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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


Special DeliveryThis week I’m sending the newsletter and blog out early, as we’re taking a short vacation to the Fingerlakes section of New York with a couple of friends.   If you have any questions or MBO stories please send them soon, so that I can immediately begin work on them upon my return!

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Cynthia writes:  Tom,  this video is very interesting!  Can you ask the Sun what is going on with this? What is the round object?

Sphere near  SunSun, what was the round object that was recently near your corona?  Was it a corona hole, spacecraft of some sort, or what?

Yes Tom, it was not what you term a corona hole, but it was also not a spaceship either.  It is something that is created with the dynamic forces I release and it has opposite properties of what I release.  Yes it’s almost like a bubble, but more concrete in form than a bubble and as you noticed it remained stationary and did not continue to move away.  It is something your scientists will not discover or shall I say understand for many years Tom.  To give you this information would rob someone of their “ah-ha” moment, but this should be enough of a hint to eliminate one or two possibilities from the list.  Yes it’s almost like a solidification of elements, but that’s all I’ll give you.

(I was thinking that question, which was the reason for the last response.)
OK thanks for your time Sun and I wish you a good life.  It appears that much is being learned about you and your dynamic forces now that we have an eye in the sky.  They seem to be honing in on your inner workings.

Yes they are just a little Tom, but I have many things for them to learn in the future which they have not even considered yet.


Gaia, this is not on the list but what sort of symbiotic relationship do you have with your moon?  Moon Mission

Glad you asked Tom as I had been expecting the question for some time.  Yes my moon, which is also ensouled you see, and I have worked together for millions of years.  Moon has its own interests, but does work with me handling tides and assisting me with my plate movements.  For you it is a beacon in the sky and holds many mysteries to solve.  You will, before too many years are passed, have a moon colony as you prepare for the stars, and before those trips to other planets in our solar system.  Moon enjoyed immensely humans traveling to see her up close and awaits your return.  I suggest you gather some questions and speak with Moon directly.

Yes, I’ll do that Gaia.


OK, I think it’s time for me to speak with Moon Gaia.

Moon here Tom.  I’ve looked forward to having a chat with you.

MoonThank you Moon and I wish you a good life and send you white light as best this fragment of a soul can. 

That is appreciated Tom.  What questions do you have?

Obvious ones.  For my purposes may I call you Luna, or if that would offend any religious groups would you prefer Moon as Sun does for his name?

No, Luna is fine Tom.  It’s a common enough name that is acceptable and not so meaningful to just one group of people as the names for the Sun are. 

Thank you.   Gaia says you two have been working together for millions of years.  Did she ensoul the earth first and then you came along, or was it instantaneous ensouling for you both?

Good question Tom as they say.  No we came almost at the same time for your purposes. 

The earth was moved I’m told, from the Sirius B star system to here.  Were you moved too, or was the moon captured to orbit around the earth?

No it was captured as you say.  I was not orbiting earth before, but in a way I was moved here too, as your friendly ET’s knew you would need a good luminous moon to light up the dark, plus assist Gaia with all here workings such as tides and plate movements. 

So as a soul what attracted you to ensoul a moon as compared to say a small planet of some sort?

Yes, Tom. I understand what you mean, but there are many things for a soul to learn by ensouling a moon you see.  As Gaia I believe once mentioned to you, she ensouled an asteroid for a very long time where she gained much knowledge, which prepared her to take over a whole planet, and an especially vibrant and active one as the earth is.    So I have learned much from this experience and will learn even more in the future you see.

Lunar ColonyYes, I’ve been told there will be a moon colony of earthlings before we go to the stars.

That’s quite correct Tom. 

So how many people do you see living there on a fairly permanent, or even semi permanent basis? 

Certainly it will be several hundred Tom, but could go well over one to two thousand people at times.  It will be quite an active colony of geologists, engineers, and scientists, plus their families and support personnel.

This leads me to ask Luna.  Before the first recognized moon landing by the American astronauts, had you been visited in the past by any earth humans?

Yes Tom.  Far back in your history.  No one recently as you were thinking.  The stories of your illuminati having its own spacecraft is, as Gaia would say, hogwash.    These stories are spread to add mystique and suggest they are all powerful, but this is not true. 

So were any of these people transported there or any other earth people transported there by ET’s. 

Yes, a few, although mostly in a state where their minds were altered or changed so as not to frighten them.    I think you may come to see me one day fairly soon. 

That will be nice Luna. 

So you said earth humans in the distant past visited you?

Yes, long before your recorded history you see.  They eventually destroyed themselves. Your ET cousins will give you much more about that history when they make their public appearance Tom. 

Alien Craft on MoonOK, there was a photograph of what appeared to be an ancient spacecraft crashed on what we term the far side of your surface.  Is that correct?

Yes Tom.  The poor souls where caught and destroyed during the ancient Star Wars and suffered catastrophic damage, resulting in the crash onto the surface.  Yes you are receiving me correctly Tom.  The spacecraft naturally will be searched and studied by your scientists, although that will not come for many years. 

When do you see a colony being established on your surface, Luna? Moon Colony

It will not come for perhaps 20 to 25 years.  Keep in mind that as private companies begin exploring space, one of the first places to explore to see what minerals I might have will be the moon.  I do have certain minerals and such not so readily found on earth, but most of what will be accomplished will be further understanding of the solar system.  I will provide many things to study, which you will find elsewhere in not only this solar system, but in other solar systems.  Certainly there are many differences you will learn about, but also many similarities.  You have thousands of years of exploration ahead of you Tom, referring to earthlings and the Explorer Race. 

Yes, even I’m quite aware we know relatively nothing compared to what we will learn in just the next 50 years Luna.

Quite correct Tom. 

OK, that’s all for today and I do thank you for conversing with me.  I wish you a good life and God speed as Gaia says.

Yes God speed to your and good life Tom and be sure to mention I am open to communicating with anyone who wishes.  It will soon be much easier to communicate as you do when you move to the fifth focus. 

Thank you Luna.

Do you have any questions for Luna?  Please email them to me.


Atlantic CityBrenda writes:  Fabulous newsletter Tom!  Thank you for you & your guides.  Since you wrote about the future of Las Vegas I wished to ask about the future of Atlantic City.  Will it remain a vacation resort area or will the ocean waters rise & take over this island?  They do sand replenishment to keep the beaches.  Will this continue & if so for how long?    I also wished to ask if we will ever 'make water' from the ocean like Aruba does.  Changing salt water to fresh drinkable water.  Thank you for all that you do.

Gaia, what is the future of Atlantic City and will they or others on the coast make fresh drinkable water from the ocean?

Yes, and that day of turning salt water into fresh water for you is closer for the East Coast than you might imagine Tom.  Yes, it is being done in a couple of other places, but energy is a big problem.  As I have mentioned before you are on the verge of using free energy, of several different types.   That will greatly lower the cost of the desalination plants to provide water for many cities along the coast.

Regarding the future for Atlantic City, it will be mixed.  On one hand you have designated it as a vacation spot, but on the other hand they will have increasing problems with beach erosion due to the rising of the ocean level two feet.  And naturally the storms will cause destruction farther inland than before.  They will fight the rising tides for many years to come.


BermudaMichelle in Baltimore writes:  I have a question regarding Bermuda.  Will the island be safe or is it in danger of a tsunami? For several months now, I have been thinking about repurchasing our family homestead. The house stands on a hill, close to the beach, but above sea level (as the entire square is). Would love to know if my beloved 2nd home will be safe.

My other comment regarded long hair as an antenna for intuition. When I had my hair permed (chemicals), I was told that I needed to remove the chemicals from my hair so my natural antenna/receptor would work. Have been natural for almost a decade now and feel my intuition has indeed become stronger.

Gaia, what will be Bermuda’s future?

Slightly similar to Atlantic City Tom, but they do have the advantage of higher ground so they will adjust, but not without problems of adjusting their coastline. 

So their main problem still remains the hurricanes I assume?

Quite so Tom.  But they are used to these problems—just not with the ocean at higher levels. 

Michelle was referring to the May 26, 2012 newsletter, which had a story about long hair acting as an antenna.


Deb writes:  LOVE your work!  I am considering Belize as an alternative location to the USA for future habitation, due to Belizepolitical and financial situations.  My husband is afraid that Belize is too close to the Ring of Fire to be a safe location long-term.  Any thoughts from your Guides?

Gaia, will Belize be a safe place to live in the future and will it experience any earth movements?

Belize will be a fairly safe place to live in the future, except for those who live on the coast.  As I have mentioned many times now, the coast line will be swallowed up with the two foot rise in the level of the oceans, so as long as someone wishes to live away from the ocean they will be safe.  They will experience some rumbles now and then, but they have a mountainous sort of chain that protects them from the major movements on the side closest to the Pacific.


Diane writes:  The other day on the history channel they were talking about Jesus and the lost years.
So my question to Theo......Where did Jesus go during those "lost years?" Did he travel to Egypt, India???  Where did he go to study?  As always thank you.

Jesus Lost YearsTheo, where exactly did Jesus go during the “lost years?”

Yes, a question people have asked for centuries Tom.  At that age he would or could travel and did so to, as was speculated, India to study with the Yogi masters there.  Keep in mind that although he was a Jew he had a great thirst for knowledge and this led him to those who had knowledge, which the Jewish people of that time period did not have.  You could use the analogy of a young man going off to a university to study.  And you can use the analogy of working on a ship to work his way there and back. 

Pat writes:  Has the Blessed Mother been reincarnated since the time of Jeshua?  I so look forward to reading your newsletters. Thank you.

Theo, has Mary, mother of Jesus incarnated since that time?

Yes Tom, although I know you thought I would say no.  She has had incarnations, but there is a part of her that understands the great love and rituals bestowed upon her by Christians.  Still she was not a large fragment of a soul as Jesus was, so she needs to have lives to grow herself. 

I actually have a whole series on Jesus or Jeshua as you may prefer, but some would consider it so controversial that I don’t list the newsletters in the SERIES section listed at the bottom of this newsletter.   You can do a search on the Articles and News page of the website and will find a number of newsletters listing Jesus.  It all started with me asking a simple question, since my soul’s interest is religions, did I have a life during the time of Jesus.  I just kept asking questions. 

Here is a little more, slightly less controversial:

Gaia – Did Jesus have 12 female disciples?

Ah a good question Tom to start the day.  Jesus did have female disciples but the Catholic Church erased all mention of Mary Magdalenethem in their records, although they do have records still in existence of theses disciples’ existence.

Were there 12?

Yes there were.   The Master of Love would not have excluded them although his own disciples did not particularly like it as women were not looked upon very highly in that time period.  But Jesus liked to balance the Yin with the Yang.

When will the Catholic Church finally open its achieves?

As I have mentioned before, there is a time coming when the Catholic Church will start revealing these hidden truths in order to attract followers by dishing them out one by one-- to again use a little pun.

I’m amazed that that amount of information would not have come to life or light already.

Yes.  As you might suspect, Mary Magdalene headed the group, as she was the leader of the female group, and Jesus’ wife. 


I was asked to post information about Atlantis on the Spiritual Philosophy and Practice forum.  This has resulted in people on the “thread” asking questions.  Keep in mind that down below under SERIES I have all the newsletters listed with questions and answers about this fabled continent that was populated for 60,000 years.  Here is the link to the thread if you wish to follow along there:

Gaia, was Goliath, Nephilim, and giants connected to Atlantis regarding their stories?  Atlantis

No Tom.  At least not all of them.  The Goliath giant was certainly an abnormality at that time period.  He was well over 6 feet in height, while most of the people at that time were only around the five-foot mark due to their diets.    So obviously he did seem to be a giant to these people, and his masters fed him well.  The Nephilim I will not answer right now.  I wish you to read more about them so that we can discuss them.  As far as giants in general go, certainly on the continent of Atlantis there were, as was previously covered, giants in the early days of Atlantis, but they mostly died out during the first period of Atlantis.

Islands of AtlantisGaia, did the sinking of Atlantis cause the great biblical flood, or were these separate events?

Certainly there were great tidal waves Tom that swept most of the coastlines more than once as chunks or great portions of Atlantis sank into the sea.  So there were several tsunamis connected to these events.  But the reported 40 days and nights of rain did not occur during the Atlantian period, it occurred much later you see. 

Gaia, were there Kings and Queens in either or both Atlantis and Lemuria?

Certainly Atlantis during its 60,000 year history went through a time when there were kings and queens, but they slowly disappeared over time.  Lemuria had several countries on that continent, so yes there were those who were considered royalty, but again that practice had died out, replaced with antagonistic rulers. 

Here is Part One from the series to pique your interest.

How was the continent of Atlantis originally populated?

As the rest of the continents were Tom, by various alien worlds as you might call them. The continent had its share of testing, which was why there were also the humanoids known as “things,” as they were there coexisting.

Tidal WaveWere the 5 races created at the same time by off-worlders?

Yes, of course. They naturally were moved to do this by their religious leaders who were told to begin this experiment. Of course, there was a lot of interference and other less high-minded people wanted to experiment too, which resulted in many different types of beings that did not last. Some of these experiments resulted in the “things” spoken about by Mr. Cayce. Experiments gone wrong shall we say.

Theo—were you referring to five races as white, black, yellow, brown, red, or a different 5 races?

No Tom, I am only referring to the 5 races you mentioned—not the “root races” that were described in the article you read. These were the five root races and they were seeded almost simultaneously on the earth.

But you said that there was seeding going on, on the continent of Atlantis, but this does not seem to agree with your previous statements that humans were inhabiting the earth for the past million or several million years.

Yes, it would seem to be a contradiction Tom, but it is not. There was constant experimenting going on for millions of years, yet the 5 races were seeded almost at the same time and at a later period than people existed on earth. There was just no separation that was decided upon until later. Complicated yes, but it has to do with the alien or off-worlder societies that started to interfere or inject their DNA into the mix to create what they did. Their religious leaders ordered or strongly suggested that this would give the greatest variety to this world.

Was there a Reptilian race that also seeded Atlantis?

Indeed Tom. There were a number of different races that seeded Atlantis and the world, and the reptilian race was one of your forefathers. They wanted to have some of their genetic code in you too.

ThingsThen the question arises—did they just bully themselves into being involved, were they invited, or did everyone just have a free-for-all?

They were invited to a certain extent. Everyone was asked to contribute. Yes, some of their experiments, but also along with others I might add, resulted in the “things” as the Atlantians called them. The DNA scientists were having a field day trying out new forms to see what would work. Many of their experiments failed, as we have previously discussed.

Were there dinosaurs and other similar beasts alive on earth prior to the first destruction of Atlantis, but after Atlantis was settled and had progressed scientifically?

Oh yes. They were a major problem at that time all over the world. That’s why they had the big council or meeting in Atlantis where these leaders from all over that world were picked up by the Atlantians and brought there to discuss how to get rid of these beasts, which were a great danger to the humans. Of course, as was reported, the poles shifted before anything major could be accomplished and for the most part they disappeared, along with millions of people too.

So the population of the earth shrunk drastically at that time?

Yes, it did shrink to less than half—even almost a fourth of what it had been. Atlantis lost people on the coastal cities, but much of its interior was not affected, except by storms that were caused by the changes.

Was there more than one alien society that populated Atlantis?

Yes, but several of those experiments did not work out. The Adam man and woman were seeded there too, so they eventually flourished.

Was the Adam man created to be a slave or worker or was it to be similar to the look of the people of the Pleiades and other human form worlds?

Good question Tom. The Adam man was seeded by a combination of worlds where humans do look similar to you today. Each world put some of their DNA into you --what they considered their best attributes in order to survive living veiled and having to make your way with short lives and relearning each time you were born. So they mixed up a DNA cocktail that was they best they could create and seeded it in the Adam man.

Were later civilizations patterned after Atlantis?

AtlantisYes of course. Stories were passed down first in writing and then as the centuries passed in stories, so that there was always the desire to become a great nation again. This was from those that reincarnated too, don’t you see. Time took its toll and although most were able to stay at a civilized level, there were those that chose the European continent that became farmers and hunters and settled into a more simple life. That’s why there was little to find there.

What was the population of Atlantis before it started sinking?

Quite a few million Tom. Certainly 15 to 20 million people lived there before they started destroying themselves.


This was asked by someone but lost the email in my rush for this week.  Water Childbirth

Theo, when will menstrual cramps be a thing of the past and what about painless childbirths?

Certainly both are being studied Tom.  Cramps will disappear in 10 to 20 years, depending upon how fast certain treatments develop.  Childbirth will continue to be improved upon, with water births gaining in popularity.  There will be more developments in the medical world to alleviate the pain, but it will be some years before that breakthrough comes about. 


Vienna HospitalThis MBO story and the next one appeared this past week in my Blog, which has nothing but MBO stories you can read at was hard to choose this week, as there were such good ones!

Daphnee writes from Vienna:  I wanted to tell you that I have been using much more MBOs lately and WOWOWOW they are working so well. For a good flight, for traffic, for parking spaces, for quick solutions.  Like the other day I had to bring my daughter to the hospital and I asked for an MBO, and within 45 minutes all was done: Registration, they had checked her, x-ray and put her foot into cast--which is very fast since one can wait for hours at an hospital here.  For quick stuff MBOs are working perfectly, but for bigger things it seems to take very long, which is quite frustrating.  Do you have a good advice on how to deal with the waiting for them to happen? LOL maybe an MBO for more patience ha ha!!

Daphnee is correct here.  We’re still in the “3rd focus” and things take longer to manifest than they will when we connect over to the 5th focus on December 21 of this year.  So hang in there and keep requesting MBO’s and be patient!


Louise writes:  I just had to report an amazing MBO!
Abandoned VehicleOver the weekend we received a code violation for an abandoned deteriorated vehicle on a vacant lot that we have for sale.  Due to the Memorial Day weekend, I couldn't get hold of the person who was in charge of the lot - couldn't even find his phone number!!!  Needless to say with trepidation I have been saying MBO's that the vehicle would be removed without any cost to us (dealing with the County regarding code violations is a real challenge here), and had my friend do the same.
This morning I called a towing company and they informed me that I had to have clearance from the police for it to be removed.  I arranged for someone from the police department to investigate.  I spoke to a Deputy Sheriff who went to look at the vehicle and said that the Vin number plate had been removed.  He gave me a case number and said to proceed to get someone to pick it up.  I told him that the neighbor who lived across the street had permission to park his vehicles there overnight and maybe he would have some info.  The Deputy said he would check it out.  Many phone calls and 'no ma'am's' later, I found someone who would go and look at it to see if by chance they could tow it.  He phoned me back and said that he was at the lot and that there was no vehicle there! WOW!  I was gobsmacked!!  I didn't even have to go to the lot, which is about an hour away to sign a release or anything!  The junk fairies were asked by my guardian angel to get involved.  YAY!!! WHOOPPEEE!!!


Gentle Way BookDon’t forget that BOTH GENTLE WAY books are NOW AVAILABLE as Ebooks on Kindle and other services!   You Gentle Way Book 2can also order the print versions by phone at my publisher Monday to Friday.  Call toll free 800-450-0985.  The books are great for presents for family and friends for birthdays and other special occasions!  Either or both books can change lives!



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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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