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Pay it ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


I am sending out my newsletter and blog early this week, as I’m scheduled for arthroscopic surgery on my right knee Friday.  I’ll write about the experience next week and how I request Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) and Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for a surgical procedure.  Naturally if you wish to say a little BP for my fast recovery it would be greatly appreciated. 

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Hollow EarthGaia, what percentage of the earth is hollow inside?

Yes Tom, let’s see if you can receive this percentage.  Contrary to what some people believe, only a small percentage of my interior is hollow.  Certain it would be less than 10% and even less than say 5%.  I think that will be close enough for your purposes.  There are still many giant cavern complexes to be discovered in the upcoming years, some of which have been inhabited.


Debbie in Charlotte writes:  I am relatively new to your website and newsletters, but I am finding that using the MBOs and BPs really does make my life much better.  I just have to remember to use them.  I have two questions for Theo: 
Democratic Convention1)    Since I live in the Charlotte, NC area, and we are preparing for the Democratic National Convention here the first week of September, I was wondering if you could tell me if there will be any hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, or even man-made disasters that could occur before, during, and after the DNC.  Even though we live about 200 miles from the coast, in 1989, Hurricane Hugo caused massive destruction to the Charlotte area, and September is prime hurricane season for our area. 

2)    With all of the Doomsday Predictions and even a TV show now dedicated to how we should all prepare for some major economic or natural disaster, do you feel that we should go to these extremes in putting back all of these food, water, and ammunition supplies?  Many of us are living here in public housing with limited space and financial resources.  We are still trying to recover from the textile mills closing and going to Mexico and China.  Unemployment here is in the double digits with little sign of relief in the near future.  I just wanted you opinion on what type of preparations we should be making.  Common sense tells us to keep food and water for at least a week, but should it be longer?  Thank you for your helpful advice to all of us each week. 

Emergency SuppliesGaia, any hurricanes or other disasters for the region around Charlotte, NC in September during the Democratic Convention?

No Tom.  At this time there is nothing on the books shall we say for that region, or even on the East Coast, which might cause high winds and rain around the Charlotte area.  That is not to say there will be no hurricanes this summer causing havoc on the east coast, just not at that moment in time.

So that leads me to ask will you have another hurricane this season rake the east coast as it did last year, or will one make landfall?

Yes Tom.  This year there will be one that makes landfall in the Carolinas before proceeding up the east coast.  This will be a more active than normal hurricane season, so check back with me again for details, but certainly there will be more than one hurricane for the east coast this year. 
For number two, request a MBO to have the correct amount of food and water and supplies on hand for any future emergency.  May I remind everyone that I do have an Earthquake Packing List on the website with the Top 20 items to have on hand.  It can be found at  Feel free to pass it along to your friends, especially those on the West Coast and in the Mississippi Valley. 


May 20 Eclipse MapKarin writes:  Do you have anything on the eclipse on May 20th?

Gaia, will the total eclipse on May 20th of this year affect people more, or does it assist you with earth movements?

A little complicated answer Tom, as it does both you see.  It certainly has a high impact on the people who live in the path of the eclipse.  Certain feelings and their brains are adjusted shall we say. 

I noticed that the path of the eclipse will take it along the coast of Japan and then over through Northern California down ending in west Texas.  Will that greatly affect those areas in moving?

Quite so Tom.  There is much energy concentrated along this path you see, so there will be movements associated with the eclipse. 

Naturally I have to ask if this includes the big one for Japan?

It might Tom, but I will not say for sure--again because I would want all who are supposed to experience the event no be right there when it occurs.


Raising Your VibrationsDan in Canada writes:  Maybe just a simple question, but here goes! You've made it clear that being in touch with our GAs and using MBOs helps to raise our own vibrational level. In a practical way, I suppose I can even feel that: when I'm connected, I literally feel lighter and in a more relaxed place, while when I'm not using MBOs, I feel disconnected and perhaps even in a darker place, if that makes sense. What I'm wondering is just exactly how that works. Do our MBOs elevate us and speed our vibration, or does that happen through the interaction with our GAs; kind of a chicken or egg question.

When I began experimenting with requesting MBO’s 14 or 15 years ago, I had no idea that it would begin to raise my vibrational level—what some people call “ascension.”  I just knew it worked PERFECTLY.  When I began communicating with my own Guardian Angel (GA) in meditation, he explained that this was the FIRST BIG STEP in cocreating with spirit.  And ANYONE can do this no matter where they think they are on their path in life!  So it’s two GA’s working together to give you the MBO, in conjunction with your own soul. 


Renee writes:  It was in one of your newsletters a couple of weeks ago where a reader asked what 3rd focus level we were at at present, which was about 3.85.  At what level will we be just before the shift and right after the shift occurs in December? 
I would also appreciate an update on the government project HAARP and if it will be functioning or of little use in the 5th focus.  I truely hope so--it has caused so much trouble to all beings, including Gaia.
Shining the LightAnd lastly, has the sinister secret government (SSG) been disolved and no longer a menace to society (Explorer Race)?  I read somewhere in the Shining The Light series by (Uncle) Zoosh channeled by Robert Shapiro that they could no longer exist by 2010/11 or at least have any power or control over us because we have moved past that point, meaning vibrational level on the planet.
Thank you Tom and Theo for your continued teachings to the world.

Theo, you have said we were at 3.85 and rising in the 3rd focus.  What will be the level just before the shift on December 21?

A little over 3.90 Tom.  You do not need to be at 3.99, although it would help if you were.  We don’t see you rising that much prior to the shift, but you may, depending upon some circumstances the population will experience this year, where you can exhibit great compassion, which does raise your vibrational levels.

Theo will Haarp still be around in the 5th focus?

Yes, but not for long Tom.  Funding is tight and their results have not been spectacular to say the least. 

Is the SSG—Sinister Secret Government still around and still a menace?

They are still around Tom and still trying to manipulate things behind the scenes, such as the monetary bailouts for banks they control, plus the Federal Reserve and other financial institutions and interests.  You don’t just say “poof” and they disappear.  But as you notice there is more and more opposition to them, and more and more are their powers stripped away and their henchmen are thrown out of their jobs.  So yes they are still around and still causing some havoc, but this will greatly wane over the next three to five years. 


Vibrational LevelDew writes:  Thank you Tom for all you do.  Re: Ascension in the last newsletter.  Please ask Theo to explain how people will be affected according to their vibrational level by Dec 12, 2012.  Better yet,  how would a person at a low vibrational level be affected differently than one at the highest?

Any additional information for this preparation is most welcome.  I ask for an MBO for the best answer anyone at any level can take into their own heart, and to assist them in raising their vibration to the most benevolent level for their own soul experience.

Theo, here’s another December 21st question.  What will be the difference in feeling for those who have raised their vibrational levels and those who have not really raised them very much at all?

Quite a difference Tom.  Those at a lower vibrational level on this Time Line will feel virtually nothing at all.  Those that have raised their vibrational level over the past few years and moths will certainly feel a lighter sense of being.  Colors will be brighter, sounds more crisp and pleasing, and a better feeling about yourself and others will prevail.  You will be entering more gentle times Tom.  Your dreams and visions and the ability to connect with spirit will be much greater.  Plus you will hear those whispers in your ear more clearly.  All these changes will be subtle at first, but noticeable if you open your eyes, ears and senses to your surroundings.


VegetariansDonna writes:  What does Theo or Gaia say about a collapse of the world monetary system and food shortages if any.   Also since our bodies are turning crystalline and as we go into the 5th focus, I have read that our need for food won't be as great anyway.   Wow, could save a lot of money that way.
Good luck with your surgery Tom, I will send you BP for a great outcome and healing thoughts.

Theo has said the monetary system would be severely strained but would not collapse as I recall. 

Gaia, will we consume less food in the 5th focus?

Certainly there are some products you will eat much less of, as has been previously discussed.  That of course includes less red meat.  And you will be consuming more plants.  You are also concentrating on obesity, especially in the United States, and you are slowly changing your products to be less fattening and much more healthy.  So yes, on average you will consume less, as your bodies will not cry out for sustenance because the foods you will consume will provide you with more energy. 


Balancing LivesJen writes:  I really enjoyed the conversation between you and your soul.  Something about it was very entertaining and I found myself giggling a lot.

I sometimes have trouble wrapping my head around the element of time (or lack thereof) and how that plays with karmic balancing.  For instance, you've reported in several newsletters that some of us were meant to come here and do bad things (Bin Laden, some serial killers I think...), but enjoyed what they did too much or went overboard with it and then have to live a large number of balancing lives as a result.  But it would seem that a balancing life would have to occur subsequent in time to the life when the acts were committed, since the balancing lives are in response to the negative acts that have been committed. 

And if all of these lives are happening simultaneously, then is the balancing life happening at the same time?  Was it then also meant to happen that these people would go overboard with their negative assignments, since that balancing life is already in process?  I know our 3D selves aren't geared to understand this, but can you or Theo shed some more light on this?  

I also hope that your knee surgery and subsequent healing move along better than you could hope for or expect. 

Theo, can you explain balancing in more detail, as we are having all lives at the same time.  How can a life in our future balance going overboard in say a present life?  Do you know that actually we will not stick to the script so to speak?

We certainly know this may be a high probability Tom.  So it is easy to adjust several or even 100 lives or more, as we had to do for Hitler as an example.  We just adjust your soul contracts to have more challenges or even deaths.  Your souls are quite aware of these adjustments.


Whitney HoustonSandy writes:  This week was a sad week as we said goodbye to Whitney Houston.  Would you ask Theo about her soul contract.  Was she also a famous person in a previous lives?  What was accomplished by Whitney's leaving the earth at this time.  Thanks for all you do; we so love you Tom.

Theo, was Whitney Houston famous in a past life? 

Almost all souls on earth have been famous in at least one or two lives.  She was no different.  Her soul would be what you can call an artist soul.  Her soul loves music and harmony in all its forms and has life after life exploring this aspect of existence.  In this life she had the template of instant wealth and fame, but with the demons of overindulgence thrown into the mix.  She will have another chance to overcome this in another life. 

What was her purpose in departing when she did?

It was two fold Tom.  First, she had accomplished all she could in this life, and could not extricate herself from her addictions.  Her soul did not want her damaged spirit- wise anymore than she was.  Passing at the time she did, she was given full recognition for her accomplishments, plus there was plenty of action shall we call it by her friends, ex-husband, and the population as a whole that she had touched with her singing.  There was great compassion shown for her, which does raise one’s vibrational level.  So much was accomplished with the timing of passing.


Near Death ExperienceTheo, when we transition how long is it before we are able to know everything again, as described in some of the Near Death Experience books?

Actually Tom it can be almost instantaneous for many people, and then just a little longer for others.  But as there is no time on our side, it will happen much faster than has been written about in let’s say a few years ago. 

Do the people who have NDE experiences and then write about them do so as part of their soul contracts, or is this something interjected?

No, it is known well before birth that they will have these NDE’s and then will write abut these experiences to assure those who read their books and articles that there is life after death.


Antonia writes:  What is this?
Bottomless Pit

Theo, what is the bottomless pit in Washington State.  Is it real or a made up story?

Certainly there are legends that surround this pit Tom, but yes it exists.  And it does go deep inside the earth.  It is one of those mysteries you will solve in the future, as this is very ancient.


Charles writes:  After seeing shows about there is no gold left in Fort Knox. Gold Bars at Ft. KnoxCould you ask Theo about this.

Theo, is there still an enormous amount of gold in Ft. Knox?

Absolutely Tom.  Again these stories get started by someone who wants to put fear into the population.  Over the past few months just think about the number of stories you’ve asked me about which are bogus.  You can add this one to the list. 


Violence IncreasingDiane writes:  I am noticing a expansion of people--related stories, that are very gruesome.  I know that this time span is very trying reading about one story after another, that is flashing across the Internet news, of a woman killing her two children in the tub when her husband slipped out to go to the store, and other painfully sad stories.  Can Theo touch on these tragedies; are they going to increase?

Theo, Diane wonders if violence is increasing in the world?

As I have said before Tom, once you cross over to the 5th focus, the population will begin mellowing and there will be much less violence.  This will not happen overnight, but certainly within a fairly short time you will see dramatic changes in people and the population as a whole. 


Seti ReceiversSandy on Facebook writes:  An Interstellar Lighthouse has been found if this article is to be believed. Would you ask one of your 'friends' if this is true or just a bag of fail beans?

Antura, why doesn’t the SETI receivers ever record ET transmissions? 

Because Tom, we are millions of years ahead of you in technology.  We have long since passed using the forms of communication you have now on earth.  There are much better ways to communicate, but it will take some years for these technologies to be rediscovered by earth people.  Right now you would only have the opportunity to listen to a society, which almost exactly matches up to your society’s accomplishments.  As you’ve learned from our conversations, there are many, many societies out there that have not reached your level of development, as well as societies that are far beyond yours.  I will not call what they are doing a waste of time, just that their efforts will result in other discoveries rather than life on other planets. 

Aquatic BeingAntura, how many other people from your planet will be coming with you? 

Only a couple Tom.  Again, although the crew is large, everyone has different jobs you see, so one must have a good reason to be on the ship, and there are hundreds of applicants and they can accommodate only so many.  So they try and spread it out to include representatives from as many planets as possible—very diplomatic you might say.  So to answer another possible question, yes, there will be a large variety of beings or people or whatever term you wish to use, from humanoids to many other types of beings.  Everyone wants to be here for the action Tom, and I feel fortunate to be chosen to go.

What would be the most unusual (in our eyes) being to be on the ship?

I must say this with humor Tom, but you will be flabbergasted to use your word to describe the beings you will meet onboard.  We have discussed before that there will be bird beings, reptilians, and yes from the insect realm.  You will be in sensory overload again to use your words. 

I am not seeing too many forecasts of changes after those years you list as visits.  Why is that?

Because there will be much discussions and great knowledge about your past we will explain to you, but as far as your daily lives will go, there are not going to be any great advances in technology, so the changes will be more of an understanding of your past and what your future potentials are.  It will give you direction, but we will not direct you—only explain where you fit, in this great experiment. 


This MBO story appeared last week in my blog at  Great inspiring MBO and BP stories each week.  Be sure to sign up to receive it each Saturday. 

MBOKaren writes:  Regarding MBOs, I wake up each day and request the MBO for my day, often without being very specific.  You just never know the form such will take. 

Yesterday, I had clients scheduled for 4:30 and 5:30 pm and someplace to be by 7pm.  Needless to say, I had forgoten I needed to pick up my daughter at 6 pm--not after 6:30 pm.  Well, my 4:30 did not show and when I called him, he said he thought the time was 5 pm so we rescheduled; I contacted my 5:30 pm client who was enroute and could arrive early.  At this time it still had not dawned on me that I needed to leave the office about 5:50 pm to pickup my daughter on time.  At 5:45 pm as I was nearing completion of the session it finally dawned on me that I needed to leave the office in 5 minutes--without the no show I would have had to cut the session for this client short but as it turned out, she got a full session! 

I'm sure others have similar experiences in their daily lives but since you asked, thought I'd mention it anyway to acknowledge the angels who are always watching out for my good.  I'm thankful and grateful for the angels who are always watching out for me and helping to orchestrate my day to serve the highest good of all concerned! 


China EarthquakesLenny writes:  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I'm the American fellow living in China who you've communicated with via e-mail -- first time over a year ago.  Then, I was literally on my deathbed -- traditional medical treatments (AMA) were killing me.  Through MBO’s I was guided and found the "ways and means" using "non-traditional" treatments.  Now I'm alive and healthy! 

Tom, I've not found reference to earthquakes in Asia -- especially in the Provinces (States) Sichuan or Yunnan, China.  In 2008, Sichuan, China, experienced a horrific earthquake killing almost 70,000 people.  We live south of Sichuan in Yunnan Province.  

Earlier this year a well known Chinese "astrologer" predicted earthquakes for Sichuan and Yunnan.
Partial quote from the 2012 prediction:

China Earthquake Map"Indonesia, Pakistan, India and places in China like Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou are particularly disaster-prone. They are likely to experience frequent earthquakes," says Hong Kong astrologer Alion Yeo.

Question for you or Theo:  Please kindly ask, "Will Yunnan, China, experience earthquakes similar to the 2008 Sichuan earthquake that killed almost 70,000 people?  If so, when and how big?"Thank you Tom and most benevolent outcomes!

Gaia, will the Yunnan and/or Sichuan provinces in China experience any large earthquakes in 2012?

No Tom, they will not.  Yes the area is prone to earthquakes and movements, but they will only have smaller rumbles the rest of this year.  And that’s something you and they can take to the bank shall we say.  Most of their turmoil this year is simply and will be simply due to the large numbers of people crowding into their cities seeking work.    Of course, they lead much more simple lives than those in the western world do, but a human is a human Tom.  If you have little you will spend little and if you have more you will spend more.


Top 10 FactsMarsha writes:  I have a quick question about the blacks in our society:  Why were they treated as slaves?  Was this a karma upon their race?  Although I am white, I was told by a psychic that I was black in a life time close to this, and that I was greatly mistreated and died as a result.  Heartfelt thanks to you for being YOU.

Theo, was there some reason that it appears the black race endured more slavery than the other races?

Certainly Tom there has been slavery of one form or another in all races.  Certainly everyone knew before birth that they would endure and experience slavery.  That’s one of the earth experiences one must have, so your souls signed up for it long in advance.  But to answer your question, no there is no reason beyond soul contract that the black race endured more slavery.  It was more that there was a plentiful supply of natives in Africa, and there were plenty of people who wished to profit from the trafficking of slaves.  Many other societies have seen slavery right up to the present day Tom, including yours.  You can still find slavery almost everywhere on earth Tom.  Again this is something that will slowly but surely go away in the 5th focus.


Less Snow This WinterNancy writes:  I have a question for Theo or Mother Earth (Gaia).   Earlier in the year, Theo had said that, although the northeast had had a mild winter, but that was to change.   However, it hasn’t yet and we’re almost into March.   Is this because so many people like the milder winter and have put out that desire, because Gaia doesn’t need it to be so cold here, or because it’s still to come?  What are the potentials for a drought this summer if this warm winter continues?

Gaia, I just don’t see any harsh winter coming this year.  Here in my part of the country trees are already budding.  What happened?

Yes, Tom.  Certainly overall it does appear that you have had a mild winter.  That was just a little off reception on your part, although as you noticed, when the person in Montana asked about their mild winter I did say some harsh conditions were on the way and they did shortly arrive after that.  Winter is not over by any means, and you will still see some harsh weather in parts of the country, but the truly harsh condition were kept just to the north of the Canadian border.  But again, winter is not over yet my friend.

Gaia has already said the South will have a slightly less warm summer than last year, which was quite hot.


I goofed on the Fake Fairy topic last week.  I got lazy, tired, and did not receive well. 

Here is what I received later after it was pointed out to me within an hour of the newsletter going out:

Theo, why was I told the fairy was real when it has been proven to be a fake?

Yes Tom.   You were tired and not receiving well that day.  That is understandable and you must not beat yourself up over a misreceive or miscue.  That happens.  As I have explained before, sometimes it’s like a minefield we must navigate to give you these answers, many times due to influences out of your control, but also because you are having to squeeze so many things into your life right now you are strained.  I can assure you after December 21 things will get better for your reception. 


Melinda writes:  I'm curious to know what Theo would have to say about David Icke.  I did a search on your site but didn't David Icketurn anything up.  Thanks a lot for your consideration of this question; I realize you must get a zillion requests.

Theo, can you comment on David Icke?

Yes, just a little Tom.  He is considered one of several conspiracy theorists.  Beyond that, do his messages resonate with your being or do you get heartburn?  Again, it is up to your readers to decide if all or any part of his or anyone else’s messages ring true or not.  


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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CONVERSATIONS WITH ANTURA, THE ET—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009; AUGUST 22, 2009; NOVEMBER 7, 2009; DECEMBER 5, 2009; DECEMBER 12, 2009; DECEMBER 19, 2009; FEBRUARY 6, 2010; FEBRUARY 10, 2010, APRIL 24, 2010; OCTOBER 31, 2010, JUNE 4, 2011, JUNE 18, 2011, JUNE 25, 2011, JULY 2, 2011,  JULY 9, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 30, 2011, AUGUST 13, 2011, OCTOBER 29, 2011, NOVEMBER 5, 2011, NOVEMBER 11, 2011, NOVEMBER 19, 2011, NOVEMBER 26, 2011, DECEMBER 3, 2011, DECEMBER 10, 2011, DECEMBER 17, 2011, DECEMBER 31, 2011, JANUARY 14, 2012, JANUARY 21, 2012, JANUARY 28, 2012, FEBRUARY 4, 2012, FEBRUARY 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 18, 2012


TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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