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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Indian DoctorMy wife Dena has been ill with a sinus infection going into bronchitis, so I took her to the doctor this past Monday.  If you wish to practice your Benevolent Prayers you could say, “I ask any and all beings to assist Tom’s wife in returning to full health even faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”

At the doctor I happened to ask, when the nurse quizzed Dena if she smoked (which she doesn’t), how many people they see, at the Prima Care we went to, who say they smoke?  She replied 85%!!  This brings me to another subject.  Are you trying to find employment right now and perhaps have had no luck?  I’ve read where some companies are trying to assist their current workers in kicking the smoking habit in order to lower the cost of their insurance.  I think there might also be an unwritten rule in some companies to try and hire non-smokers for this very reason—high insurance rates.  If you show up for an interview and smell like you just smoked before the interview, or your clothes smell smoky, you’re at a disadvantage.  Show up in clothes nicely cleaned and if asked if you smoke say you “recently quit.”  And then do your best to quit if they hire you.

Tom, Ramsey & SandyMy dog Sandy just lost her vision in her left eye.  I just spent five hours yesterday afternoon at the animal Ophthalmologist.  They’ve got me giving her all sorts of medicine to try and have the lens fall back into her eye.  A nice Benevolent Prayer would be to say out loud, “I ask any and all beings to assist Tom’s dog Sandy in regaining most of her sight, thank you!”

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Planetary AspectsGaia, there are a number of planetary aspects the last week of March.  Will you use those aspects to have any major movements in the world above 7.0?

Quite so, Tom, and to answer your next two questions, yes, there will be one above 8.0, and, yes, there will be a large CME I am coordinating with Sun at that time.

So this will not just be when countries and people in general suddenly decide on wars or other violent acts?

Definitely, Tom, there will be those too, as that week is very potent for change, and change there will be.


Lucy writes:  I spent some time looking for mentions of Kansas and most of them  ended up being Arkansas on your Articles & News page!  My question for Gaia...Texas was mentioned as on tap to receive more moisture, perhaps more than they want!  What about Kansas, specifically, Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado? Will the drought finally ease?

West Kansas Several years ago, I attended a Kryon conference and asked Lee about the moisture situation. He said, "You won't be able to grow corn in Kansas." My immediate thought was, "What will they then grow?" In my mind I saw a plate of bananas! Will this region also become sub-tropical? Is there a time probability for this to occur?  Thank you for following your path! You are much appreciated!

Gaia, will you increase the rain for the extreme drought conditions the people in Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas have been experiencing?

Yes, it will alleviate somewhat, Tom, as the snows and eventually rain begin to fall, but it will be many months before they recover, as they receive moderately more precipitation.

Gaia has said before that there will be more moisture that will come out of the Pacific when she lowers the mountains in Southern California.  Places such as Phoenix and Las Vegas will see average yearly rain totals in the 30 to 35 inch (76 to 89 Centimeters) range.


People Burning UpJohn writes:  Tom in this week's newsletter Gaia said that "the probabilities are high for you to emerge fully into the 5th focus around July of this year." And we seem to be going slowly towards 5D because "according to how well the population is adjusting to the higher frequency levels." Can you ask Gaia what are some of the negative or difficult symptoms for humanity of moving to 5D too quickly?

Gaia, what would some of the problems be had we moved directly or, I should say, faster to 5.0?

Your bodies would not have been able to withstand the great increase in the vibrational level, Tom.  You would have fallen over in your tracks.  It would have cooked you.  You cannot see all the work that goes on behind the scenes, shall we describe it, to increase your energy in order to cope with the higher levels of the 5.0 vibrational level, we’ll call it.  You only notice little changes, but on this side we see enormous changes.  This is beyond your people’s scientific understanding at this time.  You do not have the equipment invented yet to measure these changes.


I had originally planned to self-publish my book on Antura, but Light Technology, who published my other two books and also publishes The Sedona Journal of Emergence, wanted to read the manuscript so I sent it to her.  She responded saying she would publish the book, but wanted to delete all references to Star Wars, as she did not believe that happened.  So she said for me to think it over and go to a “higher authority.”  That’s what I did as you’ll read below, but I’ve not heard from her since I sent it on Tuesday.

Creator, please provide me with the definitive word as to whether there was in the past millions of years a war between a number of planets mostly inhabited by reptilians, and a group of planets in my sector of the Milky Way Galaxy, or did I somehow receive this incorrectly, influenced perhaps by a book, magazine or movie?

Star WarsYes, there was this battle, which continued many thousands of universal years between these planets you mentioned.  I allowed that to proceed to see if they could settle this conflict, which they eventually did.  Your publisher received incorrect information.  There have been several such battles since I formed this universe over 13 billion years ago, again using universal time as has been explained to you.  Each time the opposing sides eventually settled their differences.  Certainly this is all part of a soul’s learning, how to resolve conflicts.

As I said, the one you mentioned is definitely not the only one, but the one that most closely affected your planet and the others, which now call themselves the Federation of Planets.  There are many, many other such federations spread across not only your galaxy, but across the whole universe.  Again, I have allowed these people—these beings as you call them—to settle their differences, even though it meant the destruction of suns and planets in the process.  There are thousands of suns created each day across the universe, so you will not run out of planets to inhabit, I can assure you.  And they are of every type and variety, which you will discover when your people begin to explore not only your solar system but others as well.

Therefore, to summarize, yes there was not only the battle and war mentioned, which was most significant in your sector of the galaxy, and, yes, it did involve the reptilian society, which now is at peace with this Federation.  And, I might add, at peace to the point they are invited on expeditions such as the one your Mr. Antura has told you about, in detail, coming up in your future.  I think that should suffice for your needs and purposes, Tom.


I’ve started working on my next book on Atlantis, MU, and OZ.  Most of the questions below are from Helen.

Theo, did the Atlanteans settle the island of Crete, and, if so, were their descendants Minoans?

No, Tom.  They did not settle this area.  It was settled by those from the North.

AtlantisWhat was the average height of the Atlantean men and women?

A little shorter than today, Tom.  The men were in the 5’6’’ to 5’8” range on average, and the women were more in the range of 4’11” to 5’2”.

Was the skin color of the MU inhabitants light brown, brown, or a lighter complexion?

Brown to light brown, Tom.  And to answer your next question they did not have multiple races—only one.

Was the average height of the MU people the same as the Atlanteans?

Yes, perhaps a slight difference, but not too much.

Was the skin color of the people of OZ all black, or were there variations?

No, the variations came later—much later, Tom.  We are now speaking of the inhabitants of what would eventually become South Africa.  As the people of Egypt were more brown in color.

I have neglected to ask what caused the first destruction of Atlantis.  Was it a natural disaster or man-made?

No, the first one was a natural disaster.

Was it a Pole Shift?

Exactly, Tom.

Theo, after the second destruction, Poseidon was one of the islands that remained?

Quite so, Tom.  It was considered the main island.

Atlantis RuinsWere any of the other islands named Gadeiros, Ampheres, Eriamon or Antokhton?

Yes, these were names, Tom, of several of the islands, which related to the legends Plato had read and heard.

Where did Plato obtain his information?

He had old manuscripts, you see, which he never revealed.

Did the Atlanteans war with the people who lived in Greece and Italy at that time?

Yes, the Atlanteans wanted certain locations as their satellite cities and there was resistance by those who inhabited the area.

Were these simple peasant folk, or were they able to organize, or did they have weapons to fight the Atlanteans?

They were not sophisticated, Tom, but clever.  You might call them guerilla fighters today.

Were there multiple races for the MU people?

Yes, Tom, but only slight variances as I have noted.

Are the words MU and Lemuria interchangeable?

Quite correct, Tom.  Lemuria was the more formal name.

Both Ghan and Stephen asked about the ruins of an enormous city discovered recently, using Google Earth, in South Africa.  Here is a link to read more about it:

South African Ruins MapGaia, what can you tell me about the ruins in South Africa of what appears to be a large city of at least 1,500 square miles or more—possibly dating back 200,000 years?  And what was the population?

Yes, Tom, This was a great race of people at one time, and, yes, one of their major industries was the mining of gold.  They had a large population of several million people.  Their sophistication never reached the level that the Atlanteans reached.  They did have farms to feed this large population.

Did they predate the Atlanteans, as I understood the continent of Atlantis was only occupied from about 60,000 BC—is that correct?

Yes and no, Tom.  The people of OZ, as they liked to call themselves, dated even farther back—definitely over a million years, as they were one of the races the ET’s created.  But they were also manipulated by the Niburuns who showed up every 3,600 years.  Still, the population grew quite large as I noted.

Why did it basically disappear?

An easy answer, Tom.  The great strains of gold eventually petered out and they scattered far and wide in hopes of finding more gold, or they lived off the land elsewhere.  You’ve seen this same thing happen in modern times where a city was a one industry-supported city, and when that manufacturing plant closed down there was no work to be had.

But the population also greatly decreased it seems?

Yes, it would seem that way, but the decline was not immediate.  It occurred over many years.

Did these people war with the Atlanteans?

Yes, at times.  That also contributed to the decline in population.  What they lacked in sophistication they made up for in fierce fighting ability.


Antura is my “brother on another planet” for my new readers.  I just finished my book about him and the below questions may or may not appear in the book.

Antura, there are purported to be images of some type of object going through the meteor in the sky above Russia." Was this true, or was it CGI, and, if true, was it a Russian missile or an ET-controlled object which did not explode but simply broke apart the meteor?

Meteor ExplodesYes.  In this case Tom it was decided that this errant meteor would cause some severe destruction, so one of the Federation ships monitoring the meteor did send the equivalent of a missile with no explosive warhead to break apart the meteor before it could do real damage instead of just the sonic boom.

What are the reports about some places suffering damage and a few yards away there was no damage?

Yes, when the meteor was broken apart the shock wave traveled out some narrowly and others creating the broad destruction of windows and structures reported.

Is your planet the third from the Sirius B sun, or where is it located?

Yes.  Its orbit is the third from the sun as earth is, I assure you.

There I go with the number problem again.  So it is not the 4th or 5th from the sun?

No, Tom.  Third it is.


This story and the following one appeared last week in my weekly blog, which you can read at

MoneyJanet writes:  Hi Tom, here is a very interesting MBO request that keeps on working!

Inspired by the several reports from people about making an MBO for money lately, I decided to try it.  I guess my angels were hoping I'd ask them for this!

*  The very next day someone I know offered to pay me $50 to help her sort out her various jumbled papers and books, and that did happen.

I thought this was the answer to my request, but now there's been a small string of money coming my way.

*  My daughter has sent a small cheque to pay back part of the money I'd lent her a while ago.  I didn't expect to get it back, and hadn't even thought about asking for it.

*  I suddenly acquired a client for some EFT counseling, and she is returning, which is bringing more money to me.

*  When I went to the Credit Union today, the teller suggested I transfer my savings account money into a 90 day account that pays 3% interest, which is roughly double the interest rate from the regular account, and will consult with me before it becomes due in case the 90 day special will be repeated and I can take advantage of it again.

*  On my way home, I met the owner of the little coffee shop I like to drop into - and talked to her about the possibility of selling some of my pottery in her shop.  She was encouraging, and she only takes 25% of sales!

I wonder what other unexpected money events are lined up for me!

Thank you, dear Tom, this is all thanks to you and your work with the angels!


ArrestStephanie in South Africa writes:  I am writing from South Africa where we have an alarmingly high crime rate. We recently had a break-in and my computer, with all my work on it, as well as my flash drive with my back-ups, among other things, were stolen. It was just too awful to even consider starting all over with my work so I immediately started asking for an MBO for the safe return of my computer and just focused on it returning to me with absolute faith. I know you said one MBO is enough, but I just kept on asking.

Well, my neighbor happened to see their car and wrote down the registration number, which led to their arrest within an hour, but at the time the police said nothing was found on them. However, two days later, we were asked to come and identify goods as they had managed to recover some things from a house. And there was my computer - absolutely fine - whereas most of our other stolen goods were quite damaged, and cameras and other things were still missing. Now you have to consider this: in South Africa the police hardly ever get to arrest any of these opportunistic burglars, let alone recover anything! So this is nothing less than a miracle and I could not thank my angel(s) enough. In fact, I was so touched by this, I was actually quite emotional for a day.


Lake Tahoe MapShannon writes:  Tom, I truly appreciate all that you do to bring the information to all of us. You are truly an inspiration.

I have a question about what will happen to Lake Tahoe, Carson City and Reno, Nevada when the California earthquakes hit? I moved from Southern California in 1983, and an earthquake destroyed my parents' home in 1987. Now living in Carson City, Nevada, I'm concerned about Carson City being safe, and Lake Tahoe flooding this region. Carson City is at an elevation of approximately 4,700, somewhat lower than Lake Tahoe and the Sierra.

Gaia, in 2008 you said that region around Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada would quake and even the landscape would change.  Does this still hold today, or are your plans just to shake the area?

There will be major changes in the topography of this area, Tom.  Those who wish to escape the major movements of the West Coast should travel farther east, as this region will experience movement and even altering of the landscape, I assure you.

Following up on another subject, Gaia, will the main problem in the Central Valley of California be liquefaction, or just shaking when they have their earth movements?

Definitely initially shaking, Tom, but it will cause the liquefaction you describe.  This will vary in intensity from location to location.


Mala writes from Australia: Thank you for your responses, they are so quick Perfect Day Planand for all your amazing work, I love reading your articles and your books.

I have a question for Theo, or you, if you can answer it.  I've read the book, “The Perfect Day Plan,” that discusses the Chinese Medicine Theory that we respond best to certain actions at times of the day.  Is this true?

Gaia, was the reported Chinese Medicine Theory correct that we respond best to certain actions at certain times of the day?

No, Tom.  The theory is just that, a theory.  Certainly the Chinese are more advanced in healthcare and certain modalities than the western world, but in this case the theory doesn’t hold water.  You have the ability to respond to actions at any time of day, although at times you may be limited due to celestial astrological effects causing resistance or gumming up the works.  The Chinese Theory would have you micro managing your time and this is not necessary.


Ruby writes:  Hello Tom, I hope all is well with you.

Bear My friend and I both have two spirit animals, which is somewhat rare. We were told that the reason we have two is because we were both meant to help many people in our lifetime and they were to help us with this task. I do feel like I am meant to do something big, but I am lost as to what I want to do as I have many passions for human/animal rights, environmental concerns, and so many other topics.

One of my other close friends has a spirit animal that transforms, which the medium had never seen before. She was told that this was because he was a light being and very special.  I wanted to ask, how do we get spirit animals? Do we pick them out or do they pick us out?

And what exactly are light beings, and what is the significance of having your spirit animal transform into another form?

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and for making the weekly newsletters! I enjoy looking at them each week on your page.

Theo, what are spirit animals and why do they attach?

Definitely this has to do with their belief system, Tom, and the acceptance of the spirits of animals to help guide them.  Again it is a belief system.

Friend is a light being?

Yes, but again the light being can be a guide who assumes the persona of whatever that person believes or wishes it to be.  This belief system has as much validity as any other on earth.


President ObamaKathy writes:  First and foremost, thank you for all you do for us. Could you ask Theo since Obama came back from being Abe Lincoln does that mean he is continuing on his mission from where Abe Lincoln ended, or does he have a new mission? For Obama seems to be helping African Americans more in his role now just like Abe did.  I am just wondering what is his goal for them and America?

Theo, does Obama have a goal for the United States and also for the African Americans?

Certainly he has set for himself high goals, knowing some of them he will not achieve, but you must have goals in life so that you journey towards them, and work on them every day.  Naturally he has a goal of not only being the first black American—at least black in color, as you have read there were others before who had African blood relatives—but one of the best presidents to ever hold that position.  He has very high ideals that are sometimes dragged down by political infighting with those Republicans who are prejudiced or have opposite goals than his.


Good VibrationsCatherine wrote to me on Facebook that she’s studying Reiki and reports her body vibrating and wants to know what it means, and does it involve communicating with spirit.

Theo, some people who are studying Reiki have reported vibrations in their bodies.  What does that mean?

They are simply opening their Chakras, Tom, allowing the Kundalini energy to run unblocked through their bodies.  This is a very good occurrence, as this shows they are making great progress.

Does it involve communicating with spirit?

Certainly, Tom, there is that aspect.


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, 

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013


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