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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter.  Are you forwarding this to your friends?  Please do.  For our new people, Theo is my own Guardian Angel and Gaia is the Soul of the Earth.  You can send in questions of a general nature, as you’ll see below, and I’ll get to them.  We had so much this week some of your emails will appear next week.  I’m behind.  If two weeks go by and I have not responded, please feel free to "rattle my cage."  Sometimes an email will "fall through the cracks," but I try to respond to everyone.

Please note that I have firmed up a workshop I’ll give in Sedona, Arizona on Monday, June 21.  Read more about it down below and click on the link to more information on my website (which is for those who are not aware of it and how many suggestions and resources it has to lift you and inspire you.  Now for this week’s topics. 


Donna in BC writes:  Hi Tom, we are seeing the results of Gaia's adjustments and she said as did Kryon that the quakes would be larger than ever seen.  Lots of white light to be sent out for the planet to be sure Tom.  
We will all be interested to hear if & when you ask Gaia whether there will be an answer on Chili.  Thanks for update on Chem trails in your latest newsletter, which is something I look forward to every week as do others around the world.  Let’s hope the trails end soon.  MBO's to end trails. 

Gaia, will Chile quieten down or will it experience more severe earthquakes this year?

Chile will be among several countries to experience more movement along the Ring of Fire as you call it Tom.  There will be more movement and shaking this year—perhaps not at the 8.8 level but certainly more shaking.  I must move those plates and one of the major fault lines does run along Chile’s coast line.  This movement will put a larger strain on that farther up the pacific Coast, while across the Pacific, as I mentioned to you before, the countries along those fault lines, including Japan and Indonesia, will see significant tremors.

Will there be anymore tsunami’s?

Yes there will Tom.  Unfortunate for those in it’s path, but certainly on many soul contracts to experience.  Millions of people will be affected Tom.  There are 10 more months in this year, and the movements have just begun.

Just as I suggested for Haiti, you can say, “I ask any and all beings to assist the people of Chile in recovering from these earthquakes and to protect them from those in their future, thank you!” Please say this now, out loud. 


Amy in Scotia, NY writes:  I have always been intrigued about our ability to control weather conditions.  You had a discussion of it in your last newsletter, so I thought I would pass on my most recent weather MBO.

We had a terrific winter storm in our part of the northeast last week.  At my home, we had an unexpected 2 feet of wet snow on Tuesday which broke some of my favorite lilac trees.  Much more was forecast for the very next day.  I asked for a MBO for the storm to give us little or no additional snow and for the result to better than I could expect.  Believe me, the forecast on local television was for FEET snow, wind and power outages.

At my place of work all the next day it snowed heavily.  But, there was a thin line of weather just to the east, where it did nothing but rain all day.  No one had predicted that rain/ snow line to move down our way, but just a little bit of it did...right over my house.  A mile west, it snowed.  I ended up with an inch of slush and rain, with not a bit of wind.  Even the national radar showed a tiny "blip" of a rain line in a place it shouldn't have been.  Later, the local weatherman said that the storm had lined itself up perfectly to push a finger of warmer air right at us.  I thought that was great, and thanked the beings for the result. 

Like you, I am a firm believer in the ability to move and change weather systems.  In fact, I'm asking for bright days of sunshine for this week.  May they be even more beautiful and sunny than I could ever expect, thank you!

See what just one person was able to do.  Now can you imagine what 100 could do even in such northern climates as Canada and Europe? 


Melody in Nebraska writes:  I have enjoyed your articles in the Sedona Journal, and have been using MBOs maybe several times a week in the beginning, but now I use them all the time.  I just ordered your book The Gentle Way II and have almost gotten it all read.  I now use MBOs a lot more often.  Have you ever heard one like this?
On New Year's Eve I woke up to the words "Most Benevolent Outcome".  I immediately thought-what should I be asking about?  I waited for more "instructions" or information, but nothing more came.  I forgot about it for the rest of the day.  On New Year's Day I woke up and was thinking about those words again, and after a few minutes it came to me-I was being told the morning before that an MBO was coming that day! 

Three months before I bought a water filter that will make a difference in people's lives.  But there is also a business opportunity that goes along with it.   A client was interested in a water filter, and I had asked at one time for an MBO about it.  She had decided to buy one, then she backed out.  But on the morning that I woke up to those words "MBO" that afternoon as I walked in the door from work, my phone was ringing, and this person had decided to buy a water machine!  I think it was my angels giving me a heads up.  I may not have associated it with an MBO since I had asked for one so long before.  What do you think?

I do think it was Melody’s GA reminding her a MBO was about to come to fruition.  Perhaps it wants to assure her that her requests are being heard and acted upon.  And just a reminder, you can go to and print out the sign REQUEST BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES TODAY!  to remind you to make this a habit, along with the EXPECT GREAT THINGS mantra, and two other signs. 


Eleanore writes:  Oh, yeah, I'm just having a ball with my newfound gift!  I asked if there is a name of my GA that she or he would prefer to be called and I was answered loud and clear with:  Artemis.  I looked it up and that is the name of a Greek goddess of forest and hills and the hunt.  Now, that speaks to me in that I am very much a child of the forest and am constantly hunting for new and exciting things in my life.

Since I'm waiting on book one, I have been gifting myself with printing out and reading newsletters.  Today’s, was Jan. 31 in which Theo said he/she has the capacity to appear physically.  That I absolutely love.  Have you ever been given that gift?  How would you know it was, in fact, Theo?  Could I ever do that with my GA?  How very exciting.
I find that reading the past newsletters answers so much of what I am questioning.  As you can imagine, it's going to take one heck of a lot of paper and a couple of cartridges to complete the library of these that I'm in the process of creating.  Maybe when I finally receive my first book I won't feel that it's necessary but right now I’m finding some really astounding material.

Tom, I am so enjoying your materials and the enlightenments from them.

Eleanore is doing well with listening to that “whisper in her ear.”  I think this will become easier and easier for us after 2012.  Remember, that’s probably not her GA’s real angelic name, but one which it knew she would be pleased with. 

Theo has told me he has only appeared physically in a time of crisis, in which his “client” was in danger, to save the person.  What’s interesting is that Theo says they know these events are going to happen way before they do, and so he’s all set to go when the event occurs.  I’m describing this is 3d terms and I’m sure he’s chuckling at my attempt to describe an angelic appearance.


Beth writes:  I cannot begin to express how incredible, inspiring and re-assuring your Newsletter is….I am so grateful and look forward to each weeks updates and stories….The Gentle Way books are amazing and will lihgt the path for many.
Since I started requested Benevolent Outcomes, I have been blessed with many wonderful successes…Most recently my tax refund increased by $250.00 from the time it was submitted and the time that I received it….
Most welcome as the xtra $$$'s will be put to good use…
You may have covered this question previously but can you please ask Theo what the most effective ways are to raise one's own personal vibrational level and how to most effectively contribute to other beings in need and Mother Earth as well…

I have covered this before but a reminder for everyone.  Theo says that requesting MBO’s is the best way to raise your vibrational level, as you become more “aware,” and start seeing and understanding more.  And as I have mentioned before, send white light every day if possible, or whenever you remember, to Mother Earth—Gaia.  When I meditate I send white light first to all the surface of our earth and all the other 10 Time Line earths (releasing it to go where it is most needed), then to the center of the earth, and then to the soul of Gaia as best I can.


Laurie writes:  I read in your 2/20/10 newsletter about the trouble "Maureen'' had with irritable bowel syndrome.  You mentioned that you'd had the same kind of difficulties back in 2000.  I know what you mean.  For years, I had gastric
distress that my doctor could not diagnose.  I finally found my own way out of my "tummy troubles", and in retrospect I have no doubt that my GA set up the series of events that led me to finding my solution  -- without drugs or surgery. 

It turned out that, for ME, I was food-sensitive according to my BLOOD TYPE.  Once I had eliminated only a few specific foods from my diet, the whole of my digestive process calmed within two days.  No more toilet emergencies. It was a miracle. 

What helped me were the books by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo -- "Eat Right 4 Your Type", "Cook Right 4 Your Type", "Live Right 4 Your Type".

The premise is: Blood types (O, A, B, AB) are an evolutionary process, and blood types evolved in response to the foods we ate -- from "cave man" priority for proteins on to agrarian dependence on grains and dairy.  (Sorry, there's no blood type that has adapted to McDonald's!)

The results, for me, were pretty much immediate.  Maybe this information will help "Maureen" or any of your other readers.  Let's hope it's the answer to someone's MBO.

Eleanore writes:  It's me again; one of your newer devotees.  Today, I pulled the 2/20 issue of the Newsletter and in it there is a dialogue by a Maureen who shared her unfortunate experiences with IBS (irritable bowel).  Many, many people do and have suffered from this in varying degrees.  I happen to be one of them.  This woman has suffered more than I ever have but I certainly know some of her discomfort and some of her fears.  Obviously, she is on the right track with the MBO's. 

If she wishes, she can try something that is over the counter that I found, after years and years of spending lots of time in more restrooms that I cared to visit, that works for me.  First, I don't think diverticulitis is her problem because the symptoms are not similar.  She can go on line and get a free sample of a month's supply of a product called Digestive Advantage for IBS to see if it gives her relief from anything that may pop up occasionally.  That and staying away from caffeine, tobacco and citrus has worked miracles for me.  It can be purchased at Target's for $7.99 for a month's supply if she finds she wants to continue its use.  It takes two weeks or so for it to kick in but when it did I got my life back.  Much success to her if she chooses to add this to her Guardian's assistance.  Thank you for the opportunity for some in put.

I had forwarded the above messages to "Maureen" and here's her response:

“Maureen” writes:  At first I was embarrassed when I saw the world was reading about my severe bathroom habits. But then the love that poured out of everyone was comforting and most helpful. Most people said it sounds like diverticulitis, and after on line researching I have come to the conclusion that's what it is.  Why is it I have asked for help from doctors for 20 years on this issue and not one has told me about diverticulitis?  Or had any answers.   Thanks to everyone who has sent advice, my heart sends them all much gratitude.  Thank you Tom for all you do.

I did advise Maureen to seriously consider the above suggestions, as she said she hasn’t been able to afford going to a doctor.  Such simple suggestions as removing certain food groups from your diet may work wonders, along with requesting an MBO to be led to the best treatment for you!


Linda in Atlanta writes on Facebook:  Bonjour Tom, I've been a devoted fan of yours for about 2 years. Whenever possible, I share the info about MBOs to everyone. Thanks to your newsletter and your 1st book, I've learned to tweek my MBOs. This was tested just a few days ago. I had opened a pay pal account a few months ago to pay for a metaphysical class, but ended up not ever using it. Well, on my email I had a message from pay pal that there was suspicious activity on my account.

Something told me this was not a "bogus" email. I logged on my bank account, and to my horror, yes, indeed, my account showed $1400.00 was pending to be debited . I immediately said, oh, at least 2-3 different MBO versions, LOL. Then contacted my bank. The bank said it looked like this transaction was reversed, as in pay pal had stopped the transaction on their end. But still, on my bank account, it showed about -$1700.00 deficit!

Anyway, I then called pay pal. They assured me this fraudulent activity was caught and all the money was in the process of being refunded back to me. This refund could take anywhere from 3 to 30 days. I said another MBO regarding the refund timing. To my amazement, $1200.00 was refunded back into my bank account within hours. The remaining $200.00 was refunded within 24 hours. Oh my God! If I did not have faith in these MBOs, I would have totally lost it. (Yes, pay pal has been closed out). Oh, and my new debit card with a new account number arrived the very next day. Another way to block any other fraudulent activity. I thank you and honor you for helping all of us to learn about our divine rights to request help from the angels.  I especially thank my Heavenly Father for creating angels to help us.  Tom, YOU ARE AWESOME! MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!!!!

This is a good reminder everyone, that the first thing you do in any crisis situation is to request a MBO!


Gaia, you told Pepper Lewis about the Prana breath in this month’s Sedona Journal of Enlightenment.  Is there something simple, which I can describe to my readers for them to breathe in the Prana breath?

Yes, there certainly is Tom.  Let’s see if you can receive this.  Yes, simply breathe in through your nose, as you do normally, but hold this breath for a minimum of 8 counts, Tom.  Then slowly release it for 8 counts.  Then hold for 4 counts, and repeat the process.  This will allow the Prana breath to permeate your body and energize it.  I recommend doing this every day if possible.  You will feel a lightness of being after doing this for even a few days. 

If you wish to read more about Prana breath, here is a description:


Laurie writes:  I watched a Nova episode on PBS recently (2/23/10) about a theoretical comet impact in the Great Lakes region circa 10,000 or 12,000 B.C.  That made me think of the Atlantean mega-satellite -- Earth's "second moon" – crashing around that time.  Would you ask Theo for his comments?  Where and when did the Atlantean satellite impact the earth?  Is there any physical evidence left of the impact event?

Penny writes:  Your Gentle Way books and weekly newsletter are truly an inspiration!  In your last newsletter, you posed the question to Gaia about the extinction of the dinosaurs.  I am wondering if Gaia can clarify, if it wasn't a meteor hitting the earth then I am wondering if a super volcano (e.g. Yellowstone) erupted possibly causing a mini ice age and that an eruption may have caused Gaia to tilt or rotate on her axis.  I am very curious about this as there have been fossils found in what is now very cold climates.

Gaia, I have received several suggestions or theories put forth by my readers regarding the event 13,000 years ago or so when the dinosaurs were wiped out.  The first one is very intriguing.  When and where did the 5 mile wide satellite that the Atlanteans put up, known as the second moon, come down and where? 

Yes, a good guess by your reader Tom, but this came down well before the 13,000- year period.  Most of it went into the sea at that time.  Some pieces were recovered, but for the most part it burned up in reentering the earth’s atmosphere. 

OK, number 2.  A reader asks if possibly it was a super volcano?

Again a good hypothesis Tom, and there might be some truth to this, just not at that time.  They would be finding a heavy layer of volcanic ash, which they have not found. 

And 3.  Why did you discount the theory of the meteor burning or breaking up on its way down and therefore showering the earth with millions of pieces of itself?

I did not completely discount this Tom.  I did say there was no meteor, which caused the destruction of the dinosaurs.  There were a combination of events, but again, I said I would allow your scientists to figure this one out, and they will do so in the next few years.  I do not want to tell the story and rob them of their pleasure and excitement in concluding what occurred.  There will be other discoveries of these large beasts which will put new light on what really happened. 


Pam writes:  I read recently where there is a crisis regarding the death of honey bees in California.  The almond industry there has had to import honey bees to pollinate their crops thus increasing the cost of the almonds.

Secondly, apparently there is an epidemic of “Lionfish” invading the waters of Florida, Bermuda and the Bahamas that eat anything it can swallow and lay an astonishing 30,000 eggs every 4 to 7 days. 

I thought it would be very interesting if Theo or Gaia could shed some light on why this is occurring.

Gaia, Pam asks about the death of the honeybees in California and why do you seemingly allow the upset of the eco system by having the Lionfish lay 30,000 eggs at a time?

Naturally Tom these are two separate questions.  The honeybees will continue to die off and migrate away from the earth for the time being.  They were told their job was through when I was planning to make the major changes in the west coast.  Now I am still planning to make major changes, but will do so in a slower longer time frame if you will. 

There are still great changes ahead for the California coastline and up and down the west coast Tom.  This has to happen for my plans to change the deserts and have them bloom again, but at the same time I understand and have accepted your soul’s pleas to slow down the process.  This I have done, but these changes will be made I assure you.  Therefore for the first question the honeybees will stay at or near the same level as they are today, but will decrease, as they will no longer be needed in the future.  They will migrate back to their home world you see. 

Regarding the Lionfish, I do allow, as there are lessons for you humans to learn, how to balance an eco system, and what better way than to unbalance it so that your scientists must study and come up with plans to have it balance again.  Once you have this knowledge it will serve you well in the future as you go out to the stars.  All these are challenges for you now, with the end result of learning new ways to correct things, which the Creator of this Universe wants you to do by being veiled and not choosing the old ways. 

The Creator is quite pleased with your progress in this regard, as you have learned to live with negativity, and now you will be able to enjoy your accomplishments as you transition to a lower level of negativity and a higher focus or dimension.  I would say congratulations are in order, yet almost none of you understand what great things you’ve already accomplished.


VJ writes:  I have been reading your newsletter for over a year and I really enjoy it.  I have a question for Theo.  Here is my situation:  In August 2009, my dad died and left a sizable estate.  There are several heirs and my second oldest brother was named in the will as executor.  Currently, we are contesting his appointment because of several actions he has taken during the course of time.  Although we have attempted to negotiate with him, he has refused and the situation is getting worse instead of better.

My question to Theo is, "will this estate be settled soon with an equitable distribution for each heir?"  Also, "What is the reason we are having such a challenging time settling the estate?"

Theo, VJ asked if the estate left by their father will be settled amicably?  What is the Karma here?  Will MBO’s work? 

Yes, have VJ request a MBO Tom that the results of the court date be even better than they hope for or expect.  Leave it to her GA and the other GA’s to bring calm and reason to the proceedings.  VJ should send out love and white light to the sibling who is cantankerous.  This will soften the person’s attitude.  And yes, this does have Karmic balancing, as VJ took from the brother in another life and vice versa.  This has been going on for a while Tom.  Now perhaps with benevolent outcomes requested, the settlement will be more amicable. 


Laura writes:  Thank you Tom for this very interesting informative newsletter; I am enlightened reading all of them.  Someone mentioned Mr. Tesla, and I've done lots of reading on his inventions & his life that was not accepted.  First, do the purple plates give out a purifying & energizing energy as claimed? (I am seriously thinking of purchasing some)  And, does his coil really energize a living being?  Thank you and tally ho!

Theo, do the purple plates of Tesla give out a purifying energizing energy as claimed?   And does the coil really energize a human being?

This is something I cannot comment so much on Tom, as this is one of those instances when the person asking this must go inside and use the methods I have described before of listening to the “whisper in your ear,” plus how does it resonate with your being?  Do you have a warm feeling or do you feel heartburn or your gut instinct says to watch out?  These are things you must learn and you’ll all get better at this as you learn to listen to that inner voice.  Tell your reader to sit quietly and relax and ask themselves these questions.

For those of you not familiar with Nikola Tesla, he was a genius inventor who was very famous in the late 19th and early 20th centuries for his many patents, especially electromagetism.  Read more about him at 


JUNE 21—6:00 PM-10:00 PM—SEDONA, AZ—Sedona Creative Life Center.  Jam-packed evening where I go through all the simple spiritual tools you can use every day the rest of your life and conduct a guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.  For more information and to register:


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is

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CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009; AUGUST 22, 2009; NOVEMBER 7, 2009; DECEMBER 5, 2009; DECEMBER 12, 2009; DECEMBER 19, 2009; FEBRUARY 6, 2010; FEBRUARY 10, 2010
GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009
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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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