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Pay It ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


Be sure to read the questions I posed for the Moon this week, along with those for Antura.  The answers were quite thought provoking.  This newsletter should provide some great topics of discussion with your friends. 

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Lightning StrikePatris writes:  My daughter, a forestry dispatcher, asked me to inquire about the apparent increase in the number of lightening strikes in western states experiencing an early and intense fire season. 

Also, since I live in San Diego, she is concerned about the predicted major earthquake for this region and whether souls involved have signed off.  Thank you for your service.

Gaia, is there any particular reason for the increase in lightning strikes in the western United States?

Yes Tom.  This is a pattern I need in order for old timber to burn and then new timber will spring up.  We have covered this subject before.  Periodically I do have a time when these old strands of forest must be burned so that a new cycle of growth can begin.  As humans encroach on these forests, they must Colorado Fireunderstand that I do have these periodic cycles and either build their houses to resist fires, or they will be consumed by them.  In the past, when I burned a forest, people were not affected, but now they are. 

I’m asked again if the souls signed off for the California movements?

Yes, I know that many wish to be kept informed of this.  At the present time more souls are in agreement since the last time you asked, but it is still not 100% yet.  Keep checking as I anticipate this might occur soon.


My first communication with Luna, the soul of the Moon last newsletter evoked several questions from readers.

Menstrual CycleShawn writes:  Luna, How do you assist women in dealing with their menstrual cycles. What advice can you given for women who wish to sync up their cycle with the moon and what are the benefits of that?  Thank you for being a hopeful light.

Luna, is it beneficial for women to synchronize their menstrual cycles with you?

Yes, certainly if they can it is beneficial Tom.  It’s just not always possible for them to do so, but they will find there are benefits to synchronizing.  They will be more in tune with their natural cycles should they decide to follow that path Tom.

Luna, you mentioned the moon was moved “in a way.”  I was asked for you to expound on that.  Moons of Uranus

Yes, Tom.  I was moved, as I had been a satellite of another planet in your solar system, but it was decided, as I mentioned before, that a moon was needed for a number of reasons, most of which we’ve already covered.    Naturally this was done with that planet’s approval, as it has a number of moons, and the soul of the planet understood why it was being done.  But you can see that most planets will have multiple moons if they are larger, while very small planets tend not to, as they do not have the pull of gravity to capture a moon my size.

So which planet did you come from?  Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune?

I will not give you that complete answer now, as scientists will discover similarities in the future between me and the moons that circle this planet, but certainly I came from one with a number of moons, so you could say I would not be as missed. 

That must have been an exciting time for you I would think?

Quite so Tom.  Certainly all involved needed to agree you see, but Creator had this plan and your ET forefathers shall we say were quite motivated to put all the pieces in place for the experiment to begin.  I personally enjoy being the only moon to encircle earth, as compared to being one of many elsewhere shall we say. 

MoonHas your position moved so that we cannot see the “man in the moon” image I’m asked?

No it has not Tom.  It is still quite visible if you look.

Luna, why will it take scientists so long to get to the crashed spaceship?

Because Tom—there are several reasons.  First is that it will be more dangerous for those scientist-adventurers to go to the backside of me and land.  Communication will be not possible to the back side until small communication satellites will be installed around me so that there will be the ability to instantly communicate with the front side and even earth should they desire.  That requires expertise, not to mention the cost of the satellites.  Certainly several will be needed, although the sophistication by then will be greatly improved—still there is a cost involved, plus one spacecraft or more will be needed to install them in orbit. 

Again, this takes time and effort.  So logistically it will be difficult, as compared to establishing a colony or colonies on the side facing the earth.  So to use one of your sayings—“First things first.”

Luna, are you developing an atmosphere?

No I’m not Tom. 

MarsWill humans create an atmosphere there in the future?

No, that will not occur Tom.  It will not be needed, as again there would be an enormous expense involved in doing so, not to mention the scientific knowledge of how to accomplish this.  You will not gain that knowledge for several thousand years.  By then you would want to create an atmosphere for a whole planet that will appear promising.  Mars certainly comes to mind as the most likely candidate for you to try your hand at establishing an atmosphere.  This will also be a balancing for some of your souls who in the past were responsible for it losing its atmosphere.

I think what Luna said about a smaller planet like earth not being large enough to capture a moon her size was really thought provoking, plus the responses about atmospheres and the crashed spacecraft on the backside were quite interesting.  When you think about it, we’ve had asteroids that have sailed in between earth and the moon and our gravity did not appear (from a layman’s point of view) to have any affect on them.


Papua New GuineaElsie writes:  I have just recently found my way to your work and am really enjoying learning and experiencing what you bring to us.  I am reading Gentle Way 11 and dipping into the archives as questions arise for me.  It certainly takes a lot of acceptance and understanding to go with this bigger picture of our lives especially the realization that we never had and never will have any conscious control of our time here on earth.   Or are there times when we can make conscious/unconscious choices, which influence an outcome - or maybe that last moment change was all part of the scheme of things anyway?  

I am wondering about a recent change I have made to my own travel plans in December this year.    I am going to visit family in Papua New Guinea via Australia.  Originally I intended to go straight to PNG but have now decided to stay 3 days in Brisbane to meet up with my daughter who will come up from Melbourne.   Are changes like these meaningful?   Also I have been reading a lot on your site about the Ring of fire which envelops PNG and I would like to know if that area will be safe during my time there - 2nd to 28th December.   I was also curious as to my choice (unconscious) to be in PNG for this significant December shift.  Is this the right place to ask questions of your guides?   I know you are a busy person so will be patient and await your reply and obviously keep an eye on the newsletter.

Gaia, will Papua New Guinea have any major earth movements before the end Papua New Guineaof the year?

No, not so major Tom, but certainly this is an active area and will see earth movements, just not catastrophic ones.  So the person who asked can go there but just be aware there will possibly be earth movements at any time.  The people who live there are quite used to this or resigned to it in any case.

One thing you might forget is that our Guides and our Guardian Angel are always “whispering in our ear,” giving us advice.  One of the harder things is to notice when these messages come, and notice that they are not just thoughts, but information from our loving Guides. 


For my new subscribers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” as Theo calls it.  He’s having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  One radio host called him “Aqua Man,” which he likes.  My friend Frank posed a couple of these questions during our vacation. 

Antura, is time travel only possible in the earth time loop, or can anyone in the universe travel back and forth in time? Time Travel

Excellent question from your friend Tom.

No, time travel is only available in this time loop.  Which is why we can meet and converse with, should we desire, societies from the past and future Tom.  This is quite complicated, but the very nature of your time loop allows societies from any time in the past to access the different time periods.  Finally the Federation Directive has regulated and actually restricted this, so it was much more prevalent in the past – your past—than in your present.

Do you—meaning other societies—harmonize with a specific frequency signature to time travel?

Yes, in a way Tom.  Certainly there is a tuning in to the frequency signature of a specific time period.  This is far in advance of what you will learn in the future Tom, as you can imagine. 

OK, but I am to understand that time travel is not done in the universe—the rest of it?

Yes, that is correct Tom.  It is only done in special time continuums.

Space PortalAntura, on the subject of portals, do you somehow fold space before going through a portal?

No, it is not accomplished in that manner Tom.  There are already folds in space, which we are able to take advantage of in portal hopping.  That’s why we cannot travel across the whole universe in one portal hop.  We must use the existing folds in space we will call them for your purposes. 

I have neglected to ask you Antura if it takes more than one portal jump to get from your planet to ours?

Yes.  It takes two, although you thought it would only be one Tom.

Are you able to use the same portal back to your planet or are they just for one-way travel?

No they are used both directions Tom.  And to answer your next question there is no danger of two spacecraft crashing in the middle of a portal hop.  We have instruments, which prevent such a collision. 


This MBO story and the next one were in last week’s Blog, which you can access now on the Menu on my website, or go directly there to to read nothing but MBO and BP stories. 

United AirlinesI’ll begin with a story of my own.  As noted we’re taking a short vacation.  We booked a flight from DFW to Chicago on United Airlines on an Airbus, connecting to a regional jet to Syracuse, returning the same way.  I always request MBO’s as far in advance as possible, and requested a MBO for the flights and whole trip. 

United notified us that they had changed the flight at 1:00 pm to a regional jet, but there was nothing we could do about that, as we thought we had a connecting flight at 4:00 pm in Chicago and the next flight on a 737 at 2:14 pm would not arrive in time.

One week before the trip I just HAPPENED to check the flights, and United had changed the connecting flight to 6:00 pm and had not notified us.  I called our friends and Candy, who used to work for Delta, quickly got us changed to the later DFW flight.  One problem—there were only center seats left in the back of the plane.  Another problem, there were no seats showing available on the connecting flight for my wife and me.  So (after requesting a MBO) I got on the phone and talked to a very nice United reservations agent by the name of Ms. Otas, who called the “Help Desk” and was able to get two seats for my wife and I on the bulkhead just behind first class.  And then two more seats together close to the front of the regional jet (seats they normally sold for an extra $33 and $44 as I recall).  

I called Candy, but she wanted to wait to see if things might loosen up closer to the flight date.  On Tuesday morning I received a telephone call, which I was not able to get to in time.  I checked the number, thinking it might be United calling with another change, but it wasn’t, but that prompted me to again check the flights.  Sure enough, they had upgraded some frequent fliers from economy to First Class, opening up two seats together.   I quickly called Candy and she quickly secured  them. 

When you request MBO’s, you do need to listen to those “whispers in your ears,” as your own Guardian Angel is trying to assist you all the time.  I told everyone that it was actually my Guardian Angel Theo telephoning me to look at our reservations online. 

I’m sure I’ll have more MBO stories next week from our trip.


ExamKathy on Facebook writes:  I have a good MBO for your newsletter. I have to pass a number of difficult financial management type courses and exams to be certified for my new job. These courses are very difficult for me because my background is not in finance and I am not the best timed-test taker to begin with. In these courses, you have to achieve a specific score by the end of each day to be sure you aren't cut from the course before its finished, and people are cut every day. So a few weeks ago I took one of these courses and by the third day, on the 4th exam that week, I had a serious panic attack. I have never experienced something like this before - I broke out in a sweat, my heart raced, and my mind froze. I couldn't understand a word on the page.

I asked my guardian angel to help me calm down to pass the exam and make it through the end of the course, and I made it through that day but had to get a perfect score the next day to pass. And I was not sure I could get a perfect score, so I requested an MBO for a perfect score so I could pass....I got a perfect score!!! It was a miracle! And I was so relieved. And now I have two more courses to take and have been requesting MBOs to pass both of these on the first attempt, and to make sure I never have a panic attack again. Thank you so much Tom and Theo for teaching me about MBOs. Getting to know my Guardian Angel is transforming my life in such a positive way.


Jesus' FamilyPaul writes:  About four months ago I was offered the opportunity to talk to a psychic. Among other revelations, she talked about my incarnation as a sister of Jeshua and being the youngest sibling within that family group. The psychic offered the information that the sister had joined the Essene community. There came a time when Jeshua left his home and moved to another land, and, as his sister, I'd declined to go with him, feeling that my work with the Essene community was too important. Apparantly, I had much in the way of healing and teaching gifts to offer.

In all my forty years of metaphysical reading, I can't remember any source suggesting or specifying that Jeshua had a sister; perhaps I missed the right book. I'm hoping you might ask your guide, Theo, if he might shed some light on the veracity of this story, and, if true, add some further information pertaining to me as a sister of this Great Master.

Theo, did Jesus have sisters as well as brothers?

Yes, families were large back then Tom, as times were much more difficult.  Jesus did have sisters—yes two as you were thinking Tom. 

Were there more than two?

No, two is the number Tom.


Gobekli TepeRonald sent me two links about the Gobekli Tepe ruins in Turkey which appear to date back over 10,000 years.  I posted on Facebook and everyone asked questions, so here are the links and my question to Theo:

Theo, what is Gobekli Tepe and who built it?

Yes, as has been speculated it was built by an ancient people honoring the stars they came from.  They did have the ability at that time to move large slabs of rock and to carve very intricate animals.  Scientists—archeologists will learn more about these people as they unearth more of the complex, so let’s allow them their moments of discovery.  But their carbon dating I will say is fairly close to the mark.

I find it interesting that these structures were abandoned about the same time as were the Bosnian Pyramids, “just up the road.” 

Here is Part 2 from the series:

AtlantisDid Edgar Cayce accurately receive the descriptions of the three major Atlantis Continent destructions?

Yes, Tom. Edgar Cayce was quite accurate. Remember, he was an Egyptian priest in a life before, so he had access to all the records that were available at that time about the continent of Atlantis before it sank into the ocean and before the library at Alexandria was destroyed.

Did the earth have two moons back in the days of Atlantis, or was this before Atlantis was populated and really existed as a society?

Good question Tom from the lady who asked. Yes there were two moons early in the days of Atlantis and yes one of them exploded which was caused by a scientific experiment gone awry. Needless to say, that soul took on quite a bit of Karma that has or is taking thousands of years to balance.

So was this prior to the first destruction or after it?

Prior to. It was part of what occurred when they were doing initial testing of the capabilities of these giant crystals. They pointed it to the sky and blew the second moon to smithereens as you would say.

Two MoonsWhy wouldn’t we still see fragments of this moon today Theo?

Of course, you can see a great many, as they made craters on the moon. Other fragments slowly were drawn into the earth’s orbit and burned up and others went far out into space to become asteroids themselves. Yes you see some of them pass every so often as their paths intersect the earth orbit.

So I want to make sure I received this correctly. There was a second moon and it was blown up by a scientist or group of scientists in Atlantis and not by a previous society?

That is absolutely correct Tom. I know it seems a little hard to believe, but that’s how it happened.

(Two days later) Just wish to verify my reception from the 20th regarding the 2nd moon being destroyed during the time of Atlantis.

Tom, you were correct in your reception. The second moon was destroyed during the time of Atlantis and yes it was around the time of the 1st destruction. You did receive this correctly my friend.

OK, I thought it had to happen a million years ago for the sky to be so clear now.

It would seem that way, but between the gravity pull of the other moon and the gravity of the earth, the pieces were quickly absorbed, as there was also help from the scientists who helped break up the pieces after the fiasco of destroying to moon.

Theo, you said I had lived 100 to 200 lives on the continent of Atlantis. Can you be more specific with the number and over Atlantianswhat time span were these lives?

Ah yes Tom--an interesting time of growth for you. Let’s see if you can receive this number—187 is pretty close. The time span was over 50,000 years, so they were not bunched up as you say together one after another, although still quite often if you were to divide the number into the number of years.

Did I mis-receive the number of lives I led on that continent, as Edgar Cayce wrote that some lives were in the hundreds of years?

Yes, but that was more at the beginning of their occupation of this continent and the years lived slowly contracted as they became denser shall we say. This was really in the very early years of Atlantis and not when there was a larger population.

(In another session) Did I have a life on Atlantis earlier than say 60,000 BC?

Yes, a little earlier, but not much.

So were the majority of my lives during the last 50,000 years of its existence?

Yes, quite so Tom. The earlier lives were to get you the feel of the land and its potential.

AtlantisSo the continent of Atlantis was populated for over 50,000 years?

Quite so. This continent as you can imagine grew from a fertile unused land to one with tribes and such, to one that was scientifically on par with your lives today. That’s why they gained such advances in science and the arts and all phases of life, as they had many, many generations to progress just as people have progressed greatly in the past 2,000 years if you will in your modern age. They used crystals for power and such that you have still not discovered. On a subconscious level you have tried to stay away from the use of large crystals as subliminally you remember what a catastrophe that use brought on.

(Another day) Did I receive correctly that the continent of Atlantis was inhabited for 50,000 years, which would be from 65,000 years ago, or less or more?

A little less Tom—more like around 60,000 years ago you see?

Were Cro-Magnons living on the Atlantian Continent?  Cro-Magnon

Yes, some were, but very few, and they were in the early days of inhabitation—not later.

What about Neanderthals?

No. They were created elsewhere.

So the “things” that Edgar Cayce talked about were neither Cro-Magnon nor Neanderthals?

No, as I said before they were the beings left over from countless experiments with genetics that those from the stars left behind.


Scota BookRonald forwarded this to me from Alexandra:  The Scotichronicon, a 15th century history of Scotland by the monk, Walter Bower claims that Spain, Ireland and Scotland were ruled by the descendants of Scota, a princess from ancient Egypt.

Considered pseudo-history by the mainstream, recent DNA discoveries suggest there might be something to this story, after all.

Theo, were the peoples of Scotland, Ireland and Spain once ruled by the descendants of Scota, the ancient Egyptian princess?

Certainly there is a connection here Tom.  More will be revealed by your ET friends in the future, with much more detail.  People ranged much farther than historians can imagine.


Steve on Facebook sent me a story about a possible change of heart Dick Cheney had regarding 911 after he received a Dick Cheneyheart transplant, and he asked me to check on this.

Did Dick Cheney have a change of heart about 911 after his heart transplant?

Regrettably no, Tom.  Yes, you do take on some of the cell memories of the person you obtained the heart from, but in Mr. Cheney’s case it was not enough to override his previous convictions shall we call them.


CannibalismSandy writes:  I use MBO's throughout the day and am continually amazed and in wonderment that they work!  I am most thankful about the protection received around our home and land when extreme weather conditions are looming or predicted.    
There is one question I wish to pose to Theo.  There are quite a few mentions on the news lately of instances attributed to cannibalism and "zombies" murders.  Would Theo please comment on why or how so many cases seem to have cropped up at this time?
Thank you so much for sharing and caring.  By using MBO's from day to day we are in truth growing as "creators in training."

Theo, there seems to be a rash of cannibalistic and zombie type murders recently, so why?

Yes, these are highly disturbed individuals Tom who have reacted badly to the energy changes.  Their problems were just exacerbated by the changes in energy.  This will continue for some months as you prepare for the jump, then will quickly subside as you enter 2013. 


Jim writes:  Seems you are the answer to everyone's questions.  Must be nice but really keeps you busy.  We all thank Dead Mermaid?you.
Last night on the History channel on the program  on mermaids, they spoke of finding a mermaid's body, etc.  Was the information true?  I think that Antura had said they live in the deep oceans.  Any information would be helpful in knowing what to believe.

Theo, was the dead mermaid I saw on Youtube with red hair a real mermaid or a fake?

This was a fake Tom, but well done. 


Human SkullJen writes:  This might be an interesting one to ask about for your newsletter.  Scientists have found that our skulls have grown 6.8% since the 1880's but our bodies by 5.6%.  The skulls have become larger, taller and narrower.  I just started reading some of Robert Shapiro's work and am joking to myself that this is the beginning of our transformation into the Zetas!

Theo, will our skulls and bodies continue to grow?

Not to the extent as they have in the past, Tom.  You are the ideal human in form, so very little “tweaking” will be done in the future.  Certain small modifications will be made in the future, but again not too much.


Gentle Way BookDon’t forget that BOTH GENTLE WAY books are NOW AVAILABLE as Ebooks on Kindle and other services!   You Gentle Way Book 2can also order the print versions by phone at my publisher Monday to Friday.  Call toll free 800-450-0985.  The books are great for presents for family and friends for birthdays and other special occasions!  Either or both books can change lives!



For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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