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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter.  Each week we have stories from all over the world of people using this simple, yet powerful spiritual tool of requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) in your lives.  We also have questions sent in for me to ask during meditation of my own Guardian Angel Theo and Gaia, Soul of the Earth.  This may seem a little strange to people who haven’t read material like this before, but anyone can do this with a little practice.  But it does make this the most diverse newsletter out there, as we cover only the topics YOU’RE INTERESTED IN.  You can read all my archived newsletters at .

This week I went back to my Ebook about earthquakes and updated the EARTHQUAKE PREPARATION LIST.  I looked at all the other lists I could find and took the best from each.  It has not been posted on the website yet, but should be this weekend.  The link is: .  I kept this very “mainstream” so that anyone could use this list.  You may wish to copy and paste this list to an email and send it to all your friends in California and ask them to forward it to all their friends.  As you’ll read in “MORE ON EARTHQUAKES” below, they’re coming at the end of December or the first part of January.  Please forward this newsletter to your friends if you like it. 


Kathy writes:  Hi Tom, I went to a friend's house to check on a horse. There was snow covering the driveway but because of the recent warmer weather, it turned out to be very slushy, yet icy underneath. So I got stuck! I checked the horse, which turned out to be fine, and got back into my car. Still stuck. I didn't want to have to call my friend to leave work to pull me out nor did I want to be "a girl" about it. (Women are capable of doing so much more than a lot of men give us credit for, no offense)!

So I requested an MBO to "please help me to get unstuck as quickly and easily as possible, Thank you very much"! It was then that I saw a shovel nearby, so I scooped out a little of the slush. Wasn't enough.  Oh yes, I have tire chains. Hmm, I'd never used them before and wasn't sure how to use them correctly. A thought popped into my head, put your foot out the door. I did and gave a light push with my foot, (and I do mean light), and the car immediately moved backwards! Now if that wasn't the quickest and easiest way to get unstuck!

Hmm, maybe a slight shove from Kathy’s GA assisted?  And notice that a shovel “just happened” to be nearby. 


Tania Gabrielle, Celebrity Numerologist, in her March 17 blog is predicting earthquakes for California based on numerology.  You might wish to read her blog at .

Here is part of an email forwarded to me by Lynda in Ojai, California she received:

Alan writes:  This fire chief is not one of the scientists in Pasadena that we all hear on TV, but he does live in our area and we all know we are overdue in our corner of the world. We are willing to take the chance of "nothing to lose" if we get our act together now. We hope you will agree to "be prepared"!

John R. Hawkins, Fire Chief CAL FIRE/RivCo Fire Dept (Riverside County, California-- 100 miles east of Los Angeles) writes:  ”I have been monitoring the area earthquake activity, and things are looking bad on the horizon. If things continue we may be faced with a catastrophic quake very soon. The area around Loma Linda/San Timeteo Canyon are rocking and rolling. Over 300 quakes in the last 6 months, 100 quakes in the last 3 days, including the 4.2 on Saturday. But there is also a moving fault trend along the "Woodcrest" Fault. This new fault is moving and migrating at an alarming rate. Quakes have migrated from near Colton to Riverside near Allesandro and Central Ave. in a very straight and new line and this trend has had more then 10 separate quakes. Tonight there have been 25 quakes on just these two faults. This is a profile that fits with the recent "Haiti" quake where hundreds of quakes happened there over more then 6 months (as they have here too) all leading to the big 7.2 quake. 

This quake, if centered in the Redlands area can still cause great damage to much of Southern California area.  This quake, if centered in the Redlands area can still cause great damage to much of Southern California area. Please make some time to make simple plans, stock some extra water, food, and know where your camping quipment is. Have a stockpile of water, food not only at home, but also a small amount in your cars along with a change of clothes and walking or hiking shoes in your cars. Make sure you have a good flashlight in your car, and a good flashlight TAPED to the side of your bed. In case of a night quake, you will not be able to safely go and "find" a flashlight in the dark and possible rubble. Remember no candles or matches until you are sure there are no gas leaks in your home, or the area. If this is a false alarm, there is still nothing lost, just a little planning and practice done ahead.

Have your "out of state" phone contact number on your cell, and all of your kids know it as well. In a large quake, local phones may not work for days, but calls out of the state will work faster. Have this person coordinate where you and your family are, and if a meeting place is needed, to set that up. The state and nation leader do not realize how dire a straight a quake now would be, or in any period soon. Most of the world's emergency supplies have been used in Haiti and the Samoan Island quakes. Rations of food and water are at a world record low. Being prepared yourself is your only safe outcome.

Gaia, what do swarms of low level earthquakes accomplish for you?

Yes, Tom. They do accomplish a lot for me.  Let’s see if you can receive this, this morning.  When these occur, they are the natural result of pressure coming to bear in a certain area or region.  If you could see under the surface Tom, you would see thousands of points of contact, and as each one of the contacts break or one pushes the other until it erodes, then a small movement can be detected by your instruments.  What does it accomplish?  It is but part of the process by which I move the plates and bring pressure in specific areas until there is a larger movement. 

Yes but when you had the swarms of earthquakes near Yellowstone, you said that you were not planning any major eruptions in that area.  And in fact I haven’t heard that this area is still that active, although certainly it could be.

Yes, it is still fairly active in that area Tom.  Those swarms of min-earthquakes we will call them was the earth moving with pressure from the volcanic tubes.  This is not the same as the movement of the earth in let’s say California. 

OK, speaking of California, Riverside County California is experiencing swarms of mini-earthquakes as you call them.  Will that be the epicenter of one of the major earthquakes?

Yes certainly Tom.  I am slowly bringing the pressure up in that area, as is easily perceived by even the laypersons.  This area will be the epicenter of one of the major earthquakes.  Not necessarily the first mind you, but one of them.

So the question I must ask is, you will hold off having a major earthquake in that area until the end or beginning of next year?

Yes, Tom.  The magnitude of these movements may start to increase some, but the greatest movement will occur towards the end of this year or early next year, that is for certain.  The people living in that area should make preparations and plans now before it’s too late.  But again I will answer, no large movements for now--at least not in comparison to what will occur.

Gaia, several readers are asking about further up the coast of California and into Canada—British Columbia, which you did not mention.  Can you say what your plans are for Oregon, Washington State, and British Columbia?

Yes, for the near future—meaning late in the year and early next year, my plans do not include these areas, although they will feel some smaller tremors, they will not be as large as the ones to the south.   Yes there will be some movement, but will cause little damage.  That will change eventually you understand, but not yet.

I’m surprised the shaking wouldn’t extend farther to the north, as that plate is all connected there?

Yes it is, but in sections.  Again, this is something your scientists will discover.  Right now I am concentrating on bringing pressure to the lower sections of the plate, as I mentioned, more towards Southern California and yes San Francisco.

Did I receive San Luis Obispo correctly, as they don’t seem to be on the fault line?

Yes you did Tom.  That was the easiest geographic point I could give you as to the epicenter of one of the earthquakes.

Can you tell me how long after the CME—“Coronal Mass Ejection –will the earthquakes take place?

Not long after Tom--certainly no more than two weeks, and probably less than that.  It will also depend on other forces I will muster—including the planetary lineup including your moon. 

Have you asked the sun to provide this, or has he said this is when this will occur and you’re taking advantage of the timing?

No Tom.  You are correct in that I have asked my partner the sun to provide this CME and he has obliged with the time I wish it to happen.  We do work closely together as there is a symbiotic relationship between us. 

And so the other planets, which will be affected too, are in agreement?

Yes, a good question Tom.  They understand the importance of what I’m doing in relation to what your many soul’s needs are, and they will adjust to the CME when it comes.

Will there be other telltale signs, which we have discussed before of birds, animals and insects migrating away from the quake zones?

Yes, there will be those precursors to my moving the plates, so your readers should pay particular attention, as the events will occur soon after. 

Will you give me a firmer figure as to the actual date of the first major movement the closer we get to that event?

No, but I’ll give you hints so that you will have it within a week or 10 days Tom.  That should be sufficient for those people who will be inclined to move away from the start of these earthquakes.  Those that don’t are supposed to experience these earthquakes as part of their soul contracts. 

How many major earthquakes would you say will happen in the first 30 days after the beginning of the major quakes?

Certainly upwards of 100 Tom.  That may seem high, but if you examine the records for Haiti, Chile, and Peru, you will find that these earthquakes will happen one after another after another.  Certainly not all in the same location, but up and down the fault line and the fault lines that intersect with the major fault lines.  It will be extremely active and perilous to anyone who stays. 

What about dust clouds.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever asked this?

Yes, huge dust clouds will be created, as especially in the Southern California and Mexico area the land is quite dry and will have much sand and dirt that will be lifted into the air, making it difficult for people to breath, and those that will stay will have continuing respiratory problems. 


I thought this tied in with the above, as there will be people who suffer famine after earthquakes.  Volodymyr writes: It’s Volodymyr from Ukraine. I want to say BIG THANK YOU for all that you do for so many people around the world.
I found you on the web about half a year ago and since then I’ve been using Benevolent Prayer and MBOs daily for both small and big things in my life and it has always worked perfectly. It certainly has for smaller things as I know that major issues like perfect job and relationship may take longer to come to fruition.

I would really appreciate it also if in one of your newsletters you answered the following question: What are karmic undercurrents for the big famine in Ukraine (former Soviet Union) in 1933 and its death toll of around 6 million?  I guess there must be such a thing as national karma. There’s a belief that this tragedy along with many others that us Ukrainians had to go through was the price we had to pay for  betraying our ancient native faith and letting ourselves be forcefully converted to Christianity a 1000 years ago. Could this be true?

Gaia, was there a Karmic reason for the great famine in 1933, which killed 6 million people in the Ukraine?

This was a disaster that all souls must experience in at least one lifetime Tom—lack of food and water.  It is one of the soul experiences shall we say on the list of experiences a soul must experience.  Therefore, this was more a soul mass experience than for Karmic reasons, and it certainly had nothing to do with the conversion to Christianity.  “God” or this Creator as you like to call it was not mad at these people. 

I was asked to create this famine by your own souls for their experience and I did.  Certainly there were a few people who had starved others and took advantage of those circumstances to experience the same thing themselves to balance the scales, but overall the mass event of starvation is something all must experience.  There are people living today who experienced that life and now eat more than they should, simply because of that distant memory of starving to death.  Anyone that hoards food today almost assuredly had a life where they starved to death. 


Daphnee writes:  Dear Tom, my question is regarding Haiti. I read several scientific reports and according to the geologists, the bigger pressure of the fault under Haiti, was not release during the earthquake of 12 January. They are expecting, within 20 years, the "bigger" quake and due to some anomalies they have encountered there, they think it’s going to be even greater and closer to the capital city as the one of 12 January. I would like to ask Gaia if this is true, as my parents still live there and although I totally respect their decision to stay in the country, I cannot bring myself to travel with my 4 year old daughter to Haiti as I could never forgive myself for putting my child in such known danger.

Gaia, a reader asks if there will be another 7.0 or larger earthquake in Haiti especially near the capital?

Yes, there will be Tom.  As I mentioned before, the island sits directly on a plate I need to move in order to bring pressure on the Pacific Coast plates.  This may appear as if they are not connected, but they are.  Again, I did mention before that these movements would continue. 


Tori writes:  I enjoy your newsletter and bless you for the work you do to inform and educate people about the angels.
I would appreciate it if you would ask Gaia about the weather conditions or any other activity on the Texas Gulf Coast around Galveston for the next couple of years.

Gaia, will Galveston, Texas and/or the Texas Gulf coast experience any hurricanes this year?

Yes, Tom, there will be a “killer storm” shall we call it that strikes that region this summer.  Again, these are designed for multiple purposes, including moving the population away from the coastlines, which will in a few short years will be eroding away as the oceans rise.  I am trying to make life as harsh as possible so that these people will grow weary of having their homes destroyed every couple of years.  All of the coastlines around the world will begin to soon rise, Tom, and people should leave these areas, although I know it’s hard.  Humans are stubborn, but water is a great force.  So to answer the question again, yes there will be a hurricane very close to this city.


Gaia, does the Milky Way have a “pulse” and if so, how does it affect you?

Yes, Tom.   The scientists have discovered that there is a pulse of massive energy, which this whole galaxy and even the whole universe has.  This is an exciting discovery for the scientists and mankind too, as this pulse is like the heartbeat of the Galaxy and even of the universe.  And I feel this pulse every minute of the day and night and it comforts me.  I am also attuned to this pulse. 


Katriana on Vancouver island writes:  I’ve been saying ‘MBO’s daily for some months now ever since my friend gave me the link to your website.  From the first one, I absolutely loved them and always feel uplifted when I say an MBO.  I have shared them with many people and forwarded your e-mail to spread the good word.  Thank you so much Tom for sharing the MBO’s and your generosity in sharing other information, such as news from Gaia. 

Recent MBO: I always start my day with “Great things” and also an ‘MBO for every moment of this day’, as well as more specific MBO’s. Last weekend, I headed to my car to take care of errands and I said a couple of MBO’s for safe travel, etc.  Not far from home I approached an intersection and prepared to make a right turn.  After checking traffic I slowly proceeded when suddenly two young women decided to push their baby strollers into the road in front of me against the traffic light!  I immediately stopped and I heard brakes behind me. 

Somehow [Thank you, GA's] the SUV behind me missed my little Sidekick by a couple of inches and the young women crossed safely.  Had the SUV hit my vehicle it would have been pushed directly into the mothers and babies.  I know that MBO’s are heard and this wasn’t the first example of quick response I’ve had but certainly one for which I was most grateful. 


Tamar writes:  Thank you and Theo for this information about children and earthbound spirits.  It did bring up some questions in me, though.  Theo said, "This is part of the soul learning process, which ALL children, in one life or more, must experience. To see the beautiful side as well as the dark side."  Which is really a strange concept since in this world of duality, we often see the dark side, even as children. 

It did make me wonder about something else though. Could it be that this is a way for us to learn more about consequences?  Since earth bound spirits are usually those who died violently, and as Theo said, all children in one life or more must experience this, could this be a way for us to see the consequences of violence committed by man?  That the effects and repercussions of violent actions affect more than just the physical world, but also the unseen, spiritual world?  In other words, is this is a broader form of lesson to us as creators regarding consequences of our actions?

Theo, what do children and even adults learn when they have encounters with various spirits—these earthbound ones or should I add in their trusty guardian angels?

Yes you can add us into that list Tom, as we are there to remind these young people, and yes, older folks too, that we are around them and are there to respond and protect them according to their soul contract.  Regarding encounters with the earthbound spirits, it is a reminder that there are these spirits and are sometimes karmic related, as they had been an earthbound spirit before in another life.  This is the balancing of scales, as they had frightened other people in previous lives themselves.  So there are several things they are able to learn from these encounters.  And growth and recognition and karma are all included in the learning package shall we call it. 


Eleanore writes:  Initially, just the name of your books spoke to me.  For me, The Gentle Way was so very appealing.  Within the past two days it has been an essential part of my life.  I have encountered the bitterest, nastiest and meanest humans ever.  I'm sure that abject fear is at the base of it.  The "changes" occurring in the US on a governmental level right now apparently are not being received well by some.  I find that I have moved into a complex where a great many of these souls reside.  I understand it is one of my lessons but my sensitivities have been so assaulted I kind of lost my way.  My heart actually feels like it's crying.

Seeing people being homophobic, racist and downright cruel upset me to a degree that has even surprised me!  I have been asking and requesting MBO's.  I was answered yesterday when I took myself to the beach to recharge some joy and positive energy.  When I'm upset, I crawl into my shell.  I met an angel in the personage of a very delightful black gentleman who very graciously talked me down from my angst.  I'm still not quite back to my wonderful, positive self but knowing the problem is 1/2 the battle.  I am meditating and conversing and asking for help and a more enlightened understanding.

Without the tools and knowledge I learned from your material and, therefore you, I certainly don't think I would have handled things as I did.

I am telling you this to let you know how invaluable your materials are to me and to "thanks for being there"!

Here is some advice for everyone if you live in similar circumstances:

You're supposed to be the "candle in the darkness" for those people.  Each day send the whole complex white light.  That will "soften them up."  Just breathe in white light from the central sun Alcyone through your nose and crown chakra and hold it for at least a count of eight and send the white light out from your heart chakra.  Imagine it enveloping the whole complex and permeating each person in the complex. 
You can also say a Benevolent Prayer each day.
"I ask that any and all beings help everyone in this complex to come to love and respect all people of different races and beliefs, thank you!"
I think if you do this for a while, those that can't stand the light (a lightness of feeling) will move away and slowly be replaced by others who vibrate at a higher level.  You can also request a MBO for that to happen.  Those that are supposed to leave will and those that are there for your learning and challenges will not.


Phillip writes:  Dear Tom: You do not do a service to anyone when you encourage people to dismiss conspiracy theories. I have studied about secret societies for over thirty years and have direct knowledge of many conspiracies. Many of them are true and the point is not to get caught up in fear and anger but to realize that they are us and to truly understand anything is to understand from a heart centered on compassion; we are all one emanation and in order to root out evil, we must first face it and then root it out in ourselves.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that in order for there to be real change in the world we must acknowledge our own individual energetic imprint on creation as well as the imprint of other forces that have taken over the reigns of economic and political/social systems. These forces or cabals of power have been taken over by people who do not have the highest intentions for humanity and we must acknowledge them, forgive them and send them the energy of compassion and healing as we come together as One. Pretending they do not exist and that "they" do not have exorbitant power over what is really going on in the world is simply not helpful and prevents important healing from happening. Our power is greater; however, it is only in the conscious awareness that that power can be harnessed.

The same group of people that killed the Kennedys, MLK, Malcom X, Salvardor Allende, etc are also responsible for 911, the banking scandals of the 80's and 08 and massive drug running going back to the 50's and 60s, to mention just a little of their power...they financed both sides of the world wars and helped them happen. Their network is huge and has unlimited resources and they operate both within and outside of government intelligence agencies.

Kennedy referred to this group in a speech at Columbia University weeks prior to his murder. They operate globally like a shadow government and they are real. Make no mistake, their time is up but they will not give up without creating much havoc and destruction in their quest for a microchipped world population and one world currency. We must have compassion for these people and send them love and understanding as they are truly lost in the darkness of ego and all things I, me, my and mine. May All Beings Awaken. Peace.

As you’ll see below, I’m not anti-Conspiracy Theories, just the ones that are so far out there they’re absurd.  But absurdity is in the eye of the beholder, so when you read each conspiracy theory, how does it resonate with YOU?


Theo, whatever happened to the 911 whistleblower?

Yes, again there has been some delay in this occurring Tom, but the person you call the whistleblower is being encouraged to come forward and present his story.  So as you advise your readers, do be patient.  Timing on these events is always in fluctuation and depends upon other events to transpire first.  It will still happen.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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