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·    JUNE 7 CME

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


June 7 CMEWhen I have a question about solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections, I go right to the source—the Sun.  When I communicate with him I feel like he’s having to make things as simple as possible, as I do not have a scientific background.  He has said that he’ll be happy to speak to anyone who wishes to contact him, so I hope those with scientific backgrounds will do so as you learn to do these simple “active meditations.”

Sun, what did you achieve with the coronal blast on June 7?

Yes, Tom, it did achieve several things for me.  First it did move magma across the surface as you viewed, but it also allowed me to send energy across the solar system—yes Mercury did appear in your photos or video to be right in the path, but this solar energy spread out over the whole solar system and certainly earth received a portion of it.  This is an energy Gaia requested and I sent for not only her use but the other planets.

And yes, as Robert Shapiro reported, it did allow me to change the solar system orbit just a tiny bit, as I needed to do that to align a little better with the rest of the galaxy. 

CMEHad you fallen out of alignment, or is this something that just happens—that you drift away from exact alignment?

Good question Tom.  No, this allows me to be more in tune shall we call it with the rest of the galaxy.  Keep in mind that I am connected energy wise to all the other solar systems in the galaxy.

Did this solar flare affect or will affect humans on earth?

Yes, to a slight degree Tom.  Its affect will be more subtle, as I am now aligned better with the rest of the galaxy.  Those that are very sensitive will feel a slight change.

OK.  I think that’s all my questions for today Sun.  I thank you and do wish you a good life and an interesting one.

Oh it is quite interesting Tom.  I enjoy it greatly. It is my passion as you like to say.

Thank you.  Gaia, are you still around?

Yes, Tom.   I was monitoring your conversation with Sun.  He explained it the best he could with your level of scientific expertise.

Which is pretty low I know.

That’s OK Tom.  Your readers will understand, as the majority of them are not scientifically oriented either.


Robert Shapiro had written on my wall on Facebook that he channeled Isis and she said:  "This event heralds a change in the orbital pattern of this solar system. It will now move slightly but measurably and create a more benevolent opportunity to grow spiritually."


SingaporeEugene in Singapore writes:  Many heartfelt thanks and more thanks for all your incredible work and efforts! You have certainly changed my life!

Regarding the changes that will come in 2012, may I ask what will befall on Singapore?  Well, at least my wife, son and I will have an inkling of the general state of our country.  A grave situation, and my heart is heavy.

Gaia, what is the future for Singapore? 

Yes, Singapore sits on the ocean Tom, so this will be a problem for them in the coming years as I raise the ocean levels two feet.  It is already beginning, this raising of the ocean levels.  It is not too perceptible now, but will be shortly.  Therefore, anyone living by or on the water must move away—to a place farther inland, where they will be safe from the rising water levels and the storm surges, which will be much higher. 

This is a grave problem for Singapore Tom, as they don’t have a really decent place to move.  But those that read this from that part of the world can request MBO’s to move to a safe place for them, Tom. 


Colombia FloodingMedreth from Colombia writes:  Coming from Colombia, it has broken all records for rain for 11 months straight.  Farmland is flooded and it has completely wiped out several towns, killing hundreds of people. What does your guides see in the future for weather in Colombia?

Second question!  Colombia has the most corrupt politicians in the world. Many have been arrested in the past month. What does your guides see in cleaning up corruption in Colombia?  Keep up the good work.

Gaia, why is there so much rain and flooding in Colombia, and will there be any improvement in their corrupt government?

Yes, the first answer is easy Tom.  The souls have chosen this time to experience floods.  This is for their soul contracts and soul learning experience.  It will not continue much longer, as I will bring it mostly to an end. 

Regarding the corrupt political system, I’m afraid this will stay as it is for the foreseeable future, although things will improve greatly in about five years time.  By then there will emerge new leaders who will stamp out the corruption that pervades this society today. 


Drought Lisa in New Mexico writes:  I love your newsletter.  Thank you for taking the time each week to send it.  I live in Silver City, New Mexico and am concerned about our continuing drought and excessive wind.  It is painful to watch the deer looking for food.  We normally have a monsoon season beginning early July and ending mid September but some are now speculating that we may not even get rain then.  I was wondering if you could ask about this situation.  I am aware that recently the drought in Texas was addressed but we as well as part of Arizona are also in drought.  Thank you so much.

Gaia, will you bring the monsoon season to New Mexico in July to ease the drought?

Yes, Tom.  The drought they have had will begin to lessen in a little over a month, and they will see some copious rains, which will ease their drought conditions.  They can also ask for MBO’s for it to rain and say Benevolent Prayers too.

So please join with me to say this Benevolent Prayer:

“I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing rain to the parched lands of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in a most speedy and benevolent manner, thank you!”


Saint GermainEllyn in Texas writes:  Hello, Tom!  I attended your talk at the Spiritual Center, have your books and read your newsletters.  I have looked but do not see any  references to white gold powder or the origins of astrology.

In some of my research I have found allusions to a formula for spinning a white powder out of gold, and I don't know what else.  This powder is purported to extend life span as well as render objects invisible as well as levitate them to other places.  I wonder if you could ask Theo if such a formula was handed to the priests by aliens long ago, if certain persons still access it, and if there have been people who have traveled time that way.  The French Comte de St. Germain is the most mentioned example.

Theo, please explain if there is any truth about spinning a white powder out of gold with supposedly the benefits of a longer life and even invisibility?

Yes Tom, there is some truth to this in the alchemist books you see, and yet brought to perfection of St. Germain.  This will continue to be hidden from view shall we say for quite sometime in the future.   

Where did astrology originate?

Yes, astrology is as old as man, Tom, as don’t forget, there were no city lights back then to block your views.  And yes these rudimentary calculations were given to these people as tools they could use by your friendly ET’s.  So yes, astrology is much older than is reported, as they can find no other proof of it yet I will say.


keep encouraging everyone to record your dreams each morning.  Besides guiding you and giving you a glimpse of past lives, it will also give you a glimpse of future lives, as you’ll read below.

Other WorldTheo, Some questions this morning.  Who was Stephanie in my dream last night and what was the significance of the 1429 number I think it was?

Yes, as you guessed Tom, this is another you and yes it will be in a future life.  It gave you a little introduction to the personality you will have then—very direct and forceful.

Speaking of that future life, what contributions, with my background, will I be able to make other than perhaps being a pretty good space pilot?

Yes, this will be an extensive answer Tom.  Besides being an extremely competent space pilot, the population as a whole will be much more accepting of these talents.  But beyond that you will be able to converse telepathically with any and all races you encounter.  It will be just as we are doing now, but you will be in a full conscious state, or a light alpha state shall we call it.  This will be very valuable as you go from planet to planet you see.  And you will be able to convey to them that you are gentle, reasonable people. 

You will see many amazing things in that life Tom, but before then you have much work left to do in this one and your next one back on your home planet.  So don’t rush things.  Enjoy the moments. 


Annette writes:  Regarding Theo's response that the "gods" Apollo, Mars. etc. were men - what of the claims that they were Starbeings who came to Earth and the book by Erich Von Daniken "Chariot of the Gods"? Is there any validity to those claims/thoughts/ideas?

Theo, what about the claim that the Greek Gods came from the stars?

Yes, Tom.   There was truth to this, as those people did originate on other planets, where your explorer Race was created shall we say locally.  Again, that society eventually destroyed itself through greed and avarice.


LabyrinthJim writes:  I attended a labyrinth workshop today. In discussing the history, it was mentioned that the oldest labyrinths found date from around 2500 BC.  Something tells me that their origin is much older.  Could you ask Theo if he can shed any light on the origin of the labyrinth from an age perspective, as well as a location and culture perspective.  Are they originally from Earth or somewhere else in the Universe? 

I find it interesting that Christianity co-opted the labyrinth in Medieval times.  My intuition tell me this was adopted from pagan imagery and used it as a bridge to transition in the new religion.  Interestingly, until recent years, the labyrinth seems to have lost all its significance to the Christian churches.  In fact, the one in Chartres is frequently covered with chairs and not accessible to walking.

Theo, are labyrinths much older than 2,500 BC and where did they originate and did they come from another planet?

Yes, Tom, they are much older and were given to the people at that time as a way to concentrate and meditate—very simple so that anyone could construct one.  So the origin is much, much older, but the ones that were initially constructed were not of a permanent nature, so it is difficult for your archeologists to pinpoint with no proof.


SpinningDavid writes:  In Barbara Marciniak's 3 hour video, at about 2 hours 27 minutes into the video they begin to speak of some things one might do to facilitate the process of ascension. One exercise, in particular, is about activating the 12 chakras. I'm wondering if you might have any comments on their suggestion of ' spinning '.  This process is one of spinning around in circles, moving from left to right, a minimum of 33 times... etc, etc? I'm also wondering if you can comment on the part where they suggest (at 2 hrs 30 mins ) that if one can manage to do this 3 separate times (daily), thereby totaling 99 times that, " Well, we will see how long you can stay on the planet, or at least in this dimension."  I guess I'm specifically making reference to the part about "staying on the planet".

Although I'm very interested in learning more about our changing DNA and would like to speed up the activation of my chakras, I kind of like it here, if you know what I mean.   :-)   Thanks in advance for your help.

Theo, does “spinning” around in circles 33 times assist in ascension – raising your vibrational level?

Only to the extent of their beliefs Tom.  Naturally they chose the master number for a spiritual master, but as I have said many times, the easiest and most gentle way of raising ones vibrational level is in requesting MBO’s.  Many people will become nauseous in trying to spin that many times and some could hurt themselves in the process, so those who wish to try this should do so with caution.  There is no co-creation using this method, so the benefits are miniscule. 


CometDominick writes:  This video describes a comet (Some say a dwarf star) and its entry into our solar system. It shows a correlation to earthquakes in Chile and Japan. My question for the Sun, is this comet a part of the energy that is creating earthquakes and tonadoes?  It also shows coming in closer proximity Around August thru November of this year. Just like to see if this pattern hold true.  Thanks.

Gaia, is there a comet entering the solar system, which is assisting you in creating earthquakes and tornadoes and such?

Not in the least Tom.  These are speculations from people who feel the need to assign the blame to something, other than the earth and you souls’ desires for certain events to happen.  Now it’s “blame the comets” turn, and yet there is no real comet that is in the solar system to affect me at this time. 


West CoastBob writes:  I have been having dreams and dreadful feelings for the past two, maybe three months.  On July 19, 2011, between 3:10 and 3:20 pm, all hell is going to break loose.  At first, I felt it was just of a personal nature and have been looking at my relationship and in general, what is going on with friends and family.  Every time I think I may have seen an issue, I have discussed with partner or family and everything clears up almost immediately.  I don't see any reason for the huge amount of dread I am feeling.  

Then, as I began looking at things in general, I am feeling more of a major quake or tornado, or just all hell breaking loose.  Can you ask Theo to clarify why I am feeling so nutso about this.   I live in Marysville, Washington, 35 miles north of Seattle.

Gaia, anything happening on the west coast of North America around June 19?

No, again Tom.  People do speculate do they not.

Yes, the other one was June 15 that Japan would fall into the sea at that time and a 1,000 foot tsunami would be created.

This is hogwash Tom.  I have said before that Japan will experience more earthquakes and a smaller tsunami, but nothing on the category this person has predicted. 


BeesColleen writes:  I really enjoy your newsletters and have learned a great deal.  I have worked for many years growing food and feeding people.  I have read that the bees, which are important food crop pollinators, won't be joining us in the 5th.  I'm wondering if we will still be growing fruits and vegetables - will they be the same kinds we enjoy now? How will we get along without our bee friends?  Thank you very much.

Gaia, will the bees and all other insects and animals move over to the 5th focus with us?

Of course, Tom.  Again, many will not notice the change at first.  There will not suddenly be no dogs or cats or for that matter any other animal as you call them, and certainly the birds and insects have been notified that this will occur.  Everything will seem as normal.


Salomie in Africa writes:  I was wondering if you could ask Theo if three years ago was about the time period when energies started changing?  So I take it life will get easier, not just energy wise but also the way we all live now?

I at first thought that it was my age that has caused all this uneasiness within me. Yes it is really bad.

Theo, when did the energies in our bodies start to change?

Quite some time back Tom.  Certainly over 10 years ago and really much longer than that, but rather imperceptible, until now when the changes become much more noticeable. 


MusicEleanore writes:  I am a huge devotee of classical music.  This afternoon while listening to a wonderful recorded concert the thought occurred to me as to how/where all music, but particularly classical, fits into the scheme of things in human's lives on a metaphysical level.  What does Gaia have to say about it if anything?  Does it or did it have any predetermined purpose?  There are all kinds of studies as to how it affects people, etc. but that's not what I'm trying to get at.  I know it is very healing for people when they are experiencing adversities and expressive when there is joy.  I guess what I'm asking is there a higher purpose we don't get or over look?

Theo, what part does music play in our lives and on a higher level?

An enormous amount Tom.  It is a mode of expression of your feelings, but music on a higher level is very spiritual and you will hear some of the most amazing music being sung in the heavens shall we say.  Music allows you to more closely attune yourselves to the core of the galaxy, although you need more notes to do that you see. 

Music should be listened to not only to express feelings Tom, but to experience love, emotion, and all the other feelings you can experience with good music, including the classics.


AlienatedShe asked me to change her name so Jamie writes:  I find your newsletters comforting and informative.  I have a question.  My daughter, 12, and I are extremely sensitive to our environment and people.  For the past 10 months we both have been feeling depressed, not fitting in with our old friends and spending a great deal of time alone.  We almost feel as though we are aliens in our own community.  Is this part of our vibrating higher?  What can we do to help ourselves not to completely loose the desire to be part of this world? Thank you.  Looking forward to hearing your reply.

Theo, why are some people feeling alienated and wishing to be alone?

Yes, there are great mood swings sensitive people can feel that can leave them depressed, Tom.  These mood swings will continue for a while and in fact will increase over he next year.  These people can request MBO’s for their GA’s to send healing light and energy to them to get over the hump.


RasputinEileen writes:  Sending an MBO your way for health and happiness in all you do.  Today, I would like to go back into history a bit and ask about a figure named Rasputin.  What is the real story behind this Russian monk?  Please ask Theo if he had any special powers and if so from where did they originate?  (Was he an Egyptian high priest in a previous earth life?)   As always heartfelt thanks for the work that you do.

Theo, did Rasputin have any special powers, and what lives would be in relation to that life he lived?

Yes, Mr. Rasputin did have some psychic gifts Tom, which did make him valuable to the king, but also created enemies.  He had a number of lives leading up to that one in which he honed his craft shall we say to prepare him for this one.


John writes:  Tom, as we approach the 5th focus, will the our carbon cells transition to crystal on their own or are we somehow required/expected to change the cells of our body to acclimate to the dimensional change?  I read Theo’s recent comment on the change in the latest newsletter and was a little confused where he stated “your bodies need to change in order to ……..”, making we wonder if we are the ones who will change them or what.  

Also what other benefits are there to having crystalline cells instead of carbon, besides be able to be more comfortable in the 5h dimension focus, which is very important?

We’re not going to change our cells—they’re just going to change.

Theo, what are the benefits of crystal cells as compared to carbon cells?

Yes, again this is necessary to experience the 5th focus Tom, which complicates matters as you switch to the 5th focus from the 3rd.  It allows you to vibrate at a higher level, which is needed to stay and be comfortable in the 5th.  You would not be able to live comfortably in the 5th if your cells did not change.

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