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·    INDONESIA IN 2013

Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Abe SapienMy next book, CONVERSATIONS WITH AN E.T.—First Contact! is almost finished.  More information next week.  Keep in mind I’m trying to send the newsletter out a day early in order to work on my 3rd book on the weekend. [That's the Abe Sapien character from the Hellboy movies in the illustration--as close as we can get to what Antura looks like right now.]

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


GaiaKim writes:  I look forward to your newsletter each week.  Usually your readers ask "my" questions.  This time I hope to return the favor.

For Gaia - First, does she have a sense that she is loved dearly by many of us?  I admire her and like to have inner chats, or take pictures of her beauty.  I wonder if you might convey my thanks and love for her.

Is she aware of asteroids and any potential threat by them should they come too close (and are we doing enough to protect her?)

Gaia, I’m asked if you are aware of the many people that love you?

Yes Tom, I am.  Certainly the love takes many forms, as there are many people who do not understand that I am a soul, just like the souls who send fragments of themselves to earth for these lives as part of the Earth experiment, but whether they admire a beautiful sunset or sunrise, or the majesty of my mountains, oceans, lakes, and streams, I do feel this love.  And I know there are many people out there who honor me individually and through their rituals and prayers.  So yes, I feel the love, which helps me continue to do this job, which I love doing too you see.

Each of us makes up a part of Creation, as I work with your souls to provide you with the experiences you need to one day take over the running of this universe.  Yes, it may seem far in the future, but it will happen and your souls will be good guardians and caretakers when the Creator moves on to its next level and whatever it chooses to accomplish.  A nice question to begin the day.

May I add here that you don’t need to tell me to tell Gaia how much she is loved—you can do it yourself!  Just address her out loud and say with emotion, “Gaia, we love you dearly and thank you for all you do for us and earth!”

Gaia, are there any asteroids, which will pose a danger to us in the future?

Not for several hundred years, Tom.  But, by that time, you will be able to handle the danger and move the asteroid away from the earth.  But there is certainly no danger during anyone’s time on earth who is alive today.


CMECynthia writes:  A Cherokee elder that we know has told us there will be a massive, destructive solar event on Valentine's Day. Have your sources mentioned this, if not, could you ask?

Gaia, will we have a large CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) around February 14?

No, Tom.  It will not occur just then, but certainly one is coming soon, just not right then.  Add a couple of weeks and you will be much closer to the date for the CME to manifest.


Decis writes:  For those populations living in the Caribbean, like Grenada and neighboring smaller islands, Tobago, Antigua, Dominica, Barbuda – what is the outlook regarding earth movements?  These are largely coastal regions, and moving “inland,” say fifty to one hundred miles away from the coast as CaribbeanGaia urges, is not possible, the islands are not that big.  What is the predicament of these populations?  Migration to the larger continents is not an option for these masses.

Gaia, what will the populations of the low-lying Caribbean Islands do with rising ocean levels?  They feel there is nowhere to move to on their islands and nowhere to migrate to either?

Yes, this will be a large problem, but several countries will come to their aid and will accept this mass migration, as they will not wish to see people drown in the rising oceans.  It will not be easy, and I’m not sugar coating it.  But new towns will be created almost over night as the populations are transferred to these areas.  Naturally they will need much financial aid for many years until they are able to sustain themselves.


MexicoNikki wrote asking about the earth outlook for Mexico in 2013, if GMO’s would be outlawed, and when will we stop over-medicating in the United States.

Gaia, what is the outlook for Mexico in 2013, including the resort areas?

Mexico will see its share of changes in 2013, Tom, just as the United States will.  As I said before, the Gulf of Mexico will be more active regarding storms and there will be at least one hurricane, which will impact their East Coast.  This will be later in the August-September period.

Then, as we have discussed before their West Coast will be severely shaken, Tom when the California and upper West Coast moves.  Their dwellings are not constructed well and there will be great loss of life in those cities affected by the earth movements.  Naturally those are soul contracts I must always remind your readers.  Up until then their economy will flourish with more manufacturing and construction jobs, along with more money being sent by the immigrants in the United States to their families in Mexico and farther to the south in Central America.  They will require assistance when the movements start, but that will even be the same for the USA and Canada.

Stop GMOGaia, will GMO’s be outlawed or remain?

They will remain for the time being, Tom, as the companies that grow these modified foods have strong lobbyists who will try and fight any changes in those laws and regulations.  The wave of public opinion will finally win over the greed of these corporations, but it will take five years or perhaps a little longer for GMO’s to be labeled as such, sounding the death knell for those products.

Gaia, we’re such an over-medicated society in the United States.  How will this Big Pharmachange in the coming years?

Yes, Big Pharma, as you like to call them Tom, has the resources to continually buy off the doctors, who go along with these pharmaceutical companies as it puts dollars in their pockets—not only from prescribing certain drugs, but with the knowledge that the side effects will keep their patients coming back for more visits and more medicines to counteract the side effects.  That’s of course why they are trying to outlaw vitamins, as they do work, contrary to the studies paid for by the pharmaceutical companies.  Look for gradual changes in this dependence on medicines over the next 10 years, Tom.  This will not be some overnight revelation, but there will be the whistleblowers who will help turn the tide.


Mongolia MineUlziibileg in Mongolia writes:  Hope everything is going very well. I have couple questions regarding Mongolia.

1. Recently, in Mongolia was found one of the biggest mining resources (around Gobi) in the world. It seems very effective, but what should we expect from this? Environmental devastation? Prosperity? Or shouldn't we operate it even?

2. Was Genghis Khan's soul born again at this time? If yes, then who is he now? Were his close people also born too?  Will they help to develop this country?

3. I notice many number patterns for last 3 months period. I couldn't ignore it anymore. What they tell me. Sometimes, I feel I should search the internet and it's very helpful. How can I untie the meaning of the numbers?

Gaia, will the mines near Gobi, Mongolia be good or bad for their population and country?

Genghis KhanFairly good, Tom.  Certainly employment will generate the local economy, but some of the mines will not take care of the workers and regulations to protect the miners need to be implemented.

Gaia, is Genghis Khan incarnated at the present time?

No, Tom.  He is not.  He was not too long ago, but has passed or transitioned.  It was a balancing life where he did good work.

As Theo has recommended before, there are several excellent books on numerology.  Request an MBO to choose the best one for you.


Barbara writes asking about the outlook for Indonesia in 2013.  Indonesia

Gaia, what is the outlook in 2013 for Indonesia.  Will they experience the severe shaking going on right now in the Santa Cruz Islands?

Yes, Tom.  Their turn will come, as they are on the Ring of Fire too, you see.  There is great pressure building in that part of the world as the plates collide.  Look for this a little later in the year, Tom.


Golden RetrieverKim also writes:  I have a 10 year old Golden Retriever who suffers from seizures, which are getting worse.  He's also suffering the side effects of the phenobarb used to prevent them.  From all the advice and help, it seems clear we humans don't know enough about how to help our pets with this condition.  I wondered if your Guides might know of any food, herbs, vitamins, alternative methods that are helpful?

Gaia, what can be done for dog seizures?

Yes, there are certain techniques, which can be used, but one of your jobs on earth is to discover new ways of doing things, and solving this problem, or at least alleviating it, is within your human capabilities.  Therefore it is best to request an MBO to be led to the best treatments for your dog, cat or other beloved member of your family, and then listen to that “whisper in your ear,” telling you what to read, or even do.  I am not allowed to give you those solutions, as you earthlings, shall we call you, are supposed to come up with your own answers as part of the Earth Experiment.


Papal SelectionTheo, are we still on schedule for the next Pope to be the one who opens the Vatican Archives, or will it be another one?

No, Tom.  It will not be another.  This next Pope chosen will be the one who does open the Archives.

Will this action be tied to either the Russians releasing their secret files or the appearance of the Pleiadians?

Nice that you made the connection, Tom.  Certainly the Catholic Church and other churches will have to respond as these great revelations are made.  They will do their best to put the best “spin” on it as possible, but as you have been told before, this will be a tumultuous time for them as your true history and your connection to your ET forefathers comes out.  So yes, they will be the catalysts for the Catholic Church to open their archives.

Theo had previously said the next Pope will again be from Europe.  I might ask for an update on that soon.


AtheismMantej writes: Question for the Theo.  Will a large proportion of people who don't believe in God, automatically start believing in God after the Pleiadians arrive in 2015?

Theo, will a number of atheists change their views when the Pleiadians and Sirians arrive?

You would think so, Tom, but it is not quite that simple.  Their belief system is so rigid—just like many other religions or belief systems—that it will take time for them to soften and change their views.  They will be in full denial, just as those people whose belief systems are shown to be inaccurate at best.


I changed her name to Florence writes:  First, thank you for all that you do. So many people are now seeking knowledge from alternative sources to deal with the great difficulty of living on this planet. I'm grateful that you've had the courage to become a public figure in order to provide information. As I am Autismalso a somewhat public figure,  I will ask you to change my name, should you choose to publish an answer to my question in your newsletter. Thank you.

I've read all of the information on Asperger's and Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorders: ASD) presented in all of your articles and newsletters. As ASD has profoundly touched my life, is currently on the very rapid rise, and appears to be related to DNA, environmental toxicity, and inappropriate fit with the current timeline and/or dimensional focus, I believe that more and more people are going to want the answers to the two questions I'm about to ask:

1.  Why, specifically, would we choose, or be required by Karma (a balancing lifetime in your terms) to experience a lifetime on the Spectrum? Further, while the manifestations and diagnosis of ASD is now so common that children are often diagnosed early, and so get the help they need early on to understand and manage their symptoms, many of us on the spectrum are only now, much later in our lives, becoming aware of why our lives have been so challenging. I'm certain there are many others like me, who, along with the extraordinary challenges, have been blessed with unusual gifts that have been difficult to share in our environment because we are perceived as "weird" or "odd" and certain of our capacities are so outside that norm that suspicion, ridicule, and, in some cases, toxic jealousy of the abilities, are more likely than welcomed and embraced.

2. What is the most productive way for those of us who can interpret and operate in both worlds (the ASD world and the "neurotypical" world) to function here? After many decades of struggle, I admit to a strong desire to crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head, and simply give up. However, I'm aware that there is a great deal I could share to help others understand the Spectrum Disorders. As my desire to help has always been strong, but is now severely challenged by despair and exhaustion, I'm simply not certain if I should still be trying to help or if it is, indeed, just time to stay in bed with covers drawn up. I'd appreciate any information Theo would be willing to share and will understand if you and/or he, are only willing to answer the less personal aspects of my questions.

Theo, why would Asperger’s and Autism be on a person’s soul contract—balancing—and if so for what?  And how can they lead a more normal life?

Yes, I know your collective hearts go out to people with these debilitating conditions, Tom, as well they should.  Both do balance past lives where they abused other people in a variety of ways.  So in this life they chose to balance by having these conditions.  One life with these conditions can balance a great deal from one or more past lives.

People with these conditions can ease the symptoms by requesting MBO’s, Tom, and their families can say BP’s for them too.  You as humans forget the power and energy of people saying a Benevolent Prayer for someone, but I can assure you it is quite powerful.  Real cures will not occur until you learn how to change a person’s DNA, which will not be for some time yet.  So do suggest people with these conditions request MBO’s to be led to the best treatments for them and for healing energy to be sent.

So let’s all practice our Benevolent Prayers by saying one out loud for “Florence” (They’ll know who this is for), “I ask any and all beings to send healing energy to Florence and assist her in finding the best treatments for her condition, thank you!”


This BP story and the next MBO and BP story were in last week’s Blog, which you can read by going to  It was hard choosing which two to include as they were all excellent.

PaymentSherry-Ann writes:  Thank you so much for MBO's and BP's! I am so grateful to you for bringing that awareness to all of us. I am so grateful to my friend Lorraine Benham for introducing me to your weekly newsletter. In gratitude, I want to share a BP story with you.

The beginning of this week was very rough. My boss' company was running short on funds. Payroll was due this week. We put a great amount of financial outlay to get product that we then have to install before we get paid (my boss's company does IT consulting, cloud computing, computer repair: an IT Dept for small businesses who can't afford to have their own IT department and the overhead costs involved). IT equipment (especially things like computer servers, switches, etc.) is very expensive. I am his office assistant. A part of my responsibility is to make sure that the customers are billed, and to make sure we get the monies due us, which includes collections.

There were a few big tickets that hadn't been cleared. One company, I had to refuse service because they did not hold up their end of the deal by getting their check to us when they said they would. I was becoming so exasperated, and then fearful that if we didn't get some monies in ASAP, that my boss would not be able to make payroll and then eventually we'd be laid off. So for 3 mornings this week, on my drive into work, I said Benevolent Prayers for my boss, his company, and my fellow coworker. There are only 3 of us in the company. I also said a Benevolent Prayer that the company would see funds owed come in as soon as possible.

Long story short, money DID come in. Yesterday, we had a whole bunch of checks in the mail, including the check of the company that I had to refuse service to. Please understand that, with that company, we tried to work as hard as we could with them to make things right. It was a delay in the check getting to us, but we also did our due diligence beforehand so I felt that my hands were tied. We also received some credit card payments too. In total, we received over $11,000 in receipts, the largest take that I have seen for one day in the two months that I have been with this company! I thought my boss was going to cry.

It was like as I was saying those BP's, the checks were either being processed or in the mail. So amazing!

I have also had success with Most Benevolent Outcomes as well, but that is for another time.

Again, please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for this awesome modality. I will continue to keep doing MBO's and BP's. And I MUST share this story with my friend. As a matter of fact, I'm going to include her on this e-mail, as she deserves credit for introducing me to you. I LOVE my healer sistah, Lorraine!


Funeral FlowersVicki writes:  My husband Jon and I have been using MBO’s for a long time now with good results.  We have been big fans of you and Theo, attending a few of your local talks in the DFW area. You have even included some of our MBO accounts in your second book.  MBO’s have helped us both through life especially navigating Jon’s eight-year struggle with thyroid cancer.  We both have felt much more spiritual and aligned with our soul paths since using MBO’s.

It was Jon’s path to die from thyroid cancer at age 58, the same age his mother was taken by cancer. He passed away on January 28 after a particularly brutal year of suffering with persistent thyroid cancer which eventually suffocated him, caused him to lose his voice in August along with his sense of taste, appetite, mobility and most of his body weight.  I was his sole caregiver.  In the days before he died, we had frequent visits from foxes, raccoons, and, one day, coyotes and we thought they were paying respects in some way.  In the end, all who saw Jon had to say his passing was a blessing due to his emaciated condition and the horrible pain he suffered.

Several well meaning friends have asked me, “don’t you wonder why this happened to you and Jon and aren’t you mad at God?  Don’t you wonder why you two had such bad luck?” My answer to them is that I believe in reincarnation, and more so since learning about the Gentle Way.  Practicing the Gentle Way reaffirmed to me that we choose the paths we are on and there is no one to be mad at, we are here to learn life lessons, lessons that we design.  A good friend, who also uses MBOs, reminded me to re-read chapter 8 of your 2nd book where you talk about your friend Joy’s transition to the afterlife.  It was comforting to read that she was able to communicate with you and her husband through meditation.  (This may be the impetus I need to start meditating!)

At Jon’s funeral I wrote this benevolent prayer that a friend lead and the participants repeated to help with his transition:  “I ask any and all beings to assist and comfort Jon’s soul for the result that will be the most benevolent for him as he travels his spiritual path.”


Chris Kyle Memorial ServiceTheo, can you explain the soul contract of Chris Kyle, the Marine sniper who killed over 150 people during his overseas tours.  Had all those people killed him in a past life?  Will he have a number of balancing lives?

Yes, this gentleman did his job quite well, Tom, as don’t forget it was the soul contract of those he killed to transition at that time.  And it was part of his balancing to be slain by gunfire in this life, along with the good work he started to help returning veterans with PTSD.

As it was his assignment, or duty, to act in the capacity he did, it will not require so many lives balancing as, say, someone who was a mass murderer.  And he did start an organization to help those whose lives were broken by being trained killers.  That was excellent balancing on his part, along with transitioning the way he did.  So, yes, it was his soul contract to be a sniper this round, but he also understood on a subliminal level that he needed to balance and the organization he started will do much good in the future.


WaterworldFor my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” and is an amphibian having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  My book CONVERSATIONS WITH AN E.T.—First Contact! was just returned to me for my final review by my editor, Ralonne Morss.

Stacey writes:  I have a few questions for your guides about disability and disabled people if they are able to answer them.  How do the alien races that you are aware of view disabilities and the people that have them?

Will the shift help give other people a positive perception of disability on Earth?
And, lastly, I'm not sure if this is too specific, but in the UK the rights and freedoms of disabled people are being eroded by government policy and negative rhetoric; will this be reversed and when? (I have to declare a vested interest here being disabled and living in the UK.)

I still say MBOs and BPs every day! I'm so glad someone recommended your books to me.

Antura, would you say that virtually no society in the universe has disabled beings, as earth does, or can that be said just for advanced societies?

Certainly, where there has not been advancement to the extent of on Earth, there can be accidents and disabilities until these societies learn, or are taught, how to correct these.  So you cannot make a general statement, other than about the advanced societies who learned how to correct disabilities millions of years ago.  By the time you reach the stars you will be able to assist societies, which are behind you in development, to learn how to treat these disabilities.

I have covered the UK disability benefits before, and yes there will be some taken away as I recall.


AtlantisTamar writes:  As always, I so enjoy your newsletter each week.  I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she said that she had read that Obama had a life in Atlantis when it was destroyed, and was in power at that time and had indirectly caused its destruction. First, could you ask Theo is it connected in any way to a previous lifetime (i.e. Atlantis or Lincoln)?

Thank you!  I really appreciate learning of a gentler way to live through MBO's.

Theo, is there any truth to the story of President Obama having been a leader during the days of Atlantis?

Yes, there is some truth to that, Tom, as they were lives in preparation for this one.

Was he a leader for the Law of One, or The Sons of Belial, or both?

Both, you see, Tom, as he needed to see both sides of a conflict.  It gave his soul perspective.


Tibetan Healing BowlsJim writes:  In your 9-8-12  Newsletter, Theo spoke of:

"And those healing bowls, and other instruments you brought," to Egypt from Atlantis.

Is this type of "healing bowl" still available?  Were they of a particular frequency?

Peggy uses a brass Tibetan bowl of the earth frequency and gets some amazing reactions in some people.

Theo, were the healing bowls we used back in Atlantean times similar to those used today in Tibet—the brass ones?

No, Tom.  There is only the similarity of the shape.  The bowls used back then had truly mystical properties, which were elevated through verbal chants and mental concentration.  The bowls were able to be rotated, so we are speaking of some really unique bowls.


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, 

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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