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I would first like to say hello to all the members of the Satori Group that I spoke to last night in Ft. Worth, Texas, and who signed up for this newsletter. And welcome all of you that have signed up in the last month. We have really been adding a lot of readers. Please feel free to forward this on to your friends, and if this is your first time to read this free newsletter, you can sign up to receive your own copy at my website .


In my last newsletter I explained that your Guardian Angel is always trying to let you know it’s there to assist you. Most of the time you ignore these reminders. Even though I communicate with Theo in my “active” meditations, he still likes to surprise me with reminders, which I think he does so I’ll relate them to you.

One of the ways he does this is by having songs played on the radio, or he’ll have me remembering some song when I awake in the morning. Last Sunday my wife and I were over at our new house, which is still undergoing remodeling. Finally after my wife was satisfied she had made sufficient notes to relay to the contractor, we closed up and got in our car for the return trip to our house. Just as I turned on the car engine, the car radio started playing one of my favorite songs—FOOLED AROUND AND FELL IN LOVE by the Elvin Bishop band with vocals by Mickey Thompson, who earned a spot in the Jefferson Starship band based on this performance ( if you wish to hear it). It was “by request” and I told my wife at the time—yes it was Theo’s request.

So in my next meditation I asked:

Theo, I assume that was you that arranged for the song to be played as I turned on the car engine this past Sunday?

Yes of course it was. I simply arranged, as you guessed, with another guardian angel who takes care of a client that likes the same song to have them call the radio station and request it. That was a simple job or action for us to do.

Well, I thank you Theo. It was enjoyable for both my wife and I to sing along, and thank the other GA for its assistance too.

I will Tom. That’s nice of you to think about that too.

So pay attention to those reminders folks! Your own GA is saying, “Don’t forget about me—I’m here to assist you—you just have to ask!”


If you go back to almost the first newsletter I sent out, one of the questions I asked was:

Since you said you handle higher than the average number of 6,000 souls, how many do you take care of counting all the souls even those not in this time period or incarnated at this time?

Let’s see if you can receive this number Tom. Yes, more on the order of 19,000 souls I service to take care of them and “whisper in their ear” you see.

Just last week I thought to ask--are the 19,000 clients you take care of whole souls or fragments?

Ah, they are whole souls Tom, so yes there are many thousand more fragments that I take care of you see?

So I wish to get this straight. These are whole souls that you are aligned with or were chosen to work with?

That’s correct. As we have spoken about before, each of these 19,000 odd souls has soul groups or clusters and I service all the soul fragments in these clusters.

I’m having a hard time believing that I’m receiving this correctly, given the magnitude of what you just told me, as I assume then we must multiply that number by the 12 time lines each fragment has a life on? (Note: we will take up Time Lines in a future newsletter. It’s a hefty subject.)

That is correct Tom. I did not mean to mislead you if I did. Your original question was how many souls or clients do I service and I responded. I just did not break it down any farther than that.

That day I signed off by saying-- I guess that’s all for today Theo. I know you’re a busy bee with those other 100,000 soul fragments, yes?

Yes, but I will always have time for our talks Tom. Don’t take the normal thought of worrying that you are taking up too much of Theo’s time. I am a whole soul and I have repeatedly told you that we are capable of much more than your realize or understand. Today you learned a little more about our capabilities, yes?

Yes, I suppose. It’s still a little hard to believe as I did think the 19,000 figure was the complete number and not just whole souls.

As I have said before Tom, even we are amazed at the furious rate of activity. Yes your thought about the one-armed paperhanger would not even approach how fast the work is done here, but we love it you see.

Yes, I understand that.


Dick Sutphen (check out his website at recently wrote about “Cosmic Cops.” Who are these beings and how would they differ from you Theo?

They are really the same as I Tom—a whole soul. They do differ a little bit as they are not assigned to specific soul fragments or groups, but assist us when wayward soul fragments on a lower level wander out of their areas to cause mischief. As you can imagine Tom, there are different levels of vibration that you inhabit or feel most comfortable in after having a life. When a soul fragment has a particularly hard life where they are the “bad guy,” then their vibrational rate is very low, so they do not travel to such a higher vibration and we must work with these soul fragments sending them lots of light and love so that they can slowly rise back up. It can be a difficult transitional process for some souls, as they are attracted to the physical life they just finished and long to return there. Therefore these “cosmic cops” as Mr. Sutphen calls them are called in, in various ways—both by a soul fragment and by their own soul groups to bring these fragments back to the light and away from the physical world. These souls have much light and love that they emanate as they do this duty.

How would a soul fragment be allowed to interfere with anyone’s life in the first place, as Richard explained? Why wouldn’t they be stopped before they made a nuisance of themselves?

This is sometimes done for teaching purposes Tom, as that soul fragment or fragments attract a lower vibrational entity through their own vibrational rate, which may also be low on the scale so to speak. There are many different types of teaching and understanding that the soul desires Tom and this is one of them—contact with lower level soul fragments.


Does everyone have one or two main guides that are sort of leaders of the group? How do they work with you? Do you sort of take a background position?

Ah, an interesting series of questions. Certainly you, meaning soul fragments in general, will have one or two guides that influence and guide you more than others. These guides are with you on a long-term basis and are not like the guides that come and go depending upon your need for them. In your case we have stated before that you had guides for first your travel business enterprises and then for your film distribution business. The former are really no longer with you, except to assist you in your personal travels. The main guide or guides are here for the long run—for your complete life. They assist me and I them as somewhat of a team, along with your own higher self. As I explained before, life is much more complicated than you can conceive at this time, but you are slowly building on that knowledge base.

We previously covered the subject of Guides in an earlier newsletter. Please go to the website and click on Articles and News. You’ll find information on Guides in the December 15, 2007 newsletter.

Have a Most Benevolent Week everyone!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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