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That doesn’t mean there aren’t some really interesting topics.  Theo talks about Inspiration, the 12 mathematical system, autism, energy templates and more!

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:




Computer FriedRobert sent me this:   In an interview with Lilou Mace, Drunvalo Melchizedek stated, “The message basically is that there are seven catastrophes on the Earth coming up.  The first one, they say (is) we have to do something immediately after we see the first one because once we wait for the second one, we’ll be completely in survival.  The fourth one, they say, is the big one, which is probably the pole shift that they’re talking about.”

“You’re probably not going to make it if you’re not aware of what’s going on.  You need to be aware.  You need to be conscious.”


Sun, supposedly NASA and the Russian scientists are saying computers are going to be fried in the next few months from solar flares.  Your comments.


Absolutely not Tom.  Again this is one of those theories bandied about—not so much to frighten people as a theory of what might happen in a worst-case scenario.  They do have to consider those extreme possibilities you see.  But I can assure you and your readers there will not be a solar flare or flares that will cook your computers.  These flares will have other properties that will assist Ms. Gaia in moving the earth, as one example and certainly a multitude of other tasks, but will not overwhelm your systems.  To answer your scientists, yes it is possible for this to occur, but it will not.   Just be prepared for some large earth movements, certainly larger than the 6.8 or so magnitude ones you read about this morning Tom.    That is all.


Gaia has stated previously there will be no shift of the poles. 




DroughtEileen writes:  Tom, will you please ask Gaia what is in store for the mid-Atlantic region this summer, particularly Pennsylvania?  Will there be severe drought and fires this summer?  Anything else coming our way?  Thank you!  Thanks for all you do for us all!


Gaia, what will be the weather for the summer in the United States, which I realize has a pretty large area, so let’s expand it to North America.


Yes, the summer will be quite mild in the northern tier of states Tom, including Canada.  In the South and Midwest it will be at times extremely dry and extremely hot, certainly above average shall we call it.  Naturally there will be intermittent periods of rain to break the heat, but certainly your readers can aid if they wish to by requesting MBO’s for rain and cooler temperatures.  I am allowing this as part of your training Tom.  You reach a lot more people than you realize and there is great energy in numbers should you wish, just as you helped affect the storms and tornadoes before in Texas although certainly the only proof of that was the complete lack of fatal injuries even though there were people in bathtubs and such where there were only one or two remaining walls.  Do you truly think that’s normal for a tornado?  I can assure you energy was at work there.  It will be the same for this summer.  If enough people say BP’s for more mild conditions I will honor your request. 


(Three days later) Karen writes:  I've seen several news stories in the last week about unusually severe drought conditions affecting 48 of the 50 states in the USA.


I'm seen similar stories about Great Britain.


These stories predict extreme water shortages affecting not just lifestyle but food and drinking water supply.  I was wondering if you could ask Gaia, to what degree drought conditions are helpful or necessary for the other changes she needs to make?  Thank you for all you do, Tom.  I look forward to your newsletter each Friday.


DroughtGaia, how many areas in North America will be affected by drought this summer?


Quite a few Tom.  More than you might think or imagine.  As I have mentioned before the northern part of the country will experience more normal conditions than say the bottom half, but both will be quite warm by your standards Tom.  Naturally this will continue to cause the storms, which form as a cooler air mass collides with a warm air mass to be quite massive at times.  The southern tier of states will feel the blast of heat, with some storms to occasionally break the heat.  Yes, even Canada will be quite dry most of the summer.  Mexico will be quite hot. 


So to answer your question, many areas of North America will be faced by drought his summer.  It is part of my cycle.


But Gaia says we have the power to change this, so let’s say:

“I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing milder conditions to North America and Europe this summer in the most benevolent way possible, thank you!”




Ring of FireGaia, this is not on the list, but I noticed this morning that one of the large earthquakes was in Chile or nearby and the other in Papua New Guinea, almost opposite of each other.  Are you doing more of that these days on the Ring of Fire as we call it, or did they just happen to have their movements at the same time?


No, in this case Tom, there was a movement and then a reaction to the movement.  And yes you will see much more of this in the coming days and months you see.  Your scientists will learn first hand how connected these events are, as even a layman like yourself can see there might be a possible connection.  And of course the connection is not only opposite, but also along the same series of faults as one movement puts stress all along the fault line, sometimes thousands of miles away.  This is all part of the shifting of the plates Tom, and your geologists obviously need to study this in more detail than they even now are.  There is still much for them to learn. 




InspirationTheo, how do you coordinate or direct the suggestions of my Guides?


Excellent question Tom.  It’s simpler than you might think.  I solicit their advice for you knowing what or where their suggestions might be felt or heard in regards to anything from a simple event or task all the way to the most important.  Naturally being unveiled they are able to draw on all their lives on earth for answers to questions or problems their charges are encountering. 


They gain a great deal as I have mentioned before, seeing how a person receives and even blocks these suggestions.  You might call it an intricate dance as I stream their suggestions into your subconscious, so that your thought processes can incorporate them into thinking about or solving a challenge.  That is inspiration of one type you see, as there is more than one way to inspire. 


As I mentioned before, Creator is available to offer inspiration regarding things your guides and I have not encountered before, but much work is within their capabilities, so they use their expertise to assist you any time day or night.  You could say being a guide for someone is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week job, with no time off for holidays I might add humorously Tom, unless you take one yourself; and still they are whispering in your ear through me, as they know you’re more relaxed and don’t have so many obstacles to your reception of these suggestions. 


So do our Guides have access only to their past lives on earth or do they have access to all of them when advising us?


Another good question Tom.  Yes, they have access to all their lives, past, present and future you would say. 


So that’s not confusing to them to access a future they have not experienced?


It would seem confusing Tom, but you are all knowing on this side of the veil, so you are not blocked from seeing ahead. 


So it seems to not cause a problem in a present earth life Theo?


No Tom, as you are only advised in their knowledge, which will assist you in this life.  It would be foolish to try and impart information from a life far in the future where conditions are completely different. 




DreamingTheo this is not on the list but the divorce dream I had this morning, I understand it is a dream of contrary—and why everyone has these dreams I find perplexing.  So first question is why do we have dreams of contrary?


Yes Tom.  It is simply your soul’s way of exploring another probability, but not actually having it happen, at least not on this Time Line.  Yes, in this case you viewed another Time Line, although the events did not happen exactly as you dreamed them.  Still, as a dream of contrary it was telling you to trust in your mate, as she does love you dearly, and sometimes a dream of contrary can bring something like that up to your conscious level. 


Yes, my appearance seemed younger, which I had a problem with. 


Yes, oftentimes you will dream of younger days and in many different situations as you and your soul explore other probabilities. 




Kenda writes:  Hi again. So I finished reading your book and had a question that wasn't covered: can one put time limits on one's benevolent outcomes? For example, can I say something like "I request a benevolent outcome to find a competent and good new physician for me by tomorrow?”


Theo, can you put time limits on MBO requests and if so how effective can they be?


As you guessed Tom, it all depends upon the MBO request, the soul contract, and what is being requested.  If it is assistance that may well be needed immediately, then certainly the GA will pull strings shall we say for that MBO request.  If it is something general like the perfect job, home, or mate, then it will take as long as it will so that it will fulfill the request of the person who requested it. 


And we must not forget soul contracts, as there are times when someone wishes something to happen, yet their soul contract calls for the person to experience something as a learning lesson for them.  The MBO does not prevent the event from happening, only the severity.  So you see Tom, each MBO request is treated perhaps much differently from another.  If there is truly a time limit on the request it is looked at most carefully.




Hair SalonThese next two stories were from last week’s Blog which you can now access directly from my website or at


Carol writes:  This is a success story from my friend Irene.  Irene works in a hair salon. The gal who works right next to her has very negative energy and spends the whole day telling her clients about bad boyfriend experiences, and other negative things she experiences. So Irene has to listen to these stories repeated day after day multiple times. Not only is it frustrating for Irene, but Irene's clients complain about it too. There are no other stations available in the salon so she is stuck there and since Irene is just building her business after being there a year, Irene did not want to move to another salon.

Irene said a MBO asking that the situation be alleviated.  To her surprise, her co-worker gave a 2-day notice to her boss and moved to another salon. This happened fast, Irene and her clients are so happy, and the whole vibe of the salon has become more peaceful and loving.




Condo NeighborsKathy writes:  I had a great MBO recently. I live with my sister in a modest 3rd level condo, and I have experienced repeated problems over the past 2 years with tenants living in the condo next door.  Problems ranged from animals deficating on the patio to leaving leaking and smelly trash in the common areas. It was clear the people living next door have no consideration of others.


I had just read The Gentle Way, and one morning in desperation I requested an MBO that the condo area would be cleaned up and that my sister and I would have some really good neighbors who care about the building and are considerate of their neighbors. The next day my sister told me the neighbors moved out! I was completely impressed and amazed. This event made a firm believer of my sister who also now requests MBOs faithfully with excellent results.


We now have some very sweet neighbors who are very considerate. Best of all, working with our guardian angels has totally transformed our lives so that we are now optimistic and never worry. It used to feel as though life was constantly beating us up, but not any more. Tom, thank you so much for your books and for helping us remember we truly are not alone and have so much support from our angels who just need for us to ask for their help.




Indigo ChildThere was a big discussion on my Facebook page about Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children, and their possible vibrational levels.  It is too long to publish here, but I thought I should ask Theo about them.


Theo, can you comment on the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children?  Do they actually vibrate differently from each other at say 50k, 100k and 150k?


Good question up to a point Tom.  They are slightly different from each other and do vibrate at slightly different levels, just not what the person listed for them.  They vibrate at different levels in order to experience things differently from life and their perspective.  You should not be too concerned with labels at this point, as you will see significant changes in these children when you enter the 5th focus.  They will be in a more comfortable level.




AliensNancy writes:  I was wondering what Theo would say to this question:  I continue to read about a secret changing of the guard as to those who are in control of countries, money, and the world.   How is it that so many say that they have been in contact with our space brothers and sisters and have received this information, to say nothing of those who say they are coming out from behind government to say that this will happen?   Are they not receiving the information correctly, are they being misled, or are they just wanting to appear smart?


Thanks so much for teaching about MBOs!   They are the best!


Theo, what is the real story of the many people who say they are in contact with aliens—other planets—including government people?


Yes there are some are in governments Tom and sworn to secrecy.  Others who channel are in contact with different societies Tom, and still others may think they are, but are not.  So you must use discernment when reading or listening to what they have to say and decide if the message resonates, or feels completely wrong for you.



Sylvia BrownHeather writes:  Could you ask Theo who is Azna that psychic Sylvia Browne refers to as Mother God? Is she our Creator’s female counterpart like Sylvia says?


Theo, Sylvia Browne refers to “Azna” as the Mother God.  A reader wishes to know if Azna is a female counterpoint to God.


No Tom.  Ms. Browne is trying to separate the feminine aspect from the Creator so that it might me better understood by people who think of God as only a male, when in fact Creator is equally male and female.  This is difficult for some people to understand, if they were brought up to think of God solely in terms as a male. 


As most of your readers understand, Creator could just as soon be called Creatoress, or any feminine name you might choose.  The Creator is only one being and does not have a split personality shall we call it.




ExplosionsMaria writes on Facebook:  Hello Tom, Remember that explosion tht happened in Phoenix, AZ?  Well it happened here where I live--very close.  There's a field behind my house, and I saw this big explosion, not just once but twice--one at night and one in the morning.  You could see the huge explosion.  Can you ask Theo or Gaia if it was a UFO?


Gaia, was the big explosion Marie saw a natural phenomenon or UFO produced?


It was a natural phenomena Tom and not produced by a UFO in this particular instance.  Yes you are receiving this correctly Tom I assure you.  These were atmospheric conditions that made it right for flashes of light, which appeared to be explosions.



Women's PrisonMichelle writes:  My daughter is currently incarcerated and has been doing MBO's for the last few months. I actually wrote the MBO for her to say daily.

Went to see her on Easter, and while waiting to be called noticed through the doors to the "yard" it appeared there was almost thigh high grass(?) growing. Just green, wavy looking. Grass green. I looked for a few minutes, thinking that the mirage would go away. It lasted almost 20 minutes.

I did not remember until I was in bed that night so I got up to write it down in my journal. As I was writing, the message I got was it was grass, this was in the future, after this place had been closed.

So, my question is what is going to happen to all the inmates? Are they included in the plans for the shifts in energies? Will they be sent to other planets? Just wondering.  Our MBO is for my daughter to be released in 2012.

If you can see what info you get, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Tom, enjoy the week.


Theo, any chance of Michelle’s daughter being released from prison this year?  And what about her vision of grass growing there.  Will that facility close and when?


First of all Tom, the chances of her being released this year are not too good, but that does not mean she should stop trying and requesting MBO’s and saying BP’s.  It will happen sooner.  Your readers can say a BP for an early release for her and that can make a difference.  And yes that prison will one day return to it’s original state—not so far in the future—perhaps 10 to 15 years.


So here is the BP to say:  “I ask any and all beings to assist and protect Michelle’s daughter while incarcerated, and to assist her in an early release, thank you!”



AcupresureAnon writes:  I do a lot of energy tapping on my acupuncture pressure points on my body to relieve stress and symptoms like stuffy nose, sore throats and coughs. It also helps me fall asleep faster when I can't get myself to sleep. Well I'm currently pregnant and have noticed that when I tap my acupuncture points the baby becomes really active. When I stop, the baby goes back to sleep or rest. Just wanted for you to ask Theo whether the baby benefits from my energy tapping or is disturbing it?


Theo, do babies inside the womb receive benefits from the mother doing acupressure, or why is the baby more active?


Yes, the acupressure does a great service for the baby too, and allows the energy to enter the baby’s body—a mild tingling that causes the baby to move in the womb.

Good for both the mother and the baby.





Amazon WomenTheo, is the story true that there was a society perhaps hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago that subjugated the males and even tortured the male babies, and was this on earth or another planetary society?


Yes Tom, there is truth to this story.  It was on another planet far in the past and is one of the problems you took on to solve as the Explorer race.  That’s why there is subjugation of women in many parts of the world—to balance old actions.  This problem will be solved in the not too distant future Tom.   There will be harmony again. 




Machu PicchuTamar had asked for information on Machu Picchu and I suggested he first do a search on the Articles & News page in the search box.


Tamar writes:  I looked as you suggested, but the original purpose of  Machu Picchu was never covered.  Also, I was once told in a reading that I was instrumental in the building of this site.  Can you please ask Gaia or Theo if this is true and the purpose for this settlement?


Theo, what was the original purpose of Machu Picchu and was Tamar involved in the building and/or living there?


Tamar was, as he guessed and knew on a subconscious basis that he had a life during that time period.  It was used for religious purposes and at times as a sanctuary from the invading hordes of Spaniards who were conquering and pillaging as they went.  He did help build part of the structure.  Should he visit there again, he should try and meditate and he’ll receive some vivid images of his time there.



AutismDavid writes: Isn't autism reflective of those whose consciousness has already adapted to the 5th dimension and trying to still function in the 3rd? I heard this somewhere I think? It relates to how they process what they see when their timeline is different than ours. What are Theo's thoughts on this.


Theo, are autistic people on a higher level of consciousness with too much information to assimilate, or how would you describe it?


I think that explanation is fairly accurate Tom.  They tap into a higher level, as there is no normal barrier to them as it is for most folks.  Their brains are overloaded as they are just wired differently.  This gene will be found in the future as mapping of the DNA strands continue and will be altered to provide them with better or much more normal lives.





Blue EyesRalonne writes:  How many years have people had blue eyes, as some people say it is around 7,000 years?


Theo or Gaia quoted:  Much, much longer than that Tom. People have had this color of eyes for perhaps a million years. The genetic code was introduced that far back in time for you. I think you suspected that, but I am confirming that suspicion. Your records just do not go back any farther than that, so that’s why that number is used. It has nothing to do with fact.


I'm still trying to understand these references to Atlantis, so I could be completely off base here, Tom, but the way I've interpreted previous references to blue-eyed people is that was a common trait among Atlantians? Can you help me gain a better understanding of the commonalities between the two?


I could've sworn I've read discussions between you and Theo about this very subject, but in going back to your first newsletter in 2007, I can't find any specific references other than the one I posted above. Yet, somewhere since I started reading your newsletters, I came away with the impression that blue-eyed people were somehow related to Atlantians. Is that interpretation correct or am I completely misunderstanding the connection between the two?


Theo, were Atlantians blue-eyed, or did they vary in color?


There was a variance in eye color Tom with blue being one of the colors. 



TornadoIn last week’s newsletter Gaia said there were more multiple tornado days on the way and “quite soon.”  A few days later they had over 130 in one day ranging from Oklahoma and Arkansas all the way up through Kansas and Nebraska.


But I was off on Rick Santorum.  I felt I wasn’t receiving well that day, and said so.  I thought I should ask Theo why I had the bad reception.


Theo, why was I so far off on the Santorum prediction?


Tom, it was just one of those days where your ID took over and threw in a prediction based on input it had received.  It is a very fine line you walk in these sessions, and certainly you can go either way at times.  Try not to be too concerned about this, as it does show people that you are not perfect, and that will work to your advantage in the long run, as I can “see around that corner” as you call it.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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