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Smile SignWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Below is the first update on the West Coast and earthquakes. I posed the questions in response to people asking about the potential for more quakes in California. As you will read, Gaia slipped in a statement I didn’t catch until I saw the news about the 8.2 earthquake in Chile.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Chile EarthquakeGaia, are you starting to have more earth movements on the West Coast of the USA in the coming months, or was the one in Los Angeles just an adjustment you made?

No, Tom. This is the start of a period of more earth movements as you call them on the West Coast. And, yes, they will be of the size of let’s say 4.4 on up to a higher level. I will not give you the upper range today. That will come later.

Then will it quiet down for a period of time or will we see these sorts of movements on the West Coast again quite soon?

Yes, Tom--quite soon. Your readers on the West Coast, not just lower California, but all along the West Coast, should tie down all their important things such as TVs and furniture, or they will suffer economic loss in the near future. But that’s enough said on that subject today, Tom.

[Update on the update. I received the above information in my meditation session about 6am on April 1. I thought Gaia was talking about Northern California and on up into Canada and Alaska. As we all know now, an 8.2 quake struck Chile Tuesday evening, followed by many aftershocks. I have an Earthquake Packing List on my website you can share with family and friends on the West Coast. Here is the link: Here is a link to the story on CBS: ]


Economic GraphAnne Marie writes: Many are predicting a massive economic crash and difficult times in the near future including economists, cycle analysts (referring to Kondratiev wave and other economic cycles that all seem to converge at the same time), and even astrologers (regarding the Uranus/Pluto square). Is this a prediction of an old energy or is there a high probability of this occurring?

Gaia, are we going to have an economic crisis soon?

Yes, but not a very large one, Tom. There will be certain events coming which will affect the U.S. economy, but not nearly as much as the doomsayers seem to think.

Will the dollar be affected?

Yes, but to a small degree, Tom.


Wes writes: Thank-you for the answers to my previous questions. Here are a few more.

Atlantis#1. In his readings, Edgar Cayce spoke of a conference of the then known civilizations in the year 50,722 BC that was held in Atlantis, the topic being how to deal with the large animals that were over running many areas on Earth. Was he referring to the dinosaurs? Were some still around at that time? Or were there other animals of the large variety? I have also read, from another source, that the great wall of China was built, not so much to keep out any invaders, but to keep out the large animals of that area.

#2. Has Theo or Antura ever spoken about Hyperborea? Was that a real continent with a civilization, perhaps going back hundreds of thousands of years? Did this predate Lemuria?

I’ve mostly covered the first question in the past. Yes, there were still dinosaurs roaming the earth. Gaia said they would almost die out due to many factors and then come back. I never heard about the Great Wall of China used for anything but to keep invaders out.

Gaia, was there ever a continent, or island, or place called Hyperborea and, if so, when was it inhabited?

Yes, Tom. This place, like many more in legends, was based on fact. The Hyperboreans did live in the northern part of earth, but before I shifted the poles. So, yes, it was sunny almost every day of the year. And, yes, it was fairly idyllic, but the people as a whole were not progressing. So they were allowed to leave as I moved the alignments of the poles. They were not part of the Explorer Race, but legends of their existence certainly had lasted until modern times. They were put there by a race or society of ETs neither you nor most of humanity is familiar with.


AdamaAdama is the leader of the group of Lemurians living under Mt. Shasta at a slightly higher vibrational level in a city known for some time as Telos. There are several books on Telos, but you’ll find the questions I ask Adama are quite different.

These first questions are from Helen.

Adama, when I was an American Indian Shaman in the mid 1600s, did I study with you?

Yes, Tom. You might call yourself one of my regulars, as that was a significant life of study for you.

Did you meet with any of the priests or leaders of Atlantis, and if so what was the purpose and results?

Yes, Tom. We did try to convince them that their actions would continue to lead to their destruction, but they refused to believe me. They were very obstinate men who have already been described to you as selfish and greedy. We thought it worth the effort as I visited both factions, but came away knowing I had had little effect on their thinking of that time period.

Adama, wouldn’t your appearance on earth be much earlier than the seven or eight thousand BC I previously received?

Of course, Tom, but you still have a problem with numbers and I knew you would catch it.

So what would be the correct numbers?

Many years before that, Tom. Yes, even earlier than the 20,000 BC you are thinking as keep in mind MU was populated well before that and our group appeared not too long after that—perhaps a thousand years or so, so that we could be accepted, even with our stranger appearance.

Mt. ShastaThese questions came from John.

Adama, what are your immediate plans for assisting humanity?

We are performing what we came to do, Tom, and that is assisting the Explorer Race during your sleep time.

How often do the citizens of Telos interact with the humans who live around Mt. Shasta?

There is a slow but steady stream of contact, Tom. Some of the Mt. Shasta area citizens have seen and spoken with us numerous times, but do not publicize this. Then there are the tourists who see a couple of seven-foot people and think they must play basketball somewhere.


First Contact Front CoverFor my new subscribers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster;” and as we all do at times, he is having a life back on his home planet in the Sirius B Star System to put to use the knowledge he has gained from over 800 lives on earth. You can read much more about him in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are links to 15-minute segments of a talk I gave about the book. You can watch just one at a time as your schedule permits, or “binge watch” the whole one hour and 15 minute presentation and questions. Over 2,700 people have viewed it so far. Send the links to those friends who are into UFOs, ETs, and Star Wars, as the book does cover the REAL star wars, which was much worse than that portrayed in the sci-fi films.


Antura, what size is the largest mothership on station near earth, as there is a claim of one 3,000 miles wide.

Yes, another photoshop moment, Tom. Certainly there might be one or two a little bit larger than the mile-wide Sirian one in which we will arrive in 2017, but that is about standard size. There just is no need for such mammoth ships. You can only imagine how much power it would have to have in order to not only portal jump, but also to widen the energy corridor or portal itself.

So the portals are not that large, Antura.

Not without working to enlarge it. Yes, you are thinking about planets and moons being moved, but I can assure you that takes quite a bit of effort and multiple numbers of motherships to achieve the movement, Tom. So to answer your question, no, we do not have, nor does anyone else have in this galaxy or universe we have found so far, a massive ship someone conjured up. It was the fertile imagination of the person who created the photo.

Malaysia AirlinesAntura, were there any ET ships involved in the disappearance of MH370, as purported on the internet?

Certainly not, Tom. Again, we abide by the Earth Directive, and we understand soul contracts, which most of the world population yet does not. The ship went down and crashed in the sea. That expanse of ocean is so large it will be quite difficult, as you have seen, to locate the flotsam. But, again, there was no ET involvement whatsoever, Tom.

Jen writes: Could we as a community assist in speeding up the disclosure process in Russia through a BP?

You can always say a BP that the Russian disclosure will be quite soon!

I'm also wondering about the purpose of the symbol branding on the girl's leg from this newsletter. I feel like there's more to that than the response you received. Do many people have those? What is the purpose of an invisible symbol? Do other non-physical entities see them? Or was it known that this particular person would find hers and dig into her origins to uncover something she needs to do in life? It seems in this situation to have created more fear than remembrance, so I thought I'd see if you can get any more detail on that.

Antura, do many people have symbols on their legs?

No, Tom, that is an anomaly.

Can you or other ETs see them without using a white light?

Yes, our eyesight is much better, Tom, as we can see higher and lower on the light spectrum than humans can, but even we would have to use some sort of light to study the symbols or locate them.

Alien AbductionI'll call this person Cameron writes: Thanks for all of the information that you provide. I have a question as to what traits specifically the aliens were looking for when they abducted individuals? What was their goal? Thank you.

Antura, were there any special traits that the Zetas were looking for in the humans they abducted?

Yes, Tom. But here it gets a little complicated as I must explain that there are common DNA traits in both humans and Zetas, Tom. Yet, there are many which are quite different. The Zetas are well versed in DNA structure, and knew that the existing structure would completely die out if it were not given the proverbial shot in the arm.

So that’s where the search for the right combination of DNA came about. The Zetas wanted as much of themselves left over as possible. The human DNA has great power of resistance to dying out. The Zetas especially needed that trait. It is impossible to speak in specifics, Tom, as that involves a discussion of the DNA structure where even your scientists still have much to discover. Suffice to say, the DNA structure your bodies were given by all of the Federation members makes you hardy fellows, and the Zetas recognized this.

Was Jehovah an ET?

Here we get into religious beliefs, Tom. I suggest we just acknowledge there are many names for the Creator.


Good VibrationsThis MBO story and the next two originally appeared in my Blog last Saturday. You can read all of the inspiring stories on my website at There are well over 200 blogs to read which are archived there, with only MBO and BP stories. This is a great place to learn about all the different things you can request in your life. If you haven’t tried requesting MBOs in your life yet, you will be amazed at how much easier your life becomes when you do. It lessens the challenges in life, while at the same time increasing your vibrational level (or “ascension” as some people term it).

Michael writes: Yesterday, the task of cleaning up and mowing began. I figured the mower that sat out all winter would be a problem to start. I filled the gas tank, and saying an MBO, I sprayed a little starter fluid in the carburetor and pulled on the rope...about Mowing Lawnthree tugs and it sputtered to life and ran like new.

Following that success, I got out the weed eater, pulled the rope and it was jamming and wouldn't allow a clean pull, I was ready to give up, so I said a quick MBO for help - pulled one more time and it started right up. Thank you again, Tom, for MBO knowledge. I have had success before, but never such an immediate response. Bless you.


Burned HandAnne Marie writes: This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I burned my hand on my hair straightener, and I could tell it was a bad burn. Despite all this, I'm pretty proud of myself because I REMEMBERED almost immediately to say an MBO for my hand to heal quickly with as little pain as possible. It's been a little painful, but not as painful as it could have been (these straighteners get up to 400 degrees!) and I am still able to type at work today!


M.J. writes: I was driving to visit my mother (about an hour away from my home). I requested an MBO to stay safe while driving my car that day. On the way home, I looked up and saw a Steel Hammersteel hammer (with a rubber handle) falling from above. It bounced on the highway and went up into the air about 16 – 20 feet. I just knew it was going to land on my car if I didn’t get into the other lane right away. This is a busy interstate through the downtown area of my home city.

I didn’t have a second to hesitate so I just swerved into the adjacent lane and avoided the falling hammer. As soon as I got back into my lane, I shouted out a very heartfelt “Thank you, Angels.” As soon as I said my thank-you, I looked in my mirrors and there were all kinds of cars on both sides of me. Obviously, my angels got those cars out of the way for that brief second when I needed a clear lane. I did notice that time seemed to slow down while this was all taking place. I feel very fortunate and grateful. Thank you!


Feminine & Masculine EnergiesAnne Marie writes: I'm not sure the best way to ask this question...but I am interested to know the most appropriate interaction between masculine and feminine energy. How can feminine energies and strengths be successful in an environment that values masculine energy? Also, what about the most appropriate interaction between feminine energies? I often observe (and experience) difficulties in relationships, especially professional ones, between women. In summary, what is the "gender factor" and how does it or should it affect our personal interactions with others?

Theo, how can feminine energies be successful in an environment which values masculine energies?

But "the times they are a-changin’," as the song says, Tom. Feminine energies are slowly but surely coming to the forefront. Remember you were told before that many countries will benefit from having women run them. There will be many fewer wars with women running countries than men.

And this will carry over (this energy) into the workplace of big and small corporations. You will see more companies working together, than at odds, than ever before. So the golden age of feminine energy is almost here, Tom, although it may not appear so for those working in male-dominated companies and organizations.


LanguagesThis question came from Helen in Hawaii.

Theo, what language will be used in 3400, or will there still be separate languages?

There will continue to be a melding of and combining of languages, Tom. English has been the common language for business and it will continue to be for sometime to come. But keep in mind that English is rapidly changing as you have more Hispanics, plus Asians, in your population. By the 3400 era, you would not be able to recognize English because of all the melding which will occur. Language will continue to adopt new ways of expressing itself. It will contain many Chinese words along with an amalgamation of all the others.


Daralyn writes: I wonder how the planet originally came up with one blob of land and the rest water, then separated the land, instead of just poking up land masses all over? But I'm sure Gaia knows what she is doing.

LandmassGaia, why did you start with one landmass before dividing it?

A simple answer, Tom, is that was the way it was when I arrived millions of years ago. The Creator created earth this way. But Creator knew, being the wise one he is, that in order for the Earth Experiment to work, the landmass had to be split into different sections so that the implanting of different types of humanoids first and then humans second would work.

You have to understand that this is brilliant thinking that you, the Explorer Race, will, sometime in the future, be called upon to do after you meld and become a Creator and take over running this universe. That, you know, Tom, but many of your readers do not, is your end game. Having five different races worked perfectly as each race has its own attributes. Now, all the attributes of each race are slowly being combined into the earth human of the future.

What about the people who inhabited some of the continents in the past?

They were allowed, but as I shifted landmasses, it became impossible for them to stay. And, yes, there is more to that story we might cover in the future, Tom, but this information is sufficient for you and your readers at this time.


JoAnna writes: Is the Book of the Dead significant in our learning process?

Theo, is the Egyptian Book of the Dead significant, and has all of it been discovered, or are there parts still left undiscovered?

Yes, it is significant to scholars and archeologists, Tom, and, yes, there is still more to be revealed, shall we say, as some discoveries have yet to be announced.

Is the Book older than they estimate?

Egyptian Book of the DeadMuch older, Tom, but those records are still buried in the sands of the Sahara desert.

Still, the Book does not date back all the way to the time (approximately 12,000 years ago) I was there or arrived there with my flock, does it?

No, it came much later—several thousand years, Tom, as knowledge gave way to superstition and belief in, or the imagination of, what lay ahead for those who transitioned.

When will more of it be revealed?

Not for some time as the carbon dating would put it back well before the time when supposedly the earth was created, according to the Muslim religion.


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