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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all of my new subscribers from all over the world!  This is the most diverse newsletter around, because it covers the topics you’re interested in.  Please forward it to your friends if you enjoy reading it each week.  And if this is the first time to read this newsletter, it’s F.R.E.E. so sign up on my home page at

I would like to thank everyone who tuned into my first Global Webcast Thursday evening.  It was a big success, and I answered a LOT of questions.  We had participants from the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.  Next time we may set it at 11:00 am PDT so that our readers in the UK and Europe can join us.  I regret that the program could not be recorded, as they are still in “beta-testing” recording the events.  A special thank you goes to Cindy Belmonte of, who acted as my “producer” and kept track of the many questions coming in. 

For my new subscribers, MBO’s is an abbreviation of Most Benevolent Outcomes, which is what you can request for SPECIFIC things for you.  This simple spiritual “tool” is powerful and very effective, as you’ll read below in several stories.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel and Gaia is the Soul of the Earth (whom many call “Mother Earth.”   Now for this week’s topics. 


Victoria writes:  In a recent trip back from overseas, I decided to use MBOs to expedite my passing through immigration and customs. I am a law-abiding citizen and I understand that the searches are random, but I seem to randomly win that lottery more often than the odds would predict! As I asked for a MBO for an easy pass through, I was not chosen for special searches 3 times! YAY!

During this trip I also used a MBO to drive bees away from our food. We wanted to sit and have lunch outside, but we were quickly visited by several bees trying to taste our food! I tried to talk to bee Spirit and ask them to go away and find some flowers, but when that didn't work and everyone was getting very frustrated with the bees, I asked for a MBO that the bees would find another source of food and let us have our lunch! Well, 5 minutes later they were all gone! We had a nice lunch and were able to enjoy the outside weather.

It is so nice to use MBOs... thank you to my Guardian Angel and all beings of Light helping! And thank you to you for reminding us how to use them!

Joan writes:  In the spirit of sharing stories, let me relate one that is a simple confirmation of the power of MBO’s.  Up to December 2009, my husband and I had been living in South Korea for a couple of years.  Last fall, a relative who I had not seen for over 30 years, decided to drop in for a visit on her way back home to Canada after an Asian tour.  For a day trip, I suggested we take a tour of one of the many fabulous Buddhist Temples. The one suggested is perched high on top of a mountain cliff.

As I do not read Korean, I relied heavily upon my little Garmin GPS to navigate places.  It did a wonderful job of getting us to our destination.  We spent a couple of hours enjoying the magnificence of both the scenery as well as the various Temple features.  Knowing it was at least a three hour drive home, we left mid-afternoon so as to travel back in the light of day. 
 About a half hour into the drive, the Garmin shut down.  NOTHING could restore it to functionality.  The Korean map I had in the car as a back up was of no use as the markings are all in Korean.  Not a soul in the area spoke a word of English and my meager Korean phrases would not cut the mustard in terms of getting directions!  I called my husband at work to tell him to worry only if we failed to reach home after midnight.  There was nothing he could do as I could not even tell him where I was located!

Having just completed your first book a week or so prior to this incident, in the middle of a rice paddy, I whispered an MBO to get us to the highway before nightfall.  I knew if I got to the main road, I could get us pointed in the right direction.  I put on my ‘internal GPS’ and listened to the directions being whispered in my ear.  Just as the sun was setting, we successfully reached the highway. Thank you times 3!!!

Next MBO was for a safe journey home. Our angels remained with us.  In fact, they literally saved our lives.  We were still on the highway towards home when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted an SUV two lanes over cutting lanes and coming directly towards me on the driver’s side at top speed. Time slowed to a crawl. I remained calm and steady.  I ‘heard’ turn right now.  If I hadn’t turned at exactly that moment, not only would he have hit us but we would have been spun around in rush hour traffic creating a mass pile-up.  Thank you times 3!!!  Yes. There was one happy camper waiting for the story back at the ranch.  So I definitely appreciate the clarification of ‘mass events’ when traveling. 


Dawna writes:  Using M.B.O.s on an regular basis has assisted me in oh so many ways.  Reading the newsletter gives me even more ideas as to what to ask for.  It's quite amazing how powerful this tool is. I pass this one on very often.

Last week I had a 4 hour truck drive (one way) in a truck that was unfamiliar to me; the gas gauge didn't work ,so I asked for M.B.O.s as always before I travel for a safe and relaxed trip both ways and may the outcome be better than I expect.  My trip was awesome and the gas gauge worked all the way there and home.

When i got home the gauge was on 1/4 so I put in $30.00 it didn't move and has not moved since.  Needless to say as I sit here and write to you I see I'll have to say another M.B.O. to get it fixed permanently this time.  Each and every day I have many M.B.O. blessings.


Kristy writes:  Yesterday, a local radio station was having a special "thanks to our listeners" day, and every hour they were giving away $300.  It was early in the morning, and I was getting ready for work, so when they announced the contest, I said an immediate MBO that I would win the $300 before I went to work.  I'm sure you can guess what happened:  Five minutes later, they announced that the 10th caller would win, so I called.  It rang, which is unusual in a radio contest.  Usually, a busy signal is all I hear.  I almost hung up because I couldn't believe they'd already taken 9 other calls.  Lo and behold, I won!  That was the first time I'd ever said an MBO for a contest. 
We loaned someone a large amount of money over a year ago, and have been trying to get our money back, but have had no response from the man.  After winning the radio contest yesterday, I said an immediate MBO that it would be resolved quickly during this month.  We got an email from the guy yesterday afternoon that he's working on a plan to pay us back!  I sure hope he turns out to be the honorable man I thought he was in the beginning.


Eleanore writes:  You really have a huge smorgasbord of information in this newsletter!  Thank you.

Since I live on the SE coast of Florida, we have some amazing lightening and thunder storms and rain that comes down from left to right (or vice versa).  I had never ever seen anything like that in PA/NJ area from whence I came.  Thank you immensely for the MBO welcoming GENTLE RAIN and you can be certain I will be using that.  I think I'll add vertical rain to that request.

Several weeks ago, we had one of our usual aforementioned storms.  I own an ungaraged convertible car so, when I'm  pre-warned of an impending storm, I tether a car cover over the entire vehicle.  In time gone by, it has always stayed put but not this time. So, I stood inside the doorway, and asked for an MBO to slow down the rain and cease the lightening so I could go out safely and reattach the cover before it blew totally away.  Within less than five minutes, that's exactly what happened!!!!  Then I asked that the cover would stay put until it was no longer needed and that's exactly what happened!!!  Then I asked for an MBO for some input on a better way to anchor the cover for future use and of course I got the answer to that request and it's in process now!  Talk about a WOW factor!

I have asked for an MBO that whoever should be contacting the company capable of utilization of the electrolytic process to cap the oil flow in the Gulf do so NOW.

 Please tell Gaia that many of us humans have gotten the lesson. As to whether or not we heed it, can we have a mass MBO for that too please; that we get it and wake up and smell the coffee?  Thank you.

I love being in the category of Junior Creator in Training.  We get a t-shirt with that?

That’s a nice idea.  Perhaps I’ll work on it this summer. 


Catherine writes:  I think it was Dana Shino at who opened her readers up to your remarkable book "The Gentle Way" and the use of Most Benevolent Outcomes.  Before I acquired your book (a full fledged miracle in itself and in your home state of Texas, too!) I even think I was using the words "Beneficial", not "Benevolent" outcome, and "thinking" them, not speaking them.  What a world of difference when I followed your recipe exactly as you have written it!

I know, without a shadow of doubt, it was the exclusive use of MBO's which assisted me to release an increasingly unproductive and inappropriate relationship with a married co-worker.  It's been tough climb, however, it was time for me to summon all my inner courage, walk away from an experience which had clearly outlived itself and step into my own power. 

Mister X and I had been behaving like poster children for "passive/aggressive co-dependent needy addicted adults" -- although we are in our 60s and 70's!  It was time, o Lord, it was time and long overdue for me to release a draining and deceitful experience with love, respect and gratitude for what I had created and for what I had received, for many gifts of insight did reveal themselves during our relationship.  But how to do walk away when a dozen attempts on my part had failed?  I just ... kept going back! 

Well, bit by bit, MBO by MBO, my intentions yielded results.   Suddenly, Mister X was not sent to work with me in South America -- he was sent to the Middle East!  And it was from that distance where his true personality, his hidden doubts and jealousies, fear and anger, surfaced, cyberspaced to me in South America at all hours of the day and night.   So I had to knuckle down and really use those MBOs. Some days I was just too scared and upset to do so -- silly, I know, because that's when they really work, but like I said, I was a "newbie"!

Then, one day, there he was, back in my life and sitting next to me at the company office in South America.  I really focused on my MBO's for, well, for ME.  For ME to be compassionate, for ME to be loving, for ME to be strong, for ME to expect a great day, a great tomorrow and a great week.  Mister T was not happy I was saying "No" to his regular dose of accustomed intimacy and made no bones about it -- I was to get on a plane Stateside, tomorrow!  A shock, but, well, okay, I got up early and was packing when ... a knock on the door.  There he stood, clearly upset and apologetic.  Could I meet him and talk privately?  Long story short, several decades previously, he had been a highly respected, charismatic clergyman who succumbed to a passionate affair with a beautiful, confused and lonely woman in his parish.  And it was she who confessed, in front of his family, fellow ministers and community, to the affair.  He had to sit there and just take it.  Of course, he immediately left the church.  His children where shunned and although his wife "took him back", the marriage, already in trouble, has never fully recovered.  So!  All that suppressed  anxiety, fear and anger emerged when it was I who had decided to leave and he foresaw (incorrectly) I could expose our affair before his family and a billion-dollar family-owned business. 

(I admit, Tom (and Theo) I did have thoughts of revenge when I would sit, alone, in a motel room across town, waiting for his call when I knew he was hunting, fishing or at family festivities.  But at the end of the day and in the balance of karma, I knew I never would do such a thing.)

So on this day, apologetic, quivering with emotion, Mister X cried from his soul, his heart, from everything bottled up inside him and gifted me with the compassion to simply sit, listen, allow and never judge him.   I then realized how many times he had lied to me -- all the holes in his stories suddenly tied together and did not reveal a pretty picture.  After an hour of wringing his hands, he dried his tears and said he was sorry I was done with him but he was prepared to leave his wife at home (again), trundle off in his motor home to find another woman (again) and have an affair with her!  Well, at least it will not be me!

And I do not sense this relationship had come to a full stop. Yesterday, I watched him spread out a map of the country and plan a trip for us -- me and him - to visit some project sites.  I froze.   I did not want this trip, I did not want to travel alone with him and there it was, all unfolding before me.  I could not speak aloud an MBO but my GA (and his GA too, I am sure of it) took over.  Just as he would say, "We will go here, then here and here" within 30 seconds, he would say, "Well, no, actually, we don't have to do that, the person we want to see there will not be there for a week ... and here the project is delayed ... and here means turning around and going back..."  It was a miracle! I did not have to do a thing, just allow, KNOW this trip was inappropriate for us to be "alone and together" and trust that even as the ball seemed to be rolling forward to make it happen, just as surely, the ball rolled swiftly back and the entire trip:  cancelled.  Took about 5 minutes!  Wow!  I had sent out an MBO earlier in the day to return to USA by mid-week and it  looks like this will happen!

So, as promised, how did I obtain a copy of "The Gentle Way"?  I was left alone over the Easter weekend to finish a huge work project and had only one shopping day before my flight to South America.  And, I HAD to get your book.  I visited, listed my hotel's zip code and only one store within 100 miles had your book:  ONE!  And that store was the closest location to my hotel!  I had it in my hands within hours! 

And I am going to purchase your new book, the 2nd edition, just as soon as I get back to the USA this week! 

Thank you, Everyone!   I hesitated before writing this email because it is a pretty twisted tale -- and remember, it is not about pointing the finger at Mister X, I was right there in this relationship, too  -- but gosh, I had to tell you that after a year of fearful procrastination and delay, it was YOU, Theo, MBO's and "The Gentle Way" which took me to the top of this mountain so I could see what a lovely life awaits me.   

Catherine did say I could put this in the newsletter, and I thought that if there is anyone else in similar circumstances, it might help you move on too.  You can say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for any energy cords no longer in my best interest to be severed now, thank you!”  You’re cutting the “ties that bind.” 


Lynn writes:  Tom... I have a question about the volcano eruption near Seattle.... Gaia said that it was going to be Mt. Hood.  That is right near Portland not Seattle?  Am I reading that wrong?  Thank you.

Gaia, did you mean Mt. Rainier near Seattle will erupt or Mt. Hood near Portland?

Yes, Tom you did mix the names up, but I knew you would be corrected, so I did not want to correct you in the middle of reception.  It IS Mt. Rainier in Washington.  Mt Hood will also see some activity but not to the extent of Mt. Rainier, which will blow it’s top in a similar fashion to Mt. St. Helens.  I repeat Tom.  It is the volcano near Seattle, Washington, which will erupt, although you can certainly reverify this with me again in the future.

OK.  Wish I had gotten it right the first time.

You were visualizing it correctly Tom, but just giving it another name, as you’re not too familiar with the geography of the area.  Perhaps a little study will assist you in the future.

Yes ma’am.


Gaia, what are your plans for Mt. Shasta, California, that I am familiar with, and also will it affect the Lemurians who live there?

Yes, Tom, there will be some severe tremors in that area, although not at the end of this year.  It will be included in the second round or wave of events.  And no, the Lemurians will not be affected, as they are not on the same focus as you are.  They will simply remain at the higher focus during the movements, which they have the ability to do. 

What can you tell me about the future of Crockett, California on the road to Sacramento?

This area will not see the major earth movements initially Tom, but they will have some flooding in that area caused by the upheaval of the earth nearby. 

Gaia, I’m asked if you will continue earthquakes when we shift to the 5th dimension?

Yes, Tom I will, but of lesser intensity as you guessed.  I still must move my crust at times, so even though you will be at a more gentle level for humans, I still must continue the changes I’m implementing at this juncture in your time. 


Gaia, I keep receiving requests from people living on the upper Oregon, Washington and British Columbia coastline.  When will these areas begin to move?

Yes Tom, my plans for that portion of the coastline will be for those to begin to move within a year, and actually less time than that after the lower coastline begins to move.  They should take heed of my advice to move inland.  It will all depend upon how fast the pressure begins to mount in those areas after the lower coastline in places will move over 9 feet as I told you previously.  As you can imagine, that will put great stress on the upper portion of the fault lines Tom, so it could be in as little as 6 to 9 months.  As we get closer to the first movements you can ask me again, and certainly confirm this after the first movements. 

How far to the east should these people move they ask?

Certainly over the nearest mountain range Tom to be safe.  The mountains will act as a buffer so that they will be safe.  Anyplace they can have a home with bedrock beneath them on the other side will be relatively calm. 


Saw an amazing video on Youtube of a landslide in Vibo Valentia, Italy that just went on and on.  Someone called it “liquid hills.”


This was sent to me.  I think it shows what people thinking “outside the box” can come up with solutions not thought of before:  This reminds me we're all "Junior Creators in Training," solving the unsolvable problems in unique ways never thought of before.  


Pam writes:  Tom – Throughout the Rockies (Colorado, Montana, and in to Canada) the pine forests are dying by the millions of acres from pine beetle.  Would you please ask Gaia why this is happening and if there is anything we can or should do about it?

Gaia, is there anything humans can do about the pine beetles killing the forests, or is this a natural event which takes place in cycles let’s say?

Good question from your reader Tom.  No, certainly humans are fighting the pine beetle’s infestation of the forests Tom, but it is a losing battle overall.  The timber –the trees will die, and will be absorbed back into the soil, so that new trees can take their place.  I have done this many, many times over the years Tom, and it is but a natural cycle of renewal. 


Richard writes:  About 60% of the world's coral reefs have died off in the past 50 years, due to increasing ocean water temperatures during El Nino periods, pollution, destructive fishing practices.  The rate of die-off is not diminishing. Will ocean coral reefs totally disappear? 

Gaia, will coral reefs disappear with the increase in water temperature?

No, Tom, they will adapt and new coral will be constructed which will be vibrant in warmer waters.  You’ll see a slow change take place, with the old coral dying, but new coral taking its place.  Your scientists will have many years of discovery to look forward to in the study of these reefs.


Louise writes:  I enjoy your newsletters very much.  I am looking forward to receiving your second book, which is on order at the moment.
Our world situation worries me very much and also the fact that Obama seems to be heading towards socialism for us all. To compound the situation, I am reading in your newsletter that because we elected Obama as President, it is the sign of us skipping generations, etc.

Are our grandchildren going to have to grow up in socialism and having major government ruling them in so many things? My husband and I believe in the constitution and I can't say that the Liberals are following those written rules at all.

Theo, is the USA moving towards socialism?

In a way yes, Tom, but more benevolently than the person who asked the question realizes.  It will continue to be a mixture of capitalism and socialism, just as Russia is moving away from socialism towards capitalism.  There is a happy medium between the two and there will be much arguing and discussion as the two philosophies of government adapt to the changing times.   

All people need medical care Tom, and all people should have the right o pursue their dreams of having satisfying jobs and businesses.  There will in the future be no poverty, as you will learn to take care of those who cannot care for themselves.  You will not turn a blind eye toward those in need, as is done quite often in today’s world.  Again, these are things for you to learn to do as junior creators in training.  You must learn to solve the unsolvable problems and you will. 


Theo, is the soul of the central Sun Alcyone sort of a golden light being like you, or something different—more like a creator, whatever that difference is?

Yes I know in 3 dimensional terms it is hard to grasp these differences Tom, but yes, the central sun’s soul would be closer to a creator status we will call it for your purposes, than the souls which you term Guardian Angels.  This soul is a magnificent soul of energy Tom, and would be considered above what you term Arch Angels. 

It is not a creator per say, but obviously has created and takes part in the creation of your Milky Way galaxy.  It has energy and love it sends out which even the soul fragments of humans can feel.  It is a very powerful soul Tom is best I can describe for you at this time.  When you draw in this light during your meditations, it truly passes through you and on to the earth. 


Pam writes:  What do we need to focus on to eliminate the drug problem/traffic?  For example, do we need to focus on the demand for drugs – help people to live healthy lives and empower people?  What is the best BP that we can do?
Thank you – I want to help eliminate this horrible problem and help people live life joyfully.

If you wish, please say the following Benevolent Prayer out loud:  “I ask that any and all beings to assist governments in handling drug addiction in the most benevolent way possible, thank you!"


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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