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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for other people, you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.  

I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use.  And keep in mind that this is an interactive newsletter.  It relies on questions from you, and participation when you’re asked to say a Benevolent Prayer for something happening in the world.  As an example, here’s one I suggest YOU SAY OUT LOUD RIGHT NOW for what’s happening in Africa and the Middle East:

“I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort, and keep safe all those who are peacefully trying to change their governments to be more benevolent in Africa and the Middle East, thank you!”  

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a different perspective:


Randy writes:  I asked my Guardian Angel what it's name is and I was told Rael. Below is the meaning I got when I looked it up on Google. Here is what I found:

RachelName Rael; Gender: Meaning Ewe, little lamb, daughter. Biblical context Origin - Hebrew.  Rachael was the younger daughter of Laban and one of the wives of Jacob in the Old Testament. Her sons were Joseph and Benjamin, who founded two of the tribes of Israel.  Derived From Rachel.

What is interesting about this is that I have two sons and their names are:   
Benjamin Thomas and Joey Alexander.  
Is this a coincidence or did my Guardian Angel name itself Rael because I have two sons that match Rachel's sons names as well?
I wonder what Theo would say about this interesting development?  I'm just trying to put the pieces together so to speak.  This of one of those "Wow" moments!
Also, my older son Benjamin has inoperable brain cancer and he had a seizure last night.  He wasn't coming out of it very well and I asked for a benevolent prayer for him visualizing his body being surrounded by white light and he became cognizant with 5 minutes of that prayer.
I ask anybody that would like to ask for a Benevolent Prayer for my son, please do!  Thank you for informing me about benevolent prayers and Most Benevolent Outcomes.

Theo, Randy received the name Rael as the name of his own GA.  Was there a reason beyond the names of his children?

Yes Tom.  He has a past life connection to this name you see, which is why he received that name and why they named their children the same as Rachel did in the Christian Bible.  He was Rachel you see.

Theo, is there anything more Randy could do for his son’s brain cancer that he is not doing already?

No Tom.  The joint Benevolent Prayer everyone will say for his son though will make his life much more pleasant and bearable.  Naturally this is a balancing life for the boy, but everyone saying a BP for him will make a difference, I can assure you.  

If you’re new to these newsletters, Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) are what you say for other people, while requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) are specifically for you.  So let’s all say OUT LOUD right now this BP for Randy’s son Benjamin:

“I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort and bring healing energy to Benjamin in the most benevolent way, and assist his parents in finding the best treatments for his condition, thank you!”


EM ProbeBarbara in Seattle writes:  Will you ask Theo about the viability of the E M probe developed by Glen A. Gordon, M.D.?  Upon manufacture it had FDA approval.  However once it was on market, as I understand the internet postings, he had to defend it against the FDA and Big Pharma.  It became too costly and he has stopped production.  

I’m considering buying one of the last EM Probes available, and I’m wondering if it would be useful in a healing way to me.  I would appreciate Theo’s insight and comments.  I also must say, I so appreciate your newsletter, books and my use of MBOs.  They’ve completely changed my life.  

Theo, please comment on the EM Probe invented by Dr. Glen A Gordon.

Yes, Dr. Gordon is on the right track Tom, but as you have read, the big Pharms as they are called are not interested in anything that would be a shortcut for a patient’s recovery.  They have put pressure on the FDA to stop him or at least slow him down.  He could use one of you Benevolent Prayers to continue his work and ease the opposition to it.  

Please say this out loud:  “I ask any and all beings to assist Dr. Gordon in his work to bring healing to more people, thank you!”


Slippery IceCarol in Canada writes:  I am curious to know why so many people I know lately, have fallen and injured themselves. e.g. broken tight tibia, torn ligament on opposite side of same leg.  Dislocated shoulder, broken right arm. prostate cancer(2). It all has happened since January 4, 2011.

Theo, are falls and injuries above normal this year and is it only because of the snow and ice and slippery conditions?

Yes, that is of course the major reason Tom.  Keep in mind that these challenges of injuries caused by these falls are soul contract challenges set up for the learning of the people that suffer these falls and the recovery from them.  Naturally this extends to all their caregivers—from doctors, nurses, family members and many, many others.  Just study who becomes involved with just one injury and you’ll see a wide range of learning for many souls.  


UnemploymentShe asked me to change her name so Lana writes:  A friend called today in deep turmoil about a man living in his neighborhood who collects unemployment, gets food stamps, and working regularly every day at $15 an hour, yet lives off his sister.   

He feels the thief needs to be turned in to the proper authorities but also ponders the consequences of breaking a confidence shared.  He wonders how many hundreds are now deceiving the government (citizens) of this country -and if not reported
then how does one live with this knowledge.  What does Theo say to this?

Theo, please comment on any karma someone might pick up from notifying the authorities about a thief they know.

Yes, there can be some Tom, depending upon the circumstances.  But it can also be a balancing life, which is the case here.  The person is this life is decent and on the side of the law, and seeing someone so blatantly violate the law is quite troubling to them.  But the other person reported their thievery in a past life, so if they do the same this life, it will have some balancing.  But there is the other option of saying a Benevolent Prayer for this person to find a legitimate way to make money and not be a common thief.  This person could send the other person a lot of white light and request a MBO to sever any energy cords that are not in their best interest.  This would free the person from the connection, while saying the BP for them will assist in turning their life to a better connection.  

As you can see, just reporting the person may balance, but if the person reported finds out, he will carry on wanting balance again in another life.  Prayers erase karma, as the daily prayer you say each morning has erased much karma or balancing for you Tom.  This would be another suggestion for this person.  Whether they do so is strictly up to them. 

You can find the daily Benevolent Prayer on the SIGNS tab on the website at .


Seven ThundersLaura writes:  Tom, I have a question for Theo or Gaia: what are the seven thunders as mentioned in the book of Revelation in the Bible that was not supposed to be written down ? (Rev. 10: 3,4 )  They will be revealed at some time?

Theo, what are the seven thunders mentioned in Revelations 10:3/4 and why were they not to be written down?

Yes, this is a tough one to explain Tom.  The seven thunders were seven forces that could be conjured up through certain sayings at that time.  They were not benevolent, so they were not to be written down as they could be used in a dark manner.  But as you can imagine, they included the use of water, fire, wind and so on that could be combined in various ways.  It did also refer to what ET’s were capable of doing and demonstrated at that time.  Again, difficult to explain, as it involved higher teachings that could be used in a most unbenevolent way. 


111Donna in Canada writes:  You have probably got this email or already know of this but I thought you could ask Gaia or Theo of its significance.   
Add the last two digits of your birth year and the age you are going to be this year and everybody on the planet comes out to 111.   My friend meditated on it when she received this info, and the message she got was that it was an angelic portal.   However if you take your two digits from your birth date and your age from last year everyone adds up to 110 and on and on for every previous year, 109, 108 etc., so is the fact that this year it is 111 significant?   I know that most of us see triple numbers all the time, I see them on a daily basis and I don't find it startling, in fact I feel comforted by it.
Thanks Tom, I figured if anyone could shed some light on this it would be you, Theo and Gaia.

Theo, is there any significance to being able to add the year and your age together to come up with the same number—in this case 111 for this year, 110 for last year, etc?

Yes Tom.  It certainly has to do with mathematics and numerology.  It does demonstrate to the whole population of the world how connected you are through the simple adding of numbers.  


TalmudAnn writes:  There are several channels bringing forth inspiring messages from Jeshua (Jesus), but the Old Testament prophecies claimed that his name would be Immanuel.  There is a book called Talmud of Jmmanuel, which was found as ancient scrolls by Billie Miers.  This book indicates that Immanuel was sent to us by benevolent ETs.  Would you please ask Theo if the Talmud of Jmmanuel is reliable, and if so, what about the messages from Jeshua?  

Theo, please comment on the Talmuad of Jmmanuel found on ancient scrolls by Billie Meirs.  Is it reliable?  

Yes, Tom.  You have no knowledge of what these documents say, so for the time being let’s say that they hold some answers to questions.  We can discuss the Talmuad in more detail when you have a chance to read more about the contents.  

(Next time)  Theo, is the Talmud of Jmmanuel, discovered by Billie Miers, reliable?

No, not to the extent that it takes Tom.  This is something that Billie Meirs was given, yes, but the accuracy is not that reliable.  I know you have struggled on this one Tom, as you have no knowledge of it, but these writings are for those who wish to believe events occurred in a certain way—not necessarily how they actually happened, you see.


JeshuaReceived a question about the connection of ET’s with the life of Jeshua or Jesus.

Theo, did ET’s send Jeshua?

No, not in the sense the person asking the question means.  Certainly they were quite aware of the Master of Love’s incarnation and followed his life closely.  But his decision to have these lives on earth were made from a soul level and he was not sent to earth by E.T.’s.  As I have mentioned before, his was the largest fragment of a soul ever to have a life on earth.  It was done out of love and to teach love.  


Tammy had several questions:  On Dec 23rd on the history channel a program came on called "Ancient Aliens: 'Angels & Aliens'".  It was a really interesting show highlighting all the mention of angels in the bible, and suggesting that the angel's were possibly E.T.'s visiting planet earth.  Could you please ask Theo about this?  Were the visitations made by angels or by visitors from other planets or even other dimensions?  

AbrahamAlso, there were so many mention of angels/messengers of God in the Bible who were actually seen, and they seemed to directly intervene in peoples' lives changing the course of history. Something which we don't really see happening today.  Why did they show themselves more then than now?

Another thing I have wondered about.  In the story of Abraham, Abraham was told by God to sacrifice his son. When he was in the act of sacrificing his son, an angel came and stopped him and showed him a ram to use as a sacrifice in his son's place.  I cannot imagine that God would ever have asked such a thing to begin with, so how and why did this terrible situation come up?

Theo, were the majority of angels mentioned in the Bible angels or ET’s?

Quite a number of mentions Tom were ET’s.  Their protective gear gave people the appearance of ethereal forms.  Certainly there were many actual sightings of angels, as was required to impart information to a simple people, but the ET’s were also quite involved then too.  Then came the Federation Directive to not interfere with your development, so that the experiment would work on its own.  So the answer would be that a majority of angel sightings would be ET’s, but there were angels or whole souls as you know I wish to call them, which appeared to people at that time.  They still do today, but the people are looked upon as possibly having a screw loose to use your vernacular, so the sightings may be reported, but unless it is very dramatic, the sightings are quickly forgotten except by the people who experienced them.  

Why don’t angels show themselves more these days?  

Again, they do Tom, but you are much more educated and you see them or they give you the appearance of what you expect to see, having seen many images in photos and on TV.  Not too many people these days expect to see an angel with wings.  

What was the real story of Abraham offering to sacrifice his son?

Yes, a story from the Old Testament and therefore a story that was passed on from teacher to pupil many, many times until the story changed.  It is not correctly told, but is so steeped in religion that it is best to let the story stand and allow people to believe what they wish Tom.  


ZetasRosalyn writes:  Darcy, Wow!  That is crazy. I was plagued by nightmares as a child. It was always the same dream. Disfigured shadow in the house. Sometimes outside the house. They would always snatch me up and carry me off. Then I'd wake up usually screaming or trying to. In these dreams I would know they were there and knew it was happening to me via the dream but could not make myself wake up. If by chance I did wake I was in my room in my bed, but the minute I fell asleep again I was right back in the dream exact same spot. I cannot describe the spot as anything but a dark void.

As an adult I've had the same dreams most recently a month ago. This time I was being examined in my own kitchen and Julian was preparing the surface. I'm not sure if he was placed there to comfort me but it didn't work. I was really mad at him instead. Again I woke up screaming. It was very unsettling. One because the dream had returned. Two because it was the first time I could identify a participant and three because it was so very clear.

I have always thought the dreams were real experiences but never thought of it as a current life experience. I thought they were premonitions or memories from a past life. But now I wonder if they are happening in real time but maybe I'm being taken into another dimension all together.

Tom, can you ask about my dreams so Darcy and I can understand what this sort experience means?

Theo, why is Rosalyn having current dreams of being examined, and/or possibly being abducted?

Yes Rosalyn has some deep seated memories of the times when this was a frequent occurrence by the Zetas Tom.  As her vibrational rate or level has increased, these memories are floating up to the surface and are starting to be remembered or dealt with in her dream time.  She has had these dreams before, but on a very deep level where she did not remember them.  Now she will.  She may need counseling from a knowledgeable person who knows about these things, although she can also request MBO’s for understanding and release of these memories that haunt her.  And she can request an MBO for severing the energy cords no longer of benefit to her.  This will help somewhat.  She might wish to consult with a hypnotist who can take her back and explore those time periods when these examinations occurred.  It will release many pent up emotions when she is able to remember and release.  


UFOGenevieve on Facebook writes:  Can I please ask if Theo or Gaia have any idea what kind of craft this was?

Theo, what was the spacecraft that was sighted in British Columbia January 22?

Yes Tom.  This spacecraft was noticed by many people, including the military, which flew an aircraft around it.  This was done as part of the process that has been started to have many more sightings of these UFO’s in the coming years as preparation for the first public contact.  It has been decided by the Federation you see to make these sightings so common that the fear level of the world’s peoples will gradually lower as they see so one is being attacked or threatened in any way.  It is a good plan, as people will watch these spacecraft dart about the sky.  So this craft was hovering and spinning and staying in that one position so that it could be recorded for several minutes before disappearing.  

Any particular planet it was from?

Yes, but not one you would recognize Tom.  It was from the Sirius system.  


AnnMarie in Ft. Worth, Texas writes:  I really enjoyed this week's newsletter.  Filled with great confirmations for me.

Zeta's :  I have a lot of memories of them.  I know that I have a hybrid out there!  They finally had to be asked to stop and I appreciated Theo confirming what many have know about the Zeta's.

Parallel Lives/Time Lines.  I had searched for many years for answers to those very questions.  Over the years, I have had several encounters with my "other selves".  The 1st time I had "validation" was in 1984.   I was managing an apartment complex and lived on site.  I was in my office when I remember that I had to return a phone call from the night before.  I called my friend and started talking about the previous nights conversation.  She interrupted me, saying, "What are you talking about?"  I replied, "What we were talking about last night.

She replied back,  “but we just had this conversation and finished what we were working on.”

Startled, I said;  What do you me we just had this conversation ? When?  She said:  “Just a few minutes ago.  We talked for a while.  I called you at your house.”

I said:  “No, I'm not home. I'm at the office.”  “ No you're not, you're at home,” she replied back.
“Ok,” I said.  “I'll hang up and call you back in a few minutes.”  I hung up the phone and quickly dialed my apartment.  The phone rang and on the 2nd ring. I ANSWERED!!  I recognized my own voice.  (I live alone--no one else was there!).   I said, Hi, what are you up to?  I hung up on me!  I stared into the phone.  Ran out of the office to my apartment.  No, I wasn't there?  What just happened ??

Another distinctive time was in 2003.   I was at my office and was thinking about a friend.  I got in my car and drove to her office.  I walked in and asked the receptionist, “Is she in?”
The receptionist replied, “No, she still hasn't come in since you were here last?”
Shocked, I asked, “When was I here last?”
Her reply, “30 minutes ago.”
“No,” I said, “This is the 1st time I've been here today.”
“No,” she said , “You parked exactly where you are now, came in, wearing what you have on now and asked for Irene?”
“No,” I tried to argue this.  She turned to the other people in the office.  Five others all confirmed that I had been there 30 minutes earlier!!  How did that happen an WHY???  

These are just two examples from several incidents, over the years, that I am aware of.. I wonder how many times this does happen?  So that is my question to Theo:
Was this a time line/parallel life form of me?  Why & how often is this cross over happening?

Theo, Ann Marie asks if the two incidents she reported of time lines seemingly crossed actually happened?

Yes, Tom, in this case she became aware of her other self.  It did occur during the time period when time lines 5 and 6 were crossed.  For most people it was an easy melding, but for others it was more difficult and she was one of these persons Tom.  Yes there are others this occurred to, but many did not say anything as they thought they must be going “batty.”  We reported to you at that time that there would be two “you’s” walking around at times and these reported cases by Ann Marie were a very good example.  Now to answer your question, yes, it was known that she would write about this so that it would be eventually included in your newsletter.

Time LinesNow for the balance of the questions I asked over the past two or three years:

Gaia, anything about Time Lines that I have not asked you?

Time Lines are a natural part of creation for your lives there on earth here.  You set up the time lines for your soul’s knowledge.  Those points you already know.  I just wanted to reiterate them before proceeding.  Time lines are not straight.  They weave in and out and that’s why they cross sometimes.  Each time line is focused on a certain element or a certain focus on a mass response, a mass mind set –here you’re not receiving well—a mass consciousness—yes that is correct so that decisions by the individual soul fragments fit in with that mass consciousness.  So you have an overall setting that each soul fragment works in conjunction with—sort of the rules of that particular time line.  It is a structure that the soul fragments work within.  A big house you would say.  

What about the degrees of difference between the time lines?

Very minute, but very large when you think of existences being separate.  But there are those who can move back and forth between time lines.

Are these people able to move between all time lines or just a couple?

Some can move through all of them, but not many.  More can move between just a couple or three.  It takes great training and perseverance to do this.    Yes, yogis are some of the people that can accomplish this through their training, and different Shamans in different countries.  One must learn how to tune ones self to a different channel so to speak.  

How can we pick up ideas and concepts from these time lines or dimensions?

This is done through conscious concentration on those time lines and tuning into them.  You will learn the processes in the coming years as you learn more about them.  You will be able to access those ideas and concepts through a form of meditation that is not unknown even today mostly by yogis in India.  They have crossed those thresholds many times as they discovered how to move their bodies from one place to another.  It is simply tuning one’s body to another vibration.

How soon will normal people (meaning not yogis) be able to move in and out of these time lines?

Soon.  Within the next five years.  Not too long to wait to hear the wondrous stories the first travelers will bring back.   

Gaia—I’ve been told there are 12 aspects or fragments of my soul on 12 time lines.  When each transitions, do they become aware of the others?

No, not immediately.  Each is treated as a whole separate entity as far as they are concerned.  It is only a little later do they become aware that their soul has had other experiences –other parallel lives as some people call them—on earth at the same time.  Then they are able to meld and study together to understand where or how each handled certain situations differently and are reacquainted with the complexity of life on earth.  You set up a wonderful game for yourselves with each soul having 12 game pieces as it were.  Each goes around the board of life and stops different places and has different experiences and makes different decisions and draws different experiences to them so that your souls can truly understand how that person reacts to all situations during its time on earth.  It’s a wonderful game of experience that results in the Creator or All That Is learning more about itself so that it can move on to the next level of its experience.  It’s just a far more complicated game of experience when you reach the level of knowledge that your Creator has.  

In the future, will we continue to have 12 separate time lines?

Yes and no.  For the foreseeable future yes, but as you get far in the future the time lines will tend to combine as there will not be such a divergence in beliefs and separate actions as there is at the present time. This will not happen for a very long time, but will happen as you become a more loving, less violent society in general.


Theo, are you just my guardian angel for this time line or for the four middle ones (5 to 8) we are called or for all 12?  

A very good question Tom.  I am the Guardian Angel for all of your time lines, so yes as you would say, I’m very busy, but this is easily within my capabilities to multi-task you would say.  

Do the writing guides of mine handle the duties for all time lines, just my 6th time line, or 5 & 6 only?

Good question.  They are able to assist all of your time lines equally. They have no time “deadlines” to meet.  So they are able to prepare far in advance to assist you by giving me things to whisper in your ear about your writing.  As I said, they learn much about lives and the multiplicity of them, so they are able to grow at a faster rate.  

Theo, speaking of these time lines, is there a larger jump in frequency say between 6 & seven than there is between 5 & 6.

Yes!  Very good.  There is a larger difference in frequency, not by much, say 20% to 30% more, but you can consider that there are subgroups so to speak in twos.  It gives just a little more separation so that choices are a little more different.  

Theo—on time lines 7 & 8, is my life fairly similar to this one?

Fairly similar.  Obviously there are some differences, but overall it is more or less similar.  Things are a little easier as you can imagine with the slightly higher vibrational frequency.  

Theo, are there a significant less number of people on time lines 9-12?

Yes, Tom, There are fewer people on those time lines.  

Then how can a soul have the complete experiences offered by having lives on all 12 time lines?

As you might guess, Tom, they don’t need the experiences of the higher time lines.  They may need to only resolve certain issues in the lower time lines, so by choice they decide not to incarnate in the upper time lines.  

So what percentage of people are there less of?

Easily 10% to 15% Tom.  Not such a huge number, but certainly less people to have use the resources of the planet, which as you saw last night on CNN is a planet that already cannot handle all the souls --all the people that live on the surface.  

Dream TimeTheo, do we have Déjà Vu because of dreams or what?

Yes, it can be dreams, and most of the time it is, as you are taken forward and backward in time Tom on your own timeline and then at times on other time lines.  So many times the dream reminds you that in another life you have visited a certain town or region before, so that it is quite familiar to you when you go there again.  It is Déjà vu—already have seen.  For some people it is much more prominent than for others, as at times you can remember minute information regarding a certain town or city.

Theo, the Hathors through Tom Kenyon says that we can latch on or jump to a higher time line.  As my understanding is that we are on time line 6, are there multiple time lines contained in time Line 6, or are they talking about jumping to Time Line 7?

Yes Tom, the Hathors mean well, and their concept of a Time Line is a little different than I have explained for you.  Basically, you have the ability to raise your vibrational rate through these exercises we’ll call them, but few will be able to accomplish this, as it is very complex and not easily accomplished by the average metaphysician shall we call them.  You do not raise your vibrations to the next Time Line, but raise them to a higher level within this Time Line.  

You do have the ability to view these other time lines in the future Tom, but for most people they will find it very difficult to do this at this time and in the 3rd dimension.  It will become much easier in the future to accomplish this as you move into the higher focus, although you will remain in this Time Line 6.  

So the short answer is, yes it is possible to raise your vibrations to this higher level through deep concentration, but it is so much easier to use the MBO tool which immediately starts raising your vibrations and over time you will achieve the same results, much more easily than with the Hathors’ method.  

Theo, are the multiple layers of earth described in the Seth books by Jane Roberts another way of describing Time Lines?

Yes, for the most part Tom.  There are certainly some parallels to use a pun to describe what she was able to receive and how it is generally viewed today.  There are differences, but the general theme would be correct.

Is what we did last Monday (or for that matter any day) still happening sort of like the Groundhog day movie?  Is a part of us still there?

A good question Tom.  Yes, in a way part of you is still there in that moment of time.  It changes as you are constantly rewriting your future as we discussed above.  The present does affect the past Tom, although that concept is extremely hard for most people to understand.  But to answer the question, yes, there is energy there in that moment of time that can be accessed by those who understand the illusion of time.  A time line can be accessed from any direction Tom—from the past, present, future and parts in the middle.  It is quite confusing on a 3d level.  

Do many people send white light to the other lower time line earths?

Yes, they do Tom, but this is mainly in the upper time lines as you may have guessed.  Very few people send white light to these lower time lines in say your time line or time line number 5.    But by sending this light you do make a difference Tom and assist them in raising their vibrational rate too.  So each of these time lines is making significant progress shall we say in raising their vibrational level.  You should encourage all your readers to do the same, as it will speed up the process to “open those doors to the 5th dimensional focus.  

OK, one last question.  I’ve been confused for some time about whether there are 11 or 12 Time Lines.  Can you please straighten this out for me?

Yes, Tom I’ll try.  There are 12 timelines but the 12th is an amalgamation if you will-- a higher timeline with a frequency that does not really have people living lives.  It is more spiritual and not 3rd dimensional.  Therefore, for your purposes you should consider there being 11 time lines and not the 12th.

But how does that affect the 9 to 11 time lines as they are coupled in twos?

Yes, but the 11th time line although coupled, is the highest time line for a physical incarnation.  This is very difficult to explain now Tom and we can visit this again in the future.  


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