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Bev writes: I've been reading your column in the Sedona Journal for some time, but recently had occasion to really put the MBO to the test… I received a letter from the IRS saying I was going to owe about $8000 because of an error in 2006. I immediately requested a MBO. I talked to my accountant this morning, and rather than paying the $8000 I'm going to get a refund for $2,000 from the federal, as well as a refund from the state. It doesn't get any better than that. And I'm encouraging my friends to do the same.


David in St. Louis writes: I have just had a Great week … By saying: “I am expecting GREAT THINGS today, GREAT THINGS tomorrow, and GREAT THINGS for the rest of the week, Thank you!” I started saying this every day since Monday morning and the following things happened:

My wife has been trying to sell a client’s building for almost a year, and with problem upon problem from evictions, to stolen condenser units (twice!), to city inspection issues, to finding a buyer but then dealing with all sorts of loan problems over multiple lenders, this client/deal was taking up 90% of my wife’s time. At the same time, the owner was very negative and fearful of his situation, and in my opinion this exacerbated the problem and kept things on the same course for a long time… Well, after starting this new type of prayer, which is quite open-ended, a strange thing happened… this client made an intention to be more positive, and lo and behold, the building sale was completely finished by Thursday of that same week. It’s amazing that by my prayer I helped myself, my wife, her client, and everyone who had a vested interest in this deal.
Another thing that happened was that I received a bonus from my company… it was expected, but in my mind the timeframe was unknown. This happened on Friday, so my week has just been incredible.


Ruth writes: Hi Tom...I am new to your newsletter and the practice of requesting MBOs. I shared the idea with a friend of mine as we were preparing to go out to dinner, so the two of us verbalized our request for an MBO for an enjoyable dinner out in a city that was new to both of us.

As we drove to a restaurant we thought we would like, once we determined it was Japanese food we wanted, we headed to a strip mall where we had seen one earlier in the day. As we maneuvered our way through the parking lot, what caught our eye was another restaurant in the very back of the mall that was a Movie-Dinner-House. We parked at the Japanese restaurant and went in; only to find it crowded, noisy and so dark that the waitress gave us a mini flashlight with which to read the menu! We ordered drinks, and while waiting for them, I excused myself and walked over to the Movie-Dinner-House to inquire about it.

It turned out to be a limited seating, reservations only place for dinner where a movie is shown during the meal. The evening movie was a recent Academy Award nominee that neither of us had seen. When I asked what time, it would be within 40 minutes. I took the last reservation available and skipped back over to the Japanese restaurant, where my friend was pleased with the idea! We ordered an appetizer to satisfy our desire for Japanese food, finished our drink and headed over to the Movie-Dinner-Theatre where we enjoyed a quiet meal and a wonderful movie! The MBO we jointly requested was better than we could have imagined! Furthermore, since you are in the movie distribution business, maybe someone out there might like the idea of this dinner-theatre so that more of them can be made available--particularly to mature audiences! My new practice of requesting an MBO is definitely going to become a new habit! Thanks, Tom.

Please share your stories. It will give all of your friends reading this newsletter ideas on how to incorporate requesting Benevolent Outcomes is their lives too!


In the April 18 newsletter I mentioned how you could say, “I request a compression of time, thank you,” if you were running late for an appointment or finishing some work. My wife thought I should be saying “expanding time” instead of “compressing” so I asked:

So Theo, isn’t it a compression of time or is it an expansion of time that allows me to arrive on time or complete more work? I’ll try and stay out of the way.

It is a compression Tom, as you read before. An expansion speeds things up. But allow your wife to say what she feels, as her Guardian Angel knows what she means.

Speaking of that, is it you that manipulates time when I ask for a compression or is it Gaia or who?

It is I Tom. It is very easy for me from this side of the veil to bend time to suit your request. It is one of those “magical” things that can be done, as time can be manipulated as you have seen for yourself many times.


Theo, what percentage of my newsletter readers were with me in Atlantis during the first benevolent outcome life, if any? (Note: See the January 20 Newsletter.)

Yes Tom, as you guessed there are a number of your readers that were with you during that life on Atlantis. Let’s see if you can pick up the percentage—yes 48% of your readers Tom, which is a nice percentage, because this does mean you’re attracting others who have raised their vibrations enough to be attracted to your work and requesting Benevolent Outcomes.


I promised several newsletters back to share with you my questions to Theo about the continent of Atlantis, since he was (or is depending on your viewpoint) taking care of a large number of souls that had lives during that time period.

How was the continent of Atlantis originally populated?

As the rest of the continents were Tom, by various alien worlds as you might call them. The continent had its share of testing, which was why there were also the humanoids known as “things,” as they were there coexisting.

Were the 5 races created at the same time by off-worlders?

Yes, of course. They naturally were moved to do this by their religious leaders who were told to begin this experiment. Of course, there was a lot of interference and other less high-minded people wanted to experiment too, which resulted in many different types of beings that did not last. Some of these experiments resulted in the “things” spoken about by Mr. Cayce. Experiments gone wrong shall we say.

Theo—were you referring to five races as white, black, yellow, brown, red, or a different 5 races?

No Tom, I am only referring to the 5 races you mentioned—not the “root races” that were described in the article you read. These were the five root races and they were seeded almost simultaneously on the earth.

But you said that there was seeding going on, on the continent of Atlantis, but this does not seem to agree with your previous statements that humans were inhabiting the earth for the past million or several million years.

Yes, it would seem to be a contradiction Tom, but it is not. There was constant experimenting going on for millions of years, yet the 5 races were seeded almost at the same time and at a later period than people existed on earth. There was just no separation that was decided upon until later. Complicated yes, but it has to do with the alien or off-worlder societies that started to interfere or inject their DNA into the mix to create what they did. Their religious leaders ordered or strongly suggested that this would give the greatest variety to this world.

Was there a Reptilian race that also seeded Atlantis?

Indeed Tom. There were a number of different races that seeded Atlantis and the world, and the reptilian race was one of your forefathers. They wanted to have some of their genetic code in you too.

Then the question arises—did they just bully themselves into being involved, were they invited, or did everyone just have a free-for-all?

They were invited to a certain extent. Everyone was asked to contribute. Yes, some of their experiments, but also along with others I might add, resulted in the “things” as the Atlantians called them. The DNA scientists were having a field day trying out new forms to see what would work. Many of their experiments failed, as we have previously discussed.

Were there dinosaurs and other similar beasts alive on earth prior to the first destruction of Atlantis, but after Atlantis was settled and had progressed scientifically?

Oh yes. They were a major problem at that time all over the world. That’s why they had the big council or meeting in Atlantis where these leaders from all over that world were picked up by the Atlantians and brought there to discuss how to get rid of these beasts, which were a great danger to the humans. Of course, as was reported, the poles shifted before anything major could be accomplished and for the most part they disappeared, along with millions of people too.

So the population of the earth shrunk drastically at that time?

Yes, it did shrink to less than half—even almost a fourth of what it had been. Atlantis lost people on the coastal cities, but much of its interior was not affected, except by storms that were caused by the changes.

Was there more than one alien society that populated Atlantis?

Yes, but several of those experiments did not work out. The Adam man and woman were seeded there too, so they eventually flourished.

Was the Adam man created to be a slave or worker or was it to be similar to the look of the people of the Pleiades and other human form worlds?

Good question Tom. The Adam man was seeded by a combination of worlds where humans do look similar to you today. Each world put some of their DNA into you --what they considered their best attributes in order to survive living veiled and having to make your way with short lives and relearning each time you were born. So they mixed up a DNA cocktail that was they best they could create and seeded it in the Adam man.

Were later civilizations patterned after Atlantis?

Yes of course. Stories were passed down first in writing and then as the centuries passed in stories, so that there was always the desire to become a great nation again. This was from those that reincarnated too, don’t you see. Time took its toll and although most were able to stay at a civilized level, there were those that chose the European continent that became farmers and hunters and settled into a more simple life. That’s why there was little to find there.

What was the population of Atlantis before it started sinking?

Quite a few million Tom. Certainly 15 to 20 million people lived there before they started destroying themselves.

More next week. Send questions if you have some.


I was on Skye MacKenna’s Pathfinders Way radio show on Achieve Radio ( this past week. If you missed the show, you can listen to the archived version at this link: HERE

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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