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Welcome to this edition of THE GENTLE WAY Newsletter, and a special welcome to all of you who subscribed to this free newsletter in the past week.  For all of our new readers, the purpose of this newsletter is to show you how beneficial requesting Benevolent Outcomes for specific things in your life is, from the very mundane to the most important challenges you face.  Requesting MBO’s as I call them will lift your spirits and increase your vibrational levelThe other purpose of these newsletters is to present concepts and ideas you may never have thought of before.  You certainly don’t have to agree with everything presented, but I want you to THINK!  By the way, Gaia is the soul of the earth, Theo is my own Guardian Angel, and Antura is a member of my own soul group, all whom I speak to during what I call my “active meditations” and show how to do in my workshops.  And for those of you who read the book, or will see the movie ANGELS & DEMONS, you may wonder if the Illuminati still exists.  Well, the answer is below!


Steve writes:  Santa Barbara is in a state of emergency due to the 3'rd major wildfire in the last 10 months. More than 30,000 people have been evacuated so far. Would you ask Gaia what is the deeper meaning of this and what is in store for Santa Barbara as we complete the transition to the New Age?

Gaia—What purpose do you achieve with the Santa Barbara fires, or is it part of your allowance, since humans caused these?

Yes Tom.  I understand.  It is part of my allowance that men and women on this planet must learn to care for me and honor this planet and all living things, including not only other humans, but animals, birds, insects, trees, grass, and yes even the rocks in the hills for all are embodied with a life force.  Humans have not learned to do that as a majority yet, but will in the future.  It is a matter of time for you, and although it will not happen in your lifetime Tom, you as a society are moving in the right direction, although it may seem like a glacial pace to you.  So I encourage all persons on this planet to take time out to honor the planet and send white light and love as you do each time you meditate Tom to the whole world.  It will speed up the process, so “say a little prayer for me” as the song goes.

Thank you Gaia.  I will pass on the information.


This past Monday we went to a press screening of ANGELS & DEMONS.  I  recommend it—pretty well written, produced, directed and acted—perhaps not quite as well as the new Star Trek movie was done, but for fans of the book it was great to see the book come to life.  So I thought I would ask Theo about the Illuminati.

Theo, is there still a secret society known as the Illuminati, and if so, do they have any influence in the business or political world?

Yes and yes, Tom.  There still is this secret society, also known as the Sinister Secret Government (in my reading), and they do have great control over some large banks and corporations, and certainly in the political arena as well.  They keep themselves quite hidden, but there is a council that exists of these people.  They are extremely powerful, but their power is slowly diminishing, and as you get closer to the transfer to the 5th dimension, this power will continue to diminish.  They have tried to slow this down, but it’s like standing in front of a locomotive that is moving slowly down a track-- it’s impossible to stop.  More will come out about these people in the months and years to come, as they will be unable to stay completely hidden much longer. 

Quite some time ago I had asked Gaia:

Gaia, Will those people that make up the Sinister Secret Government (aka the Illuminati or Cabal) go through the shift too?

That is a question that has not been decided yet.  Probably they will not, which of course is a major reason for their concern.  They are steeped deeply in third degree machinations and they will not find life so enjoyable to them when things are so much more amicable after the shift.    As you may have guessed, these souls are not ancient like your own, but younger in the sense that they still have much to learn about life on earth and how to live peacefully with each other.


Theo, Heather wants to know if our Creator has a name, and if so is it Christ Michael who channels through Candace Frieze?

The Creator of this universe Tom that you are referring to, as keep in mind that most of the souls having lives here were created by other creators and drawn to this experiment, does have a name, but it is not Chirst Michael.  Again it is what would be termed in your vernacular angelic in nature, just as my name is, and would not be pronounceable with your vocal cords.  As you know, you and anyone else can receive messages from the Creator, but many people must have names or labels, and so one was given to this person according to their own belief system.    As I have said before, humans in the 3rd dimension are big on names, while we are not on this side of the veil.  You may address us in any way you wish, and we will respond. 


I was asked to change the name of this actress and I chose “Janet” in the March 14, 2009 newsletter (go to the website and click on ARTICLES & NEWS), but she prefers I use “Joy” so Joy writes:  Remember that HUGE reduction of the hospital bills?  Well, the billing department has agreed to let me pay $15 a month towards the $685 and $20 a month towards the $1500 that I owe.  That way I stay out of collections!  YAY! 

I have been requesting an MBO around my acting career - have used the phrasing that you suggested.  Then I asked for a "sign" that I was focusing on the right direction.  Just got a letter from Screen Actors Guild that they would like me to be on the nominating committee for 3 areas for Emmy nominations - a total of 9 nominations!!  It is a "random" draw.  However, I got the letter the day after I asked for the sign!  Pretty amazing!  And one of the areas?  Best actress in a sit com!!!!!!  Which is exactly what I would like to do!!!!!

Oh, and one more thing!!  An actor that I met in the fall agreed yesterday to forward my headshot and resume to one of his agents to see if I could free-lance with this agent for commercial work!!  I request a Most Benevolent Outcome about this agent and may it be better and greater than I hope for!!  YAY!

I request a Most Benevolent Outcome about being on the SAG TV nominating committee and may it be better and greater than I hope for!


Mary Jo writes:  I have been having energy problems that are tied to some complex politics with nature but found a solution yesterday [out of desperation].
God's name is total STO energy and I created small pieces of paper with his name and taped them to each wall as well as the ceiling and floor [in a corner].
I immediately noticed a drastic [positive] change in the animals that I feed. The trouble makers who were tearing up the soil around my patio -- stopped arriving [squirrels]. There were also several breeds of birds that stopped landing for seeds. My patio is now quiet and orderly [the fights have also stopped]. I also taped the small pieces of paper in each direction on the patio [I have a square wooden post in one corner -- and it does not matter if God's name is small].
This morning, I looked up background information about Mezuzahs -- the small door ornament that Orthodox Jews place on the right side of their doorway. I discovered that they contain a piece of parchment with two passages from the Bible's (Torah) book of Deuteronomy (Devarim). I looked up both passages and they both contain God's name. Jews in NYC often hang Mezuzahs on their apartment doorways -- which is why I know about them. It's becoming less and less of a practice with young people.

This morning, I learned that God's name changes the energy for 1,200 feet. Although it is not necessary to tape His name on every wall [and ceiling], I have done this for extra help [in every room -- including the bathroom and two large storage closets]. I did the taping yesterday -- and I felt a LOT different when I woke up. I had MUCH MORE energy.

Theo, why was Mary Jo’s energy changed by taping the word “God” on the ceilings and walls of her house, and destructive animals ceased to be a problem?

Tom, she acted as a junior creator on that one, as she mentally sent out the message to the divas that she wished the animals and pests to go away, and she opened herself to healing, loving energy you see.  She performed what others would term a ritual, and I might add she has had other lives where she performed numerous other rituals.


Daphnee writes:  First I want to tell you how much I appreciate that you reply to us and you are not " up there" too important to do so but that you are among us and its a good feeling. Thank you.:)

I have a question. Both my marriages have been "Karmic" and apparently I had to repay something that is why I was unhappy in both unions After reading a few Kryon channelings, I gave intent for voiding all past life Karma so that I finally can be in a new relationship and finally be happy. How do I find out if this is really true that I am free of past life karma?

The second question I have about karma is regarding the amount of "repaying" from what I just read in the latest newsletter,  2 souls agree to play victim and predator. Although I understand that I should leave my husband to its own life,  and that brings the question up, I keep thinking ..   Where does this end?   Forgiveness?? I have tried I thought I had forgiven, in a way I have but there is this part of me that still wondering if he will have to "pay" for his behavior. I try to tell myself that life will give me back what I have lost to him (money wise) and also that through forgiveness I will be given more. I am not sure though if it’s enough to just think like this or do I have to request an MBO? Or how often do I have to repeat it?
Thank you for your reply.

I printed this in a past newsletter, but how far back I can’t recall:
Theo, someone wants to know about the “neutral implant” Kryon talks about as a way of voiding Karma.  Your thoughts?

Yes, Tom.  Certainly Master Kryon means well here, but in actuality Karma is given and invented by your souls for growth purposes.  If you have the “neutral implant” then there is no growth—something that might be all right for one life, but not what the doctor ordered using your vernacular.  Now if someone continually says the Benevolent Prayer as you call it each morning, then karma is erased or greatly lessoned so that severe actions are much softened in those future and past lives.  This is a way that you were inspired to do and those that say this prayer as I’ve said before will reap great benefits by having their karma greatly reduced.  But a neutral implant simply delays the karma—it does not negate it. 

So hopefully you don’t have the neutral implant.  And have you requested a Benevolent Outcome that all energy cords that are harmful or no longer in your best interests be severed at this time?  And are you saying that Benevolent Prayer each morning that you can find on the website ( ) under SIGNS?

Remember you can request MBO’s for all your actions throughout the day, and you can request a MBO for loving, gentle energy be sent to you.  And don’t forget to request a Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT mate for you!


Theo, how many earth starships will there be in operation in the 3,400 era?

Let’s see if you can receive this Tom.  Yes there will be several—actually more than several.  There will be more than 10 Tom but less than 20. Let’s see if you can receive this number--.

Is it more than 12 Theo?

Yes a little more.

More than 15?

Yes, but close.

More than 18?

No Tom

Is the number 17?

There you have it Tom.  17 starships as you call them, plus many other planetary type vehicles, but 17 starships.

That will take a lot of resources, I would think.

Yes, but the initial successes will cause a great construction boom shall we say in these ships.

So before going to the next question, will the first one or two expeditions to other stars by conventional transport be picked up by one of the more modern or portal hopping ships?

Quite so.  That will be one of the first missions of the portal hoppers we shall call them in your vernacular Tom.  They will go out and retrieve these brave souls who believed they would never return to earth.  It will be a great story during that time period.

I assume I will not be involved in that operation?

No you will not be at that time.  You will be too young at that point.

Do MBO’s work for future lives like the two specific ones I requested for the 3,400 and 2,600 lives where I requested to be assigned to the most challenging and rewarding missions?

Well, and I say this with some humor Tom it doesn’t hurt to try.  A Benevolent Request does need to be made physically by the person that is living that life.  But your intent was noted, so in this case you might say intent equals some action.  I don’t think you need to worry about those lives yet, as those lives will have their own soul contracts that will set up the most beneficial, yet challenging encounters and you will be able to contribute at a very high level.  But I did find it amusing Tom that you requested a MBO for a future life.  It was a good try shall we say.

Thanks Theo.  Oh well—thought I might at least give it a shot. 


Last newsletter I said that would be the last one for a while, as I had run out of questions.  Well Theo and Antura obviously got together, as I suddenly couldn’t stop writing down questions.  So here is my latest communication (sort of telepathic) with my “soul brother on another planet.”  You can go back to the December 13th issue to find the start of these communications with an amphibian living on a water world in the Sirius Star System.

Antura, how old are your females when they can reproduce and do they have periods as women do on earth?

Yes and no Tom.  Our females are able to produce at a later age, as it is not necessary to reproduce as young as earth females do due to your shortened age or life span.  They typically do not reproduce until after their 125th birthdays Tom.  That figure you have is very close.  There is no pressure on them you see to reproduce, as compared to the much harsher conditions on your planet.  Many of these females do not reproduce for quite some time after that—again they are not rushed, but are able to enjoy their youth without the pressure of raging hormones as women and young men have on earth.  Regarding periods, they do not have them until they wish to reproduce—that’s about the easiest way to describe it.

OK. Do you have a supervisor, committee, or council that you report to?

Yes, we have discussed this a little in the past.  I normally report to sort of a council, but I also make my findings of my visits to other planets and galaxies and even universes public so that any of our citizens may read the reports and view what you call video Tom.  That’s my job you see, to disseminate this information for all to see.  So I may report to a council or committee using your terms, but I don’t actually have a supervisor that I must report to and work directly for as you mean.  Our structure of government is quite open and gentle Tom.  And yes this information is shared with our spiritual leaders as they wish to view or learn or see anything we do upon demand you would say.  They really do not have to ask as it is there—the information I mean, on their viewing screens.

Were you required to report to anyone each time you established a new contact with a different time line here on earth?

Certainly I did put this in my report Tom for both the council and all our citizens.  Earth is a “hot topic” to use your sayings.  When we make such a contact as difficult as it is to get through to the 3rd dimension, and with the fact you’re veiled, it is news.

Before I forget Antura—can’t recall if this is on the list today or not—have you been to the earth on one of your motherships in the past?

Of course Tom, but only once, as I needed to do some research in preparation for speaking with you on your different time lines.  I needed to be more knowledgeable about this time period and have much more understanding of what is going on in your world at the present time.

So you are not on the mothership right now are you? 

No, I am not.  But that was a good question.

Since the mothership is there now, will it have to return to pick you and others up, or will you come in another mothership?

Yes, we will be in another mothership and will relieve this ship of its duty you might say.  We keep a mothership in the area, shall we say, on a constant basis these days, as it will not be too long even in your earth years before first contact is made by the Pleiadians and then it will be our turn. 

What would you say is the basic difference between communicating with Time Lines 7 & 8 and time lines 5 & 6?

I would say it is the ease in communication Tom.  Because you and you on time line 5 are at a lower setting shall we say—lower vibrationally, then it is much more difficult for you to accurately communicate with us.  Even though they are at a higher vibrational level, you are all still on a 3rd dimensional focus, but ease of communication certainly has to be your answer.

Was your society’s first contact with another planet with one in your star system or one outside your star system?

Good question Tom.  No it was one in our star system, and yes they contacted us first.  They were much more advanced at that stage than we were, and they precipitated the contact. 

What was their goal in contacting you or purpose?

Yes, it was simply to give a friendly hello and they offered to work with us in the future, as they saw we were a benevolent society. 

So was this well before you developed space ships yourselves?

Oh quite some time before we were able to construct our own.  But our neighbors shared their information, so we made quick advances in space travel.

Do you have a favorite planet in the universe that you like to visit other than earth?

Yes.  Naturally it is another water planet, which would not be too hard to guess.  It’s a lovely planet in a far off system with many unique inhabitants and beautiful underwater flora and formations.  A very pleasant planet to swim in, as you can imagine.

What about a least favorite planet to visit?

Yes, there are several.  Certainly a planet with little or no water and very harsh surface conditions is not my cup of tea.  We are easily able to visit these planets and survive even the harshest conditions with the space craft and spacesuits I will call them that we have—which are more like devices that put invisible shields around us.  But those visits are short or as short and brief as possible, depending upon what our mission is for that planet.

What form of government do you have?

It is a form of democracy Tom, but much less structured than your own forms of government on earth.  Certainly we do have citizens that enjoy that type of work as far as keeping a large city running and communicating with the other cities and villages on our world.  There is very little that goes on in comparison to even one day or one week on earth.  We do not have the challenges you do. 

How was the desert planet you previously mentioned (April 27 communication) discovered?

Yes, it was one of our scout ships—and I say one of ours, as in actuality it was a Federation scout ship that was taking readings of a star system and found that there was life on several planets, including the desert planet. 

How many earth years ago was that?

Not so many Tom.   Certainly less than a couple of hundred earth years.

How long did you study the planet before making contact?

Certainly it was less than 200 earth years Tom.  We have very detailed instruments that measure things you’ve never considered, plus all the normal things you would imagine for studying a new planet.  It’s just that this is done quite quickly, as again we have developed instruments over thousands and thousands of years to quickly do these studies and assimilate them with what you term computers. 

Did they have anything to offer or barter?

Not really at this time Tom.  We made the contact as a good will gesture you could call it and will offer them some assistance in the future.

Am I correct in saying that the Sirius planets make up about one fourth of the Federation planets?

Yes, that’s about right Tom.  Perhaps a little higher percentage, but not much.

So the Pleadians make up what percentage?

Yes, a little less than we have in numbers Tom, but they make up for it in variety you see.

Is there another Federation of planets or are there several that you are good friends with?

Yes, several Tom, spread across the universe—actually many more than that.  Some are smaller and some larger in the number of planets they represent.

So you have good relations with all these Federations?

Yes, some better than others Tom.  Some would be certainly more formal than others, as you cannot imagine on your 3rd dimensional level the great differences there are out there across the universe.  Some wished to be left strictly alone to their own pursuits and we honor those requests.

Do you have an ambassador on each Federation planet?

No, that is not needed with our instant communication Tom.  We can instantly be in touch with another world or planet, so there is no need for someone to be physically there, although representatives of all the planets do get together occasionally.


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So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore





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