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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

Different PerspectiveAnd a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  I even have you do it in my workshops.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Ronald sent me this article about the changes in the Antarctic eco system.  Here is the link: . I thought I should ask Gaia about this.

AntarcticaGaia, explain how you are adjusting your eco system in Antarctica by allowing whales to forage for krills in the bays and shell crushing crabs to climb the cliffs and shoreline?

An interesting question Tom from your reader.

My eco system is just fine Tom and yes it is adjusting to the melting ice sheet covering Antarctica.  This is just a natural transition, which has happened countless times before on other continents, including North America.  The krills will not be decreased until the point that they do not survive.  No, the whales are quite intelligent Tom and will not destroy the eco system built for their survival. Therefore, they will forage for only enough to sustain their bodies and will move to other locations to allow the bays to replenish themselves with krill.    Although your scientists are concerned, there really is no need to be, as the eco system will survive and flourish as the ice melts releasing organisms for the krills to feed upon. 

Regarding the shell-crushing crabs, yes they will have a feast for a while, but again there are many more of these soft-shelled creatures than they can kill, and they will only kill to eat mind you.  Therefore, don’t be too concerned, as the threats to the eco system will prove groundless.  Take my word on this Tom. 


CygnusJaffra writes:  Would you ask Theo and Gaia about whether these cosmic rays are responsible for changes in our DNA and our leaps in evolution? And if not, what are they all about?

Gaia, a reader wants to know if there are cosmic rays aimed at us from Cygnus?

No Tom, this is not correct.  You do have much white light aimed at you from all over the Federation, as your world and mine is the center of attention and there are many fond prayers for your success in a most difficult endeavor. 


Cynthia writes:  You said in your last newsletter that Gaia was releasing negativity from the
Storm MovementsSouth and that's why the tornados were so strong and terrible.  Is it the negativity of the racial prejudice and even pre-civil war slavery that you are referring to?  If not, what negativity in the south is so great?

Gaia, you said there was negativity released by the tornadoes.  Was this the result of racial prejudice and how long has this negativity been stored or pent up?

A good question Tom.  The negativity was partially caused by racial prejudice, but not completely.  There is much negativity stored from relationships between people—families, friends, enemies, and so on.  This is a complex issue, but certainly there would be more negativity that builds up over time in this region than perhaps others.  I use the tornadoes each year to assist me in releasing this negativity so that it does not store up over a long period of time, which could be catastrophic for the whole region. 

So you would say that this negativity builds up faster in this region of the country—the Southern states as it is termed?

Yes, quite so Tom. 

What are the soul contracts of those who live in this region?

Certainly there is a balancing going on here Tom, as we have discussed many times in the past.  They cannot be goody two-shoes in every life, and being prejudicial in this life will call for a balancing in another life.


Planting CrystalAnnette writes:  I have a question for Gaia. I ordered a crystal pendulum and when I received it, the company sent me a stone to plant to give back to Mother Earth (Gaia). What I would like to ask is; will planting the crystal, working with her in planting a meditation garden and giving Reiki energy to her assist with lessoning the "pain" of the negative energy and assist her in healing releasing said energy?

Gaia, does planting a crystal in one’s backyard and giving Reiki assist you in any way?

Yes, Tom, as this is a form of honoring the earth.  It is not so much the planting of the crystal as it is the ritual and feelings that accompany doing this.  Certainly there are many, many other ways to honor the earth—this beautiful planet you live on, so this is yet one more way to do this.  Your thoughts and prayers—and those said out loud, are very effective in honoring me and the earth.  So you can make up your own ritual or go buy a small crystal and bury it.  It’s the thought that counts.


AbuseThis MBO story appeared last week in my weekly blog, which is filled with MBO and BP stories I receive each week.  I thought you might like to read this one.  You can sign up to receive the weekly blogs at: .   Please send in your MBO stories to help inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Kylie writes:  My husband's best friend was living with us and our two young children.

He was one of the worst alcoholics I had met, his energy was being drained by entities. After a few months of him living with us I knew he had to leave.  I had to keep my children safe from this person.

I was attending weekly spiritual development classes at the time and a couple of weeks before we learned about Reiki in class and then this one particular class was about requesting MBO's and we did a guided meditation seeing a situation we wanted for an MBO outcome followed by a burn and release after the meditation.

WELL.... The results were amazing... Here's what took place....

The day after the class I saged the house & garage, he had two vehicles that weren't running at all, so I gave them Reiki (not even really knowing what I was doing at the time) then the day after that on a Friday night, house mate was in the garage with a friend getting drunk and I was out there chatting with them, all of sudden from out of no where house mate got very violent towards me, house mates friend intervened and got him out of there & then my husband at the time evicted him for his behavior.

I remember thinking how is he going to get these cars out, he sold one car in a few days & the other car started first time (WOW). House mate and all of his belongings were out within seven days of asking for a MBO and myself and children were kept safe.  Such an amazing outcome because I couldn't see how it was all going to work out.

That particular MBO moment changed my life and has helped me become the person I am today.

MBO's are by far the best way to deal with any situation.

Thanks Tom for allowing me to share my story with you.


Dark MatterThere have been a number of articles and documentaries about dark energy and dark matter recently, including a NOVA documentary which said what we can see with the naked eye and telescopes makes up only 5% of the universe.  The rest is dark matter.  Hence the question:

Theo, when will our scientists figure out what dark energy and dark matter are?

Not in the too distant future Tom.  Shall we say in the next 50 years.  They are making discoveries by leaps and bounds, and this puzzle will cause them lots of study and they will develop those instruments, which will be able to recognize and pinpoint this matter and energy.


OsamaDiane writes:  I know you are going to get a lot of questions on this one....
Is it really Bin Laden that they killed?  Is it really him or a fake?  Just want to make sure its him (smile).  God Bless his Soul!!!!!

Theo, Osama Bin Laden did not die several years ago as some people claim did he?

No Tom.  These reports are completely false, but certainly those who espouse these theories will have their 15 minutes of fame shall we say.  He died as has been reported with a gunshot to the head by one of the Navy seals.  His soul contract was up.  His wife will eventually be allowed to confirm this to the satisfaction of most of the world.  Naturally there will be conspiracy theorists who will claim she was lying, or she was forced to make this statement, but there is always the Yin and Yang.

I assume that the reports of Osama Ben Laden’s demise are correct, so will this help or hinder the peace process?

A good question Tom.  There will be mixed reactions as you can imagine Tom from those who are radical in their beliefs on both sides.  But by carting away all his records, the USA has put itself in a position to watch over and control these radical elements and pinpoint individuals and sleeper cells.  By neutralizing these radical elements it will allow peaceful overtures to be made to the Arab world.  And it will allow those moderates in the Arab world to voice their desire for peace too.  There will be short-term repercussions, just as has been predicted, but there will not be too many.


John writes:  Where we stand right now on planet earth.   From time to time in the Sedona Journal, Zoosh, tells Robert Shapiro how close we are to the 4th dimension, such as we're at 3.5 or 3.8, I'm sure you've seen these reports.   Can you ask Theo where we stand right now in May 2011?   Are we past the 4D mark or are we still like 3.8 or so.  

Theo, are we past the 3.8 on the frequency scale yet?

No, but very close Tom.  You are moving along as a fairly fast clip now and it will not be too long until you have passed that marker.

Theo, are we past the 3.8 on the frequency scale yet?

No, but very close Tom.  You are moving along as a fairly fast clip now and it will not be too long until you have passed that marker.


Twilight ZoneHeather writes:  Hi Tom, I have a question for Theo or Gaia about the 5th dimension. I know they have said that no one will be left behind, but some channels are saying that some of us will experience family members and friends that will start dropping out of our lives. I am experiencing this already. Some relationships have taken such a turn for the worst out of nowhere that I don't think we will speak again, so could this be what is meant by that?
Dolores Cannon has also written from the information she received that there will be that separation in our lives with certain people.  If this is true then how will that be if everyone will move to the 5th dimension?

Theo, a little more clarification on the fifth focus, as there is quite a bit of confusion.  Will some of our friends and families drop away in some form or another when we shift the focus?

They will not disappear Tom, as some people think.  As I have said many times, everyone alive at the time of the shift will all shift together.  They will not stay behind in the 3rd dimensional earth.  That said, they may simply drop back as you accelerate with the freedom the 5th focus gives you.  You may find you have less to talk about than before.  They will be adjusting to this new focus and there will not be the conflicts or the intensity of the conflicts that remain.  This is, as you can only imagine Tom, a very complex set of circumstances, as this has never been done before while people are living on a planet. 


Jackie asked me to find out more information on some mysteries she found on

Baigong PipesGaia, what were the Baigong pipes used for in China, which seem very ancient?

An interesting question Tom that seems quite unsolvable.  Yet there were advanced societies that slowly disappeared from China—yes I am referring to the Continent of MU, which had mining interest in this area.  The pipes were used for these purposes Tom, although what was being mined I will leave for future archeologists to determine.   And needless to say, these pipes dated back over thousands of years to that time period when Mu was an active society with broad ranging needs and interests.    Much more will be discovered in China in the coming years—some by accident and some by studying satellite images as was been done with the finds of the Atlantean city on the coast of Portugal. 

What are the giant stone balls of Costa Rica?

Stone BallYes, such a mystery.  One day, archeologists will discover where they came from Tom, so only a little hint here.  The balls came from far away, if they analyze their content they will find signatures of their composition and will be able to narrow down the area they came from.  They were used for religious purposes and represented the earth, after they were told by friendly ET’s how the earth was round, so these simple people made these balls to worship. 

When were the batteries used in Mesopotamia and how did they learn to use them?

A good question Tom.  They were used quite a few thousand years ago and this knowledge had been passed down from generation to generation even at the time these particular batteries were discovered.  Naturally this knowledge originated in Atlantis, but when the continent sank, along with the huge tsunamis it created, only those away from the coasts of Europe and Africa survived.  So it was mostly farm folk who survived and the knowledge of the electricity was passed down, eventually disappearing. 


Love AffairLinda writes:  I have a question regarding extra marital affairs. Are affairs as bad as they say they are?  I was raised that sex was bad and grew up in a mindset that made me a little scared of it. As I grew older I quickly became confused if something that can be so beautiful was treated with such taboo, and if affairs are so bad why do they happen so frequently?

Theo, how are affairs looked upon from your viewpoint.  Are they soul contracts? 

Yes, Tom.  In almost all cases there is a soul contract for the two people to have an affair.  Naturally there is a strong connection from other lives, and their soul contracts call for this for many reasons, but there will be balancing needed to be done in the future, unless the affair was a balancing from another life.  You have great feelings and are naturally attracted to those you have known intimately from other lives.  These affairs can give all the people involved both directly and indirectly lessons to be learned.  It is all part of human life on this planet Tom. 



Theo, do vampires exist on this time line or others, or where does this story originate, other than what I’ve read.

Yes, certainly there are those humans that do drink the blood of others.  This was a common practice in wars at an earlier time.  But you humans have great imaginations so the story evolved into the creation of the vampire stories.  There are no such creatures in any time lines now that must live in the dark and cannot come out in the daytime.  There are those that have convinced themselves that they are vampires, but they are delusional, to say the least. 


Theo, what are Mothmen and do they tend to appear at mass calamities?  Are they ET’s?

Yes they are Tom, and they do appear to concentrate on mass calamities as you call them in their studies of earth humans.  They are not allowed to interfere with soul contracts, but study what is happening just prior to the calamity with sensitive instruments similar to what I described before.


Cattle MutilationTheo, why are there still cattle mutilations and who’s behind it—there is speculation from government to ET’s?

Yes Tom.  These cattle mutilations are being done in the name of science—perverted as it may seem. 

So we are talking about earth humans?

Quite so Tom.  The ET’s are not responsible for these.  There have been instruments developed that can accomplish this.  As I have told you before, The ET’s as you call them have been warned off, unless a particular study is with the soul’s permission.    These mutilations are being done by a section of the government that is looking at fallout from chem. trails and such in your skies.  That is the best I can describe it for you with your scientific background, or lack thereof, Tom. 

How are they able to get in and out without being noticed?

These ranches Tom are in remote locations so it can be easy with certain types of helicopters to come in and out unnoticed.  It is quite secretive work as you can imagine.

Why don’t they just buy the animals at auction?

Then what would they do with the carcasses?  They only need the entrails—not the rest of the animal. 


OK, what services do yellow jackets and wasps perform?

Oh this may be a little difficult for you today.  They both are food for other insects such as spiders and they do pollinate certain flowers.  And they are allowed because this is a free world and different species are brought in to see how they interact with other species.  For humans they seemingly do not perform much of a service, but check out the studies done on them and you will begin to see more services that they do contribute, as long as you stay away from them. 


This was one morning after I had asked questions of Gaia.

Soul ColorsTheo, I’m sure you’re listening.

And yes, joyfully Tom.  I enjoy your exchanges with Gaia.  You can’t see what I see when you speak with this wonderful soul.  Beautiful colors and energies.

(Two days later) You mentioned that Gaia had beautiful colors or gave them off when speaking with me.  Since you are both whole souls, why was that important to mention to me, and what would be the difference in colors to you, being a whole soul?

Ah, an interesting question Tom.  Gaia, as you have deduced, is a soul that is a master of quantum mechanics and other mastery as well.  Gaia therefore has beautiful colors that emanate from her because of the vibration that she already has attained. Because she has taken on such enormous challenges, she has been able to raise her vibration, as you call it, to another level.  I think you understand what I’m saying to you.  Therefore, I find these colors beautiful and worth mentioning to you, since you are not able to see them yourself.  My job is to take care of you and assist you in learning and answering your questions when you have them about such things.


White LightI would like to ask about white light.  Few people try to send white light because I’m sure they can’t see any results.  Can you explain this process more fully to me?

Of course.  When you send or imagine you are sending white light out either over the world or to someone in particular, your guardian angels cover this request, along with a whole group of angels whose job this is to move the light; and they act upon your sending of light just like a prayer and that light is sent wherever you wish it to go.  So just think of it as a simple prayer for the world.  It is much more powerful than you can imagine, as you as humans are much more powerful than you can imagine.  Remember, you are junior creators in training.  Sending white light is part of the creation process. 

Now I’ll quickly explain how I send light.  You can “get creative” and send it anyway you wish, but just think what we can accomplish if just a few thousand more readers of this book start sending light every day, or at least on a regular basis!  I’ve been told it can even increase the number of people that will leave and not be affected by the earthquakes.  I start by imagining I’m sending the white light to first North America, then South America, to the Arctic and then to Antarctica, then east to Europe and Africa, the Middle East (sometimes I’ll send extra light to specific countries here), Northern Europe, Eastern Europe; then I’ll switch and concentrate on sending light to Hawaii, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand, all of Asia and India until the light has encircled the world.  Then I release it to go wherever it’s needed the most.  All this takes less than a minute of your time.  Surely you have a minute per day to give to the world your light!

Theo someone asked if we should request MBO’s for our food, water, and environment?

Certainly you can request MBO’s that the water and food you consume Tom is for the highest and best use by your body.  For the environment you would say a Benevolent Prayer that the environment will improve and all people will come to love this planet event more, cherish it, and honor it by keeping it pristine.  Certainly there are many Benevolent Prayers that can be said, but a nice general one sends out the light and love. 

Dream AngelTheo, are the angels, as we call them, whole souls like you that answer prayers?

Yes, exactly Tom.  They are whole souls with amazing capacity for love that answer these prayers.  They have much compassion and will do their best to answer a prayer, depending upon the circumstances and the soul fragment’s contract –that person’s life plan we can say.  If it is a life and death situation, the prayer can only be answered from a standpoint that the person passes quickly without undue pain, if their contract calls for them to transition.  It is very complicated Tom and there can be thousands and thousands of different responses to the same situation depending upon factors that you are veiled from knowing about or understanding.

How many souls do the work of answering prayers?

There has to be quite a few as you can imagine Tom.  Certainly over one million of these souls, but again not really too many more than the souls that have volunteered for guardian angel duty as you would call it.  They work closely with us as we instantly feed them information about the soul’s contract, so these things—these prayers are answered instantly, just as you have been previously told.  There is no delay on this side where a soul performing prayer duty must wait for an answer.

How do the angels or souls that handle prayers assigned –do they handle it geographically, or on a first come first served basis, or how?

A little difficult to explain Tom with your 3rd dimensional knowledge.  It is more that they are assigned to a certain number of souls and handle these prayers from these soul fragments over every life they live.  So you might say that we guardian angels as you call us are good friends with the prayer angels as we work with them constantly.

Aren’t you aware that the prayer is about to be said even before the soul fragment or person says it?

Yes, exactly, so we do have our “lead time” as you might call it. 

Are the souls that handle prayers also Golden Light Beings?

No, these souls or prayer angels to use your words do not have to have as high a level of expertise as do the souls that act as guardian angels.

I had someone write to me concerned about the wording of a Benevolent Prayer, in saying “…any and all beings…”, as they felt it might attract non-benevolent beings.  Your comments please.

Yes, it might seem that way on the surface, Tom, but when angelic beings, as you call them, are called upon to provide assistance, they certainly would not “dial up” shall we say, a non-benevolent being to assist the person that said the Benevolent Prayer, or for whom they said the prayer for. 

These are, as we have discussed before, whole souls Tom, and even though they have not achieved a golden light-being level, they still are whole souls and capable of millions of decisions per minute in your time.  Please trust these souls to handle any request in a most benevolent way, as they have only the best intentions for the person or beings in the request.  It is all accomplished from within the light, so there is no danger of attracting non-benevolent beings.

So I want to get this correct.  Neither the souls that handle prayers nor the souls that take care of us in dreamtime Golden light beings—is that correct?

Yes, you have it Tom.  These souls tend to be a little younger, but eager shall we say and are quite enthused about their work.   They gain much from the experience too you know.  So they are growing and gaining knowledge too from their work.  Being involved in this earth experiment has been of great benefit to millions of souls. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINES—JANUARY 29, 2011, February 5, 2011.


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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