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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Pass It Onworld. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


I have a correction to make. Maria the goose is actually Mario the gander. My editor corrected it, but when I searched for images all said Maria, so I changed it back.

MH370 Search AreaAs I am working on the newsletter this morning there is a report on the news that two pieces of debris the size of the two 777 wings has been spotted 1550 miles to the southwest of Perth, Australia.  Let’s say the following Benevolent Prayer (BP):
“I ask any and all beings to assist those searching for MH370 to quickly find the plane, thank you!” 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Gaia, will we have another quiet hurricane season or active?

It will be more active than last year, Tom, but not as active as, say, a year when there are a number of hurricanes popping up every few days. This year will start off slowly, but as you reach the late summer months in August and, yes, September, it will become active with two to three hurricanes reaching North America after touching the Caribbean Islands. There will be more damage there than last season, Tom.

HurricaneWill any hurricanes come ashore in the Gulf States?

Yes, one, Tom.

What about the East Coast of Florida?

Yes, one there.

Will it slide up the East Coast or cross over into the Gulf?

Yes, it will cross over before curling on up through Georgia and out to sea along the East Coast, Tom.

What about the rest of the East Coast.

They will have storms, but a little below hurricane levels. Still, they will receive copious amounts of rain and winds.

Will any hurricanes strike the Texas Coast?

Hurricane DamageNo, but again there will be one or two storms, Tom, which will be below hurricane levels and will move northward quite similar to the paths of previous hurricanes.

Will Texas and the Southwest and Southeast be as hot as last summer?

Quite so, Tom. I am in a cycle and that cycle is not finished yet, nor will it be for one or two more years.

I thought you were going to change that cycle next winter?

Not completely, Tom, although next winter will be a little wetter than this winter for the West Coast and inland, it will not be up to what is termed by your meteorologists as normal.


There has been a story circulating recently that the takeover in Crimea was somehow connected with the discovery of a pyramid completely buried there. The conclusion was almost laughable, but I decided to ask if there really was one there.

Bosnia Pyramid of the SunGaia, is there an ancient pyramid completely buried underground in Crimea, or are they mistaken, or is this story concocted?

Yes, Tom, it is real. This dates back to the earliest days of civilization on your planet, many thousands of years ago—yes, certainly 500,000 years we will say for your purposes, Tom. Therefore, over the many centuries with many upheavals of the land, it was buried underground. It will be many years before it can be excavated.

And to answer your next question, yes, the pyramids in Bosnia are considered the oldest of the modern era at over 25,000 years.

Then there is no connection between the people who built the pyramid in Crimea and those who built the ones in Bosnia?

No, the ancient people who built the one in Crimea had long since passed from that area.

Who built the one in Crimea?

Pyramids ComparisonAgain, an ancient people way beyond any records, as we are talking about hundreds of thousands of years even before Atlantis.

But they did build a pyramid.

Yes, as this is a structure you will find all over the universe, Tom. These pyramids have energies you are just now discovering—such as the energy beam emitted from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun as it is called in Bosnia.

So, to summarize for you, this is an ancient pyramid built before the modern age, we will call it, by a group of people connected naturally to an ET world, just as you all are I might remind everyone, Tom.

I have a feeling that it might be older than 500,000 years the way she answered the question.


ButterflyI lost who asked me this.

Gaia, is the change from caterpillar to butterfly an easy one or is there struggle involved in the metamorphosis?

Certainly there is some struggle, Tom, but again this is another demonstration to the Explorer Race of one more life form you will one day encounter in your travel to the stars. There are beautiful beings in the universe that use this type of conversion into their eventual beautiful selves. These are lovely beings, Tom, as you humans will discover one day.


These questions came from Helen.

Ancient MapTheo, was MU one big continent and I wish to verify its size.

Yes, Tom. It was basically one big continent, but as with all continents it did have a few islands close by, although they were not part of the continent and so are not generally included in a discussion of MU.

Was the size a little larger than Australia (as some ancient maps indicate it was much larger in size)?

No, Tom, you were given the correct size. The ancient map makers were just guessing. It was approximately 10 to 12% larger than Australia is today.

Back to the islands. Yes, they were connected to the countries they were closest to. But the islands at that time were mostly inhabited by indigenous people and left pretty much on their own.

Would that include the Japanese Island complex?

Quite so. The MU continent was not that heavily populated, so the people of that time were not pushed as they are today to find new places to live.

But the Japanese Islands were quite large. I’m really surprised that more people from MU did not inhabit the area?

Yes, but that’s the way it was, Tom. It was not until the end that people escaped to Japan and what is now China. Japan was looked at as backward.

When MU sank into the sea, how long did it take—was it months or days?

When they used the huge bombs, Tom, it went fairly quickly after that. There were huge earthquakes—much larger than any seen in modern times, and the continent began to split up, with first one section then another and another dropping into the sea. Enormous tsunamis were created that washed over what was left, so it was difficult for anyone to survive, but a few did, especially those who saw it coming and moved days, weeks and, yes, even a few short years before the total destruction.


For those unfamiliar with this name, Adama is the leader of the Lemurian group that lives under Mt. Shasta, California at a little higher vibrational level—around 5.3 to 5.4.

Lake Shasta CavernAdama, I’m asked how can people apply for your energy classes?

Tom, this is done on a soul level according to the vibrational level you have reached. Those that are consistently requesting MBOs, as you have told them numerous times, Tom, are raising their vibrational levels so that they become eligible for advanced studies which our clan agreed to conduct, yes, millions of years ago. All souls have different interests, Tom, but our souls have this interest and we are quite happy assisting others. They can request MBOs to take part in our classes and certainly we will work with their own GAs to make the classes available to them when they are ready.

Would you say you have had millions of souls take your classes over the years?

Quite so, but again, we have been doing this for thousands of years, Tom, and the number can vary according to how the individual souls are progressing.

Underwater RuinsI’m asked that when MU sank was it all at one time, or were there a series of destructions?

A series of destructions, Tom, but very close together.

Did you observe this happening from the air on board a scout craft?

Good question. Yes I did, as I was informed it was taking place and I called for a ship to be made available to me. It was a scene I will not soon forget. Neither I nor anyone in my group had ever seen such destruction.

How long did the destruction take?

Just a few short days, Tom. Not in one day but certainly less than one month—just a few days since it was as if dominoes were falling, to use your terminology.


First Contact Front CoverFor my new subscribers, Antura is a member of my soul group or cluster as Theo calls it and has had 800 lives on earth. He’s back on his home planet in the Sirius B Star System, but will be coming to see us in 2017 on one of those big motherships with a crew of 850 beings of all different types. You can read more about him in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.

Antura, were the Dogu figurines in Japan based on ET visitors and, if so, which ones?

Yes, that is an easy question to answer, Tom. But which one--that is more difficult. It was a Federation member, just not one of the top four, shall we say.

Antura, do you anticipate that it will be Poland as the next country to make disclosure and if not who?

Poland will probably not be second, Tom. There are several on our list at the present time. Poland is one of the possibilities, but not actually at the top of the list. As we are still negotiating with these Eastern European countries we will see who wishes most to be second.

Are you still going with the figure of 10 countries disclosing after the Russians?

That’s a good number to work with, Tom, and we can see that fairly easily happening. Naturally, the Eastern European countries are more open about ETs in general, so expect a larger number to be from this area and not so scattered all over the world, although they will be offered the same opportunity.

Area 51Do the people of remote islands in the Pacific have files on UFOs and ETs too?

Not the same, Tom. They see them passing all the time and are quite accepting. They have learned over the centuries that we mean them no harm.

Antura, is the United States Area 51 larger, smaller or the same size as the equivalent base in Russia?

Both are almost equal in size, Tom.

Michael writes from Germany: My question is in regards to something that happened to me regularly at around the age of 5 years old. I used to go to sleep and have very frightening and vivid dreams of being grabbed by a group of entities and of literally being pulled out of my room and into the galaxy. I could see the block of flats, where we were living at the time, fade away in the distance as well as planet earth getting smaller and smaller.

Alien AbductionThe strange thing is that while this was happening my eyes were always wide open, so it would seem like I was practically awake…in some sort of awake dream or trance. What exactly was happening to me whilst having those nightmares? And who were these entities? And why am I so very obsessed in researching everything about aliens, UFOs and the supernatural?

Thank you so much and greetings from Hamburg, Germany!

Antura, was Michael abducted by ETs and if so how many times and by whom?

It was your garden variety Zetas, Tom, and quite a few times—certainly in the 30 to 40 range. He was not abducted as many times as some of the people we have covered before since it was cut off before he could be abducted more times.

Speaking of abductions, did the Zetas stick pretty much to vertical time with their abductions spanning 25 or so years, or did they time hop to pick the same person up every six months or so?

Alien DepictionNo, they did not time hop, Tom. Yes, they had the capability to move back and forth, but they used it only to return people to the same time they were abducted, or within an hour or two. They did not, as you suggest, pick up the same individual every six months by going from time period to time period. They were too busy picking up different people for their experiments until they found the right DNA and then going back and picking up those who fit their DNA profile again and again.

Antura, who are the Tall Whites that are supposed to be working with the U.S. Government?

Yes, a federation planet, Tom, but that has been discontinued. Again, we get into the Earth Directive here.

Yes, but they were helping the U.S. government long after the Earth Directive was put into place.

True, but these were special circumstances where the U.S. was holding a survivor of the Roswell crash and so the Tall Whites, as they were called, were asked to step in and help. They did, but just enough to placate the Americans, and by that time the ET had passed away, unable to adjust to your 3rd dimensional level.


Auto MechanicThis MBO story and the next one originally appeared last Saturday in my weekly Blog. You can read all the stories by going to Or you can simply go to my website and click on Blogs. Like my newsletters, all my blogs are archived there.

Carell writes: All the red lights on the back of my car kept blowing fuses so I had no blinker lights, no brake lights, and not even rear running lights to be able to drive at night. My regular mechanic replaced the fuses which just blew again, whereupon he stated that looking for the cause could be a million things and that it would take awhile to find the short which could cost as much as $300. After compromising my driving habits for over a month because I didn't have the funds, I did an MBO to have the funds and get the job done.

The first benevolent result was that I changed mechanics. The morning I took it in, I did an MBO that it wouldn't take long at all, that it would be done in an hour or so and that it would cost less than $100. When I called to see if it was ready, it was all done. It was a short in the rear light bulb socket that got fixed, new rear bulbs installed, and he charged me $50!!!!! How great is that!?!?


Sally in Colorado writes: Very minor example of how MBOs work from my own recent life:

I have been looking for a book, but could not find it. Spent some time yesterday searching. I knew I would find it eventually, but I need it now.

StormI said out loud (they work best when spoken aloud or written), "I ask the most benevolent outcome to find Your Body's Many Cries For Water, thank you." (You always say thank you before the fact knowing that it will happen.)

Bingo, an idea packet came into my mind to look in the hutch in my bedroom.  And there it was. Of course!

I’ve had lots of incredible experiences with MBOs. One that I like (fun) was two summers ago when we were having lots of fierce sounding thunderstorms. The wind was blowing something crazy. I am on the 3rd (top) floor and was concerned for my heat pump up on the roof.

Said an MBO that everything stay secure up there, and that the winds die down and everything be well for everybody, thank you. Bam, instantly it stopped blowing.

Wow. I have read about the Native Americans being able to divert storms, but I never though it was something we could all do. Now I know our power is beyond imagination.

Love your newsletter! Thank you.


Here is an interesting story about the discovery of an ancient stone wall in Siberia with blocks of stone weighing upwards of 3,000 to 4,000 tons--much larger than the ones in Baalbek in Lebanon which weigh around 1,250 tons.

“Newly Found Megalithic Ruins in Russia Contain the Largest Blocks of Stone Ever Discovered”

Giant Stone

Theo, who laid the enormous blocks of stone in Siberia, as I assume these are real?

Quite real, Tom. Again these date back many thousands of years.

Over 25,000?

Yes, even much older than that.

Why was the wall built?

Walls are built to keep people out, Tom, and this gigantic wall makes the one in China tiny in comparison. Of course, the people of that time had help from your friendly ETs who thought they were doing good work. They used the liquefying method of seating the stones in place after they were lifted into place using tractor beams of the ET ships, which you recently covered. When you can move a planet, 3,000 ton stones are nothing.

How long is the wall?

Most of it is buried and will take many years to excavate, Tom.

So, again, I wish to make sure I have this correct. The wall is man- and ET-constructed?

Quite so. And, yes, it does date back as far as those atomic blasts from the past.

This is a real enigma that will be explained by the Pleiadians to the Russians about their history, Tom, in the near future. It will be one of many jaw-dropping revelations as videos will be shown.


TranshumanismEmma writes: Please ask Gaia or Theo what's their take on Transhumanism: Quantum Computing? Will it become more of our reality/world in future? Thank you.

Theo, will Transhumanism: Quantum Computing become more of our reality in the future?

Yes, Tom. This will be studied more by your scientists in the future. As you know nothing about this, I would suggest reading or having your readers do some research on the internet.


Lee writes: Tom, my young cousin, 23 years old, has just been diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus. My question for Gaia or Theo is: will Systemic Lupus Erythematosisthere be a cure for this immunosuppressant disease in her lifetime, and will they be able to manipulate the genes to stop this from progressing? And what kind of past life balancing is this for when someone has such an illness as this? Would it be about limiting motion or restraining motion because you did this to someone in a past life? I like to try and figure out what the balancing is when I read the questions in your newsletter. Thank you for any helpful information you can provide, Tom, it is always appreciated.

Thank you for the information you provided in your newsletter this week. I am always in amazement as to the questions people ask and the answers received. Such an education! Thank you for all you do.

Gaia, will there be a cure for erythematosus in the next 25 years, and what is the soul contract here?

Yes, there will be a cure for this condition, Tom, in that time period as you are making rapid advances in identifying genes. This will be one of many skin conditions found in a set of genes. In the meantime better treatments will be found than are available today.

Regarding the soul contracts, although this does not hold for everyone with this condition, normally it is balancing acts where the person in a past life injured the skin of one or more people, so they take on this condition to balance. Causing injury to another person does require balancing, and harming another individual by damaging their skin can bring on the need to balance.


Someone on Facebook asked me about this video of a man supposedly being teleported and saved from being run over by a truck:

Theo, may have asked this before, but is the footage of a man on a motorbike being saved from being hit by a truck by some person real or fake?

It does appear so real, Tom, but regretfully it is clever editing and CGI work to achieve this effect.


Mysterious SymbolsRaphael writes: It would be interesting to explore:

Unknown Marks on Teenager's Legs | Paranormal

Theo, what are the strange symbols showing up on a girl’s leg under black light?

Yes, you could almost call this “branding,” Tom, as it cannot be washed away. This is not the first person to have a symbol imprinted on their skin, but normally it is never noticed as most people do not have access to a black light. It will not harm her, but it is a reminder of where she came from. It is an ancient symbol of the planet she came from.


Soul Leaving BodyGerd writes from India: Hi Tom, as much as I appreciate your book and newsletter, there is something I would like to share about organ donation that you mentioned in this newsletter. Unfortunately your channel was this time totally wrong, to put it bluntly. This practice is one of the darkest of our times, the person is still alive and feels everything, that was countless times independently verified, not only by psychics, but also by parents whose dying children were given up for organ donation. They came into their parents’ dreams with horrified pain, distorted faces expressing their horror of what is happening to them.

Countless stories of people receiving organs describing their sudden changes of personality, e.g. one heart from a prostitute was implanted into another woman’s body and she suddenly became unusually and unpleasantly sexually active to her surprise. Others have become extremely aggressive, like the donor of the organ as the character of the donor is inherent in the organ. More you can read about the butcherish practice here further down in the report is enough scientific evidences that proves that a brain-dead person still is fully connected with the white thread to the body and feels everything that is done to the body, to the point of still being able to get an erection or even cases of full recovery. Even further down are experiences of people receiving donor organs. There is a reason why the donor-receiving person has to be on immunosuppressive  medication sometimes for the rest of their earthly life, as the wise body rejects the organ. Nature is wiser than man sometimes. I assume your channel is influenced by the pharma lobby in this case.

SurgeonsGaia, did I receive incorrectly that the soul leaves the body at the time the person is brain dead?

No, Tom. The main portion of the soul has left the body upon the moment a person is brain dead.

So what about the reports of people feeling the pain of body parts being removed even though they are brain dead and then talk abut this in a next life?

If you recall, Tom, there is a piece of the soul that remains behind to see how that person’s life affected his family. This is all done for additional learning. So, this part of the soul records everything that continues to happen upon death. Any pain felt during the process of removing organs to save other lives is only on a soul level. The body truly is brain dead, just not the portion of the soul observing everything going on after death. And our previous comments about donating organs still stands. You are able to clear or balance several misdeeds from previous lives. Otherwise you would actually have to have lives where there would be a harder balancing, shall we say. Again the brain feels nothing, only the soul fragment.


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