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Last week I told you about the Benevolent Outcome I experienced in being given another condo at the same complex in Park City, Utah when the other one was cancelled due to the possible collapse of a retaining wall above the unit we were supposed to occupy.  And I mentioned the song we heard on the way to the airport.

When my son and I arrived at the Salt Lake City Airport, I had requested that our bags would arrive safely and quickly.  The terminal was a zoo with all the people arriving for the President’s Day Holiday week.  But our bags arrived on the Delta baggage bay almost as soon as we stepped up to the carousel.  I also requested a Benevolent Outcome for getting our rental car fast.  And even before that when I made the reservation I asked for a MBO for obtaining the best rate when I telephoned.  The reservationist told me I could have an extra 10% discount by using my American Express card, which I planned to use anyway.   I always call the 800 number as I’ve found they’ll give you a better deal that way, especially if a competing car company has a slightly lower rate.  

We arrived at the Thrifty car counter and there was hardly anyone in the main line and no one in the Blue Chip Member line (which anyone can apply for on-line).  This compared to the Advantage Rental car queue line next door that must have been an hour wait.  Sometimes getting an extra $5 or $10 discount on a week is just not worth the time and trouble.  I was a little concerned when I asked if the car had a rear seat that dropped down to allow us to carry our skis; I was told that some of the cars did and some did not and to return to the counter if it did not.  I requested a MBO and naturally the back seat did drop down.  

The rest of the ski vacation was fairly routine.  I asked for MBO’s each day to have a great day of safe skiing.  My son didn’t fall once and I only fell—actually tipped over--when I ran up a snow bank to stop and let him catch up with me.  


By now you’ve probably noticed that I give you a lot of information about my personal life.  I do this to show you how you can request Benevolent Outcomes in your personal life, and what a difference this makes.  The Master of Love taught in parables, so I try and do the same.  

This past week, I had a heart operation (or “procedure” as I like to call it).  When I had congestive heart failure in September of 2006 (which I’ve written about before in an article you can find on the website { }), I had two procedures to stop my racing heart, with the second one successful.  Since then I’ve slowly gotten off all my medicines with the exception of two.  But I found that I was experiencing short term memory loss and it was very embarrassing at times—especially in business meetings.  I finally complained to my doctor—an electro-physiologist.  He said that one of the medicines I took did have “neurological side-effects,” and gave me two options.  One I could go into the hospital for two nights while they tested a new medicine on me to replace that one, or two I could go in for one night for a four-hour procedure called a “pulmonary ablation” (you can Google that if you wish).  He sends catheters up a vein from your groin into first the right ventricle and then the left and basically scars the tissue causing the irregular heartbeats.  I chose the latter; as he said I could be off all my medicines after this procedure, even though it only has an 80% success rate.

Naturally I requested a Benevolent Outcome and requested that the results would be “even better than I can hope for or expect.”  When I went in the hospital for the procedure at 6:00 am last Wednesday, I had NO FEAR--just a little trepidation from being in a hospital again.  Just before the anesthesiologist put me under, I said a Living Prayer that the doctor and his surgical team would do a perfect operation and that the results would be better than they expected.  

I was told later that after the doctor completed the procedure they somehow test the results by putting pressure on the heart to see when the heart starts to “A-fib.”  Normally this happens at 300 Psi.  It had still not A-fibbed at 800 Psi (if any of you are nurses or doctors out there please pardon a layman’s explanation), so this sounds pretty good to me.  

I also mentioned in the last newsletter that my daughter was going to have an operation to have a cyst removed from her ovary.  Naturally she requested a Benevolent Outcome for the operation and I said a Living Prayer that the operation would go smoothly and would be a better result than they expected.  All that was needed was the cyst to be drained and she was back home the same day.  Again, better than she hoped or expected.


As promised a couple of newsletters ago, we’re going to take up the subject of dreams.  I started recording my dreams on a daily basis in 1979.  I have a notebook on my bedside table, and record the next day’s date and my location, and I have a pen light next to the notebook.  This gives me the INTENT to remember my dreams.  There are those of you that say you don’t dream, but EVERYONE DOES!  You just have not made an effort to remember them, or perhaps you use a loud alarm to awaken and no one could remember a dream with an alarm ringing in your ear.  I tell myself to awaken 5 or 10 minutes before the alarm sounds and it works every time.  

Shortly after I began recording them, I had a vivid dream about an explosion with a woman and some men involved.  At that time my wife and I owned an international wholesale tour company, and we were scheduled to travel to Manila for a world congress of travel agents.  So we dropped Manila and added days in Taiwan and Hong Kong.  The first day of the congress terrorists exploded a bomb in the main hall, injuring several travel agents near the front of the hall, where I normally like to sit.  They caught the perpetrators and it was a woman and four men.  After that I have recorded my dreams every morning.  I don't want to miss anything!

I have had other precognitive dreams, such as just before the Delta Airlines crash in the 80’s in Dallas (I dreamed a delta-winged plane crashed), the space shuttle explosion (I was high in the sky in a glass capsule and then below the ocean), and three dreams about 911.  For that one I dreamed a Northwest Orient plane crashed near Chicago, a biplane crashed (symbolic of two wings), and the weirdest one—a group of people floating in the air right behind a tornado as it passed across the face of a skyscraper.  

The only precognitive dream I recorded publicly in advance is in the April blog on under the title of my book.  Four hours after I posted the blog a Blue Angel jet crashed at an air show.  I was a little off as I thought it would be an American Airlines jet, but in the May blog I explained that it was an American jet and how I had actually viewed it in the dream.  

Last week during my ski trip, I did dream of another plane crash; there was a F-15 fighter that crashed soon after and as I write this two small planes collided on a runway today.  

So here’s what Theo says about dreamtime—Part 1.   

There are no time limits to our dreams is there?

No, as we have discussed before, there is only your 3rd dimensional time.  In the dream world you are outside of time each night.  

So the dreams can last as long as they need to in order for us to receive information or be of service to someone elsewhere.

Exactly.  Sometimes you’ll wake up remembering a long dream, yet you had just gone to sleep 15 or 20 minutes before.  The actions in the dream would have taken a lot longer had you been constrained by time.  

How many dreams might we have each night?

Most of the time you will average seven or so Tom, but there can be 20 or 25 that you have absolutely no memory of, as they are buried deep within you psyche.  You are not supposed to remember those dreams, as they are very complex and not understandable to you in 3d earth terms.  Your mind rejects those it cannot understand on a subconscious level.  You should re-encourage people to put a notebook and nightlight or flashlight next to their beds and try to remember.  Even though they will not understand them on a conscious level, on a subconscious level they wil,l and this is very good as many of these dreams have subliminal messages in them.  

Why do some people only spend 3 hours a night sleeping, such as a friend of ours, and how does that affect their sleep process, cycles, etc.?

Good question Tom.  These people are able to step out of time quickly and have virtually the same experiences as everyone else, but outside of time.  They are not limited, as you may have thought, in being able to experience what they need to experience as far as learning, and being of assistance to someone somewhere else in the universe.  What is difficult for them to do is to process all this information and download it so to speak into their mind’s subconscious.  Their physical bodies are just wired differently than yours.  It is more common than you may think, but the people are able to go about their daily activities with no outwardly effects.  

Do you take part in the dream process in some way?

Not really too much.  You have guides and your soul and other angels that step in to take you to where you need to go in the universe, or to just give you symbolic dreams.  You are well cared for during this process.  There are actually angels that are assigned or volunteered actually for this duty.  Life is much more complicated than you can imagine Tom.  You are only seeing a little glimpse of it.

How many angels are in charge of you at dreamtime—one or more?

A good question Tom.  There is only one angel assigned so to speak to guide you to where you are needed or want to go.  Your soul has complete knowledge of where it wants you to go and what to experience during dreamtime.   As you know, certain dreams are to assist you physically in some way and others are to review the day’s events, and others are to give you a glimpse of the future, but in symbolic terms, which you understand on a soul level, but most of the time find hard to interpret in your waking state.  

Did these angels volunteer for his service as you did?

Yes of course.  Each part of the process requires angelic help and so these angels, or souls if you will, volunteer their services out of love.  It’s just that simple.


On another day I asked, Theo, how many whole souls act as dream angels? 

Ah, another good question this morning Tom.  Again it is in the area of the same number of souls that act as Guardian Angels—a little over one million.  As you can imagine, they are quite busy handling thousands of clients each night in their sojourns and they work closely with us and your higher self to send you or take you to all the places you need to be during one night, but again with all your lives which are occurring at the same time.  Your soul is constantly acquiring knowledge and you as a fragment of that soul go out into the universe and bring and experience events and lives that are quite complex and mostly not understandable if you were to remember every dream you had during the night.  It would overwhelm you. 

Where do we go?

Sometimes across the universe and other times you stay very close by, especially if you are somewhere that you must be able to awake in a second, especially if your life could be in danger.  That sleep time is not as restful as when you are able to fully experience what you need during dreamtime. 

When we go to another part of the universe and interact with other beings, are we part of their dreams or do we appear physically to them?

Both.  It depends upon what level – what dimension they are operating on.  You can be a dream to them where they are meditating and you come to give them some advice they are seeking.  It could be a dream state such as yours, or it could be where you actually interact with them on a higher dimensional level.  This is extremely complex and has as many answers as you could possibly imagine and even many more.  There are thousands of possibilities just in these trips across the universe. 

Do the majority of the beings in the universe dream?

Oh what a question.  There are millions of answers.  Certainly a huge number of beings do dream.  Some exist in a constant state of dreaming and others do not have the capacity to dream at all.  It would be impossible for me in the short time we have together in these sessions to go through an even minute number of possibilities,.  But I do think you are asking, do other beings in the universe dream and I will answer that there are billions of beings in the universe that do also dream.

Do my guides work on me too during dreamtime?

Yes they come and input their energies so that you will learn, as you receive much instruction during dreamtime.  It is not just feeling, but actual knowledge that they try and filter down through the layers to you. 

NEXT WEEK PART 2!  If you have questions, email me.


Just as a reminder for those of you in the Ft. Worth-Dallas metroplex.  I will be speaking, doing a guided meditation to help you contact your own Guardian Angel, and signing books on Friday evening, March 14 at the Satori Group’s monthly get-together in Ft. Worth.  This is open to anyone, and they ask for a small donation to defray the cost of the room.  Contact Phil Walthall at 817-222-1871 or by email at for more information.  “Satori,” for those not familiar with the word is defined as “A spiritual awakening, often coming suddenly.”  That might happen to you on March 14.


Just in case any of you are attending the annual Kryon Mid-Summer Conference June 13-15 (held for the first time this year in Sedona, Arizona), Dena and I will attend.  I WILL NOT BE SPEAKING.  Dena and I have attended four or more of these.  As I wrote in my book, we were on the Kryon Alaskan Cruise and had some great MBO’s occur after Lee Carroll had me introduce Benevolent Outcomes to the group on the cruise.  I tried to give him credit, but my publisher deleted it.  I’m supposed to have my books on a table out front.  I’ll be happy to sign them for anyone who purchases.  

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 Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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