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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all of my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter from around the world.  For our new people Theo is my Guardian Angel I communicate with in my “active meditations,” along with Gaia, soul of the earth and a few others.  They send me “thought packets,” as Theo calls them and I receive them the best I can. 

We have a WIDE variety of topics this week, thanks to all the questions YOU send in to be answered.  If you like this newsletter, forward it to your friends.  And speaking of Friends, have you asked to be my friend on Facebook yet?  Just today I posted a capsule review of the new Ghost Writer movie, which I saw at press screening last week, and I mentioned a couple of last minute radio interviews.  Enjoy the newsletter!


I’ve been asked to change the name so Tommy Kaye writes:  What's a white light? What would cause these leeches to attach themselves?  Explain this for me, please.  

I've been dealing with these topics for so long I keep thinking everyone knows what I'm talking about.  This is sort of metaphysics (definition is "beyond physics") 101.
Anytime you feel danger, or anytime you wish to feel protected, just imagine a beautiful, brilliant white light coming down from above and entering the top of your head (also called the "crown chakra"), filling your body with white light.  Then you can send this white light out from your heart to completely surround your body with this beautiful white light.  Some people call it the Christ light, depending upon your belief system. 

You might at first say, "Well, this is just imagination," but this technique is thousands of years old and does work, according to my own Guardian Angel Theo.  You can actually breathe this light in by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

And don’t forget to request a MBO anytime you feel danger or fear. 

Theo, a reader asks for a more complete explanation about low level earth bound spirits.

Yes, this is a full question that could take some time in detail, but for today let’s say that these are troubled soul fragments who had soul contracts to be a “bad guy” or were tempted by drugs or alcohol and wasted their lives away.  A rapist can at times have such a strong desire to continue, that it refuses to go to the light, along with the murderer who thinks he’s bound for hell and refuses to accompany the death angel back to the light.  It can take much work with these soul fragments, but eventually they will return. 

Keep in mind that time is an illusion Tom, and an encounter with one of these leeches can be a hundred years after their physical death on earth.  So send these soul fragments lots of white light Tom, and I encourage your readers to do the same.


Galimir sent an email with lots of questions, which I split into two sessions.  So Galimir in Prague writes:  Thank you for the Newsletter I am getting from you regularly! Thank you also for your method,  It works perfectly for me! I say it in English, but I also figured out through contemplating what will be the most precise translation of the word "benevolent" in Bulgarian.  It is "???????????" in Russian respectively will be "????????????".  You can share it in case of need.  OK few questions from me.


1.  I just breathed the "fresh" Prague air and I started dreaming again about a free energy devise (of Tesla or ANYBODY)....Any news on that?  I got to the site of WITTS on They claim to have a free energy device available and now trying to collect 10,000,000 bucks for building a factory, so they can produce it on a mass scale (the
speaker said expected price of 2000 USD for the model, which can power your whole house for free, forever!!!).  Are they for real (question for Theo, I guess)? By the way, in an interview on the site their speaker said that according to predictions the free energy device suppose to be available for the public by 2011.

Theo, what about the WITTS company which claims to have a free energy device? 

Yes the WITTS Company is one of a large number working on such a device, just as you saw on TV with the story of the Bloom boxes already in place in certain locations.  The WITTS company has a long way to go and is far behind a number of others working on free energy.  I can’t say that they will be successful in raising the money in time to be a force in the marketplace. 


1a.  I thought of the formulation of a global prayer-affirmation for the MBO for a free energy devise, available for everyone on the planet. How about this:
"I request the MBO for the best free energy device becoming publicly available on the whole earth right now! Thank you!"
or it’s better, "The best free energy device is becoming publicly available on the whole earth right now!" ?

Minimum 50 repetitions per day, every day?  I am planning on putting this on a web site creating a worldwide manifesting
movement for daily mass-affirmation on this single goal, what appears to me the most critical today.

Theo, Galimir wants to know if there is a special Benevolent Prayer to say each day for a Free Energy device?

No.  You can give him a prayer to use, which I’ll assist you with Tom.  And do tell him saying it 50 times a day is very outmoded, as that is simply old energy connected with religion.  If you wish to repeat the same prayer once a day if it makes you feel good, that’s fine, but only once is needed. 

So Theo and I suggest you say right now out loud, “I ask that any and all beings assist in bringing free energy devices to the marketplace even faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”  You only need to say this once, but as Theo says, you can say it once a day if it makes you feel better. 


2. I got into the raw foods and super foods recently, so a few questions on that.  For some of the foods it is clear that they can be used on a daily basis, but others I am still not sure on the long term effects, such as:
raw cacao beans, reishi(Ganoderma) mushrooms, the different algaes (Spirulina,Chlorela,marine phytoplankton,etc.).

Gaia, Galimir asks about the longterm effects of eating raw cacao beans, the heishi Mushroom, and different algae’s like Spirilina, Chlorela, and marine phytoplankton?

Yes, all these foods are good to consume, although perhaps not in large quantities, Tom.  They should be consumed in moderate amounts, with a balanced food diet or regimen, you see.  No food is good by itself as a steady diet, but a mixture of foods gives your body all the nutrients it needs to perform in this demanding times you live in. 

Therefore moderation is the key.  Mix and match.  Enjoy a variety of raw foods, organic yes, if possible.  You will feel a lightness of being if you are able to consume as little red meat as possible, and small amounts of other meat sources.  This has been proven in studies, no I’m not telling you anything new here, except for those of your readers who still consume a lot of red meat in say hamburgers or steaks.  Try to begin cutting back slowly, and before long you will feel better and your vibrational rate will increase. 


3.  I am studying the old kinds of wheat in order to find the best one for human consumption.  Looks like the Einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum) is the closest to the wild form of the plant and it has some quite impressive results as a healing food (for example can be consumed by people who have allergies to the normal wheat).

Master Beinsa Douno said once that the wheat was created by the Atlantean Initiates for the help and uplifting of humanity.  Was it this the Einkorn, or some other of the contemporary wheats, which is closer to the Atlantean original (a question for the wheat fairy, I guess?)? 

Gaia, is Einkorn wheat the same wheat, which the Atlanteans consumed for healing purposes? 

No Tom, this wheat was not consumed by the Atlanteans for healing purposes.  It certainly has some good qualities, but those qualities do not include healing.  It is a very good food to consume, I will grant you that.


4. What can we do to substitute for the lack of sunshine in climate like the Czech one, where there is no sun for weeks sometimes, in the winter?

Gaia, what would you suggest for the people in the northern climates who don’t see the sun for weeks at a time?

Yes, this certainly can be difficult for them.  The obvious answer would be to try and take their vacations during this time period, as certainly the real sun is best to absorb the Vitamin D you need.  Certainly supplements in the form of vitamins can assist you.  Bright lights in the home and office certainly can help the situation.  Also meditation where you bring light into your body assists in keeping you from the typical largesse and lack of energy, and depression, which can result from little sun. 

So there are a combination of things you can do to get through those days.  And certainly if enough people desire it, you can request Benevolent Outcomes for the clouds to part and give you a sunny day each week.  You do have the power to accomplish this.  But the majority of people don’t realize this yet. 

So there’s a project for you Galimir—getting enough people in your city to request a MBO for a sunny day each Saturday (might as well pick a day when many people don’t work and go shopping, or you may wish to choose Sunday).  Of course, anyone reading this in a northern climate could do the same in your city or town.  It certainly worked on the Alaskan Cruise I wrote about in the first book, where only 60+ of us requested no rain at our three ports and all three had no rain—two of them sunshine!


5.  How can we learn to see the nature spirits? (is the method of Christian von Lähr from  OK?)

Theo, hHow can we learn to see earth spirits?  What about Christian von Lahr’s method? 

The best method Tom is to raise your vibrational rate over time.  Certainly this can be done over time using hypnosis to open up that ability to see spirits.  Some people as you well know Tom already can do this.  For others it will take quite a bit of work, but not too many people have that desire, or curiosity to stick with a regimen.  It’s not exactly something which is useful in everyday life, unless you wish to be a medium.  Von Lahr’s method is but one way to approach this.  There are other better ways. 


6. Is "The Essene Gospel Of Peace" authentic and does it really exist (the original) in the Secret Archives of the Vatican?

Theo is the Essene Gospel of Peace authentic and does it exist in the Vatican Archives?

Yes Tom.  This Gospel is authentic, although the translations of it are not quite accurate.  And yes it does exist in the Vatican Archives.  It will be revealed one day.

For more information on this do a browser search, or here is one translation:


7.  What is the Voynich Manuscript? Who wrote it and what is the language?  Is it connected to the Bogomilism movement somehow?

Theo, what is the Voynich Manuscript and is it connected to the Bogomilism movement?

This is a mystery and enigma Tom.  This manuscript is authentic, but so far has not been deciphered.  It was not part of the Bogomilism movement.  It will someday be deciphered, perhaps with a little help from your ET friends. 

This is a fascinating mystery.  Read more about the Voynich manuscript at:  It is named for the book dealer who acquired it in 1912.  It has never been deciphered, and some of the best in the cipher world have tried.   For more on Bogomilism (translated as “Near to God”) see: .


Gaia, what dinosaurs were around when ensouled humans started appearing, and the same question for homosapiens?

Yes Tom, there were quite a few of these beasts—dinosaurs as you call them present on the earth when the first humanoids, which were ensouled, appeared; just about every variety known.  They were not killed off by any outside force—meaning a meteorite as has been suggested by scientists.  As you have been watching in the Nova production, these creatures lived up to a little under 13,000 years ago.  So not only were they around during the time of the first ensoulments, but they were around when modern man was well established. 

They had to contend with many of these species.  Some were harmless plant eaters as has been deduced by your scientists and some were meat eaters and fierce competitors for food and to prey upon the humans themselves.  Yes they were wiped out by an event or events that took place Tom, but I will let them work on that mystery for a while longer.  They would feel cheated if I just gave the answer.  That’s part of your learning process, which will serve you well when you do go out to the stars. 

So certainly 13,000 years ago would easily contain the time the Atlanteaans were out and about.  Was their continent free of the dinosaurs?

Yes, there you have it.  They were so well advanced that the beasts had no room to forage and did die off there long before the end of Atlantis.  But in other continents with much fewer people, they ranged and hunted at will.  You might compare it to the tigers, which roamed India and the villagers were part of the prey.  So they have to be sharp to survive.  It was the same dealing with the large voracious dinosaurs. 


Theo, do soul fragments that have lives on earth remain basically the same when they next have a life on another planet, or is there some change?

A good question Tom.  Yes, they basically remain the same, although as a soul fragment you are not divided into 11 parts.  You therefore feel more complete shall we say.  You’re much more aware of who you really are.  As I have explained before, you are not veiled as you are now.  It’s easy to see the big picture you might say. 

So after our earth lives have ended, is there any additional change at that point?

No there is not Tom.  Your soul fragment remains the same, but is always connected to your soul.  You just have amassed all this learning, which you can use in all your future lives to come.


Phu Diep in Detroit asks about a CNN report on Facebook.

Theo, CNN reports 700 banks may go under this year.  How many will go under with the highest probability?

Good question Tom, and as you are able to guess, a very fluid number to nail down shall we say, but the highest probability is that only a portion of those will go under—more in the 20% range—higher than perhaps thought, but much lower than the potential.  These banks will be absorbed into the system, allowing other banks with wise financial policies to grow and have multiple locations. 


I forgot to ask this last week.

Gaia, are there any beings living in the Carlsbad Caverns, and if so at what focus?

A good question Tom.  Yes much farther down in the yet to be explored regions of this maze of caverns are several sets of beings who make use of the space.  But as you guessed, they are at higher focuses—not just 5 but 7 to 9 as well.  They are living their lives and wish to be left alone, and certainly you will not be discovering them anytime soon. 

At the higher focuses do they build a town or city?

Yes, at the five focus they do, but none are really needed above that, as they can create anything they wish. 


Donna writes:  Thank you Tom and Gaia.   Does Gaia know who is responsible for these "chem trails".    It can't be ordinary jet traffic.  The small town I live in, on any given clear day, but it seems especially on Sundays for some reason they just go all day in every direction.   I thank Gaia for absorbing much of this and will put out MBO's that it will stop soon.

Theo, who is responsible for the Chem Trails?

Some of these are simply ice crystals formed by passing jets Tom while others are more from nefarious sources.   As there are soul contracts at play here, I am not allowed to give you too much information.  There will be eventually whistle blowers who will reveal what has been kept from you too long. 


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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