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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all of our new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter from around the world.  Here you’ll find you can look at things from a different perspective and ponder new ideas you’ve never considered. 

MBO is an abbreviation I use for Most Benevolent Outcomes.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with during meditation, along with Gaia, the soul of the earth, and sometimes others. 

Keep in mind that on my website , you can read my Blogs for those of you new to requesting MBO’s, and sign up to receive a Podcast of this newsletter, if that is easier for your busy schedule.  Most of the stories in the Blogs are excerpts from my new book, The Gentle Way II: The Story Continues, which will have its official release on May 10; but you can order it now by reading below.

Theo has some interesting comments about Low Level Spirits, whether it’s good or not to change your soul contract, answers the question, “Who are the Beyonders,” and about the angel in Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.  Let’s get started.  


I’m changing this lady’s name for privacy purposes, so Maureen writes: I took a seminar in Chicago with Lynn.  I know you know her well.  Our class for 1.5 hours was in November. 
I grew up Baptist and was in church practically more than anywhere else.  We had Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday, & Saturday sermons. I was even sent off to college at Jerry Falwell’s in Virginia.  I spent my summers at bible camp.  Not once did I ever hear about Angels.  For the last 23 yrs I have not gone to church (I got my fill growing up I guess).  So when Lynn asked each person, “Do you believe in Angels?”,  I had to think hard on that question.  My knee jerk reaction was no, I was never taught about them.  But then my rationality said “But the devil was a angel, a fallen angel”.  So I decided they must be and my answer was yes. 
We heard about the gentle way and how to apply it to our life.  I did leave knowing this was truth and nothing I had to think about.  A month later I needed desperately a financial blessing. Within days I had a huge financial blessing, nothing I expected to be so above and beyond. I asked for help to make my rent and was blessed financially way beyond. 

Then I was working on something that involves poor health & the government.  Professionals said it takes “years” to get, people said it takes 3 years to pass and you most always have to hire a lawyer. I had contacted the government in October, heard of the Gentle Way in November, and prayed daily for my case.... and to the shock of all professionals, to the shock of other people, I was approved in January! Three months, not 3 yrs!  This is a miracle. 

Then my last Benevolent Outcome that can not be explained by any other way other than requests are heard and are answered immediately.  I have irritable bowel, which has me in the rest room 12+ times a day. I also have not had health care in over 4 yrs so I have not seen a doctor.  Rarely, but it does happen, I get heavy bleeding from my colon every time I go (12x a day).  It is scary because it fills the toilet with blood, and the tissue is soaked in blood.  This will last for up to 2 weeks and then disappears for another 8 months or so.  Well, the blood came again a few weeks ago.  It is so scary to see this sight.  You think you have cancer, you think so many bad things.... but since I don’t have health care you can’t do anything about it.  After about 9 days of scary heavy blood I was sitting on the toilet with my head in my hands. I was sick of bleeding, full of anguish, scared and tired I looked up.  I have a few angel statues around the house to remind me to pray, to request.  I saw the angel stature in front of me on my sink and started to pray.  I prayed to have the most benevolent outcome with this bleeding.  I prayed for it to go away.  I prayed I was scared and needed healing. 

My answer came immediately.  Within 2 hours I was back in the bathroom, since I spend most my day there, and when I went,  nothing—no blood.  I went later that night and the same thing, no blood!  It has been over 2 weeks now and not even a drip of blood!  I know I was healed!  When we pray for benevolent outcomes and we receive answers, a tiny part inside says, well was that a coincidence?  But I know for a fact none of these 3 things I just told you were a coincidence, they all were blessings and miracles.
What is wonderful is with each and every outcome your faith grows stronger and stronger. Thank You for writing a book that the church won’t bring up or teach.  Thank You for showing us the gentle way.

I have experienced diverticulitis, which sounds like what Maureen has.  Here is a link to what the Mayo Clinic says about it, but you can google for other treatments—perhaps ones which are in health food stores in the vitamin section.  Many of these stores have large books where you can look this up and see what’s recommended.  Request a MBO for being led to the best treatment for your irritable bowel movements, or any other medical problem you have. 
I experienced it in Cannes, France in 2000 and scared me to death.  I went to the Cannes emergency room, which was almost a joke, as the young intern told me to go see my doctor upon return to Dallas.  My daughter was with me and we went to Paris.  I got sick on the plane from so much blood loss, and then we went to two museums she had wanted to go to, as I was determined that she would get to experience them. 

This had happened on a Wednesday and by Saturday I had a talk with my Angels (I would not start communicating with Theo until 2006).  I had requested a MBO for the problem when it happened, but then I said, “You’ve got to stop this” and requested a Benevolent Outcome.  Naturally it stopped within a couple of hours.  Upon my return to Dallas my doctor said I had lost 40% of my blood.  I have never experienced it again.  Steve Rother later channeled that I had had a “phantom death” and decided to stay and not leave. 


Dori writes:  Thank you for your magnificent work.  I own and have read many different books about the many angels and their various specialties.  After reading and studying your first book, The Gentle Way, I considered selling my other angel books.  Now I am nearing the finish of your recent second book, The Gentle Way II, and I am certain that selling the other angel books is the thing to do!  I simply do not need the other books any longer, but someone else still needs them. 

I need your Gentle Way books to guide me in my continued work and requests with angels.  Asking for benevolent outcomes from my Guardian Angels is the fastest way to accomplish my desires and goals.  Your Guardian Angel, Theo, is a Master who has come through to help legions of people.  Theo, through you, has perfected the phrasings for asking for help. 

I am thankful to God that I am one of the people who is being helped and served through your work with Theo.  My own modes for serving feel near to being revealed.   You are a Blessed One my friend.

My favorite story in The Gentle Way II is the one written by Julie on page 198.  She was specific in her MBO for an immediate job and continued to request fresh nuances as she realized other specifics she needed.  She did a great job on her requests.  She even had a vacation with her family!  Many of us need to become clearer on the exact ways to word our requests for the maximum in accurate results.

Though I've long known the power of the spoken word, I was not speaking my requests out loud often enough.  This was mostly due to needing an MBO when  in public.  Now I think further ahead.  My results are excellent for large and small requests for myself.  Currently, I am clarifying and listening to my Guidance for greater understanding of my soul contract.

What’s your favorite story?  I need to know when I’m being interviewed on the radio.  Email me.


Michelle writes:  Thanks for the wonderful newsletter. I found you "accidentally," so the MBO’s have worked so well that I have lost track, but today while dressing to go out (am in Baltimore and been housebound since 2/4/10) listening to the radio- great music on. Much of it from when we were growing up (16-24), thinking of all my friends who did not live to see 2010 and generally depressing the hell out of myself.

There was one song in particular by the The Main Ingredient called "Rolling Down a Mountainside".  I just thought - would be great to hear that record. It’s very uplifting (and it is on you tube if you want to take a listen-- ).  About 20 minutes later- what did I hear but Rolling Down a Mountainside!

Well the chorus is "We've got strength and we've got pride- God Is On OUR Side!" made my day and just wanted to share!  Love your site, thanks much for the MBO’s, the forgiveness prayer, AND the great week declaration. I LOVE them!


Annette writes:  I have been "getting information" so to speak about Machu Picchu that I need to see if Gaia would be willing to clear up for me.

Machu Picchu sits between two major fault lines in the Peruvian Mountains where the city is built and sits at the center of four other mountains located in the four cardinal directions from the city.

Has Machu Picchu's existence been a reason why there has been no activity with these fault lines (earthquakes) by Gaia? Will Machu Picchu remain in tact or does Gaia plan to move these fault lines in her adjustment of the Earth's energy?

Gaia, why have there been no major earthquakes at Machu Picchu?

That’s a good question Tom by your reader.  There are none there because I honor the mystery and tradition of the people that built this city and honored and prayed to me that this city would still exist for thousands of years in the future.  They just did not realize that they would not be inhabiting it you see. 

But as recent discoveries documented in films have shown, this was a masterpiece of engineering, which even people today can learn from.  So I allow it to stand and move other fault lines, just not those.  I have no need to move those anytime in the future. 


Laura writes:  I was told there are low-level frequency spirits that can connect to people to disrupt their lives. If this is true, how does one get rid of them, and are they trying to reduce ones karma to make it not progress to a higher level?  Thank you. Another question ~ 'karma' means action, so if we continue to ask for MBO is our personal karma being bettered?

Theo, Laura asks if low-level spirits are trying to prevent us from attaining a higher vibrational level, and also, do MBO’s lessen Karma?

First the low-level spirits Tom.  These low level spirits as you call them are like leeches, trying to attach themselves to anyone and sucking their energy and light away.  If they are able to attach themselves, then they can do damage to one’s soul contract, as you go off on another path that can lead to ruin for that life.  So a result of that can be a lowering of the achievements you made.  That’s why it is so important to surround yourself with white light at any time you feel you are being contacted by one of these troubled soul fragments; then send them massive amounts of white light and love. 

Regarding requesting MBO’s lessening Karma, it does not, but as I have explained before, it makes these obstacles and challenges easier to overcome and pass through.  The analogy would be the wall is reduced to an easily scalable mound of rubble. 

I like that analogy!  I've already used it in an interview with a magazine. 


Pam in Arizona writes:  Can you please ask if there will ever be any major changes to our government? By that I mean the Congress and House are so out of touch with the people. They get nothing done because they would rather stop the other side from doing anything. They think they are the great elite and they can decide to give themselves raises anytime but not the people on Social Security. Now the Supreme Court has given the big Corporations the green light to donate money to whoever they want to try to change things.

Will we ever have a Terms Limit on them and will we ever get smart and vote them out of there like dead wood and be done with them?

Theo, Pam wants to know if there will be Term limits set some day for the U.S. House and Senate?

Yes, there will eventually be term limits, but not for sometime to come.  It will be quite a few years in your future Tom, and very possibly past the time you spend in this life.  Still, after 2012 things will slowly become much more cordial than before.

And I’ll add this for Pam and everyone. You're not powerless, unless you believe you are and run around wringing your hands.  If you read the chapter of my first book in the chapter on Benevolent Prayers, there are prayers you can say for the leaders of our government to make decisions that are best for the people.  You can also send white light to them.  Just a few hundred of us can change the future!!  We're the power "behind the throne."


Rita writes:  Enjoy your newsletter, I'm a new subscriber.  However, I've been reading it for about a year now. 
When I was 12 yrs old, I had a spiritual experience of a mist like being that floated through a window where I was sitting and said only one sentence to me and then left.  It said "You are a Beyonder!"  Then I had a dream that night, where the only thing that I can remember about the dream was that I went Beyond the Yonder----which sounds hokey, I know.  Could you ask Theo, if he could give me some insight into this?  Also, in my memories is the planet Sirius, does this have a connection?  My metaphysical friend Lavon, had a similar experience about being a Beyonder, so it's not just me! 

Theo, Rita asks what was the meaning of the message she received at age 14 “You are a Beyonder” and the same or a similar message by here fried?

Yes, an enigma of a sort Tom.  A "Beyonder" is obviously a reference to the planet she came from.  These Beyonders like to think of themselves as wanderers of the Universe, but in truth they are no more nomadic than many other worlds.  This training she and her friend are receiving here will be used in future lives on their planet.  They will have much to contribute to this society. 


Joan writes:  What does Theo recommend in terms of quickening our soul contract this life time?  In other words, how specifically does one move beyond their soul contract this lifetime with grace and ease? Many thanks in advance for the response.  Many more blessings for the soulful work you have chosen to embrace!

Theo, do you recommend trying to take on or “quicken” more than you had planned on your soul contract?

A good question actually Tom.  No it is not recommended, although one could request a MBO shall we say of one’s intentions to move on to the next challenge.  Then it might arrive sooner than it was written.



Jeanneanne writes:  We have communicated in the past, and I was the one who used an MBO on my Alaskan cruise in 2008 and won the Bingo jackpot just as you did on yours!  

I have a question for Theo involving an experience I had with 3 friends in New Mexico.  In this week’s newsletter there were questions regarding caverns within our earth.  I would like to know how special is Carlsbad Cavern?  Myself and 3 other women had an angel experience there in 1996.  We were about half way down in our walk when we rounded a bend a saw before us about a 30 to 40 ft. tall formation of an angel with arms folded like in prayer and wings going down the back.  It was a perfect formation with a light shining on it but no name or information as all the other formations had. 

We took pictures from all angles and further down the path we met up with 2 cavern employees and I asked them why the angel was not named and the lack of information about it.  One of the workers stated he had been here for 40 years and had never seen an angel, the other told me quietly that this person wasn’t the type to see anything like this.  We came to the bottom to a food court and were discussing this angel, when 2 of the food court employees overheard our conversation.  They told us they keep hearing about this angel and have yet to see it and they really need to check it out. 

After our trip, we each had our pictures developed and all the formations came out, but none of the angel!   I was born in Roswell, New Mexico and my mother had toured these caverns when she was pregnant with me.  I feel I have some connection there and this angel experience is a part of it.  Does this angel formation have any significance, and is Carlsbad a special place where any of the inner earth beings reside because I know there are still unexplored areas.

Forgot to ask about the beings.

Theo, Jeanneanne asks about the Angel rock formation some see and some don’t in the Carlsbad Caverns.

Yes, this formation is just for those who have achieved a certain vibrational level Tom.  And yes, it is very difficult to photograph this formation due to the level it is on. 

You’ll find Jeanneanne’s story about winning the big bingo game on her Alaskan Cruise in The Gentle Way II in Chapter 14.


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Don’t forget that THE GENTLE WAY II is NOW AVAILABLE for delivery!  It has twice as many pages as the first book.  Call 800-450-0985 Monday to Friday and tell Light Technology I sent you.   Hopefully the new book will be up soon on the website.  The books are great for presents for family and friends for birthdays and other special occasions!  The first book is also available on  Either or both books can change lives!


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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