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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter.  I have some IMPORTANT INFORMATION about requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s as I call them for our new subscribers) just below, so don’t miss it, or what my Guardian Angel Theo says about being able to balance the scales more than we thought we could prior to this life.  Please forward this newsletter to all of your friends, and have a nice Memorial Day Holiday for all of you in the United States!



A number of people have written to me in the past couple of months asking about requesting the same Benevolent Outcome multiple times.  My standard answer has been, as I was told, that you only have to request it one time.  But still the emails kept coming, so I knew it was time to get the answer directly from my own Guardian Angel Theo.  

Theo, here’s a question I’ve been asked several times recently.  Should people only request a Benevolent Outcome once, or can they request the same numerous times?

A good question Tom for today.  Yes, if they feel a need to, they can request a Benevolent Outcome more than once, although it is not needed.  One request works just as well as numerous requests.  We, meaning what you call Guardian Angels, understand that since you are veiled, you question everything—even the validity of requesting MBO’s--even when you have been having great success in requesting them.  The veil is very thick but it is thinning, and as you have told your readers Tom, requesting MBO’s thins the veil and raisers their vibrational level.  So if they feel more comfortable in requesting a Benevolent Outcome more than once, then it is OK, and it will not dilute the request.

So request the same MBO as many times as you wish if it makes you feel more comfortable.  Your Guardian Angel will not penalize you if you do. 



Annette writes:  I've been reading over the newsletter and noticed the information regarding Master Kyron and the voiding your Karma. What if you have asked for that and you want to "reverse it" do you request that the neutral implants be removed?
Also - I've been receiving information and guidance and have been "shown" that prior to incarnation, souls agree to work on some karmic issues in a lifetime together. What I get though is that not "all" souls in a lifetime predetermine this, some choose to by free will as we are working towards our goals and in some cases create more debt and/or work out more debt that was not predestined (as in that we choose to do it prior to incarnation) to do before incarnation into this life.
I was also "shown" that in order to work out various karmic debt, we choose the astrological signs we are born under, our parents, where we will be born, raised (culture) to act out our "play" in this life. And as in a play, some things are scripted (choose before coming into this world) and some are ad-libbed. Am I understanding this correctly?  Thank you again for all your assistance, information.

Theo, if someone asked for a neutral implant to stop Karma in this life, can it be reversed?

Yes Tom, it is quite easy to do.  The person only needs to request a Benevolent Outcome that the neutral implant be removed, and it is immediately accomplished by their friendly GA, as you say.  We are there for each of you, may I remind your readers.

Regarding our soul contracts, are we able to balance the scales more than we thought we would be able to in a life, or are the soul contracts the most ideal idea of what we can accomplish in a given life?

Good question Tom.  Yes, there are some situations where you are able to balance the scales a little more than you had hoped in your soul contract planning.  It does not happen often, but on a few occasions you are able to do just that.  But as you said, the soul contract is laid out so that you try to attain the highest level of learning and for balancing the scales of your other lives, so not too much is left to random ways you are able to balance scales.  Certainly saying that Benevolent Living Prayer as I have mentioned numerous times balances the scales of other lives much, much more than your readers can imagine; but many of them have chosen not to say this each morning, which is unfortunate, as much could be balanced in such an easy way, as compared to searching for some good works that one could do, which is fine, but may already be part of your soul contract.

So if you wish to balance the scales more, SAY THE BENEVOLENT PRAYER EACH MORNING!  Here is the link to the Sign you can print out and put up on your bathroom mirror or wherever is most convenient:


Tresta writes:  I would like to thank you for writing the book "The Gentle Way".  I have been constantly disciplining myself to request my MBO's (Most Benevolent Outcomes).   I recently had an incident with my car.  On this particular morning I dropped my children off to school.  After that I went to the gas station and headed home.   Mind you.  I live on an Island (St. Thomas, Virgin Island).  If you ever been here, you would know that it is very mountainous.  

Back to the story.  I was driving up the side of the "hill" and I veered to the right.  I noticed I was veering a little too far to the right.  I steered right back to my lane and stopped the car.  I got out, looked under the car and I didn't see anything loose.  I quickly got on the phone to my husband and informed him on what was going on.  I told him "stay on the phone with me, I'm going to put the car in second gear, turn the hazard lights on and drive "slowly home".  Before I took off, I immediately said my MBO.   "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for this car to arrive safely at home".  What do you know I made it! Safely!   My husband called the mechanic, he came out, looked at the car and called me over.

We both looked under the car.  To my surprise he showed me the steering rod, completely off the wheel!  He asked how did I make it home.  I immediately said, “My Guardian Angels.”   Once again, Thank you, thank you Tom.

Can't you just visualize her guardian angel keeping that wheel straight as she drove home?


Annette writes:  I've been reading your book and first of all I want to thank you for writing it and secondly, for writing it in a way that is simple to use and understand. I've had some interesting results; the best was finding an item that a friend of my husband (who is staying with us temporarily) broke. The pan has not been made in over 20 years and it was something I uses for specific cooking. When I went to the manufactures website to see if I could order a replacement, it was over $60.00. I requested a MBO to find a reasonable replacement and I found a like new one on EBay and bid $20.00 - I won it at $14.50 and with shipping it came to $28.97

Then I found the other item, a Tupperware colander, (that he accidentally melted) on EBay. It is made with only the holes in the bottom and fits my containers perfectly - it hasn't been made in close to 30 years. I was able to get it with shipping for $18.50. I didn't even ask for that MBO - but since I was trying to replace items I often used as a set my Guardian Angel put me in touch with how to replace them BOTH! They are like they have never been used!!  And...the person who damaged them gave me the money PLUS extra towards utilities, etc.!
Since I am new to the requesting of MBO's I was wondering "how" to go about asking for something to continue to function and not break down, at least until I am financially in a place to repair or replace said item.  Example: our hot water heater was installed 9 years ago. The warranty expired 3 years ago and yesterday we noticed the spicket was dripping. Would I request the MBO for our hot water heater to continue to work until we were more financially stable, or would I request that all our appliances and equipment continue to function while we are going through this, or does it matter how I word the MBO? I want to make certain that my intent is presented properly.
I have read through 1/3 of the book and have to take a break periodically to digest the information and understand it. It is all new to me - talking to my Angel for these things, but makes more sense each day. I have looked through the book and not seen a request example that seems to relate to the request for something to work instead of finding a repair, but I may have overlooked it.

You're right.  That's one of the things that's not in the first book but will be touched upon in the second book, as I recall from other stories I've received.
You do have a couple of MBO's you can request, so you can do both—“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that the water heater continues to work properly until I can afford to replace it, thank you,” or ask for a MBO for a replacement that you can afford -- and see what your GA comes up with.  You can add the tag line "and may it be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"
What about checking Craig's list in your area?  Sometimes people (as we did when we bought this house) want a specific type of water heater and replace one that still has a lot of life left in it--a good interim solution.    Sometimes a plumber, who might need some side work, would either offer one, or would keep an eye out for one for you for the cost of say $100 plus labor.  The plumbing companies would not want to do this, as there's probably not enough profit in there for them.  

And one more thing, I would suggest keeping your friend out of the kitchen—he sounds like a walking accident—probably because he's concerned about his situation.  


Angela writes:  Please explain the Benevolent Living Prayer?  I wondered about prayer for a Benevolent outcome for someone else. (Buying the book may have shed some light on this subject.  It's on my list of things to do.)

I need a Benevolent prayer for my son and granddaughter.  My son is going through the courts requesting full custody of his daughter.  It has been very emotional for us and I am having a hard time stopping the tears.  (My granddaughter's mother...they did not marry.....just moved her 5 states away.)  Please assist in a loving way to phrase the prayer?

Yes, there's a whole chapter in the book about Benevolent Living Prayers.  It's what you say for other people, where MBO requests or strictly for specific things for you.  A whole different set of what we call angels takes care of those requests.
Perhaps you could say, "I ask that any and all beings assist my granddaughter in having the most benevolent living arrangement and custody for her, thank you!"
Remember that all these requests have to be benevolent for everyone in the request, and saying that Benevolent Prayer puts it squarely on what's best for the child--whether that's full custody, partial custody, or whatever.  Remember that there are soul contracts at work here, so you can only request what's best for the child and her soul contract.  
When the court case comes up you can say, "I ask that any and all beings assist the judge in making the best decision for the custody of my granddaughter, thank you!"


Please note the answer Theo gave about our doubts as to whether our Benevolent Outcomes requests really work at the beginning of this newsletter.  

Steve writes:  Thank you for your recent reply to my question on the Santa Barbara wildfires. This is an update and follow up to my previous question.

After I wrote to you, the situation looked very, very serious for Santa Barbara and also for Montecito to the south and Goleta to the north as the fires continued to spread. The next evening the firefighters were bracing for the worst as the Sundowner winds were predicted to be gusting again. These winds come up in the evening and blow down the foothills fanning the flames out of control and towards the residential areas. I followed an impulse to request an MBO that the Sundowner winds be calmed. The previous day, when "all hell broke loose," the temperature in Santa Barbara was a record 101 degrees in the city and much higher in the foothills.

The next day a marine layer brought cool, damp air in from the ocean. The temperature dropped 30 degrees and the Sundowner winds never materialized as predicted by the National Weather
Service. Every day I kept requesting that the Sundowner winds be calmed. The marine layer remained for three days with no Sundowners. For the next 3 days the National Weather Service predicted a return of the Sundowners, but they never materialized, allowing the firefighters to achieve 80 percent containment and begin scaling down the operation.

As I write now, 14 days after the fire first broke out, there is 100 percent containment of the fire and firefighters are mopping up as the fire burns itself out. The city has returned to normal. What a miraculous turnaround to a potentially disastrous situation. I am wondering whether my MBOs and my Guardian Angel could have produced such a profound effect. Naturally I would like to think that is possible, but find it difficult to believe.

Would you ask Theo or Gaia if my MBOs and my Guardian Angel played a major role in this miraculous turnaround or was it just one of many other factors or was it just coincidence?

Theo, did Steve’s request for a Most Benevolent Outcome regarding the Santa Barbara fires have any effect, or was it just one of many factors or a coincidence?

Yes Tom, his request of the Benevolent Outcomes did have some effect, along with the prayers of countless people in that area.  Prayers are answered as you teach.  They don’t have to be said a particular way, although what you have shown people how to say them works perhaps the best, because it is so easy to remember, as compared to trying to make up a completely new prayer each time for something specific for you, or especially one for other people and beings such as animals.  So to answer Steve’s question, yes, his voice was heard along with others and Gaia changed the weather for them, as you are junior creators in training and you must be able to see your successes, yes?

Yes, of course I agree.  We would give up if we saw nothing happening.


Shannon writes:  Thank you so much for your newsletters.  I use MBO's through out the day, and it has made my life much easier.  I went quickly through your past newsletters today, trying to see if there was anything specifically on the following subject, but could not find one, so I regret if I missed it.  I am a Reiki Master and am teaching Reiki and trying to spread the word about this wonderful healing energy.  It has made quite an impact on my life, and others that I have seen.  I was just sent an article from the Reiki magazine with the following: 

Recently a committee of Catholic bishops wrote a statement saying that Reiki is based on superstition and Catholic’s shouldn’t use it. More specifically, they said it shouldn’t be used in Catholic hospitals, health care centers, or by Catholic chaplains.
Is Reiki a healing energy that helping our advancement or just another "thing" that we have made up?  Being from a Catholic background, I do not have any trust in Catholic Church, but it saddens me that they are doing this.

Theo, is Reiki a valid healing modality?  Why would the Catholic Church try to ban it?

Yes, of course it is a valid form of healing Tom.  The Catholic Church wants to ban it for several reasons.  First out of ignorance.  They don’t understand how it works.  Second, because they don’t understand it they are fearful that it could be some form of Satanism, which you and others know it is not.  So as it always happens, ignorance breeds fear and their actions spring from that fear.  It will take some time for them to accept Reiki as a form of healing, and yes, they like to think they’re the only form of healing – only through the Priests, but there are many forms of healing and more will be discovered in the coming years.  There will be less need for their services shall we say by their congregations.


You’ll find Part One and Part Two in the March 28 and April 4 newsletters respectively for those of you who are new subscribers.  Here is the link:  These are excerpts from my upcoming 3rd book (after The Gentle Way Volume 2).  This will not be the title though, as many people internationally don’t understand the term “101,” which refers to the basic courses in American universities and colleges.  You can always suggest the title for the book.  I’m still open.  These are all conversations with my own Guardian Angel Theo.  


Theo, does a soul have an opt-out clause during the first 6 months after birth?

In a way, yes.  The soul can opt out as you call it at that stage.  Yes, it is mostly taken by younger souls having their first lives on earth.  They are very disoriented because they have never experienced being veiled.  But also it can be understood that the parents can also experience the death of the child and grow from it too.  So to answer your question yes there is an opt-out clause that is taken by some souls.  And yes they do take on some karma at that time if they do opt out.  Everything must balance out you see.

Theo, what about the souls in a family?  Are they mostly from the same soul group, or closely associated, and take on different disguises so to speak in each life for learning?

Yes you are correct Tom.  This is generally true, but like anything there are exceptions.  Sometimes a soul, such as yours needs to be in a certain time period so your soul will arrange with another soul grouping to have you born during that time.  There can then be great differences between you and the family soul group, so it does seem as if you are the odd man out, but it is necessary to assist your soul in its plans, but also you can have challenges created by the differences so that you can grow some more too.  

Are young souls and old souls mixed in a family or are all of them mostly the same age so to speak?

There is a great mixing Tom, as how else can a young soul learn, but by being thrown in the pool so to speak and told to swim.  Some do fine and others sink, but with lots of learning so that they can improve the next time around.  

Theo—the mixing of young souls can be even as a parent of an older soul.  Does the older soul give them problems as a teaching or learning aid?

Exactly Tom.  Or they can be almost be the parent of the parent, which you’ve heard about many times.  The parent is at a loss to know what to do and how to care for the child, so the child, which is normally an older soul but naturally not always, takes over as it matures.  There is great learning for the young soul parent, or parents.  They sort of have failed in their goals, but learn greatly from the experience.

When we speak of young, medium and old souls, is that only in relation to their earth experience?

Quite so, Tom.  Souls are actually timeless beings, but when they start having lives on this planet of free choice, it is so different from any other planet in the universe that they must have had numerous lives elsewhere in order to have lives here.  This is a planet that, as we have spoken about before, is like a masters degree program in a university.  You must have had physical and spiritual mastery on other planets before you are allowed to have lives on earth.  Material or physical mastery is not such a big requirement, as most souls have already achieved that.  That would be like grade school to give you a comparison.  Spiritual mastery is much harder to achieve—sort of like high school, to use the same comparisons.  

Probably my definition or understanding of spiritual mastery is not the same as what you speak of?

No, not at all.  It is this symbiotic relationship between creation and your lives and soul—again very difficult to describe to you with your present knowledge.  


Can you handle a benevolent request to cut the energy cords to other people that are not needed in one’s personal life?

Oh yes, I can—in fact any guardian angel as you call us can handle that request and act upon it.  It’s actually something everyone should do, especially those that were in a difficult union or marriage.  These cords need to be severed and we can make this severing a benevolent outcome—severing only those that no longer are needed or that are harmful to you.  

So this is what you say out loud, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that all emotional cords to other people, that are no longer of benefit to me, be severed at this time, thank you!"


How do Guardian Angels and guides work with people that incarnate to be the “bad guys”—people who rape, kill or leaders who order such things?

We are able to see them for what their life plan says Tom, and we work with their higher selves to keep them on the path they chose to take in very difficult lives.  Keep in mind that many of these people have families that they love and love them, even though they must do horrible things as part of these life plans.  If they stray off the life plan and do more than they are supposed to, then Karma enters the picture and they have to pay a price either in that life or in subsequent lives.  

But yes, you and everyone has led lives that balance you so to speak from being squeaky clean to use your vernacular, to being on the wrong side of the law and doing what are considered very bad things.  It is your soul’s goal to have all of these experiences eventually for their knowledge and growth; so therefore you must follow their directions shall we say.    

This is a very complicated subject that few people can understand, as you wish everyone was nice and benevolent to one another, but then there would be little growth and the negativity that you have worked with would continue to a point where it would be impossible for you to live on earth.  That will not happen, as you know, because you are the only beings in the universe to have found a way to work with this negativity in a beneficial way.  When you go out to the stars you will take this knowledge with you and create small amounts of negativity in other cultures so that they can begin to grow again, as they have absolutely no negativity at this time; but they will and as the Explorer Race this will be your great contribution to the universe.  

(If you wish to read more about the Explorer Race read Robert Shapiro’s series of books—“The Explorer Race.”)


Dick Sutphen recently wrote about “Cosmic Cops.”  Who are these beings and how would they differ from you Theo?

They are really the same as I Tom—a whole soul.  They do differ a little bit as they are not assigned to specific soul fragments or groups, but assist us when wayward soul fragments on a lower level wander out of their areas to cause mischief.   As you can imagine Tom, there are different levels of vibration that you inhabit or feel most comfortable in after having a life.  When a soul fragment has a particularly hard life where they are the “bad guy,” then their vibrational rate is very low, so they do not travel to such a higher vibration and we must work with these soul fragments sending them lots of light and love so that they can slowly rise back up.  It can be a difficult transitional process for some souls, as they are attracted to the physical life they just finished and long to return there.  Therefore these “cosmic cops” as Mr. Sutphen calls them are called in, in various ways—both by a soul fragment and by their own soul groups to bring these fragments back to the light and away from the physical world.  These souls have much light and love that they emanate as they do this duty.  

How would a soul fragment be allowed to interfere with anyone’s life in the first place, as Richard explained?  Why wouldn’t they be stopped before they made a nuisance of themselves?

This is sometimes done for teaching purposes Tom, as that soul fragment or fragments attract a lower vibrational entity through their own vibrational rate, which may also be low on the scale so to speak.  There are many different types of teaching and understanding that the soul desires Tom and this is one of them—contact with lower level soul fragments.  


Are there any atheists in Congress or the Senate of the United States at the present time?

Yes several Tom.  They do cloak themselves in claims of being church-going “God-fearing” folk, but they do have that belief system.  Atheists tend to be younger souls that have not had a lot of earth experiences.  This is not always the case, as a few or certain number of souls choose to experience atheism as part of a contract to make others think about their core beliefs.  Souls must experience virtually all belief systems over the span of ages, as they must have that experience for knowledge.  A good question Tom.

Here are several personal questions which I think still are enlightening regarding young and old souls.  Was (my wife) Dena an older soul born to younger souls?

Yes exactly.  She needed to be in this time period and able to meet you, so you asked another soul group to have her born into that family.  They were happy to have the older soul mixed in with them, as they knew they would learn from the experience too.

How many are in my particular soul group?

Let’s see if you can receive this Tom, Yes there are 8 in your soul group.

Theo, are our children considered old or new souls?

Yes Tom they are younger souls but not too young in comparison to Dena’s family.  Again they too are learning from you and Dena and wanted to make this jump to move along in their learning and experience.  They were quite happy for the chance to be here with you two.  


The following appearances are scheduled and you can sign up NOW by going to the Appearances section of the website:

Sedona 4JUNE 12-14—SEDONA, ARIZONA—I will be signing books during the KRYON CONFERENCE.  If you’ve bought one, bring it and I’ll sign it.  

JUNE 15—SEDONA, ARIZONA—A one-day workshop after the Kryon Conference where I will cover first other tools you can use to assist you in daily life, then I will cover requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth.  In the afternoon we’ll cover Time Lines, Atlantis, and ET’s.  Then I will conduct first a visualization to prepare you
Sedona 5for an “active meditation,” then the guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.    If you wish to increase your vibrational level, then plan on attending!  We’ll have the workshop at the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa.  Cost is $80.  Sign up today!

For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :


Soon I hope to add my questions about the lost Continent of MU.  

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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