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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over theNews world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Gaiam TVI have a new article about Gaiam TV, which I sent to a number of regional and international magazines. Title is “GAIAM TV: A Spiritual Streaming TV Network,” and is posted on my website at

Please pass this on to your Spanish-speaking friends. THE SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE (where I have a monthly MBO column) is now published in Spanish too! The same lady who edits that magazine is also about half-finished with translating my first The Gentle Way book into Spanish.

Have you voted for me yet for the best "Self-Help Author" award by the Health & Happiness magazine in the UK? Here is the link and it says to vote: I'm not too big on awards, but this would help open some doors. This is your last chance. Deadline is the 24th. Thanks!

Regina MeredithMy second interview on Gaiam TV with Regina Meredith about THE GENTLE WAY books has now been posted at You can watch the preview, but if you wish to see the whole show you have to sign up for a 10-day free trial where you can see any one of 6,000 programs that are of interest to you.

My interview on Gaiam TV on my book, First Contact: Conversations with an ET was posted last week at George Noory of Coast to Coast AM also has a weekly program there.

All my books are sold on in both print and ebook formats, if you wish to buy them that way, You can read SAMPLE CHAPTERS of all the books at

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Alkaline pHMike writes: I've looked for past references to this and didn't find any. It concerns pH and our health. Supposedly maintaining an alkaline balance in our bodies prevents sickness, infection, and even cancer. Acidic intake includes meat, grains, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, stress, dairy, some fruit, and anything fun, I believe. Alkaline intake includes vegetables, some fruit, and meditation. Water tends to be neutral. A multilevel marketing scheme is promoting the home use of pH regulating water machines called the Kangen. The proponents say that drinking alkaline water promotes better health. Opponents say there is no benefit and regularly consuming alkaline water will actually be harmful. That the body does just fine regulating pH.

Could Theo shed some light on:
# 1. Consuming alkaline water is harmful, simply not effective, or beneficial?
# 2. Is the focus on balancing pH intake misguided and, like grandma always said, moderation in all things is the best approach?

Gaia, is consuming alkaline water harmful or beneficial?

Harmful, Tom, if it is consumed in large quantities, as your bodies are not wired shall we say to drink only alkaline water all the time. Certainly there are short-term beneficial effects, but again, all things must be done in moderation.

Is the focus on balancing pH intake misguided or should we do it in moderation?

Certainly most of the population have too acidic bodies, Tom, so balancing your pH intake can be good, if you study pH levels to know what is best for your body. Overdoing the pH intake can be just as harmful as too much acidity, so there has to be a balance. Anyone wishing to balance the pH levels should Google and read more about it before taking some drastic course of action that could be harmful. As you said recently, research before acting, Tom; that is my best advice.


This is a continuation on last week’s topic WATER, THE GREAT MYSTERY.

OrchestraPeter writes: Can you ask Theo if only classical music can raise the vibration or can meditation music be a part of the help to prepare people for the fifth focus? It could be interesting for the readers. Thank you in advance.

Theo, what other types of music can be good to listen to besides Classical Music?

Yes, we have two divisions here, Tom, or two questions. One is: areFleetwood Mac there other types of music that will quell an angry mob or police force causing mayhem, and the other question: are there any other types of music you can listen to and enjoy in these modern times?

So the answer to the first question is that there is no other type of music, which has an immediate impact on the human systems like Classical Music has. Certainly other beautiful music can almost reach that height, but they do have their limitations.

Then there is the popular music of today. There are thousands of songs singing about the human experience which are nice to listen to, and that covers a wide range of music tastes, Tom. As long as the music is not too discordant, then yes, they are fine to listen to. So keep in mind that your original question concerned how to quell an angry mob, and these popular songs do not have the power to do this as quickly as does classical music by the masters. They are head and shoulders above all the other possibilities of changing the molecular structure in a person’s body.


I had to greatly edit this email down due to space limits.

Healthy FoodsIn Lak'ech writes: In your last newsletter, Theo was responding to a question about breast cancer screening and there was a brief commentary about our health and contaminated food supply. After doing a search on past newsletters on the topic, it appears we might consider going into more detail on the topic and asking Theo, Gaia, Sun, and even Antura to chime in with their perspectives. I know many of your readers will be interested to learn more of what they can do to augment not only their own personal health, but also how changes in their diet might actually support their own physical 'energetic’ ascension into the 5th focus.

Changing our orientation towards food as energy. Beyond our current understanding of the scientific nutritional value of our food, we are just now coming to know of the ‘vibrational’ attributes of various food sources. Reports are now emerging of the tremendous benefits of consuming “living” foods from a plant based diet that is abundant in bio-photons, which simply put, is energy from the Sun. Ingesting the higher vibrational energetics from the Sun like this has a profound impact on enhancing our physical ‘oscillation’, and as result our health.

Food PyramidGaia, what sort of time line do you see for the people of North America to have a majority of the people eating healthy?

Here we get into probabilities, Tom, as there are many variables. But I would estimate that 50% or more of the population will be eating healthy meals within the next 5 to 7 years. You are already seeing changes where corporations are being forced by the consumers to begin removing harmful chemicals from their products.

This is a hard fight, as the corporations have sometimes nefarious reasons for wanting to include certain chemicals as they know it makes their food addictive, and they wish for that to continue. But there will be a tipping point where one or more states require the food products to be clean of these pollutants—we will call them what they are—and that will force the corporations to provide the whole country with the same food, as it will be next to impossible to have two processing lines in their factories. As people vote with their pocketbooks to choose organically grown foods, those corporations will see there are profits to be made there.

Then we get to the other 50% of the people, Tom, and here we find people with ingrained eating habits, which will take many years to slowly change. It will be their children learning about eating healthy in school who will force their parents to buy correctly. This will easily take over 25 years, but it is coming.

What would be your recommended changes for us to make which would have the greatest impact on our diet and health?

That one is easier than you might imagine, Tom. Begin with drinking only water, tea or juices—not all the cola-type drinks with their many additives. Start cutting out or cutting down on the fast foods, or at least begin choosing the least harmful items on the menu. At first some items will cry out to you, as you have enjoyed them—remember what I said about chemicals that are addictive. But you can leave them behind just as you did McDonald’s after seeing the documentary several years ago, “Super Size Me.” There are good ways to fill your stomach without causing you to become obese.


I’ve mentioned before that I send light to the interior of the earth after I send light not only to the darkest places on our Time Line 6 earth, but all the other Time Line earths as I begin to meditate. Gaia has said before I’m one of the only people on earth to do this. So I generally say internally, “I now send a river of white light to permeate every single cell and every single atom of the interior of the earth and all the beings who live there.” But the other day I added, “Good morning,” and I seemed to hear a faint response. So I asked Gaia.

Colorful CavernGaia, when I sent white light this time to the interior of the earth I thought I heard a response, “Thank you.” Did I imagine this?

No, Tom, you did not imagine the response. One of the beings in the interior earth did respond to your wish of sending light and love to them. They do appreciate you thinking of them and they wish you well too.

What dimension are they on?

Yes, a higher fifth dimension, Tom, not the 7th, which is what you thought it might be.

Then was it one of the Lemurians?

Yes, exactly, Tom. You’ve been in touch with them before, so it was not a hard connection to make shall we say.

Good, then I will keep them in mind too, but I don’t want to limit it to just them.

They understand and appreciate your efforts.

The next time I meditated, I said, “Good morning everyone,” and I head a number of voices saying, “Good morning,” too! So again I asked:

Gaia, when I said “Good morning everyone” I seemed to hear multiple replies.

Underground CavernYes, Tom. There are more than one person or being tuning into you when you send light to my interior. They all wish you well.

I thank them all, I suppose. I need to get used to more than one being tuning into my conversations I suppose.

They only do this in love, Tom. They do not intrude, but you are one of the special people who do this, and as I mentioned before, one of the very few who sends light to my interior, so they pay attention when that happens.

OK, Gaia, and I forgot to send my light and love to all your 4 million souls assisting you in running the earth.

They send their love back, Tom, I can assure you. Just feel the love wrapping you.


Connie writes: Pretty amazing what is going on in the UK about weather - high winds, floods, etc. What does Gaia say about this?

UK StormGaia, are the large storms and massive rains which have been pounding the United Kingdom all part of one of your cycles, or is there a reason such as global warming that is causing all the flooding?

Good question, Tom. Yes and no. Certainly there is a cycle involved here, but the flooding would not be so severe had there not been this basic change I’m making of melting the ice and snow at both poles. So you cannot separate the two, as they go hand-in-hand you see. The melting of the poles will allow me to create new cycles that I will need in the future.

We have discussed before how I am raising the ocean levels two feet within five years, and we are well into that timetable I gave you. There is a tipping point coming quite soon which will speed up the rise in ocean levels, even though your scientists are just now seeing the rise in levels. You can imagine it is not an easy thing to calculate ocean levels. There will be reports to this effect coming out soon.


Paracas Skulls MuseumGaia, are the Paracas elongated skulls ETs, and if so where are they from?

Some are and some aren’t, Tom. The natives tried to have their children look like the ET visitors, with varying results, many times killing them in the process. But yes, some of the skulls are from a race in the Pleiades.

Did I receive that correctly?

Yes, Tom. You will again encounter them one day—and in this case I mean humans and not necessarily you personally. They were involved with the Adam man and woman model and even before then, but retreated upon orders of the Earth Directive. At least now there are a number of studies being made, including DNA tests to determine their origin, so I will not delve too deeply here, as it would spoil the ah-ha moments for those investigators.


First Contact Front CoverAntura, for my new subscribers is a member of my soul group or “cluster,” living as an amphibian on a water planet in the Sirius B Solar System (where there are over 20 planets astronomers have yet to discover). I have asked him hundreds of questions for my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book, and the questions below will likely be in book number two, which he says I’ll publish.  These questions came from Pam, Mantej, and me.

Antura, were some of the elongated skulls found in Peru ETs, and if so where are they from?

Yes, as Gaia answered before, Tom, there some that are ETs and some are simply cranial deformities caused by the people at that time trying to have their children have the same appearance as the “gods,” thinking that would cause them to be much smarter. And yes some of them did come from the Pleiades.

Will any of these people show up when the Pleiadians come to visit?

Certainly not in the first batch. The whole idea is to show how closely you resemble the Pleiadians while introducing the concept or fact that there really are ETs out there and have been involved with the human race since the beginning. Seeing hominids with elongated heads would freak a number of people out. So their introduction will be farther down the line.

Russian BaseDoes Russia have the equivalent of an Area 51?

Yes, it is at a top-secret air force base in their country.

Do you see the Russian disclosure in March, or later?

Not much later, Tom. Again they will use the Olympics as a springboard (yes a little pun there) to make the announcement.

Are the Pleiadians’ plans at this juncture to land in public places in the other countries they visit after Russia, or at military bases?Pleiadians

More military bases, Tom, as crowd control will be an issue. They do not want anyone hurt, and there could be mobs of people wishing to see their first alien spacecraft up close.

When the Grays come in 2016 and you come in 2017, will you both visit multiple countries?

Quite so. Both groups will be visiting multiple countries to introduce themselves to the leaders.


Karen writes: I've been on blood pressure medication for 10 years. Have been reading how some medications aren't at all good for you, so I researched the vitamins that help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol. Meditative PositionFor 3 months I have done a vitamin regimen, as well as MBOs, for the regulation of my body when I would feel my blood pressure rising. For at least three weeks now I haven't felt it rise, but still say BPs as thank-yous. I would not recommend this to others, but it works for me and I truly believe my body can be controlled by right actions and prayer.

Karen--another tip for lowering your blood pressure. Sit with your thumbs and index fingers touching each other and your palms up, resting on your lap. Slowly breathe in through your nose for a count of eight, hold for a count of eight, breathe out through parted lips for a count of eight and then hold for a count of four. Then start the process over again. I've found I can lower my blood pressure 10 points or so within just a minute or two. Give it a try. Perhaps that will be an additional MBO for you and everyone who tries this.


Lee writes from Florida: Have a good MBO for you. I needed to go to the tax collector’s office to close one account and open a new one. We all know what a nightmare it can be to go to a government office for anything, even just to renew a driver’s license! Well, I started my MBOs two days before for a safe, uneventful drive, a good parking space, Tax Collector Officea short wait, and a pleasant, helpful employee. I left in time to get there shortly after their opening, drove there with minimal traffic on the road and only one red light. Pulled in to a parking space a little further away from the front door, but it was in the shade which is a big bonus if you live in Florida. Went inside and was done and out in 22 minutes!

The employee was the sweetest person and made the whole experience enjoyable! I had enough time to stop at a store that had a great shoe sale (!) and find a comfortable pair of shoes that look stylish too and make it to an appointment with plenty of time to spare. As a matter of fact, enough time to write this MBO and send it!

I have started requesting MBOs for a great parking space that is not surrounded by those large SUVs and trucks that block your view when you are backing out of a space, and boy, has that been a blessing in these crowded parking lots! Thanks, Tom, cannot thank you enough for all you do!


Male NippleGaia, why do males have nipples?

Ah, Tom, one of those great mysteries of the human body, yes? Naturally it would be easy to say that when Adam man and woman were created it was a cookie cutter just changing parts of the body, but it actually goes much deeper than that. Male nipples do serve a purpose and science has not arrived there yet, as there are few studies going on. They are just accepting what is. One day a scientist will wonder and will do studies to determine why. I will not spoil that scientist’s revelations, but just to say there is a purpose for them as they can alert the body to certain conditions. That’s as far as we will take the subject at this time.


Michelle writes: I had questions for Theo or Gaia regarding the show American Greed. In order for a con to work, there have to be two active participants. How does this work on the karmic level? Does the "victim" who openly acknowledges they gave their money away release their karma? There have been very few who have had this level of honesty.

Con ArtistI don't know if it is a test of my compassion (I failed) because the reality is one person GAVE another person money to make more money. The fact that the person who took the money lied to get it is irrelevant (even if it is illegal). It seems deceptive to say someone stole the money from you when you willingly and voluntarily opened your checkbook and wrote them a check. Any answers or thoughts on how this plays out, as it usually impacts entire families? Thanks!

Theo, how is there balancing when a con artist dupes a person out of their money?

Yes, this is one of those balancing lives, Tom, where the person Con Artistputs on the persona of a bad guy. These are soul contracts, but most of the time they do wander off the reservation—their soul path—and they must have balancing lives where they are duped out of their savings. Both the con artist and the person being duped needed to learn these earth lessons, Tom. You can be a kind-hearted con artist, or one of the worst people on earth, taking the life savings of senior citizens. It all depends upon how close they stay to their soul contracts.

If you wish to view a good demonstration of con artists, below is a link to a story on CBS Morning News from February 18 that investigated people who scammed money from investors in motion pictures, knowing the investors would never make a dime back. One lady in Michigan invested over $300,000, and will have to sell her house since she’s unemployed. Here is the link:


My wife and I watched ARN, KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, a six episode series on Netflix the last three nights. This was the most expensive production ever produced by a Swedish producer, and is a love story that takes place during the turbulent times of the Crusades around 1150 to 1195 or so. That caused me to ask if I had lived any lives during that time period.

CrusadesTheo, did I take part in the Crusades?

Quite so, Tom. We have not discussed this in the past, but, yes, you did have lives on both sides of the conflict, as you can imagine.

Was this back in that 1100 period?

Yes, Tom. You were again exploring the effects of religion on people, and the way to do that was to live their experience.

In the Crusades was I a religious figure or figures, or was I simply soldiers on each side?

Here it gets a little complicated, Tom, as you were both—you did not just have two lives shall we say, but multiple lives since this did go on for a very long time.

Was I a priest on one side and then a cleric on the other?

Knights TemplarYes, but you rose in the ranks, shall we say, in those lives to have more power—which was good and bad, depending upon the life. And then yes, you were a soldier on each side so that you knew what it was like to fight for your beliefs—or at least those pounded into you by the two religions.

Was I ever a Knights Templar?

Certainly, Tom. That is a given when you were a soldier of God, as they believed. Kill the Muslim heathens, and when you were a Saracen you believed the same--kill the Christian non-believers in Mohammad. Your soul needed both these experiences, plus that of how the religions caused people to fight one another over their beliefs.

I would assume that being a priest or bishop or whatever, and being a cleric I would not have taken part in the fighting?

That’s quite correct. Those lives involved recruiting young men to go and fight.

Did I stick mostly to my soul contracts in those lives?

Yes, fairly close.


There have now been six deaths of people involved in banking, including JP Morgan—the latest on Tuesday. Here is JP Morgan Suicidethe story:

Theo, several bankers associated with JP Morgan recently have committed suicide. Is there something about to come out publicly about this bank, or is this just a coincidence?

No coincidence, Tom. Look for detrimental news about this company coming quite soon.

Will they fail?

No, but there will be news quite detrimental to their business, Tom, and that’s all I’m allowed to say.


Adya ClarityLen writes: Hi Tom – regarding purifying water, there is a product called Adya Clarity - which are magnetic sulfate minerals - that has been demonstrated to quickly clean even the most polluted water. The videos are remarkable. It is also supposed to be a very effective detoxify for the body. Could you ask Theo about this please?

Theo, your opinion on Adya Clarity water purifier?

Everyone needs to read more on this subject before flying off and buying these machines when they could be harmful. Each body is different, so there is no one size fits all here.

Here is a link to one story I found:


Soul Leaving BodyLynnzie writes: Last year I had the same symptoms as Ellen in the last newsletter-- body vibrates upon awakening--I now feel like part of me leaves or comes back to me. First it was in the lower body now it has progressed to the middle and upper body occasionally. This happens both when awakening, going to sleep and even while I am still or after a nap. I read once in this world of illusion soul leaves and comes back many times a day to report or connect to soul/ higher self/creator, but we are not aware of it. Would you please ask Theo is this an entity or is my soul coming and going or …?

Theo, is Lynnzie’s soul coming and going, or is it an entity?

Not an entity, Tom. A fragment of her soul does leave and come back. Not completely unusual, but normally not noticed by the individual. For someone as sensitive as she is, it can be disconcerting, but she can request an MBO for her soul fragment to stay during her waking hours. That will have a great effect on the number of times it will happen in the future.

That’s a new MBO I had never heard of before!


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