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Hi everyone! A couple of days ago I took my dogs for their afternoon walk. Normally my wife walks them too, but she was super busy, so I had the two alone. As I rounded a bend a half-block from my house, I looked down and spied a red object on the sidewalk partially hidden by monkey grass (at least that’s the name I know it by). I reached down and picked up a red Sprint cell phone that someone had dropped. I didn’t have my reading glasses on, so I couldn’t see the numbers. I wondered how I’d get in touch with the person who had dropped it, and thought perhaps one of my children would find a way. But just to be safe, I requested a Benevolent Outcome out loud to find the person the cell phone belonged to, and continued on my walk. A few minutes later the cell phone rang and I answered. It was the owner’s husband. I told him I had it and gave instructions how to find my house. About 45 minutes later he showed up and explained that his wife dropped it walking their dog. They live only two blocks from us; if she was searching it would have been very difficult to see the cell phone in the shadows of the trees and grass.


I had mentioned previously that my wife Dena was about to have breast surgery on March 13. As I know there are a majority of women that read this newsletter, I thought you might like to hear more details as it relates to Benevolent Outcomes.

When Dena discovered a small lump just under the skin, she decided to have a plastic surgeon remove it to have the less scarring possible. Naturally we requested Benevolent Outcomes for the procedure and I said a Living Prayer similar to the one in the previous newsletter. When we received the biopsy report that it was an invasive cancer, he referred her to two doctors—one at Presbyterian and a doctor at Baylor Medical here in Dallas. We first visited the doctor at Presbyterian and he was horrible—one horror story after another instead of saying this is what we do first, etc.-- as he had no information yet from the first surgeon, and even used his pen to mark on her breast. We left saying how could this guy treat women like that? Next was the Baylor doctor and she was much better (we were requesting MBO’s for her to be ok). The plastic surgeon had said “margins” would be needed and he said only it should only be at most three times the “black-eyed pea” size lump he removed. She insisted on this with the cancer doctor.

Dena decided to delay the operation in order to get on alternative therapies—vitamins, special drinks, and listening to healing CD’s by Dick Sutphen. I suggested March 13, as that is astrologically trine her July 13 birth date. As I mentioned above (with requests for a Benevolent Outcome and a Living Prayer), she had the surgery and the doctor limited her “margins” to a slightly wider area, against her advice to us. She had an appointment this week to receive the results of the biopsy. They showed no cancer at all! Thanks to everyone who said a Living Prayer! I will also say that even with this news, the doctor tried to talk her into having radiation or chemotherapy, which she refused. She feels with her lifestyle change and all the vitamins she now takes that the odds are greatly reduced of this reappearing. So the lesson here is don’t always accept what a doctor tells you. They are in their own “box” of beliefs and what they accept as usual procedures.


Paula wrote, “It worked--it really worked!! I went to Chicago yesterday, and I did the driving from my sleepy little town 120 miles south of Chicago area... went to the mind, body, and spirit expo in Northlake. Before I left I did the benevolent request for a safe trip and was on my way with Beckie, my best friend. The trip was exceptional with no traffic delays and would you believe we found a parking spot close to the front door? I was dismayed when we got there because it was wall to wall cars and as we started cruising to look for a parking spot towards the back of the building a car backed up to leave... I was amazed!!! When we left several hours later we were counting our change to make sure we had the correct amount to make it thru the tolls. My GPS said to take a right turn and Beckie said take a left. I figured she knew the way... but she had misunderstood the GPS and so we were helplessly loss. The GPS told me to take another right... have you ever tried to figure out which right when in Chicago area? Anyway when I finally took the assumed right we had a wonderful drive and no tolls and little traffic--found a neat place for our supper and back onto route 55 in I would think record time. I’ve always believed in angels and this was a wonderful way to verify them!!!”


I was asked about Rosicrucians recently and asked a couple of questions. I became much more interested when I found out they were “tuning in” on my conversations with Theo. If you have any more questions, email me.

When was the origin of the Rosicrucians –1607 or so or earlier, and what influence did they have and still do today?

Ah an interesting question Tom. The Rosicrucians were just noticed at that 1600 time period but were much older. It was a group or society that came together at a very early time and made their mark on history shall we say and still do today. They do not like me speaking about them, but I will answer more questions as you pose them.

Just the fact that you say they don’t care for you speaking about them tells me that someone or more than one of them can tune into our conversations?

In a way yes, but only when it concerns them.

Were the Rosicrucians that tuned into us in physical lives or between?

No, no, they are in physical lives right now Tom.

How many tuned in?

Only a couple.

Do they have my soul’s permission?

Yes, in a way. They understand what you’re doing, but they also like to keep what they are doing pretty quiet. The fact that you have suddenly taken an interest in them makes them uneasy shall we say.

Are they a benevolent group?

Oh yes, their goals are similar to yours, but certainly in a different way. They are more involved in the politics of today shall we say, and attempt to influence leaders and so forth through spiritual means.

Do they date back just after the death of Jesus as one report states?

Quite so. That report was fairly accurate as to the year of 62 AD. So they are an ancient society that tries their best to be benevolent in their workings.

How many Rosicrucians are there at this time?

Not so many—a few hundred, but as their concentration is more in one area, they are influential.

How successful are the Rosicrucians in influencing world leaders?

More so than you might think Tom. As I said, this is their specialty, so when they put their minds to it, so to speak, they can be very effective in pushing along a leader to make the right, mort humane decisions.

Are there any Rosicrucians in world leadership positions at the present time?

Yes, a few, but they are mostly advisors to the leaders – sort of the power behind the throne if you will.

They used to advertise on the backs of the Astrology magazines. I’m surprised their numbers aren’t higher. Your comments, please.

Yes they have advertised quite often in the past, but they have a filtering process they use, so only those of the highest ideals are let into the inner sanctuary shall we call it—to be taken into their confidences.

You can read more about the history of this society by Googling them, or go to Wikipedia.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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