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Annie in Ft. Lauderdale writes: I just traveled to France and dreaded the flights. The planes are always very full and I usually never sleep for the 9 hours they last. For my flight to Paris, I had requested an upgrade of any kind. Well, I slept during half of the flight which was a major improvement. I asked for a similar or better outcome for my flight back to Miami. This one is still amazing me; the flight was far from full, had 85 free seats and my daughter and I were able to enjoy four seats each so we flew very comfortably and slept a lot. Even the crew had never experienced such a empty plane on that specific line!

Another one for you: I had misread the time my high speed train (TGV) was leaving Aix-en-Provence by 30 minutes. I had told my older daughter who was driving us to the station that it was 7 46 when it fact it was 7 16. We left home at 6 55 for a drive that normally takes over 25 minutes.....I asked for a time compression. We made it three minutes early and... the train was late by 6 minutes - something that never happens, French trains are known to be on exact schedule. Thank you so much for teaching the world about the MBOs. I am planning on asking for bigger and bigger outcomes.

If you’re planning on traveling anytime soon, be sure to check out my article titled TRAVELING WITH YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL that’s on the website under Articles and News, plus I have a whole chapter in the book you might review. I present many ideas for making those trips more enjoyable!


I think the following answer by Theo gives insight on several different levels.
Theo—a 59 year old lady wants to retreat into a more singular life. Can you provide any insights?

Yes. Because of past lives and Karma, she has a deep-seated urge to return to a life as a monk where she was alone in and deep blissful meditation most of the day. That was that life and this is this life, and she certainly has that choice, but it would not be the best life path—the one of most accomplishment and gain. She still has much to learn about people. She should volunteer to help others and she will gain much insight and compassion for those who are having a much harder time in this life. Again, she can choose to sit on the sidelines, or she can be out there actively helping others. It’s her choice. Wish her good life for me Tom. and tell her that her Guardian Angel loves her dearly. All she has to do is ask for assistance, as her Guardian Angel cannot assist her unless she requests assistance.

So you see, you always do have a choice, but there are paths that reward you with much more achievement than others. Just begin by asking for assistance--requesting Benevolent Outcomes.


We’ve covered pets before both in the newsletter and I have an article on pets in the Articles and News. We previously found out that our pets are fragments of whole souls. Here’s another question I just recently asked Theo:

Will a dog soul fragment that returns to you bring the knowledge it learned in the last life?

Yes to a certain extent it does. The knowledge it learned in its previous life with you is buried in its instincts and will show up in this manner. It is not conscious knowledge, buts deep-seated intuitive knowledge that your dog or other pet will have to draw upon. It will appear that your dog or pet is a fast learner due to this instinctive knowledge.

I also have an article on the website titled PETS AND YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL under Articles and News.


Theo, when a person is regressed under hypnosis to remember a past life, are they tapping into their Akashic Record or are they just able to tap into memories held at a higher level, or what?

Tom, they do tap into their Akashic records to view a past life. That is why I’ve said before that the Akashic Records are available for anyone to view. When a person is regressed they are told to go to the life most affecting the present life, so they automatically—with a little help mind you—find the Akashic record that records a particular life that is most pertinent to the present life. It’s not so hard—just not done very frequently even by those that have undergone a regression. You are not meant to live in the past but only in the present. When the past negatively affects your present then it is good to access a particular record to find the cause and then there is a release as there is a sudden understanding of why their present life is being affected.


With the news about the success so far of the Mars Lander, plus the previous announcements of our planned trip to Mars, I decided to ask:

How large will the colony on Mars grow to Theo?

Yes, several million people Tom. Obviously there will be children born on Mars that will live their whole lives there.

Will Mars be made more livable for humans by bringing back water and perhaps oxygen too?

Yes, there will be great advances in making Mars more habitable for humans. Mars will one day rival the earth in beauty Tom. Now isn’t that an interesting thought. First they will have to discover why the water left the surface, along with most of the atmosphere. Those studies will require great scientific study by geologists and such, but will be quite exciting for those involved in these studies.


How much of our DNA dates back to the Atlantians?

Some, but not a lot. The races have blended so much during the last 10,000 years that their DNA makes up only a small portion of your DNA today.

Were the Atlantians red skinned or reddish in complexion?

They were a red-skinned people—similar to the purer American Indian in color.

Are the Arkansas crystals I presently have in my house large enough or the right type to power anything?

No not really—perhaps a very small device of some sort, but the crystals used at that time were monstrous in width and height. The crystals you have are really mostly used as record keepers. They will someday be used to look at your work.

Were the crystals used on the continent of Atlantis found there or elsewhere, and were they similar to those found in Arkansas, or those found in Brazil?

Yes, first they were found on that continent, as they had huge deposits of these crystals and eventually large mines to carefully remove these large clusters from the ground. Then yes, they would be of a quality more close to those in Arkansas, than those of Brazil. The Brazilian crystals, as you have noticed, do not have the energy of those found in Arkansas, simply due to the formation and the minerals that were present in their formation. It takes a special type crystal so it will have the energy needed to perform or be the energy source for thousands of vehicles of all types.

Were all the people the same race or different races on that continent?

Good question. There was more than one race. Yes the red skinned race was prominent, but they did have some mixing of races as other races would come to Atlantis in their travels, or taken there by the Atlantians both with and without their will.

What percentage of the Atlantian population was gay?

Yes, there were homosexuals in the Atlantian society. Yes they were treated better than your gay population has been treated in history and even recent times. The percentage was close to the same, perhaps slightly less but close. They were just accepted more during that time. Life was more open in some ways than today.

Did everyone speak the same language—I assume the Atlantian language, or were there multiple languages?

As you can imagine from the previous answer, there were other languages spoken by the other races. But the Atlantian language was certainly the predominant language at that time.

Theo, did the Atlantians have a written language or was it in the form of hieroglyphics?

The Atlantians did have a written language Tom. They were quite advanced in communication and had letters, not roman though.

So were these letters more towards Arabic, Japanese, Chinese or what?

More Japanese and Chinese type letters.

Did they write left to right or right to left?

Left to right Tom.

Did they have bound books as we have today.

Oh yes, they were quite sophisticated after thousands of years with books and other reading material. And even computers of a type.

Were their computers more basic or more sophisticated than ours today?

More different would be a better answer Tom. They were designed for different functions than the personal computers you have today. The general population did not use them, only governments and other institutions.

(Another day) I need to ask again, were the letters of the Atlantian alphabet more of a form like Japanese and or Chinese or Arabic?

Again Tom, they were a combination. They influenced all three. But they were unique and complex at the same time.

Will we ever discover the Atlantian langue written anywhere?

Not in your lifetime Tom, but perhaps someday in one of the ruins that will be found.

Has any part of the Atlantian language survived anywhere?

Not really. They—the survivors who migrated prior to the end, over just a few generations had to assimilate themselves into the local landscape and adopt other languages in order to carry on business and work and feed their families. Like any language it would be spoken in a house for several generations but eventually died out, as the children would look upon themselves not as Atlantians, but whatever country or locale they were living in. Keep in mind that this was over 10,000 years ago, so just look at how your own language has changed just from the old English days of say 400 years ago to now. Languages evolve just as do humans.

How did they communicate with other races they met in their travels—by physically learning the language or did they have some type of translating devices, or were they telepathic?

Certainly not telepathic Tom. They did tend to pick up other languages and had schools as you do today that would teach these languages for those involved in international trade and explorations.

Someone asked if the Atlantians had similar psychic gifts that we do today?

Yes, of course, about the same actually. They were more densely in the 3rd dimension, so there was less than you see today, but there were those people considered oracles who advised leaders and wealthy patrons at that time, just as it is done today. There were just fewer of them.

Was there a form of tarot?

Oh yes, there were cards that they used to help them read a person’s future—not exactly the same, but a similar style if you will.

So since my soul cluster is known as teachers, were we schoolteachers or what back then?

You had many lives as different types of teachers, certainly, but your soul cluster liked to get in and learn how to do something so that you could eventually teach it well. So therefore, you had many lives of learning trades, science, and so forth so that you could be of service, and that included the various spiritual beliefs of that time period. They did have their own religions, perhaps not so extreme as today, but something for everyone. As you have read, Atlantis was destroyed by science and greed, not so much by religion.

Part 4 next week. See the past two newsletters for Parts 1 and 2.


I posted a new video on the website ( ). Its title is THE ORIGIN OF THE GENTLE WAY. I go into detail about how I started requesting Benevolent Outcomes and how I found out during my “active” meditations how really old living the Gentle Way is.

I also plan to add a couple of more videos this weekend if I have time. Their subjects will be TOOLS FOR ABUNDANCE. You can also find a brand new article that I wrote for several regional and international magazines by the same title under Articles and News. You won’t see this article for 6 weeks to 6 months in the publications—just another reason for taking this newsletter.


On Monday, June 16, at 6:00 pm PDT on , and then again on Tuesday, June 17, at 3:00 pm PDT, 4:00 pm, MDT, 5:00 pm CDT and 6:00 pm EDT on I’ll be on Rev. Therese Inzerillo’s INTUITIVE LIVING show. It will be archived on both websites after the broadcast dates. Rev. Therese requests Benevolent Outcomes in her life so we should have a good time.

If you missed hearing my interview on Tania Gabrielle’s By The Numbers show, you can access the show by clicking on Podcast: . This was a fun interview with a celebrity numerologist, so check it out if you have time.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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