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Welcome to this edition of THE GENTLE WAY Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  This is a F.R.E.E. newsletter; so if you like what you read, please pass it along to your friends.  I also have a weekly Blog for those of you new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO's) in your life—a simple spiritual tool you can use every day for the rest of your life.  You can find it, along with two sample chapters of my first book, on my website .

For those of you in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, I’ll be doing two of my rare speaking engagements in the area—on Tuesday, May 4, at Patry’s French Restaurant on Lovers Lane and on May 14 at Satori in Ft. Worth.  Details are below under the APPEARANCE heading.   I’ll have books with me to sign if you don’t have one yet. This newsletter is going out early, as my wife and I are headed to Austin, Texas for her high school reunion.   Now for this week’s topics.


Marie on Facebook writes:  Hello Tom, I have an MBO to share with you. Last week on Friday, I had my tires changed. On the very next day, one of the new tires blew out, so I had to put on a spare. So on Monday, I knew I had to go back to the tire shop and tell them what happened. So I requested an MBO: "Guardian angel, I request a most Benevolent Outcome that they give me another tire at no charge, thank you!".  So to my surprise, the man took the damaged tire, put on another one at no charge! I was a very happy customer! After I left the tire shop, I thanked my guardian angel (s)!!!

Here is another MBO.  Before I started working, I had to find a Daycare for my kids. I had two days to find one!! So I grabbed the phone book, and started calling to see if there were any daycares available. I called like 3-4 of them, and they had no openings! At this time I was worried! NO LUCK!! So I requested an MBO: "Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that I find a reliable and dependable Daycare for my kids, thank you". So I grabbed the newspaper and say an ad that caught my attention and called right away and left a message.

Not even 5 minutes later, the Daycare Lady called me back and told me that she had openings. Right away I went to her house and met her. She was grateful that I called and I was grateful that I found some to help me in this situation. Could it have been synchronized? So I filled out all the paperwork. No more worries! After I left her house, I thanked my Guardian Angel!!!  My Guardian Angel must be a fast one to work with!

As I keep telling everyone, requesting Benevolent Outcomes for all the more mundane things in life makes your life less stressful and MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE!  If you’re on FACEBOOK, have you signed up to be my Friend yet?  I always try to put late breaking news in postings. 


Dolores on Facebook writes:  Abby's MBO story (in response to mine last week) prompted me to share another! Last Friday, I was at CSULB to help judge their Theater Fest. I arrived not knowing where on campus to park, as I had never been there before. The only spots I could find were on the absolute opposite side of the campus and were metered. On top of that, it allowed only a 2-hour maximum and my shift was three hours long, so I planned to run back at some point to feed the meter again.

Well, best laid plans... suffice it to say that I was unable to leave my post during that time.  More than 3 hours later, I trudged back to my car, wincing at the idea of a ticket on my windshield. About halfway there I suddenly thought to request an MBO! I did so, and was beyond relieved to find no citation at all. I said a heartfelt, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" It was such a welcome gift. I exited the campus that day with a huge smile on my face!


Sandy writes:  I recently "friended" you on Face book, and want to thank you for your generosity in all you share.  I have been reading and enjoying your articles in the Sedona Journal, which I've been buying monthly for almost a year (guess it's time to subscribe!).  It wasn't until earlier this week that I finally visited your website, signed up for your newsletter and blog; that was due to the following story. 

2 weeks ago today I was finally getting around to reading your MBO article in the March Issue of Sedona Magazine and read the entry about "time compression".  It interested me because there have been many times recently that I've attempted something similar, but more along the lines of requesting for time to "stand still", usually when I was running late...which is my norm!  The following day (Sat.) I had made plans to take our new kitten in for shots, and was going to meet my friend (who had "rescued" the kitten we adopted and still had the other 2 litter-mates) at a vets.  Although I'd never been to the place, I was familiar with how to get there, but checked the map anyway - no problem there.  I was trying very diligently to keep an eye on the clock so that I would leave "on time" to make it for a 2:30pm appt.

So I loaded the kitten in his crate, got in the car and looked at my watch - 1:54pm.  I told myself "it's okay Sandy, you'll make it - just keep breathing and you'll keep moving".  Meanwhile, I thought I'd request an MBO for the kitten - that he would have an easy, stress-free experience and would not be scared or suffer any ill-effects from the shot.  I was about 4 miles into my (8-10 mile, 1-way) trip, looked at the car clock and thought - "wow - I'm making pretty good time"!  I came to a stoplight, which I know to be a rather long one, as it crosses one of the busier main thoroughfares through the city.  I looked at the clock once more and began to get a wee bit nervous.  My mind wandered back to what I'd read about "time compression", although I couldn't remember the right name and instead I called it "time folding"!  I remembered the steps though, and thought it was definitely worth a try.

So I said , "I would like to request a time folding, no matter how many red or green lights I come to, I will safely and securely reach my destination on time - and not just pull up into the parking lot at 2:35 and say it's ok to be a few minutes late".  And then the final and most important instruction - do NOT look at the car clock or your watch!

Here's what happened.  The traffic light I was sitting at?  It skipped a cycle - 'my' light never turned green until the next go 'round!  Then I hit a multitude of red lights, took one wrong turn and had to backtrack approx. 1 block.  When I finally pulled up in front of the vets, I turned the car off and took the key out; simultaneously looking at the car clock before it went off...2:29 pm.  Wow!  I was so thrilled - I got out of the car and told my friend "I did it - I did it...I folded time!"  Of course I explained what I'd done, all the while offering "thank-you’s" to all my guides and angels for assisting me.  It was truly a wonderful experience.  And the kitten did wonderful too, relaxing upon the ride home like I'd never thought possible!  The reason this is so incredible is that he was born "feral" and had had no human contact until 5 weeks before this moment!


Gaia, I haven’t seen any noticeable change in the weather patterns around the Iceland volcano.  Did the BP’s not work?

Yes, Tom.  It may appear that way, but I can assure you the ash cloud will no longer be a threat to Europe or the UK in the near future.  Certainly before it finishes erupting it will pose a danger to the continent, but I cannot hold off these weather patterns for very long—jus long enough that you will see the ash cloud is being directed away from those areas.  I said I would honor your requests—those BP’s as you call them Tom and I am.

To see the Iceland weather forecast, the link is: . To see where the ash cloud is heading the link is: and click on the top link. 


Amy in New York writes:  I have a question for you to ask Gaia or Theo.  With the 40th anniversary of Earth Day this week, is there anything else a single person or small group can do to help the planet's health other than being a good steward in what we buy, do and eat?  I see what seems to be so little concern with the health of the planet by the average person, so I was wondering if we can make inroads with MBOs and other kinds of actions that can be taken by anyone.  Will it really help?

I also teach High School students and want them to understand the issues facing our planet today brought about by man.  Does our focus on these negative aspects only serve to make them worse by attraction?  If so, how can we inform and create children who want to help Earth without schooling them in so many negative aspects of what is?  Thank you for your beautiful website and sharing this gift with all of us.

Gaia, one of my readers asks what people can do to assist you and make the planet better?

A nice thought and question by your reader Tom.  You can honor me and the earth in many ways, by being good stewards of the planet.  You are moving in that direction Tom.  Each individual can do their part to make the planet better, whether it’s picking up trash on the side of a roadway, to assisting the animals of this planet, to planting trees where forests have been cut down.  There are many ways to make a difference, you just have to get out of your chairs, stop watching so much TV and be pro-active. 

Ask yourself what appeals to you?  Then find out how you can accomplish it.  It may be with other people in an organization, or it might be something you do just on your own.  Then perhaps other people will see you and join with you or start to do what you’re doing on their own too.  And don’t forget to send lots of white light to me.  This is another way to honor me and assist me with my work too. 


Helene writes:  I read your latest newsletter about upcoming earthquakes around southern California.  I'm concerned for the safety and well-being of the many animals held within the Los Angeles Zoo, the San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Park, the Monterey Aquarium, the Long Beach Aquarium, and even the Vancouver Aquarium.  So many pets drowned or became homeless after Hurricane Katrina.  Obviously people always get priority in these situations.  There are potential dangers from wild animals as well.  I would be very appreciative of some information about this.

San DiegoGaia, what will happen to the animals in the San Diego, LA and San Francisco zoo’s?

Yes, Tom.  Those animals will be in mortal danger, and many will perish in the upcoming earth movements.   This cannot be helped, as they will be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But their lives are not too happy you know, living in cages, even if the cages are grand and have large exercise areas I shall call them.  A caged animal is a caged animal and my heart goes out to them you see.  In the future there will fewer caged animals, and they will be allowed to roam freely, albeit in enclosed large areas, as man encroaches on their living areas. 

But to answer your question.  Many will perish, but some will be saved through heroic efforts of their handlers, who do love and care for them as best they can.    And yes, some will escape, which will pose another danger for anyone who encounters one of these hungry predators.  They will be crazed with fear, along with starving themselves, so guess whom they will have to turn to for food?  You might say a little balancing will go on there, as the people who are attacked have in past lives slaughtered animals themselves. 


San FranciscoGaia, how high up the west coast above San Francisco will there be significant damage, and will there be just one major epicenter or will there be multiple epicenters above let’s say 7.0 as there will be in LA and San Diego?

Good question Tom.  There will be multiple epicenters in that area, just as the others.  The west coast running along the San Andreas Fault line will have to most damage, but there will be other epicenters.  Perhaps not above 7.0. but very close to that number Tom.    So certainly 50 miles above the Bay area will see significant damage, including the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, which you were about to ask me about.   

It will begin to diminish after that, but again, the major problem for that area, is as you saw on TV, the Oakland Bay bridge will not be scheduled to be finished until after the major earthquakes; and the old bridge, built on wooden pilings, will collapse in short order, stranding hundreds of thousands of people, just as the Golden Gate bridge will be damaged almost beyond repair.  So anyone in San Francisco will be trapped, and they will again have the fires to deal with, not to mention the severe shaking, which will collapse most of the building there, due to the shaking and liquefaction of the soil.  Their only way off the area will be by boat, and there will be far too few of those.   You can ask me again about the epicenters in the future Tom and I’ll try and give you more information. 

OK, Gaia, I asked you about the San Andreas fault line, but what about the Hayward fault line that runs on the eastern part of the bay?

Good question Tom.  Again there will be one or more large earthquakes along this fault line too Tom.  They will not be left untouched by these earth movements either.  Perhaps the earthquakes will not have the same intensity of the west coast ones, but there will be multiple quakes almost every hour it will seem, and these will do significant damage.  Again, these people must leave the area, as their homes will not be safe during this period of time Tom. 

Someone asked how long will the earthquakes in California last?

To answer that question Tom, just look at Chile, also on the same fault lines.  Weeks after the major earthquake there are still many earthquakes happening each day, mostly smaller ones, but certainly every now and then a significant ground shaker.  So the answer will be for months there will be quakes continuing to shake the ground.

Los AngelesI’m still receiving questions about LA, can you confirm that Simi Valley, Oxnard, and Ventura are included in that list along with Santa Barbara?

Quite so Tom.  All of this area around Los Angeles will be affected.  There will not be a community within 100 miles that will not see significant damage to their homes and other buildings. 

Will the Verde Valley in Arizona, near Sedona, just be impacted by the flood of refugees or an earthquake too?

No Tom, there will be no earthquakes there, but certainly they will be able to feel the ground move from the ones centered in California.  This will cause a little damage to poorly constructed buildings, but nothing that can’t be repaired. 


Gaia, you have already said that Phoenix, AZ will not have destructive tremors, but will be flooded with refugees.  How many of these refugees will settle there and how many will simply move on?

Yes, these numbers will fluctuate Tom, as these are probabilities, which we had discussed before.  Certainly over one million refugees will come to Phoenix.  Of these, perhaps one third to one half will stay.  There will be no room for the others.  Those coming late from California, the survivors who do not perish from starvation and lack of water, will be moved to other parts of the country.  But they have an adequate airport and many refugees will be shuttled to other less crowded regions of the country.


Dawn in Victoria, Australia writes:  I have only recently begun reading your newsletter and thoroughly enjoy it.  I was wondering if you would mind asking Gaia if she has any plans for Australia, if so, what, where and when?

Gaia, will Australia remain quite in the future?

Yes, quite so, Tom.  They will have some activity such as a tsunami or two on the coast, but the major change will be the rising of the seas for them.    Keep in mind that Australia can be affected by earthquakes to their north and northeast.  They will have use for their tsunami warning system sooner than you might expect.


Tonya in San Diego writes:  Thank you so much for your response.  I have to move to Washington State for a year and a half for my job but after that I plan to move to the Austin, TX area.  Right now I live in San Diego but I am moving in May.  I know it is not in my soul contract to be here for the earthquakes because when you predicted them in 2008 I was in San Diego and was suddenly transferred to the east coast for my job.  After a year and a half I was transferred back to San Diego and now I am suddenly being transferred again out of San Diego again.  These transfers were not at all asked for (in fact I was quite upset about moving but now I understand it) and very sudden to the point that I only had a few weeks to a month to prepare for the move.

I love the MBOs.  I have been asking my Spirit Guides, angles, mother, father God for anything and everything I could think of all my life but when I came across your website and started using the MBOs things just started happening so fast.  I have always gotten everything I wanted but it would usually take a while, however, I am a very patient person.  Your MBOs are exactly what I have been looking for.  Actually, a psychic lady told me in early January that I would find a way to get everything I want in a much faster manner and she was correct.

Thank you again and I look forward to your articles each week.

Notice how Tonya's GA is making sure she's not in San Diego when the earth starts moving?  Obviously it's not in her soul contract to have to experience an earthquake disaster this time around. 


Carla on Facebook writes:  Hope your days are going well. Again, thank you sooo very much for all you, Theo and Gaia tell and do for us.

I am a great lover of bees and am sadden to read that they are going away. I'm wondering if part of the reason is how we treat Bees. I read that every 6 months Bee keepkers kill the Queen Bee and replace Her with another. When I heard this I thought, That can't be good. That will disrupt their 'selves' somehow. So, please is that part of the reason that they are leaving?? Yet again man's negative influence?

Gaia, is the only reason bees are departing is because their work is done?

Yes Tom.  The reports of the queen bees being killed by the bee keepers is an exaggeration.    They will depart as their work is accomplished.  Certainly there will be fields remaining in California after the earthquakes.  In fact as many areas are abandoned, wild flowers will grow there, which will still require the services of the bees.  If you recall, I will begin to have more weather systems drop to the south before coming ashore to water the deserts of the southwest, which I wish to make verdant again. 


Annette writes:  Please ask Gaia about Rainbows. Just curious as to the energy, etc since I drove through one many years ago and it changed my life. Nearly blinded me with the white light - but still - changed my life.

Gaia, what is the energy involved if someone walks through or drives through a rainbow?

Yes there is energy involved here, and it is benevolent energy.  It is quite rare for someone to be able to walk in a rainbow, but certainly the energy they receive is positive and long lasting. 


Paul in Pennsylvania writes:  Blessings on you for your contributions to humanity. Gary Renard in his book, "The Disappearance of the Universe," foretells the explosion of at least two nuclear devises in cities by terrorists. Is the probably of this happening still high, and can you give a rough time frame for it? Thanks.

Theo, Gary Renard predicted in a book that terrorists would severely damage or blow up two nuclear reactors.  It this a high or low probability?

It is quite low now Tom.  Certainly the terrorists would love to accomplish this, but as you may have noticed, your spy capabilities or your ability to root out these nefarious plans have taken giant leaps due to the surveillance which goes on of telephone and cell phone transmissions, plus actual moles in these organizations.  It will all come out one day in the future.  But no, the probability of this happening is very low now, as compared to when he wrote the book and the months that passed before it was published. 

Diane writes:  I am curious to know if Theo has some information to share about the books and movies about Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. It's amazing how the young adults and adults are so involved with this love story. I am fascinated by it as well. I am specially curious about the effect it has in the new generation as most of them are indigos and crystals. When I read the last two books it touched my emotions at a very deep level. What is it about this story and the energy it was written with?
Stephenie mentioned she dreamed the story and it was very vivid. How does that happen? What does Theo know about Stephenie Meyer?

Theo, what can you tell me about Stephanie Meyers, author of the Twilight books who dreamed the storyline, and the energy in those books?
Yes, she tapped into an interesting line of energy Tom.  Naturally it was in her soul contract to write these love stories, even with the subject matter being vampires.  There is the fascination, which people have of being virtually immortal, and a good love story always attracts people.  She has a couple of writing guides who assist her in this writing, as she naturally has been a writer in other lives.  It is her soul’s interest you see—word communication.  The energy of the books touches women, as you can imagine, on a deep subconscious level that love can withstand any obstacle thrown at you in life.  Love conquers all, even death. 


Megan writes:  I was wondering if in the next newsletter you could perhaps ask Theo or Mother Gaia a question I have about Sedona, Arizona.

I currently live in Sedona and I was wondering if you could touch upon the various entities there are here and how I can do specific barriers to ensure the negative ones remain at bay. I have the ability to see entities, both good and bad, and I feel like no matter what I do, no matter what house clearings I do (I even had a shaman come in and plant a Mother Gaia oak tree in the middle of my house to ensure protection, after she removed a negative entity that was attached to the house) and MBOs and working with my angels and guides, it is like these negative entities are constantly violating all universal agreements. I have always had this ability and when I lived in Seattle, I would work with my personal guide, Archangel Michael, do MBOs, meditate and all negative beings would automatically leave. Yet, it seems here, in Sedona, it does not happen. I am not sure if the house I am leasing was built on a portal or what but it has become so fearful and scary that some nights I want to pack up dogs and just leave. I am more than aware that with the good and divine entities and beings come the negative entities and beings. Even my mom, who rarely sees entities and beings, will wake up in the middle of the night to see them right by her bed, and believe me, these are not the happy joyous orbs.

Can you provide any insight (in addition to the understanding that Sedona is a powerful and sacred place) that would help me understand what is happening here in Sedona. I even put out tons of bird food to attract tens of birds to help stabilize the energy. I am just curious and also, any advice as to what specifically I can do would be great!

Theo, why is Megan having such a hard time getting rid of negative energies in Sedona?
It’s where she lives Tom.  This is not a good place she chose.  There are very difficult energies there, which do not want to leave.  She would need someone much more powerful than she to rid this house of these entities.  So she can either move, or call in some “big guns” I shall call them. Tell her to be sure to surround herself at all times in white light for protection until they are gone or she leaves.


Pam writes:  I have read in many places that we are going to move into the 5th dimension but cannot find what the 5th dimension is or means.   Could you explain what the 5th dimension is – how is it different from the 3rd dimension and when is the move supposed to take place?   Is there anything we need to do to prepare?

Theo, a reader wants to know more about the 5th dimension as compared to the 3rd dimension, and is any preparation needed?

No Tom.  No preparation is needed.  Just go with the flow shall we say.  The 5th dimension is a much lighter dimension as compared to the 3rd, which you will soon leave.  As you will enter the lower degrees of the first dimension, it will at first not seem any different, but then you start learning how to create and you will find it so much easier to create, plus easier to converse with your own Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides than it is in the 3rd dimension.  A lightness of being would be a good description of how you will adjust to this dimension.

I will add that previously Theo has said requesting MBO’s on a daily basis does raise your vibrational level, and in turn assists in “opening the door” for all those people who have no idea that we’re about to cross over into the 5th dimension.


Rick sent me this, and you might want to have tissues next to you when you watch this.  It’s the story of Amazing Grace—the black keys. 
Since this so impacted me, I decided to ask Theo about slavery.

Have I had any lives as a slave, or as a slave trader, or both Theo?

Yes, certainly you have Tom.  There were several lives where you experienced being owned by another person, which helped atone for a life in which you bought and sold other people.  All things must balance Tom, and everyone must experience everything before their lives are finished on earth.  These lives were fairly long ago, as slavery has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. 

So was I a slave trader in Africa?

Exactly Tom, but again long ago—longer than records of the more modern slavery trade there. 


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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