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I’m in sunny Cannes, France, even though it is a little cool. I’m wearing a jacket and yet there are a few ladies on the beach sunning themselves topless. They must be from Scandinavia or Russia.

This has been an uneventful trip so far (thanks to requesting Benevolent Outcomes) with two exceptions. I had the little “whisper in my ear” in Frankfurt while waiting for my connection that my watch was going to stop working, and I remember thinking (I was foggy from being on a plane overnight) that at least it had lasted for 20 years. Then I awoke from a nap while waiting and discovered the watch had stopped and it was only 25 minutes until boarding time.

Upon arrival in Cannes, I headed for the Rolex store nearby to see if it could be fixed (after requesting a MBO). I was having a hard time finding the address and stopped in another watch store to ask directions. After finding the store a few doors down, I was told it would take four to six weeks and a minimum of 400 to 600 Euros ($600 to $900) for the repair. I know prices in the USA are lower, so I headed back to the other store and bought the least expensive watch they had to tide me over until my watch is repaired. Had I not stopped in for directions, I would not have known where to go for a less expensive watch—a nice Benevolent Outcome!

This morning I asked during my “active” meditation:
Theo, did you give me the message that my watch would stop in the Frankfurt Airport?

Yes, I wanted to lessen the impact of discovering that it had stopped. You were in a sleepy mode shall we say from not having enough sleep while on the plane, so it was a little easier for me to whisper in your ear and you heard me.

Last night I ate at a pizza and Italian food restaurant near the “old” port in Cannes. There are a lot of these in the area, as Italy is just an hour drive or so away, just past Monte Carlo. I pulled my reading glasses out of the case and the lens on the left side, along with the screw, dropped out on the table. The screw rolled off the table and even with two waiters assisting me we couldn’t find it. I requested a Benevolent Outcome and luckily the print on the menu was large enough to read.

This morning I asked the front desk where to have the glasses repaired, which turned out to be only one block away. The repair person replaced the screw and even the pads, which she said were yellow, and at no charge! A nice MBO. I do know from similar things happening like this before that I set these little challenges up on a higher self level in order to force me out of my routine, which also allows me to speak French; I am only able to use my French two times a year now. I used to also attend the Cannes Film Festival, but my lower budgeted regional films didn’t sell well there, as that is a market for art films and for films with highly recognizable stars, so I stopped attending.


I’m sure some of you that read this newsletter have some questions you would like answered, but possibly think that you shouldn’t bother me with them. Although I would much prefer you trying to meditate yourself and ask questions, until you do then send me emails with your questions to Remember that I’ve mentioned these questions are assisting me in writing my next book. You can know that a question you posed wound up in my book and contributed to knowledge. And please, if you have stories about successfully requesting a Benevolent Outcome for something in your life, send it to me. I use quite a number of these stories in my newsletters and articles so people know there are people requesting MBO’s and how they make your life easier.

And please forward these newsletters to your friends and encourage them to sign up. They can go to to sign up or send me an email. The more people this reaches the higher everyone’s vibrations will be and the easier their and your lives will be.


Are the archeologists accurate in their estimation that there were people living 700,000 years ago in Egypt?

Actually much longer than that, Tom. But yes, what they have found and carbon dated and so on does show that humans existed long before the current major religions of the world claim there were humans present. Again these findings will seem small in comparison to what will be discovered in the next few years.

Was Thoth originally an Atlantian?

Yes he was Tom. That report is accurate.

Was he the high priest of the Law of One, or Sons of Belial, or a lower priest in one of the two?

He was a mid-level priest in the Law of One Tom. He was in such a position that he was able to know the secrets of the priest class, so when he migrated to Egypt, he seemed like a god to them.

Did he introduce writing or hieroglyphics to them?

Yes, quite so. He did not use Atlantian letters, as he felt that the average Egyptian would have trouble learning their complicated way of writing, so he started inventing symbols so that an Egyptian of average intelligence could decipher the meanings. After all, someone had to invent the use of these symbols you see?

Yes. When did he arrive in Egypt?

Long before the final destruction, that is true. But he could see the handwriting on the wall shall we say, and migrated to a place he would be treated as a king.

Did Thoth live a thousand years?

Yes in a way he did. He did gain secrets of longevity during his time in the priesthood, so he was able to prolong his life in Egypt for several hundred years.

How was Thoth able to live several hundred years when you had said before that people only lived long lives at the start of Atlantis.

Yes, I did say that Tom, but the average person did only live normal lives. The priests learned how to prolong their lives, but kept this from the normal population. This will also be something that you will learn to do again in the future, but again, lives will not be so prolonged as there will not be that desire to do this out of fear.

Did he pass on to his followers in Egypt this information?

Yes, part of it. He did not want to lose his power so he kept much of the information to himself.

Were Osiris and Amenra imposters?

No they were not Tom. The question pertains to the lineage, and you would have to read more abut this so that we could discuss it more fully.

Was Thoth associated with Maat, the youngest daughter of Ra and Nete?

Yes, eventually he was as he prolonged his life.

So did he try and reincarnate to the same place again—what’s his story?

He did try and manipulate his lives Tom. This can be accomplished, but does create some Karma along the way. Which I might add he’s balancing today.

Was Thoth alive when my “flock” and I arrived in Egypt?

No—he was gone from the scene at the time you arrived.

(Note: I had several questions about my “flock,” as Theo calls it, in the coming section on Atlantis. I just have so many questions that it will take perhaps three or four newsletters to give you the material).

So the hieroglyphics that he invented were in use at that time?

Quite so. You and the rest of your flock quickly learned the symbols in order to communicate with the Egyptian people.

What other things did he accomplish-both good and bad?

His, main gift to the people was writing. He also set up the priest system in Egypt, as they had none before. And he contributed knowledge about the universe and many other things that they kept secret in Egypt from the normal Egyptians—again this was a control factor as you like to call it. Yes and he also contributed to the health of the average Egyptian through his knowledge of remedies. As you can see he did a lot of good, but creating a priest system, as we know, had its drawbacks.

Did Thoth have any connection with Amun or Amenra?

Yes in a way he did Tom.


He was their consul you see. They learned from him when he came to Egypt. As I said before, he created the priest class in Egypt so they were part of that class system.

Did the Christian word Amen at the end of a prayer originate with or from the name Amun or Amen or Amenra in Egypt?

Yes, of course it did. This is a very ancient word that was said all over Egypt for thousands of years, so it was only natural that the Jews that were in Egypt would adopt this word when they prayed to their God. It was as if they were saying ok, I’m praying to one god, but I’m not taking any chances and they would say Amen at the end. These were very basic people back then and were subject to superstitions.

You said that Thoth is balancing his Karma today. Did you mean that literally or figuratively?

I meant that literally Tom. He is incarnated at the present time and is leading a life in which he is balancing those times from before.

Is he a politician or a clergyman of some type?

No, he is clergyman as you say. He will be the next Pope.

Am I getting this correctly Theo? He will be the next Pope?

Yes that is correct Tom. He has vowed to have no secrets this time around and he will be the one to open the Vatican archives.

(Another day) Theo, what part of the world will the next Pope be from and is he a Cardinal now?

A nice question to start the day Tom. He will be from Europe again. I know you thought he would be from the United States or South America, but he will be from Europe. Yes he is a Cardinal now. Again you thought he might not be yet, but he is.

So to verify, the soul that was Thoth in a past life will be the next Pope in this life?

Yes, absolutely Tom. You did receive that correctly and yes the last question that he will be from Europe.

Is he aware that in a past life he was Thoth?

No he’s not you see. He’s veiled as you partly or partially guessed. He will open up the Vatican Archives through inspiration; as he prays he will receive guidance that he must do this.

When I return on April 11, we will have a moving sale the next day. I hope to send the newsletter out to you, but might be a little delayed. Have a Most Benevolent Week and forward this newsletter to your friends.

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore



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