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Pay It ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


I’ll begin with an MBO story of my own.  I NEVER get in a car without requesting a MBO for the drive to wherever I’m headed—even if someone else is driving (which I called "The Radiant Effect in my first book.)  In that book, I told the story of renting a car to drive from the Nice, France airport to Cannes with my trunks for a world TV market; I requested a MBO for the drive, and then a little French car just in front of me on the highway lost control, slid into to median rail divider and popped out right in front of me.  Had I been five seconds sooner I would have hit him, but easily avoided by going all the way to the right side of the roadway and slowly passed by.

Intersection at Shops at LegacyThis time, after I started the program to send out the newsletter, I drove down to have a haircut.  After requesting a MBO for my drive back to the Kroger grocery store near where I live in Plano, I took the North Dallas Tollway back and exited at Legacy Drive, for those of you who know the area.  A large black pickup truck turned onto Legacy in front of me and was on the outside of the three lanes, so I took the middle in order to not be right behind him.  As we both approached the signal light for the entrance to the Shops at Legacy, I could see another black smaller SUV car in the turn lane to turn left into the north end of the Shops at Legacy and could just barely see a car in the opposite turn lane to turn south. 

Suddenly the black SUV started to turn; obviously she had not seen the black pickup as her vision was blocked by the other car in the opposite turn lane.   I’m sure my eyes became as wide as saucers, as I saw there was no way the pick-up truck, traveling at about 40-45 miles per hour (65-72 kph) could stop.  The truck slammed into the SUV and literally lifted it off the pavement.  I came to a stop about five feet or so from the SUV that had been turned 180 degrees after the collision. 

Here I was stuck in the middle of the intersection.  I had room to go in between the two vehicles, but there was debris all over the road, so I backed up (luckily the SUV behind me had stopped before the intersection) and turned right as if I was entering the Shops road; I planned to park on the brick and concrete divider to check on the lady, as I could see she was dazed, but the SUV turned right behind me and another car was in the right lane too, making it impossible to stop.  People were running out of the shops to the lady’s car to check on her, so I decided it was best to keep the traffic from piling up preventing access by the emergency vehicles.  I turned down a lane with parking spaces parallel to Legacy and drove on.  I immediately said a Benevolent Prayer for both drivers to fully recover from any injuries they had experienced. 

So may I remind you to ALWAYS request a MBO wherever you go, even if it’s just to the local supermarket.  (Photo was the only one I could find of part of the intersection).


Triangle ShapeLyn on Facebook writes:  Tom, can you ask Sun about this? Some people think it's a portal. Whatever it is it is odd. Thanks for all you do.

MAR. 12: Massive TRIANGLE-SHAPED hole in the Sun's corona recorded by NASA.

Sun, what is the reason for the giant pyramid or triangle shape on your surface?

Yes Tom.  This is a fairly easy explanation.  I do have areas on my surface that you designate (meaning your scientists) with numbers.  These regions normally have an irregular shape as they release CME’s and such from my interior.  In this case it was simply that this eruption took the shape of a triangle if you will.  It is nothing to be concerned about, but it does make for some discussion by not only your scientists, but from people who do not ordinarily view these sun spot regions as you call them and become fearful if someone suggests that they are different from what is normal. 

So I say to these people, do not be concerned.  You will see many shapes on my surface over a period of time.


Christchurch EarthquakeChrissy in Brisbane Australia writes:  My husband and I are going to fly to New Zealand in the last two weeks of October for holidays as we got a really good deal with the air fares. We will be flying into Christchurch where the earthquake was, and eventually make our way to the North Island from where we will fly home. Can you please ask Gaia if there is going to be any activity in the Christchurch area at that time of year? Or even other parts of New Zealand? It is a place we have been wanting to visit for some time.

Gaia, will Christchurch, New Zealand have any major earthquakes this year, or just the continuing rumbling?

Yes, more like continuing rumbling Tom, which as your readers are aware, it sits on the ring of fire and the plates are in almost continuous movement.  So some continuing movement of the crust there, but not to the extent of the major one they had not so long ago. 

You understand this does not mean that they are completely free of any major movements?  There will be a large movement in their future, just not this year.

I will be on a radio program in Brisbane on Tuesday at 11 am their local time (8:00 pm CDT in the states).  Let your friends know.  Here is the link:  Http://


Lee writes:  Tom, what does Theo think of this in relation to our future here on earth. Are those countries more likely to be Other Energythe leaders as opposed to resource-rich countries?

Gaia, will the non-oil companies be the leaders of tomorrow—the future?

Not in the sense that the person asked Tom.  When natural riches cannot be counted upon, the citizens adapt by educating themselves to a higher degree, as they know they have nothing to fall back on.  And there will be some countries that will be ahead of the curve to find better ways to educate their children.


AmiahLee writes:  Tom, thank you for all the information you pass on to us to further enlighten our lives. What you do is appreciated by so many of us and by so many who have not discovered you yet. My question for Theo concerns the Amish. While I realize that they are not a perfect people, they do seem to follow teachings that you and Theo and others have been extolling lately as a way of being. I specifically refer to them working in communities for the good of all, raising as much of their own food as possible and living a simple live of love and forgiveness. My question is, what will happen to the Amish people as we go through the shift? Will they become role models for a way of being or just continue on in their own quiet way? Thank you and Theo for any thoughts on this.

Theo, will the Amish change after the Shift, or will they remain basically the same?

They will remain basically the same for a number of years Tom, but they will gradually mellow and not be so strict in their beliefs.  In the very long run they will mellow along with the rest of the population and integrate more with the rest of society.


Lee writes:  I was just watching a news item on young celebrities and the use of Botox and other anti-aging procedures. My Botoxquestion is can Theo tell us the long-term effects of Botox in our bodies and is it something that we will be using for a long time to come? Is it as safe as they say it is? Thank you for your consideration of this Tom and Theo.

Theo, is botox safe to use, and how long in the future will it be used?

Yes Tom.  It is relatively safe, as there have been literally millions of injections.  But yes, its days are numbered as there are better compounds coming along which will last longer and even regenerate the areas where they are used.  You’ll see some of these coming along in as few as five years.


Cancer ResearchPam in Arizona writes:  I was sent this link and hope that you can ask Theo how much truth there is to it.
Scientists Cure Cancer, But No One Takes Notice

Canadian researchers find a simple cure for cancer, but major pharmaceutical companies are not interested. Researchers at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada have cured cancer last week, yet there is but little ripple in the news or on TV. It is a simple technique using a very
I have always said that God has provided everything we need on earth and that includes cures. We need to get back to natural cures and food.

Does Dichloroacetate cure cancer Theo?  

Yes, the ingredients in this do control and even wipe out cancer Tom.  Now if your readers and their friends bring this to more people’s attention, a pharmaceutical company will be pushed or coerced into taking steps to see it marketed.  They will like the publicity. 


Guardian AngelTheo, I was on a broadcast with a lady who claimed to be a Guardian Angel, so I would like to know if there are some GA’s who have had or will have earth lives?

No Tom.  There is no need for us to have these earth lives, as we have instant access to billions of lives being lived on earth in any time period you can name.  The soul of the lady in question has given her a deep sense of goodness, which she has interpreted as being a Guardian Angel.  


I’ve mentioned several times before that I receive “thought packets,” as Theo calls them during meditation, which I then type on my computer with my eyes closed.  But I also noticed a number of times I almost seem to receive the answer immediately when I write them down on the notebook, so I thought I should ask about this.

Theo, do I immediately start picking up the answer to the questions as I write them down?

Of course you do Tom.  It makes it easier for our communications for you to have some idea of the answer.  You do not trust yourself yet to differentiate between your mental ego responding and what you receive from us.  A good question to start the day.


David writes:  I see in this week's newsletter you have alluded to the Top 10 souls of all time; at least within the category ofDalai Lama teaching.  It would seem that you have mentioned two by name. I find this enormously interesting, and therefore cannot help but wonder who the other eight are. Can I get a witness?

David was referring to the Tesla topic in last week’s newsletter ( where Theo spoke about the highest vibrational souls on earth—not the top 10 of all time.  Theo had told me quite a long time ago that I was one of only 10 people on earth with over 1000 lives (1005).  I said that I must be a slow learner, and he said no, I just keep coming back to push people along to raise your vibrational levels. 

Theo, are the 10 people on earth with the most lives mostly known people?

No, not at all Tom.  Certainly I already mentioned the Dalai Lama, but he would be the most well known.  Others work in not so much relative obscurity, but would not be recognized for their quiet work behind the scenes. 


ProtestMichelle in Baltimore writes:  So now I have a question and a comment.
I would LOVE for Rick Santorum to win the GOP nomination. He is the polar opposite of President Obama and I feel this is finally a chance, a real chance for a meaning dialogue on what kind of country we live in. This is a conversation this country has to have. So why not have it NOW?

That said, it appears there is a war on women that supersedes the war on civil rights or even worker rights. Why are the GOP states leading the way in passing humiliating, demeaning legislature against women?  Will their plan to suppress the vote keep President Obama out of the white house?  Don't know how much you can answer but I would really LOVE to know!  Thanks for all you do.

p.s. I have been having a rough time lately. While I always say my MBO's, I have started to request if this is something I have signed up for to please mitigate the experience. Was almost at my wit's end last week, but everything worked out well. I also started asking for signs - and boy, did they ever send signs!

Theo, why do the southern states pass such demeaning laws for women?

Yes, this is a complex question Tom, as there are soul contracts at work here you see—some to be the oppressors and some to be the victims.  And then these extreme laws do cause the general public to explore these ideas and see what they truly are—ancient laws from a male dominated society, which will soon shift completely to a matriarchal society.  Each of the leaders who propose these laws is playing the part of the “bad guys” in this life for the higher good of the population in the long run who will reject these ideas as outmoded and demeaning. 

You will see these laws thrown out within the next 3 to 5 years, I can assure you.  Naturally you and your readers can speed the process by saying a BP that these demeaning laws be rejected through any and all means. 

So here is a Benevolent Prayer to say out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to assist people in rejecting demeaning laws for women and may this take place even faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”

I have previously reported that Theo says President Obama will be reelected and Mrs. Clinton will be his running mate.


The following two MBO stories were in last week’s blog, which comes out every Saturday.  You can sign up to receive it at

Operating RoomGerry writes:  So glad your surgery went well.  I use MBO's all the time for everyday things, but thought I would tell you about a couple biggies.  The week before Christmas, I had been feeling weak and short of breath so I went to the emergency room.  Thought I would get an antibiotic and be feeling good by Christmas.  Instead they said I was extremely anemic and admitted me to find out where the blood was going.  They did extensive tests and found a large, cancerous tumor in my colon and immediately scheduled blood transfusions and surgery.  I did MBO's for the surgeon to get it all so I would not have to have chemo, and for no pain afterwards and for a fast healing.  That's exactly what happened, no chemo, no pain and a fast healing. 

Then, last night, the weatherman was predicting severe storms, damaging winds and possible tornados for the northern half of Georgia all night long.  I watched as storm cell after storm cell rolled into Georgia from Alabama with our county in their path.  I did a BP for everyone affected by the storms and did an MBO for a circle of protection around this house and property, for protection from severe weather and for just a gentle rain for this neighborhood.  The worst of the storms and a tornado went through our county just above us.  All we got was a little thunder and lightening and a gentle rain.  I went to sleep with total peace of mind.  I am so glad I discovered your website a couple years ago.  I'm sure it is time consuming, but keep up the good work.


Emergency HospitalJackie writes:  We just returned home from urgent care with a good MBO result. Two days ago my wife fell down some stairs. She hurt the top of her foot but we weren't too worried. Today she stepped down and had a lot more pain and much swelling. We went to urgent care to get x-rays. While in the waiting area we did an MBO for the foot to not be broken, and for the x-ray to be beneficial. Almost immediately my wife's foot started to tingle internally in the area of the most pain. A few minutes later they did the x-ray and it was clear! No breaks! We believe the MBO healed her foot, though under normal circumstances this wouldn't be the case. But with all the other things my wife is facing, spontaneous healing was the most benevolent outcome for her.  Woohoo!

(Tom, I was told by my wife's guides not to say that for sure this happened because it could cause people to avoid the doctor thinking they could do an MBO and just be healed. But the guide said there were two fractures in her foot before we requested the MBO. We're very grateful.)


Climate ChangeEva writes:  Tom, has the "climate change" debate been influenced by the government to hide the truth that the planet is naturally heating to a greater degree than what has been promoted, and instead instilled guilt in Americans regarding their responsibility for CO2 production and its effect on the environment. I am a believer in pollution's responsibility for climate change, but have been reading about coverups regarding the reality of the planet heating up and so am curious about the truth.

Can you shed light on the "straw man" concept that each American (since the change from a gold-backed to fiat currency) is used legally as collateral for U.S. debt and his value traded on the stock market since the time Americans were issued birth certificates and social security cards? And that some individuals have filed papers to become "sovereign" i.e. remove ties to that legal relationship? The answer here is extremely important because it implies grave amounts of oppression that we need to be aware of in order to be empowered as citizens. 

Gaia, is the climate change any type of government coverup with the governments blaming the citizens?  Strawman

No Tom.  Again this is one of those conspiracy theories people keep launching for their 15 minutes of fame shall we call it.  It has no basis in truth.  My climate changes are cycles and you are in a cycle of change at the present time.  Again as I have said before, it is easier for someone to blame a government or people, than to accept the fact that there are intelligent beings running things as I do the workings of this planet.  But they can’t see me, so they blame someone.  It makes them feel better and less afraid. 

Theo, is our debt-based system created on the Straw Man concept?

No Tom.  Again this is pure speculation to explain a complex subject.  I will say that certainly everyone is becoming aware of how manipulated the system is by the members of the Cabal, SSG, or whatever name you wish to give them.  Their power is eroding each day as individuals take back their own power and say, “Enough is enough.”  You saw this again this week with the gentleman who resigned from Goldman Sachs and lambasted them for being so corrupt in their dealings with their clients. 


Child being doctoredDarrel sent me a message on Facebook, which I cannot locate.  He asked about why four children in a family would not have immune systems and what BP could be said for them.

Theo, what are the soul contracts for the 4 children with no immune system and what can be done for them, and is there a BP that can be said on their behalf?

Quite so Tom.  Their soul contracts do call for them to experience not only the lack of an immune system, but all the feelings and worry and fear that accompanies this, which I will point out does balance past lives.  And yes, if everyone does say a BP for them, their lives will be much better.

So if you’ll just take 30 seconds to say this Benevolent Prayer: 
“I ask any and all beings to bring aid and comfort to the four children with an immune deficiency and to assist them in finding the best treatments for their condition, thank you!”


DreamsKaren writes on Facebook: I have been quite a few places in my dreams. I remember going to a fairgrounds many different times in my dreams, and can almost find my way around. I do have A dream journal that I write the dreams I remember from that morning. Seems to be the vivid or lucid dreams I remember. Can you ask Antura a question for me? I remember in one of my School dreams, there was in interruption and a man rode up on a horse like being, and I remember the feet looked different than a horses single hoof. It had cloven hooves, but instead of a cloven hoof like a cow, it had 3 hooves, 2 outer hooves like a cow and an inner "hoof".  What kind of animal is this?"

Antura, Karen ___ had a dream in which she rode a horse like animal which had unusual hooves.  Was she on another planet?

Quite so Tom.  Certainly she was there for learning but also to pass on things herself, and there were dream symbols involved too don’t forget.  But there is a planet in the Federation with these animals and what for you are strange hooves.  Again there are billions of different beings even in just these 200 or so Federation planets, so there will be thousands of years of explorations for you to do in the future.


Dark AngelAlan writes:  Good morning Tom.  I read the comment on the Dark Angels and I believe it is a call to clear up our own negativity as we all contribute to the mass consciousness of this planet and they do love that energy.  I believe they are attracted to us to offer us a blessing to reveal our selves to us.  They are telling us about our own darkness within (the Law of attraction at work). 

Is there another stronger MBO or Prayer to help speed up this process as December 21st is approaching, and I feel all will benefit from your wisdom?  I love the MBOs and I'm spreading the word. I work with Unconditional Love and Forgiveness on a individual basis, along with the M\BO for all who have been affected by the action and feelings. Keep up the Good work. Love and Eternal Blessings.

Theo, is there a BP we can say for the Dark Angels, or do we just say one for our protection, or what?

Yes, certainly you can say a BP Tom and combine both into the same BP, which I know you will easily come up with. 

Let’s try this one—be sure to say out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to send love and light to all those beings attracted to negative energy, and to protect all of us from any negative beings now and forever, thank you!”

Do the Dark angels or Dark souls have the same capabilities as our own souls, and if so how can they be satisfied with just hanging around earth?

Yes and no Tom.  Yes, they do handle or are capable of handling as many things as they wish to handle, but no they don’t work up to their full capacity.  They are always lurking around to cause mischief and slow down the process.  Again, they will have much less affect in the 5th focus. 


Busi in South Africa writes:  Tom can you kindly ask Theo to share helpful and insightful knowledge about the ZCC church in ZCC South Africa. It has millions of members and does great work for many people, yet for some reason it is perceived negatively by the public. Why is this so?  God bless you for your work Tom.

Theo why is the ZCC church in South Africa perceived negatively by the public?

Personalities Tom.  Just as with many churches it comes down to the personalities of the church leaders.  These are well meaning men, for the most part, but they don’t come across that way to the general public. 


Gundestrup CauldronAntonia writes:  The Gundestrup cauldron is the largest known example of European Iron Age silver work.  What is the purpose of this?

Theo, what was the purpose of the silver Grundestrup Caldron and was it Thracian or Gaulish or what?

It was used in their ceremonies Tom and it was Thracian.  As the archeologists have noted, the repairs were done poorly, demonstrating deterioration in knowledge over time. 


Andrea & Brock DamudeI'll call her Debra writes:  Last weekend, two bodies (a mother and her 8 month old child) were found dead in the trunk of the woman's car in a farmers field, in Ontario, Canada.  The woman grew up with good friends of mine and we are all wondering what happened to them.   Can you please ask Theo for us.  Their names were Andrea and Brock Damude.

Theo, why were Andrea and Brock Damude murdered in Ontario, Canada?

Yes, you could say they were in the wrong place at the wrong time Tom, but we know and have pointed out this can never be the case. 

So was it a relative?

No, not in this case Tom.  Again, they were targeted by an individual who found them to be easy prey.

Will he or she be caught?

Not anytime soon, but yes in the future this person will make a mistake and they will find him. 


Benjamin BathurstAntonia writes:  What happened to Benjamin Bathurst? I'm a science fiction geek. Benjamin Bathhurst is a character in many stories. He disappeared one day and no one knows what happened.

Benjamin Bathurst (18 March 1784 - 1809?) was a British diplomatic envoy who disappeared in Germany during the Napoleonic Wars. He was the third son of Henry Bathurst, Bishop of Norwich.

Bathurst disappeared on or about 25 November 1809, sparking much debate and speculation about his ultimate fate, especially in science fiction stories, based on a perception (fostered by secondary sources) that his disappearance was a case of particularly sudden, perhaps supernatural, vanishing. Recent research suggests the circumstances of Bathurst's disappearance were wildly exaggerated, and that he was almost certainly murdered.

Theo, was Benjamin Bathurst murdered in 1809?

Yes he was Tom, but that was taken to the grave shall we say.


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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