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Thanks Aileen, Marc, and Diane who commented on my Facebook page about listening to my Global Teleclass last night when I presented an overview of the information I’ve received from Antura, my “brother on another planet.”  I hope to have the recording listed on the website this week in case you wish to listen. 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


San DiegoMaria sent me this on Facebook:  NBC: 'Mystery Boom' Felt and Heard in San Diego - April 13th, 2012

Gaia, what was mystery boom in or near San Diego?

Yes, again Tom, the boom was caused by my movement of magma and slippage shall we call it in my crust you see.   I am doing a lot of movement of my crust in anticipation of the switch to the 5th focus.  This is not something to be alarmed about, other than those on the west coast should remember that I hope to move the plates there soon, just as I am moving them on other parts of the Ring of Fire as it is termed.

Have our souls signed off yet on any major movement there on the west coast of California?

No, not yet, but that may come fairly soon you see.  I’m hopeful, as it needs to be accomplished and preferably as I told you before in the 3rd focus.

What difference should that make to you Gaia?

Things are more moderate in the 5th focus and there is supposed to be a mellowing for your population Tom.  The consternation of having large earthquakes in the center of your population there will create energy that I prefer to have released in the 3rd focus and not in the 5th to deal with.  As you can imagine there will be a lot of despair as people lose their loved ones and homes and livelihoods. 

So I have been in contact shall we say with your souls reminding them of this.  You could say they are dragging their feet, in human terms, and I do realize your vibrational levels are rising, but my movement there is a priority.  So keep checking in for changes in status.


Christchurch NZBarbara writes:  Thank you for answering my question on the vibrations.  I think your answer is right.  Interestingly, since receiving a reason for the vibrations they have stopped!  Now I'm getting this lovely floral perfumed fragrance, which comes in waves during meditation and MBO/BPs.  I love pretty perfumes so it's like a little gift!

I was reading back on a prediction that was made some time ago about the earthquakes in Christchuch.  Not sure if anyone has told you just how accurate and to the point the following comment by Gaia is: 

(Gaia) Still, those who live there should have their houses on bedrock if at all possible.  Those who live on sandy dirt plains will suffer the most damage.  

Many suburbs here will never be built on again, due to the huge problems liquefaction caused.  The ground is just too unstable, however the suburbs away from beaches and the river are so far surviving the constant movement.  It's not just ground shaking that causes damage and people in other earthquake prone cities may do well to made aware of this.

May I take this moment to let you know (and Theo) that all your hard work and dedication has inspired me so much, and I am sure many others. You are doing great things for this earth through your teaching and growing knowledge/understanding.  So a big thank you, and appreciative smile to you : )


Gulf Oil LeakSandy writes on Facebook:  Tom, could you please ask Gaia what is going on with the fish and other life that is sick in the Gulf? Is the oil not going away or is there another factor at work? Some are saying the Gulf Coast is either dead or dying.

Gaia, are fish and wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico still being affected by the oil spill and if so, for how long and how widespread is it?

Yes Tom, the fish and wildlife are still affected by the oil spill, which has been diluted many times, but still the molecules that make up the oil are still present and will be for sometime yet.  And yes there is sort of a blanket on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico where there is a heavier concentration of these molecules.    This is something for your scientists to learn –how one oil spill can affect the environment for years, which this will do.  It will take more hurricane seasons to stir things up enough for this to dilute further. 

So your scientists will have to come up with ways to remove this silt we’ll call it.  It will not be a cheap process Tom, and does point out how dangerous this offshore drilling can be if just one oil spill can last for years.    As I have previously stated, there are other ways to gather oil without using these drilling platforms, but some people have to learn the hard way.  If the government keeps the oil company’s feet to the fire so to speak and makes them pay billions of dollars to correct the damage they’ve done, eventually they will question whether it is really worth the possibility of huge losses in operating these rigs.    This oil spill or leak will give your scientists much data to work with.


HurricanesGaia, what are your plans for hurricanes this summer in the Gulf of Mexico and East Coast of the United States?

Yes, it will be an active season Tom.  There will be much energy to work with that our friend the Sun is sending me, so you will see some large hurricanes that will be born.  Some will not reach your shores but a few will. 

Will you have any that will strike the East Coast?

Yes—one and possibly two, depending upon whether your souls sign off on both or not.  As we get closer to the Hurricane Season you can re-ask about that.

What about Florida and the Gulf?

Yes, again two to three this year Tom.  At least one will be a whopper you would call it—a category 4 or 5. 

Will they follow the normal time of August and September?

Yes, there will be some earlier activity, but the majority of the large storms will be in that time period.


Gaia, there are reports that Antarctica is adding to its ice area, yet on the other hand we hear about the melting of the AntarcticaArctic.  What is the real story?

Yes, certainly at times the Antarctic will add ice, but overall it is melting and calving those huge icebergs you have seen on TV.  As I have stated numerous times Tom, soon scientists will notice that the level of the oceans is rising. 

Yet Master Kryon is predicting a mini-ice age.

Yes, but that will not come to pass in the manner he spoke Tom.  Only parts of the world will be affected.


Speaking in TonguesShawn writes:  I have a question I have been wondering about for some time. I grew up in a Pentecostal family and church. I've never been religious myself. I've always felt very in touch with my spirit though, so naturally there was a lot in religion that I disagree with, and saw it as very fear-based.

In church I grew up in, it was very common for people to "speak in tongues" and they saw this as the holyspirit speaking through them. What actually is happening when people are speaking in tongues? Is it something their subconscious mind is making up, or is it really inspired from the spiritual realm, whether from a "light" or "dark" influence?  I am very curious!

Theo, what is really happening with the people who speak in tongues in churches?

Again Tom this is a sensitive area when we touch on people’s religions or beliefs.  These people truly believe this is a way to express their inner belief in God you see.  Some do tap into ancient languages as they open themselves up in a form of channeling where they tap into a language perhaps they spoke in another life, or even a life on another planet.  Others attempt to, but fail, but because of peer pressure they simply make up sounds that seem foreign to them.  This can lead to that form of channeling, or perhaps never, as they, like many people are afraid to allow that connection. 

So it truly depends upon the person doing the speaking in tongues.  They are sincere in their belief that somehow it brings them closer to God. 


Baby in WombSam writes:  Tom as I was conversing with a friend, Peg via e-mail on MBO’s and soul paths, in this case it was the death of a baby who is a distant relative of Pegs. The question came into my mind of a question to ask you. This will probably be as controversial as some of your topics last week.  

You have said in past newsletters that our souls have all of the memories of being birthed and going through the birth canal although we as adults in this dimension do not have access to these memories. My question is, when is the life ensouled? Is it at the time of birth in the womb or at the time of conception?  As you can see this gets into the whole abortion issue and free choice.

Theo, can you comment some more on when a soul enters the womb.

Yes, Tom, as I had said before, the soul enters the womb early, but doesn’t stay there.  It samples the development of the fetus and then leaves and comes back.  It is getting to know the mother on an intimate basis, but is not required to be there for the whole gestation process.  As time draws near to birth, then the soul will on average spend a great deal of time there connecting with the soul of the mother.  This is not always the case, but again we are speaking on averages here. 

Sometimes it is known that the mother will have an abortion, and the soul knows this but wishes to experience the early formation of the fetus, and then there are the times when the baby will be still born, but again the soul wishes to experience this up to the time of birth. 


Blue EyesThis was the topic that caused the delay in sending out the newsletter last week.  I’ll try it again, this time with no image.

Ralonne writes:  How many years have people had blue eyes, as some people say it is around 7,000 years?

Much, much longer than that Tom. People have had this color of eyes for perhaps a million years. The genetic code was introduced that far back in time for you. I think you suspected that, but I am confirming that suspicion. Your records just do not go back any farther than that, so that’s why that number is used. It has nothing to do with fact.

I'm still trying to understand these references to Atlantis, so I could be completely off base here, Tom, but the way I've interpreted previous references to blue-eyed people is that was a common trait among Atlantians? Can you help me gain a better understanding of the commonalities between the two?

I could've sworn I've read discussions between you and Theo about this very subject, but in going back to your first newsletter in 2007, I can't find any specific references other than the one I posted above. Yet, somewhere since I started reading your newsletters, I came away with the impression that blue-eyed people were somehow related to Atlantians. Is that interpretation correct or am I completely misunderstanding the connection between the two?

Theo, were Atlantians blue-eyed, or did they vary in color?

There was a variance in eye color Tom with blue being one of the colors. 


For my new subscribers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” and is an amphibian having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  I just did a one hour Global Teleclass on Thursday evening.  I hope to have it posted in the Appearances section of the website this coming week.  I’ll give you the link next week in the Special Notices section of the newsletter if I have it.

Brigid sent me a story about a strange looking craft above Sommerset, UK.

Antura, what was the UFO over Somerset England?

Yes, that was one of your friendly ET’s Tom.  Again it was doing what I have discussed before.  It was making itself known so that there would be multiple sightings as we gear up for more of these in the summer season when more people are outdoors and can view them.  These are just reminders that we’re there.  All part of the plan shall we call it leading up to the first public contact.

SpaceshipsAntura, will we on earth have the capability of traveling to other Galaxies?

Yes Tom.  Once you achieve the ability to travel to other star systems, you will have that capability.  Naturally you’ll want to explore this galaxy first, but there will be a few missions to other galaxies upon the invitation of those that reside there. 

Karen writes:  Thank you Tom for being so patient with me. You are the only place I have found to answer my questions that truly resonate with me.

I have three questions for Antura. First one is a dream I had when I was about 10 yrs old. I dreamt I was in the hallway and opening the door to the stairwell, and knowing there was a "monster" (alien) there. The being was very large, about the size of a football lineman.  I have tried to draw it, and it comes out looking faintly froggish. I had this dream again the next night, but the only thing that was different is the addition of my 8 yr old brother. Can you ask what I saw?

Second, In all the dreams I have had, the most prevalent I have seen were the saucer shape, with a round ball shape second. I have also had dreams of a flying bus, and a flying van. Are these shapes the spaceships use? This may be for Theo, is the flying bus and flying van a future vision?

Third is a dream I wrote in the dream journal. I see a dark round ball shape overhead, and I am drawn up into the ship. I am hanging in air supported by a force beam, now I am in an orange jumpsuit. then I am let down and led thru corridors to the "front" of the ship. Then the ship seems to fly over a desert like area, and chase after a herd of horses. then I am going to a stateroom, and someone comes in and there is a conversation in buzzes that I cannot understand, then I seem to understand him. I ask if I can take a picture, he says no, then I wake up. Did this really happen?

Alien AbductionAntura, was the dream Karen had of being taken to a spaceship real, and if so who took her?

Yes Tom.  It was a subliminal recall of being taken there and it was her own people from her home world.  They wanted to do tests to see how she was coming along and her soul allowed it.

Please comment on her seeing round spaceships, of a flying bus scaring horses, a frog shaped ET’s.

Yes, as you might suppose, her mind equated the spacecraft that picked her up to being in a bus and yes they did frighten horses as they zoomed along.  The shape was the best she could equate to something she has seen on earth.  The appearance would not be quite the same but there are characteristics.

 Elaine writes:  I am not sure if this a question for Theo or Antura or neither.  My grandson who is 2 1/2 has always communicated with "someone" because he was constantly babbling.  When the Space Shuttle was connected to the International Space Station and would fly over our house, we would take him outside to see it.  Behind the Space Shuttle/ISS would be a UFO following closely behind.  When it came in front of our home, my grandson would start signaling and babbling.  The UFO would stop momentarily and flash its lights and then be on its way.  This happened on two different occasions.  My husband never believed in UFOs before this, but now he does.  We both believe our grandson was communicating with it.  Is this possible or have we just taken leave of our senses? Was the UFO of the Pleiades or Sirius star system or the Galactic Federation?

Who did the 2.5 year old kid communicate with and how at such an early age and was it Pleiadians, Sirians, or whom?UFO

Yes, the child was able to mentally communicate with the UFO and it was one of our own.  On a higher level the child recognized the people. 

Last question.  Robert Shapiro channeled a light being who said we would not be contacted publicly for 10 years to perhaps 20.  Your comments.

Yes, but you also note that he said it would be people just like you, as we have discussed Tom.  The time period for contact is still 2015 and my visit 2017, but certainly that could change if the “powers at be” decide humans still are not ready.  That is not what has been the case so far, and certainly there are many more people alive today that will accept these visitations than there were even five years ago Tom.  We still have plans to come in 2017, as we believe the bridging over to the 5th focus will allow you to progress greatly in a short period of time.  You will be able to judge this more when the country I mentioned before releases all their classified information on prior visits by ET’s and their conversations.  There will be a shift in perception by many people at that time. 


This MBO story and the next one were in last week’s Blog which you can now access directly on my website in the Menu, Out of Gasor by going to  You can sign up to receive them each week. 

Queenie writes:  My great grandson, who I started using MBO's called me Friday the 13th; he had run out of gas and his car stopped on him. He asked me to come take him to get some gas. On my way to him, he called and said he did 3 MBO's and a sign I taught him to use for protection, and the car started and he was able to make it to the gas station. He also got a promotion and a raise on his job using MBO's.


SleepingJim writes:  Hi Tom, this was my 90-year old brother who is actually doing very well with golf, etc.  I thought you would like to see the MBO's at work.

Hi Jim.  Tuesday evening I went into a chill that lasted over two hours, then came 102ºF+ temperature and blood pressure at 199.  The immediate decision was that I had become dehydrated on the golf course, and that brought it all on. The solution was to go on antibiotics, take some aspirin and drink lots of fluids.  The next day I felt much better, but far from normal.

And here's the MBO part.  We went to bed about 11:00 Wednesday night, but I kept both of us awake with the noise of my gurgling breathing.  Leslie was about to leave the room when I suddenly thought to say an MBO to clear my
breath.  My very NEXT breath was absolutely clear, and it has stayed that way ever since.  It happened so fast, I was actually startled.  Just wanted to tell you about it.  Guess I better go get some more GatorAid.

I love this story, because it does demonstrate that we’re never too old to learn!


Antonia writes:  Little is known of the children Cleopatra and Mark Antony left behind after their suicides in 30 B.C. Anthony & Cleopatrafollowing defeat in battle.  What happened to these children?

Theo, what happened to Cleopatra’s and Marc Anthony’s children?

Yes, they were in danger for their lives and were removed to a distant location where they could be safe.  They never entered the political arena of that day and time, as they were closely watched and would have been killed had they done so. 


Machu PicchuBrian writes:  Tamar's question about Machu Picchu jogged my memory.  The first time I saw a travelogue of Machu Picchu, there was a view of a valley as seen from that site.  I had a very strong feeling that I had flown down that valley, perhaps as a hang-glider.  Did I receive correctly and did the inhabitants of Machu Picchu have this ability?

Theo, did the people who lived near Machu Picchu have the ability to fly in some way—similar to hang gliding or in some other fashion?

Yes and no Tom.  Certainly they attempted to fly like a bird but their attempts to do so met with disaster.  What was seen in the dream was flying as you do in the dream state to overview a particular city or area to become reacquainted with it.  Everyone has these dreams of flying, as it is your astral body doing the flying. 


Chantal writes:  Could you please ask Theo, why autistic children become normal and have no more symptoms of autism, Autismafter detoxing mercury?

Theo, does detoxification of mercury cure Autism and if so how?

Certainly mercury is one of the toxic chemicals that can cause autism, but it is not the only one.  Children should be checked for high levels of several metals.  Mercury is not the only culprit here Tom.  There is a toxic cocktail of substances which cause this opening to a flood of information.


David WilcockPhilip sent me this:  From David Wilcock's website divine cosmos

Thousands of top conspirators in finance, media, pharmaceuticals and government are about to be arrested. Read this landmark interview transcript with "Drake" now -- before it becomes front-page news!

Can you comment  on the above and suggest an MBO to ensure a peaceful resolution of what is about to happen and what is happening?  Thanks.

Theo, are thousands of conspirators in finance, pharmaceuticals and media about to be arrested?

I realize this keeps coming up Tom, but again I will answer as before.  Certainly there is a great turnover at the present time, but you will not see mass arrests, but certainly there will be people who will be jailed who have had their hand in the till so to speak for a long time and their luck is running out in keeping these secrets. 

So certainly there will be some arrests as I said, but not in the mass category.  It will just seem like it, as each major person involved will be treated as a major news story.


Antonia writes:  Will we find our what happened to this little boy!  Etan Patz

Theo, will we ever find out what happened to Etan Patz?

Yes, partially Tom.  There will be more developments in the case as they sift through the rubble of the basement.


Joan of ArcClara writes:  Documents have been discovered in Rouen recently saying that Joan of Arc did not perished at stake; apparently, she has been substituted.  Is it true?  Also, could you ask Theo if she was apparented to the royal family as pretended by these documents?  Thank you for all the work you are doing.

Theo, was Joan of Arc burned at the stake or was someone else substituted and was she somehow related to royalty?

No Tom.  She was burned you see and no she did not have a connection.


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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