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Good day everyone! This week I’m going to cover a wide variety of subjects. The readership of this newsletter keeps growing, and with it I receive emails with questions and stories. If you have a question, email me at, as probably a lot of other people have the same question. And if any of you are on, go to my home page (Tom3344) and request to be friends. Please forward these newsletters to your friends, and if this is your first time to receive the newsletter, you can go to my website to read my past newsletters. They’re packed with information on how to lead an easier, less fearful, less stressful life. There were several emails I received during the week that I couldn’t fit into this newsletter, so I hope to get to them next week.


A lady asked me if someone requested a heavy pain medication for a relative with Dementia or Alzheimer’s that would cause death, if that would be considered assisted suicide and what Karma would result?

Yes, a complicated question Tom, and perhaps a little difficult to explain today. If a person knows that the pain medication they are requesting would cause death, then yes, they are assisting that person in dying. But keep in mind that this could be a soul contract for this person to perform or make this request. It could have been all decided that when the soul is put in that position, at a certain point this request for the pain medication be made. If it is a soul contract then there is no Karma involved. This is or would be the case normally. If the person just wished to rid him or herself of the responsibility and does not make the request out of love, then there would be Karma that would have to be balanced in another life, or in a few cases the same life. So you see there can be many answers to the same set of circumstances.


Yes I see. And with that are we required to live our lives to the determined time of transition, no matter what the situation involved this person asks?

Please remember to remind this person and all your readers that you do have specific soul contracts that require you to experience all passions, all pain and every experience that a person can have during or by the time you have finished all your earth lives. We have discussed suicides before and that this could be a soul contract in itself, so what would appear on the surface as an act of desperation might very well be the soul contract for that particular life. As I have said before Tom, life is much more complicated than it seems on the surface. And it is tremendously more complex on the other side of the veil as you term it—way beyond the understanding that you can have in your current dimension.
(NOTE: See the March 8 newsletter on the website about suicides.)


Someone had a question about problems at work, so I thought this might be the time to return to this subject. Here is an excerpt from my book. If you haven’t read my book yet, the chapter on work gives many more suggestions for making your life easier in whatever work environment your job entails.

EXCERPT: So let’s look at some of the problems you may encounter at work. Possibly you’re having a problem just working with another person due to a personality conflict. You can request a Benevolent Outcome each time you must work with this person. If it is every minute of the day, then you can request the MBO at the start of the day. If you just meet with that person periodically, remember to request the MBO before the meeting for it will go smoothly and without conflict.

But perhaps the person is just too nasty to work with, and you suffer verbal or sexual abuse and innuendo. You know you absolutely must speak to your supervisor about the situation. Then you say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for favorable results from my meeting with (your supervisor). Thank you.” No one has the right to treat you in this manner—not in this day and time.

We must also cover the really serious problem of discovering illegal activities either in your department or in your company. This may involve going all the way to meet with the head of the company, or even with outside authorities. When you do, you may wish to say something like, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my meeting with ______and revealing these improprieties in my company. Thank you.” Again you may wish to adjust this request to fit your specific situation. Just know that your Guardian Angel will take care of you and whatever happens will be the best for you and your family!

A person that is conducting illegal activities is a liability to that company. His actions may cost the company millions of dollars in legal fees, settlements, and lost revenue, affect the company’s good name, and cause the company’s stock to plummet. Good people may quit because of that person’s actions, weakening the company and putting it in danger of bankruptcy. Most managers will understand this and take appropriate action. If they don’t, you may be the one to cost them the legal fees and settlement. Whatever happens it will be a Benevolent Outcome for you.


I received an email from a lady this week who had requested a Benevolent Outcome for a full time job and a MBO for a new apartment or room, but it had not happened yet. I explained that when you request a Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT job for you and the PERFECT home for you, it does take a little time for your guardian angel to put these events into place.

But I also felt compelled to mention to her that sometimes we have subconscious blocks based on past life events. One thing I do every day is to say out loud, “I’m expecting GREAT THINGS today, GREAT THINGS tomorrow, and GREAT THINGS all this week, thank you!" I have noticed that people will suddenly contact me to buy something, or people that I had really given up hope of doing business with would again contact me to complete the deals. I finally decided to ask about this (spurred on by the lady’s email). Here is the question and Theo’s answer:

Theo, explain how saying the phrase “expecting great things” assists us if at all.

Yes. This phrase does open the door as you say Tom, and acts as a Benevolent way to clear the passage for good things to happen. It does act like a Benevolent request, but in a slightly different way. It would be similar to you requesting in a Benevolent Outcome request that the results are better than you hope for or expect. It allows us—meaning your Guardian Angels as you call us, to cause events to happen that you would never know to request. And yes it does push aside one’s deep-seated restrictions that many people have for good things to happen to them. This phrase should be said every day if possible. Your readers will be amazed at some of the good things that will occur in their lives after saying this a few times.


I was also asked this week to explain how I do these “active” meditations that Theo says I’m supposed to encourage everyone to do. I do recommend the meditation CD’s that Dick Sutphen offers at for getting started. Below is how I normally put myself into an altered state in order to ask questions and receive answers from my Guardian Angel Theo and other beings:

So follow these easy steps:

1. Try and choose the same time each day (or the same days in a week) to meditate. This might mean you set your alarm 20 minutes early each morning (and yes that you may have to change your sleep time to adjust to this). Or perhaps at work after lunch, instead of watching TV or rushing off to have lunch at a restaurant, you close the door to an office or even go into a closet.
2. Have a notebook handy where you can write down what you receive, as the messages are similar to dreams in that they will fade quickly away (I changed from a notebook to my computer due to the length of the messages).
3. I suggest that you play some nice soft music to cut down on outside noises, if you live in a noisy atmosphere. You may have to put headphones on to listen. I used to listen to music by Robert Coxon, a Canadian artist who plays some really beautiful music. You can find a link to him on my website I don’t need this anymore, but it helped when I started.
4. Sit comfortably in a chair, sofa, or on the floor. Sit in an upright position—don’t slump. Ask for a Benevolent Outcome for your meditation.
5. Close your eyes. Put the tips of both thumbs and forefingers together.
6. Begin breathing in through your nose, holding to a count of four, and then gently blow out through your mouth, with your lips just barely open. This helps center your attention. After a little time, continue to breathe in through your nose and out your mouth without holding.
7. At the same time, relax your body, allowing your muscles to relax from the bottom of your feet slowly up through your legs, your torso, your arms and hands, neck, and most importantly, relax those mouth muscles.
8. Start purposefully to quieten your mind. Gently push any thoughts of the many daily activities gently away. This is THE HARDEST PART (at least for me it was). It will take you some practice, because your mind will want to jump around to 100 different subjects.
9. As you quieten your mind, imagine a beautiful white light coming from your Guardian Angel (which is filled with pure love) down through the top of your head. This will help you focus. Let this beautiful loving light from your Angel travel slowly through your whole body—first down through your head, then throat, then heart, solar plexus, then stomach, past your groin area and on down through your feet. Imagine it going through the floor all the way to the center of the earth.
10. Now from your heart, imagine a white light going out and surrounding your whole body in a spiral motion in a cocoon. Then expand the light and imagine it going all the way around the world. You can do this continent by continent. All of this is helping you focus and visualize.
11. Now imagine yourself, while still gently breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, walking down a set of stairs. The stairs have numbers on them. Go from seven all the way down to one. As you walk down the stairs, think seven, down, down, down, six, down, down, down, and so on. If you feel the need, go down another set of seven stairs.
12. At this point you can keep your mind quiet and imagine yourself in some beautiful quite place like a beach or mountain. See if there are messages or images that come to your mind. You can now ask to speak to your Guardian Angel. If you have a question, gently ask it in your mind, and then WAIT FOR THE ANSWER. Don’t jump to another subject or let any other thoughts distract you. It will seem as if you are thinking the answer, but you’re not. These are “thought packets” that are being sent to you. You’ll find that with practice the answers will be completely different than you thought they would be. Then you’ll have more confidence that what you’re receiving is coming from another source.
13. When you feel it is time to come back, imagine to yourself that you are walking back up the stairs and, as you count from one to seven, you will be fully awake, fully awake. Record any feelings, images, and messages you received. If you don’t, they will fade from your memory like a dream.

With practice you’ll find you can shorten this process down as you learn out to silence those “chatty” thoughts you have.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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