in medical science, there will be less need to end one’s life prematurely shall we say, and many more people will have peaceful transitions at the end of their lives.  That said, should a person wish to end one’s life due to painful physical conditions, this will be allowed.


Martha writes:  Thank you again for everything you do. I say MBO's on a daily basis now and I am so happy to have a way to send benevolent outcomes to people and beings around the world (including Gaia).

HysterectomyI am having a hysterectomy next week and so I've done quite a bit of online research as to the reasons women have them and the after effects on the body. The number of women having this surgery every year seems to be enormous and is always increasing.

My question for Gaia or Theo would be 1) does having this surgery permanently/adversely affect one's chakras/energies (after healing of course) 2) if so what can be done to bring balance back to the body 3) if this is a soul contract that women have asked to experience, as it surely must be, what is this removal of the womb balancing (does it signify a past act of removal on another being) 4) the most common reason for this surgery is fibroid tumors, which seem to be stimulated/connected to estrogen production - is there a purpose to the tumors or is this DNA gone bad, meaning mixed signals from hormones in the body resulting in mutated muscle growth?

ChakrasTheo, does having a hysterectomy affect the chakras?

No Tom, it does not.  The lower chakra is still there and continues to perform its job shall we say. 

So no balancing is needed?

There is always balancing to be done with the chakras Tom.  Much more will be learned about the chakra system in the future.

Does having a hysterectomy balance a past life?

Yes there is normally a balancing or karmic situation from a past life where the person caused someone to lose their baby through perhaps violent action. 

Is this DNA gone bad or mixed signals from hormones?

As you are not a doctor or scientist Tom, an easy answer is yes there is a DNA strand that causes this condition, but the question should be why and how is the DNA strand changed so that this occurs.   Much will be learned about the influence of the spiritual DNA shall we call it for your purposes Tom. 

Let’s all say a BP for Martha:  “I ask that any and all beings bring healing energy to Martha and that her recovery will be even faster than she can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Dead ElephantJei writes:   This is my first time writing to you, and I want you to know how very much I appreciate you and your non-physical friends for this sacred work that you are doing and for bringing us so much candid, enlightening information.  

When elephants grieve, they often hover their feet a few inches over the dead bodies of other elephants they encounter.  What are they actually doing or attempting to accomplish there? 

Gaia, why do elephants lift their feet above a dead elephant?

An interesting question from your reader Tom and very observant.  They lift their feet as you call them above a dead elephant as a sign of recognition and of honor for their past life.  It is a simple, yet powerful gesture as you can imagine Tom.  It is done with love and as I said to honor the passing of a colleague.  Elephants do feel a sadness, although perhaps a little different than you do, as they are not veiled as you are Tom.  But certainly a gesture of respect it is and comradeship.


Theo, forgot to ask last time if Stephanie will be my name in that 3400 era, and if so, will names not change that much so that there will still be Tom, Dick and Harry’s?

Good question Tom.  Yes, there will still be common names such as the ones you mentioned and yes Stephanie will be your name then.  But there will be many other names that appear as the various races meld and the common names from each race become common throughout the world.  But surprising as it may seem, names –common names—will continue to be used hundreds of years from now. 


TR3-BRonald sent me a rather long quote from a message sent out by Dr. Richard Boylan concerning a super secret aircraft that a contact of his claims can fly around the earth in one hour and is triangular in shape.  Basically it has the appearance of a UFO.

Theo, is there such a spacecraft as the TR3-B?

Yes, Tom, but it does not have all the capabilities which people claim.  These stories have been blown out of proportion, to what is actual fact.  It does have some good capabilities, but interstellar –inter planet travel is not one of them.  More will be learned about this spacecraft in the not too distant future.


Antura, for those who have not read the series of questions listed as CONVERSATIONS WITH THE SIRIAN down in the list of SERIES below, Antura is a soul fragment in my own soul cluster.  He’s about 450 years into a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  I’m be making my first presentation ever on this material this coming Sunday in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.  They will be webcasting it to several other affiliated groups, but they said they can take a few of our group on a first-come basis.  So if you wish to watch it from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm CDT this Sunday, contact Ken Cherry at for the code to access the webcast.  The first four questions come from their organization.

Sirius BAntura here Tom.  Good life.

Good life Antura and hope you are having a wonderful day.

Thank you Tom.  Yes, it has been pleasant, but I have anticipated or was informed you would wish to speak with me, so I’m here ready to attempt to answer your questions.

Yes, Antura.  I have been receiving questions from the people I will speak to on Sunday.  First question:

Antura, was the mother of Jesus impregnated by an ET, and if so by whom?

Not in the least Tom.  This was not done by any ET, unless you consider Jesus an ET.  His soul was quite capable of having his future mother Mary be impregnated in advance of his birth you see.  This was not needed to be accomplished by any ET.

Do ET’s interact with the Elohim?

Yes, in the concept or basis on which this was asked Tom.  We are in constant contact with our spiritual advisors who are not in shall we say physical form.  This is quite common elsewhere in the galaxy, as compared to earth, where you are veiled from knowing your true relationship to your souls, and think you are all alone in the universe.  This is, as has been explained to you before, for a purpose, so that you will recreate all that has been done before, but will find new ways of creating never thought about by any other race.  But to again answer the question, yes we are in touch in meditation every day with our spiritual advisers.

Giza PyramidsWho built the pyramids of Giza?

Yes, the age old question, is it not?  Certainly the pyramids were built by humans Tom, but with the technical assistance or rather advice of your friendly ET’s.  It was naturally known that these structures would last for thousands of years and would create mysteries for those who would ponder your existence and where you came from.  You must have mysteries, as you are so veiled. 

Previous civilizations are covered up literally by the sands of time, as is shown to your archeologists over and over again when they must dig deep beneath the earth or sand as they discover these previous civilizations.  We as the Federation of Planets have been with you from the very start millions of years ago—not just a few thousand as some of your religions proclaim.  As Theo has told you before, Egypt was inhabited over 500,000 years ago, but the archeologists in Egypt cannot state these facts, or they would be in danger of being hurt or slain due to the fundamentalist religion prevalent there. 

ETMollie asks about the man she saw in her driveway –an ET from where?  And what about the ET in their living room?  What connection with her husband Tom?  And was there a feud between two planets?

Yes, I will confirm that there were ET’s as you call them in both places Tom.  They’re from Mollie’s and Tom’s home planet and should have been a little more discreet shall we say.  Her husband Tom is quite well known on his home planet and there are those from elsewhere that might have wished him harm, but were prevented from doing so by his home people. 

Yes, there was a feud going on between the two planets, which is finally being settled and life will return back to normal for them.  This is quite unusual, as there is peace between almost all the worlds these days.  People were dispatched—you can call them ambassadors who have experience in settling disputes—similar to the people you have on earth who do this work—and they have brought the two sides together to resolve their differences. 

Antura, there is a lot of speculation about the USA or other countries or organizations having spacecraft.  What is true or not?

As has been previously told you Tom, these reports have been exaggerated.  You do have some aircraft we will call them beyond what is admitted in the normal news, but these craft do not have the capability of flying to the moon or mars, etc. 

Naturally the military has been financing these craft, but true inter planet travel is still 25 to 30 years ahead for you.  There is much development still be done before that occurs.  Keep in mind Tom that there are those who wish to make money and they make wild claims with no basis of fact for their 15 minutes of fame as you call it so that they can earn fees from their books and speaking engagements.  The more outlandish some of these claims sound, the more they attract attention. 

Antura, will there be any disclosures around June 21 of this year?

Reptilian ETNo, Tom.  The European country that will be making disclosures will not do this for a couple of more years, I can assure you, but I can also assure you that when this happens, there will be a great tumultuous outcry, as there are those who wish to keep this information secret, in the belief that “you can’t handle it” as that actor in the movie said.  But it will open the door so that as more countries open up their before then secret archives, it will become wide spread knowledge. 

What was the goal of the reptilians when they started the star wars?

Yes, it was simple greed at that time Tom.  They wished to take over planets that were very advanced societies and control them for their own purposes and for the assets they held.  This is still played out on a much smaller scale on earth Tom, but back then it involved billions and billions of beings and has been noted before, the star wars as you call it lasted for thousands of years before it was settled.  Now the reptilians are kissing cousins shall I say and we are all at peace with each other and everyone is allowed to travel wherever they wish.

OK, I must go now Antura, as time is short.    Thank you for your discourse with me.

JUNE 19, SUNDAY--2:00 PM--EPIC VOYAGERS--GRAPEVINE, TEXAS COMMUNITY CENTER--I will give my first presentation ever on Antura, my "brother on another planet." For more information go to Facebook and enter EPIC VOYAGERS in the search box.
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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINES—JANUARY 29, 2011, February 5, 2011.


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