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·    GUARDIAN ANGEL 101, PT. 4

Welcome to this edition of the FREE Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all our new subscribers from all over the world this past week!  You’ll find that in these newsletters I publish stories from people who are successfully requesting Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) for SPECIFIC things in their lives to INSPIRE you to make this part of your life.  I also try and answer questions, and I present the questions and answers I receive during my “active” meditations, as I call them, from my own Guardian Angel Theo and other spiritual and physical beings.  You can read my past issues of this newsletter by going to my website and click on Articles & News.

In this newsletter I’ll continue with my questions for my GA Theo, excerpted from what will become my third book—this time about our dream time.  I also start a short series on The Lost Continent of Mu.  And below you’ll read about the next to last call for stories for my second book.  


People kept writing to ask me how to order my second book, as they had “seen it” advertised.  This was quite perplexing to me until I discovered that my publisher had in fact done a second printing on The Gentle Way and were advertising the second book in the back.  That probably will not be the title, as I’m leaning towards THE GENTLE WAY II:  The Story Continues.  It will have MANY stories sent in to me by YOU that will be very inspirational to read.  If you have a TRUE story that will INSPIRE others to make requesting MBO’s part of their lives, now is almost your last chance to contribute to the book.  

Here are some of the chapter headings:  Around Town, Benevolent Prayers, Business Travel, Work—Jobs, Work—Retail, Car, Home, Home—Finances, Vacations, Games of Chance, Expecting Great Things, Family & Friends, Holidays, Hospital, Personal Fun, Pets, Relationships, Birds.  

Mercury turns direct today, so COMMUNICATE and send in those stories for posterity!


Starr writes:  I enjoy your newsletter but I have an issue with your Benevolent Prayer. It says "I ask that any and all beings..." Doesn't that leave things open to non-benevolent beings to step in?  Shouldn't it be changed to something like "all beings from the light..."?

This may be my issue, but would you go out to the street and ask any and all people you meet into your home, or mind?  I am surprised that someone hasn't put this out there before. Blessings.

I do thank Starr for bringing this up.  I find that when I receive a question like this then there are many other people that have this same question, but haven’t asked.  I’m quite sure this question will be in one of the first two chapters of my upcoming book.

Theo, Starr has a problem with “any and all beings” as she is concerned that this will attract non-benevolent beings.  Your comments.
Yes, it might seem that way on the surface to Starr, Tom, but when angelic beings, as you call them, are called upon to provide assistance, they certainly would not “dial up” shall we say, a non-benevolent being to assist the person that said the Benevolent Prayer, or for whom they said the prayer for.  
These are, as we have discussed before, whole souls Tom, and even though they have not achieved a golden light-being level, they still are whole souls and capable of millions of decisions per minute in your time.  Please trust these souls to handle any request in a most benevolent way, as they have only the best intentions for the person or beings in the request.  It is all accomplished from within the light, so there is no danger of attracting non-benevolent beings.


Judy in Sydney Australia writes:  Hi Tom.  I just have to tell you about my recent Angel miracle. On Tuesday night, I was going to a night class in another part of Sydney. I said my MBO's for safe travel before I left. When I got there, I parked my car and walked across the street with the green light. Suddenly, an elderly lady in a 4WD flew around the corner at full speed and narrowly missed me - I mean by an eyelash! She said she was looking at the lights and not at pedestrians on the crosswalk. I screamed and fell back onto the road, but just scraped my hand and had a few bruises.

Several people ran to give me their cards as witnesses but I really was alright, just shaken up. Another 1/4 of a second and I would have been badly hit.

After my class, I stopped off at the supermarket and playing over the loudspeaker was the song, "Send me an Angel". How's that for confirmation!  I can't thank you enough for your instructions with MBO's - it saved my life!


Jane writes:  I have two co-workers.  One I have given copies of your newsletter to and the other one is a newby.
Janet, the one I have given your information to, has used your MOB's with good results.  We were talking about her boyfriend's obnoxious 17 year old daughter who has been very mean and nasty to Janet since they met.  I asked Janet if she used a MBO.  Jane said no she had forgotten about it since she had a sick spell.  Lynette, the new coworker asked what it was.  Janet and I explained to her about the MBO.  At lunch when I came home to eat I copied off some of the information from your website.  Without reading anything she said she was going to buy your book.  Which is great.

While I was making copies the following came to me and I think your readers may be interested in it since the political agenda is very upsetting.  "I ask a Most Benevolent Outcome for all our government leaders in local, state and federal offices to start living by the Golden Rule and the United States Constitution.  If they can not then they will voluntarily leave their office so the people living these laws can take their place. Thank you for your help."

I feel that if all your readers recite this then some good changes can be made.  I do know that it takes the dark to bring people to the light.

My take on the political system is slightly different.  Everyone has soul contracts, and some people are supposed to be the “bad guys” in certain lives to balance, as you’ll read below in the Lost Continent of Mu.  But certainly we all can say Benevolent Prayers that our leaders make decisions that are the best for the country, and for all its neighbors, and the world.  I give a number of suggestions of what to ask in the chapter Living Prayers in the first book.  



Theo, what and where are the people and places we see each night (not always but many times) as we are just starting to drift off to sleep?

Yes, Tom, your mind opens up and you start seeing other parallel existences that you normally shut out during full waking consciousness.  It would confuse you to see these all the time, but your mind allows them to bleed through when you are going into your sleep mode.  

So are these parallel or past life or both?

Mostly parallel Tom, although certainly there is no limit to what you can see in this relaxed state.  

There are no time limits to our dreams is there?

No, as we have discussed before, there is only your 3rd dimensional time.  In the dream world you are outside of time each night.  

So the dreams can last as long as they need to in order for us to receive information or be of service to someone elsewhere.

Exactly.  Sometimes you’ll wake up remembering a long dream, yet you had just gone to sleep 15 or 20 minutes before.  The actions in the dream would have taken a lot longer had you been constrained by time.  

How many dreams might we have each night?

Most of the time you will average seven or so Tom, but there can be 20 or 25 that you have absolutely no memory of, as they are buried deep within you psyche.  You are not supposed to remember those dreams, as they are very complex and not understandable to you in 3d earth terms.  Your mind rejects those it cannot understand on a subconscious level.  You should re-encourage people to put a notebook and nightlight or flashlight next to their beds and try to remember.  Even though they will not understand them on a conscious level, on a subconscious level they will and this is very good as many of these dreams have subliminal messages in them.  

(Months later) Theo, someone asked if there is any reason people tend to wake up at 3:00 am?

It is really just the end of their cycle of deep dreaming Tom.  Again, this happens at different hours for different people.  There are dreams, as I’ve said before, that you are not meant to understand that you have in this deep dream cycle.  Then later in the last half or so you will have dreams that you can remember and write down, which I encourage all to do.  But the deepest dreams are in that early cycle.  Much goes on in this cycle that man has not discovered yet.  I’ll leave it there.

Why do some people only spend 3 hours a night sleeping, such as a friend of ours, and how does that affect their sleep process, cycles, etc.?

Good question Tom.  These people are able to step out of time quickly and have virtually the same experiences as everyone else, but outside of time.  They are not limited, as you may have thought, in being able to experience what they need to experience as far as learning, and being of assistance to someone somewhere else in the universe.  What is difficult for them to do is to process all this information and download it so to speak into their mind’s subconscious.  Their physical bodies are just wired differently than yours.  It is more common than you may think, but the people are able to go about their daily activities with no outwardly effects.  

Do you take part in the dream process in some way?

Not really too much.  You have guides and your soul and other angels that step in to take you to where you need to go in the universe, or to just give you symbolic dreams.  You are well cared for during this process.  There are actually angels that are assigned or volunteered actually for this duty.  Life is much more complicated than you can imagine Tom.  You are only seeing a little glimpse of it.

How many angels are in charge of you at dreamtime—one or more?

A good question Tom.  There is only one angel assigned so to speak to guide you to where you are needed or want to go.  Your soul has complete knowledge of where it wants you to go and what to experience during dreamtime.   As you know, certain dreams are to assist you physically in some way and others are to review the day’s events, and others are to give you a glimpse of the future, but in symbolic terms, which you understand on a soul level, but most of the time find hard to interpret in your waking state.  

Did these angels volunteer for his service as you did?

Yes of course.  Each part of the process requires angelic help and so these angels, or souls if you will, volunteer their services out of love.  It’s just that simple.  

On another day I asked, Theo, how many whole souls act as dream angels?

Ah, another good question this morning Tom.  Again it is in the area of the same number of souls that act as Guardian Angels—a little over one million.  As you can imagine, they are quite busy handling thousands of clients each night in their sojourns and they work closely with us and your higher self to send you or take you to all the places you need to be during one night, but again all your lives which are occurring at the same time.  Your soul is constantly acquiring knowledge and you as a fragment of that soul go out into the universe and bring and experience events and lives that are quite complex and mostly not understandable if you were to remember every dream you had during the night.  It would overwhelm you.  

Are the souls that take care of us in dreamtime Golden Light Beings?

No they are not.  Again, they do not have to have the same knowledge and experience.

Where do we go?

Sometimes across the universe and other times you stay very close by, especially if you are somewhere that you must be able to awake in a second, especially if your life could be in danger.  That sleep time is not as restful as when you are able to fully experience what you need during dreamtime.  

When we go to another part of the universe and interact with other beings, are we part of their dreams or do we appear physically to them?

Both.  It depends upon what level – what dimension they are operating on.  You can be a dream to them where they are meditating and you come to give them some advice they are seeking.  It could be a dream state such as yours, or it could be where you actually interact with them on a higher dimensional level.  This is extremely complex and has as many answers as you could possibly imagine and even many more.  There are thousands of possibilities just in these trips across the universe.

I just read in Robert Shapiro’s book Animal Souls Speak that when we are in dreamtime we travel on a non-physical tone.  Is that correct and can you explain it in more detail?

Yes, I’ll try Tom.  This gets fairly deep for you, but you do travel on a tone that allows you to travel to the far ends of the universe if you’re needed there.  

Why is a tone needed?

Good question.  Your soul fragment resonates its own tone you see, and the tone you travel on is attuned to your own tone.  You would become lost if you did not follow the pathway of the tone that is laid down for you by the dream angel that accompanies or watches out for you during dreamtime.  Again this is another intricate working of the dreamtime system, if you will, that allows you to go and do and experience what your soul desires for you to do in dreamtime.  It is very technical in a sense and a little difficult to explain in the third dimension.  I know I have used that excuse if you will before, but it is factual.  You can only absorb and understand so much, as it would be beyond even a scientist that studies quantum physics.  We could compare it to your own highway or road that you travel vast distances in a second.  

Do the majority of the beings in the universe dream?

Oh what a question.  There are millions of answers.  Certainly a huge number of beings do dream.  Some exist in a constant state of dreaming and others do not have the capacity to dream at all.  It would be impossible for me in the short time we have together in these sessions to go through an even minute number of possibilities, But I do think you are asking, do other beings in the universe dream and I will answer that there are billions of beings in the universe that do also dream.  

Would beings that dream comprise the majority of beings in the universe?

Most certainly, Tom.  There are actually trillions of beings that dream.  Those that do not comprise a smaller minority.  


There has been much less written about the “Land of Mu” as Theo says it was called (also known as Lemuria), than Atlantis.  Below you’ll see that I “just happened” to ask one day if I had lived any lives on this continent.  Was I surprised at the answer I received!

Theo, I’ve never asked if I had any lives on the continent of MU or Lemuria?

Yes, certainly you had a number of lives there before it too disappeared from the face of the earth Tom.  You were quite instrumental shall we say in causing its demise.

I was one of the bad guys then?

Quite so my friend.  It took you many lives to correct or balance the scales.  Remember you have to be both for your soul’s knowledge.

I thought on the continent of MU everyone was very peaceful and the continent sort of just disappeared into another focus.

That’s not a true story Tom.  They had their conflicts just as the Atlantians did.  In the Lemurian lives you were both good and bad shall we say.

So weren’t the people of Lemuria much less oriented towards inventions and such than the Atlantians?

Quite so.  But again they were human Tom.  They were not just some blissful people that went around in a state of bliss or ecstasy.    They had their problems and conflicts too.  

OK.  I’ll have to think of more questions on that topic.  

So the next time I meditated I asked:

Theo, if I was a bad guy back during the days of Lemuria, didn’t I incarnate to be a bad guy, and if so, why did I have to spend several lives balancing?

Good question Tom.  Yes, you incarnated to be a bad guy to balance the good lives, but you went overboard in what you did, and therefore contributed to the demise of the land of Mu, as it was called then.  Your position of power made you even greedier than you were supposed to be, and you caused such actions that contributed to the deaths of many people Tom.

So what was my position back then—a political leader or some sort of religious leader?

A good question Tom.  In this case you were a religious leader and were corrupted.  

Was there a conflict between groups there such as there was between the two groups in Atlantis?

Yes, there was great conflict Tom, and yes there are some more things you can read about Mu that we can cover later.

Was one of my balancing lives after that the Benevolent life in Atlantis?

Quite so Tom.  That was a great balancing life for you that did much to balance the scales, but you did have to have others—many others too—in order to completely balance.

Did the continent exist before, at the same time, or after Atlantis?

Both before and at the same time Tom.  Its demise occurred several hundred years after the demise of Atlantis.  

So I had to go back in time for the benevolent life on Atlantis?

Quite so.

So are the reports that it sank out of sight around 9,300 years before now accurate?

Quite so Tom.  

So actually Atlantis sank around 12,000 years ago didn’t it?

Yes, now you have it Tom.  Not completely accurate, but generally speaking.

How long ago was Mu populated?

Actually several million years ago was the first time it was populated with humans Tom.  Almost as far back as you can imagine.

What was the size of its population at its zenith?

Quite a few million—certainly that 60 million figure would be fairly accurate Tom.

Was it located in the Pacific Ocean?

Quite so, Tom.  

Are the underwater ruins near Yonaguni-Jima, Japan part of what was Mu?

Yes they are Tom.  They should do further studies in that area.

(Note:  You can Google “Yonaguni Underwater Ruins Japan” and you’ll find underwater photos and videos and much more information.)

How advanced were the people—did they have air travel as an example?

Yes. But not the same as the Atlantians.  They were fairly well progressed, but different shall we say for now.  

So they did not use crystals as the Atlantians did?

No they did not.  They had a form of atomic power—not the same but similar.  It was very destructive.  Yes, that image I’m sending you now was a giant explosion.  It tore the continent apart, although it wasn’t supposed to.  

How tall were the Lemurians?

Yes, as has been reported they were towards the 7 foot height Tom—with the women typically over 6 feet in height.  

Were they reddish complexioned like the Atlantians or what ski color or were they multiple skin tones?

Good question Tom.  No they were for the most part a lighter skin tone—not like the Atlantians.

Were they more oriental in appearance or Caucasian?

More towards the oriental flavor shall we say.

Was there more than one country on the continent?

Yes Tom—actually several—part of the problems you see.

Were there several forms of government—kings & queens, dictators, democracies?

Yes, yes and yes.  There were all those and a parliament type government too Tom.  They had quite a variety on that continent, as there were, as I mentioned before, several countries.

How large were the cities?

Yes, the largest city would have been several million people Tom—higher than you might have thought I believe.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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