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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to all our new subscribers from all over the world!  This is the most diverse newsletter you’ll read, because it reflects your questions and interests, and are they varied!  And for those of you reading this for the first time, did I mention it’s F.R.E.E.?

The newsletter contains stories from people requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) about how great this simple, yet powerful spiritual tool works in their lives, along with questions for me to ask in meditation to my own Guardian Angel Theo and Gaia, Soul of the Earth.  For even more MBO stories you can subscribe to my weekly Blog at .  If you like this newsletter, pass it along to your friends.

Have you copied the EARTHQUAKE PACKING LIST mentioned in last week’s newsletter and emailed it to all your friends on the West Coast—and California in particular?  This list contains the top 10 things to pack and then the next most important 10 things.  Keep in mind that many people in California are in denial that there will ever be a large earthquake, much less the “Chile Style” series of earthquakes I was told last week will occur in the last of December or first part of January of 2011.  Yesterday, one of the producers I represent internationally said his wife will take 40 copies to the video game company she’s the office manager of to give out to everyone there.  So here is the link; please copy, paste and email it to your friends—it may save their lives! .

And as this is Easter weekend, if you would like to read more about whom I call the “Master of Love,” Jesus, you can read questions I asked Theo in the April 11 and April 25, 2009 newsletters.  Here is the link:


Janet writes:  Thought I would share my recent MBO with you.  I went for an energy session with a local acupuncturist last Monday. As I was making another appointment I checked to see that my glasses were in the holder of my pocketbook. I left the office and upon arriving home(no stops in between) found that my glasses were missing. Called the office to see if by chance I had dropped them there, went back the next day to look in the hallway and the parking lot . No glasses. I was upset as I had purchased them only a week before. Anyway I said an MBO.
Tuesday ,Wednesday went by--still no glasses.
On Thursday I went to the mailbox, had my pocketbook in one hand took out the mail with the free hand and heard a clink. I looked down and there were the missing glasses. I had been to the mailbox the previous days also... Soooooo, where had they come from?   Can only credit my GA for that.  Thanks for sharing how to use MBO's.


Alice writes:  I love your newsletter, and look forward to it every week, and have introduced it to my close friends who enjoy it also.  I live in the Central Valley, near Modesto, and I wonder if you can ask Gaia if the earthquakes she intends to start at the end of the year will happen in the Central Valley?  Where will the epicenter of the San Francisco quake be located?  How much damage can the Central Valley expect?  I am increasingly concerned about what course of action to take for my family's safety.

Gaia, a person living in the Central Valley near Modesto, California wants to know if one of the epicenters of the upcoming earthquakes will be near there.

Yes, Tom there will not be one really close by, although they will feel the earth tremble where they are.  The earthquake movement will be quite noticeable, but the damage will be slight in comparison to the movement of the epicenter closest to them.  But again, they will have numerous problems associated with the earthquakes and the aftermath, so it will not be a pleasant place to live. 

Eventually I will have earthquakes in that area, but not the ones at the last of this year and the first part of next year—or around that time.   So to answer your readers’ thoughts on the matter, everyone in that area should prepare and follow your packing list, as they may wish to move away for a time until the earth settles down a little.  There will be much consternation and their nerves will be on edge wondering if their area will be next.  Plus there will be a flood of refugees headed their way and it will overwhelm their facilities. 


Annette writes:  I was pleasantly surprised to read in your previous newsletter about what Gaia told you about moving the New Madrid fault within the next year or two. The reason: I had asking the same thing and gotten the same answer. Also - during the second and third week on March, I had been feeling/sensing movement. I heard and read nothing about any tremors along the New Madrid fault line, so I was wondering: given where I live in Central Kentucky if I was feeling some movement/shifting in the New Madrid fault line and/or possibly in lines adjacent to the New Madrid line or was it something other than Gaia's movement I was sensing?

Gaia, have you been moving fault lines in Central Kentucky?

Yes I have Tom, but certainly not to the extent elsewhere.  As I have mentioned before, I move these fault lines to begin to bring pressure on the North American plate against the Pacific plate.  I am not going to have the major earthquake I planned for the New Madrid fault, but there will be a slow movement to the west which will help accomplish what I need to do, but at a slower rate until the end of the year.  All of these fault lines as you call them are connected to sections of the plate and assist me in moving the North American plate to the west.  So Central Kentucky, to answer your reader’s question, will continue to move, just not to the extent of the west coast.


Elizabeth writes:  With regards to the year end earthquakes and the recommendations of Gaia for people who do not have soul contracts to experience such earth changes to move away from coastal areas, can you ask if the cities of Melbourne, Florida & Gloucester, Massachusetts will be impacted via flooding any time soon and to what degree?

Gaia, can you be a little more specific as to when the flooding of the islands and coastal cities of the world will begin or reach a tipping point shall we say?
Yes, a good question Tom.  It will certainly happen within the next 25 years and not 100 as your scientists have juxtaposed.  There will be a tipping point within the next 5 years or so as large sections of both the Antarctic Continent and Greenland slip into the sea, along with the continued melting of the Arctic ice shelf.  As you have seen on your television programs, scientists are amazed at the rapidity of the glacier melt.  I will continue to moderate the temperatures for these regions of the world and a great amount of ice will melt and fall into the sea. 


Geoff writes:  Have you ever asked Theo or do you know anything about the effects of “speaking in tongues”, as some religions recommend?  Is there anything to that?

Theo, please explain speaking in tongues. 
Yes, this is an opening into the subconscious for these people not unlike automatic writing.  They open themselves up for words and sounds to be uttered which they consciously have no memory of, but their souls do, having spoken hundreds of languages over the course of all their lives, not just on earth.    Some people do not let themselves go, but consciously try and make up words, while others allow their subconscious memories to flow without interference. 

Shobha writes:  I was watching a program on PBS last night about the recession and how people are finding it very difficult to make ends meet. A lot of people are finding alternative paths and lower paying jobs to help pay the bills.

What does Theo say about the recession and it's impact on people's mental state? Is this state of affairs meant to bring people to a simpler way of being to get back in touch with what's most important?

Theo, a reader asks about the recession in regards to people’s mental state.  Comments?

Yes, but only a few Tom.  The recession does affect everyone’s mental state, but in different ways.  Some look at it as an opportunity to create wealth through implementing services and businesses, which cater to a recession.  Others sit and watch TV all day and don’t take any initiative at all.  Then there is the vast majority of people between say these two extremes who learn to cope with less and are able to work, although at lower paying jobs and wait for the economy to improve again.  Each individual’s soul contract comes into play here, as you do have free choice.  By requesting MBO’s, may I remind everyone, does make the path through the wilderness of the recession easier to traverse. 


For those of you in other countries, 2,500 people were killed last year in Juarez, Mexico and 500 so far this year, and the population is only 1.3 million.

I was asked to change this person’s name.  Dina writes:  I have been wondering and I have not seen anyone ask Theo or Gaia for insight/information on the horrible violence going on in Ciudad Juarez, sister city to my home town of El Paso.  We know it is caused by the drug mafias and cartels fighting for territory control.  Would Theo or Gaia expound on this topic?  Such as what is the purpose of the violence?  How can we help in stopping it?  Will Mexico/US ever win this war?  What causes people to be so cruel and heartless since these are not only murders but murders dismemberment and horrible torture?  Any other questions you might think to ask regarding this topic.

Theo, please comment on the violence in Juarez, Mexico.
Yes Tom.  There are a number of people with soul contracts to be involved in the trafficking of drugs, and a number of them have soul contracts to kill and maim others.  It can be karma, for what was done to them in a past life, or it can be a soul experience of taking another’s life.  All lives must balance Tom, and those that are the “bad guys” as they are defined in the communities will be the “good guys” in future incarnations. 
Everyone touched by this violence has it in their soul contract to experience this in their lives this round.  It they are peaceful this time, in a past incarnation they were violent thugs and must experience in this life how it feels to be on the other side, living in fear.  Again, this is very complicated for those trying to understand this, but eventually in the next few years this will subside.  It will not happen overnight, but the police and government will slowly bring peace to that city and the rest of Mexico.


Lynda writes:  Regarding earthquakes and CMEs: 
As you can see below--I contacted an expert regarding "real time" coronal mass eruptions on the Internet.
I checked out the two sites below--they are active and kinda' technical, but are useful.   and the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center


Pam writes:  Did I read in one of your newsletters about the government moving some offices or departments to Denver CO preparing for earth events that might occur in Washington DC? I can't remember where I heard this or to what extent it was. Can you be of any help?  I asked a friend of mine and she said it has been talked about for years on Coast to Coast. The rooms are supposed to be under the Denver Airport. Can you please ask Gaia about this. She said it was even talked about before the airport opened.

Theo, are there rooms under either the old Stapleton Airport or the new Denver International Airport for use by government officials?

Yes, Tom, there is a complex of rooms under one of the airports—I won’t say which one, which are designed for government officials to operate from should a nuclear strike happen that they are able to escape from or know about in sufficient time to fly to this area.  In reality, these rooms will never be needed.  They will someday be shown to the public, but not for a few years.

I thought this was just a rumor.  Shows what I know.


Mike writes:  Thanks again for all the work you do.  A couple of questions for you and/or Theo, as you see fit:

(1) When Antura and friends come in 2015/2017, will it be a major and well-known event throughout humanity, thereby answering the question for the masses as to whether or not ETs exist, or will be it known only to a small group, and the concept of ETs visiting us will continue to be derided by the masses?

(2)  Is it possible that the messages you get from Theo and Gaia are skewed or colored by your own personal perceptions and biases?  I'm asking because (a) there are a number of mediums who claim to get messages which Theo has contradicted or downplayed, and if they can be wrong why can't Theo? and (b) a number of things, especially on the political front, I simply just don't believe as credible or true given evidence to the contrary (such as Obama being known as the "great peacemaker", among other things).  For purposes of this question I would omit items where Theo/Gaia places a "probability" on events happening, and consider only "definitive" answer they have given.

The first answer is fairly easy. I was told it would start in Europe first (the first contact), with TV coverage, and then they would work their way around the world, so by the time they reach the USA, the people here would not be so frightened.
The second answer is more complex.  I have been told that no one who speaks to spirit is 100%.  The "thought packets" as they are called are filtered according to our knowledge, beliefs, and so on.  I was told 10 people could ask the same question and receive 10 different answers.  So the first part of the answer would be certainly I can mis-receive at times.  I know one of the best full trance channels around--Robert Shapiro, will not channel at certain times of the month depending upon moon phases, Mercury retrograde, etc. Theo tells me to not worry about that, as I am to do these "active meditations" as often as possible in order to raise my reception to as high a level as possible.  He hasn't told me why, only hinted that big things are coming.
Now regarding specific predictions like Obama.  You're letting your political views cloud your thinking perhaps.  I received the message long before he even took office.  I couldn't figure out how I would be given message after specific message about earthquakes that were supposed to reshape the United States and they didn't happen.  Many of the most important questions I asked more than once.  Then I was told it was because we jumped two generations and elected the first black President.  Mrs. Clinton was supposed to be the next step--feminine energy.  Obviously this was an important event--so important Gaia put off her earth changes, which she tells me now will be done in stages. 
But if you look at his peace efforts, you can even begin with his latest surprise visit to Afghanistan where he told the leader to get his act together and start getting a handle on the corruption there, if he wants continued aid from the United States.  He offered one year ago to have diplomatic relations with Iran, which the rulers rejected, and he again made the same offer within the last couple of weeks, and told them what they could expect if they didn't want to sit down at the peace table.  Those are positive moves which the previous administration seemed incapable of (and keep in mind I live in Dallas and my previous home is only about a five minute drive from where former President Bush lives).   I try my best not to let my personal beliefs interfere with my reception.  I try to take Theo's advice and not become involved in the "dramas of the day."  My work is too important I'm told, and am supposed to "Practice, Practice, Practice." 
So if my messages "resonate" with you, great, and if not, reject them.  That's advice Theo has told me to pass along to everyone, and you can see this over and over again in the newsletters. 


Geoff writes:   Do you, or Theo, have any knowledge or information on how Ed Leedskalnin was able to build Coral Castle?  How was a man so frail as Ed able to lift those super heavy stones so quickly?  What energy did he tap into?  When will we be able to do the same?  Did his “girlfriend” really exist or was it symbolic for how he moved the stones?  I’ve visited Coral Castle and it’s impressive.

And do you, or Theo, have any knowledge or information on D. B. Cooper?  Did he survive the jump out of the airplane?  

Theo, how did Ed Leedskalnin build the Coral Castle in Florida and did his girlfriend really exist?

Yes Tom.  Ed was able to discover how to move those large blocks by floating them as was describe.  He had actually done the same work in a previous life in Egypt, so he was simply rediscovering what he had done in the past.  But it was not time for him to share this with the rest of the world.  He knew that on a subliminal or subconscious basis.  So the mystery will remain for others to someday discover how magnetism works.   And yes, it would appear that his girlfriend was his idealist woman of his dreams.  But yes she was a real person, just not so romantically involved with him. 

Theo, did D.B. Cooper survive or perish after jumping off and parachuting from the passenger jet?

Yes, he survived for a time Tom, but he had sustained injuries, which proved too great and he died of them.  His remains are in the wilds of the forest.

To read more about the Coral Castle, go to: .  For more on D.B. Cooper, the link is: .


Diane writes:  I love how each day I do my MBO's and great things happen.  I just love it.  I'm also enjoying your NEW book.......thank you for all that you do with Theo.
Have a question for you................with all the screaming about the new health
bill where do you think this is all heading?  Will the Republicans win come November and rule again as they keep saying on CNN?  We have some Americans who are just threatening the senators about passing this bill.....does Theo feel that this is a good bill for us?

Is the Healthcare Bill good or not so good Theo?

Like anything created by a group of politicians Tom, there are good and bad parts to the bill.   The major good thing is that more people will enjoy healthcare that otherwise would have gone without it, thereby in many cases lowering their life expectancy.  It was fiercely fought by the insurance companies, who want to remain a monopoly.  This will not happen, but they are trying to delay its implementation as long as they can.  There will slowly be added amendments to the bill, which will make it better for all.  Any attempts by the Republicans to gut the bill will result in President Obama vetoing the legislation. 


Diane also asked:  I was reading about Crystal Skulls....that they came from the Golden Atlantis one for each tribe....I'm not sure but do you know what tribes they would be talking about?

Theo, what tribes in Atlantis were connected with the Crystal Skulls if any?

Yes there was a connection even that far back Tom, but most of them were carved and created later.  Obviously they were used in religious practices of the day.  That’s all I’ll say on the matter at this time.   Your reception is fading. 


Dom in Melbourne, Florida writes:  Hi Tom.  This is for Phillip and those that get a rush over conspiracy theory's.

I do so enjoy your email newsletter and find most of it interesting and do make use of the MBO's whenever I can remember. Now on the topic of conspiracy theory's,

I know there are people that exert a level of influence that is generally unhealthy and unbalanced for the planet and its inhabitants. These are the very violent and support more violence. I guess that's why it is the part of your newsletter I don't read. I chose to live a life that is about life changes. So I will never have to be concerned about the drama that goes on with the vainly powerful. Since life is eternal. We get to grow in a way that potentially move in a direction away from such people and influences. I use MBO's to help me get there.

This coming week I will have to work with those that may in a much smaller way come from a drama, a view of power and an unpleasant view of life. It will be about them I will use the MBO's the most because they love their view. And can't see the whole picture yet.

So even though you aren't in the same league as those on the TV that talk about conspiracies, I don't believe it is useful to do so because it kind of legitimizes their action. And puts either a fearful idea into someone’s mind, causes someone to plan on killing the creator of the conspiracy, or causes someone to come up with a conspiracy of there own. The copycat information does do that too.   


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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