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As I’m on Myspace (if you want to be my friend go to Tom3344), I sometimes receive comments and questions from people reading my blogs (my newsletter) or my postings in chat groups. Here’s one from Kelly.

Kelly wrote, “I have been asking for benevolent outcomes for my arrival to work. My drive has gone from an hour to 30 to 40 minutes. On Monday I forgot to ask for a MBO (Most Benevolent Outcome) on my way too work and it took me over an hour to get there. The first day that I asked for a MBO I heard a voice in my head reminding me to take a different route because the other on-ramp to the freeway was closed. And on the day that I forgot to ask for one I started to take my old route, and it took me over a hour too get too work.”

Kelly also had a question: “I have been trying to meditate, but this is hard for me too get down. I hear voices in my mind before I am fully relaxed and it makes it hard. I don’t know if that is me, or my Guardian Angel. I have also been hearing a man’s voice yell at me too wake up or some thing else in my sleep and it rips me out of my deep sleep. Could this be my Guardian Angel trying to contact me or some thing else?”

So for everyone, when I meditate I always surround myself with white light for protection. That’s the way I was taught. Perhaps it is needed and perhaps not, especially for those who are more advanced trance channels that can start channeling in mere seconds. I think it especially protects you from lower level entities like the ones described in my March 15th newsletter under the heading “Cosmic Cops.” I’ve had similar experiences to Kelly in being awakened, especially when there’s a reason that I must wake up at a certain time. This could be your dream angel assisting in getting you back “home” at the right time and being your wake-up call.


Were the original men and/or women who formed the Rosicrucians actually taught by Jesus?

Yes they were Tom.

This was after his supposed crucifixion?

Quite so. The reports that he disappeared and someone took his place are accurate. They did not want him to become a martyr, but that’s what happened anyway.

And he did have the ability to transpose himself from one location to another?


And his disciples knew this and accepted this?

Quite so. They all knew they were in the presence of a highly evolved soul.


Most of the questions below relate to everyone.

How many lives have I had?

Quite a large number as you have guessed Tom—over 1,000 here on earth.

I must be a slow learner Theo. Is that an average number of lives that someone will spend or is that above average?

Good question Tom. That is above average and goes back to what I told you in the past—that you do not wish to sit around but like to take an active part in pushing people along to raise their vibrations too, as you have done in the past—accomplished that is.

How could I have had so many, as that does not seem to compute with adding up those on Atlantis with the others that I could have had after that?

You had quite a number before Atlantis, Tom and quite a number after. They do add up.

So I’m receiving you correctly—over 1,000 or really under?

No, over Tom. You are an ancient soul and have had many lives where you did not live long because of the harsh conditions or because of wars and so on. You can’t expect every life to afford you or anyone else long lives like this one. Most were much shorter in length.

What is the average number of lives a person has-500, 700, 800 or what?

Yes, averages are just that, as obviously this varies from soul to soul. But I would say the average number of lives varies from the 600 range to as high as 800 on average. And then there are a few souls like you that come again and again to assist people in moving along and raising their vibrations to a higher level.

Theo, 600 to 800 lives is a wide range. Why such a disparity? Is it because some people cram more into their lives than others?

Good question Tom. Yes some people are able to include more activities and learn more in lives than some souls choose to do. It is all choice you know. So some souls say “let’s get all of this done” and so their soul fragments have lives crammed as you say with many events and challenges compared to other soul fragments that choose to have fewer challenges per life. I think this is easy to understand, as each soul is made up differently, with different interests, just as Gaia has different interests than the Sun, and I have different interests than Gaia, and so on. We are each unique.

Do we try and lead lives on all continents and all races?

Yes, but as you guessed, continents are not as important as races, as the land changes over millions of years where you and some others have been having lives. You do wish to have lives though in all the root races, so that you can experience those races and their DNA makeup. So it’s really more than just their customs and beliefs and such—there is a slightly different DNA arrangement to use a word you and others understand for each race. These races are now all starting to meld together again and eventually there will be, by the time you arrive again in 3400 AD one common earth person, with the DNA of all the races and the abilities of all.

So religions take a back seat to races?

Yes, in a way, but it would be a strong number two in order, as obviously you wish to experience as many different religions as you can during your lives. One way of course is to start out in one religion and then to switch to another religion as an adult. So one person can easily sample two or three different religions in one lifetime.


If someone reading this newsletter sent me an email regarding the Oneness Group, would you please resend it, as it has disappeared and I have an answer for you.

I have an article in the April issue of the Sedona Journal of Enlightenment (available in most large bookstores). The magazine is chock full of channelings from Lee Carroll, Steve Rother, and many more.

On Wednesday I leave for Cannes, France for my semi-annual business trip to a world TV and video market held there. I hope to be able to send the newsletter to you while I’m there, but if you don’t receive one next week, you’ll know why.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week everyone, and request Benevolent Outcomes each day!

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Tom T. Moore


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